BioAstin, Hawaiian Astaxanthin, 4 mg, 60 Gel Caps

By Nutrex Hawaii

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Nutrex Hawaii, BioAstin, Hawaiian Astaxanthin, 4 mg, 60 Gel Caps
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as at April 30, 2020 5:41 am
  • Supports Joint, Skin & Eye Health Naturally
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Natural Health from Hawaii

BioAstin, one of nature's strongest antioxidant, has shown a variety of benefits in human clinical studies:

  • Supports joint and tendon health.
  • Supports skin health during UV and sun exposure.
  • Supports eye health.
  • Supports anti-aging through cellular health.
  • Supports healthy immune function.
  • Supports cardiovascular health.
  • Supports the body in recovery from exercise.
Suggested Use

One to three gel caps daily with food, BioAstin is best absorbed when taken with food or meal that contains fat. Results are usually seen within 2 to 6 weeks of daily use.


Consult your healthcare practitioner before use if you are pregnant or nursing.

Do not use if outer seal is broken.


Natural hawaiian astaxanthin (from haematococcus pluvialis microalgae)

Other Ingredients: High oleic safflower oil, gelatin, purified water, natural tocopherols.

Also contains naturally occurring carotenoids including lutein in a synergistic blend.

Gluten & lactose free, yeast, corn & wheat free, pesticide & herbicide free, BSE free, no artificial colors, non-gmo (no ingredients were genetically modified).

Package Quantity:
60 Gel Caps

Expiration Date:
01 September 2022

Shipping Weight:
0.18 lbs

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Hawaiian Astaxanthin Purchase

I like the product because, like all iHerb orders, it came within a few days, and was reasonably priced.

Posted by on January 05 2020


Posted by on December 18 2019

It helps my body to recover after exercise.

Posted by on November 11 2019

Very good for me

Posted by on November 05 2019


Posted by on September 25 2019
Good product but take some time to be rewarded I think

I am taking for about two weeks. I think I will be rewarded by the many benefits I read online

Posted by on August 22 2019
easy to take. nice result

easy to take. feel fresh when wake up

Posted by on July 10 2019
best thing for my skin and overall health

This is an honest review. I felt down from the bridge last year. I got big bruise on my right thigh. I read that Astaxanthin help supporting skin to be stronger and decided to try it out. After 2 weeks of trying the first bottle, one pill a day, I could see that the bruise faded away! And now a year after i still use this product for a month to month break. The bruise is all gone! Moreover, Astaxanthin reacts very well with my body. It helps me to stay fresh and active through the day. My skin is stronger facing the tropical sun. I feel that I look younger too! I think this is my 5th bottle from this brand already. I tried few brands that a bit cheaper, Maybe it is just me but I would prefer this brand. f I have to pick one product from iherb, Astaxanthin will be the one.

Posted by on June 29 2019


Posted by on May 29 2019
This is a good product, would recommend this product.

This is really good, i can see result on my eye sight, my first bottle was health origin 4mg, cheaper but dont feel any improvement, this is expensive but quality is good. will recommend this brand.

Posted by on February 08 2019
Great !

It seems that my mind is much more sharpen and clear. After 2 weeks I noticed a great change in focous and clearer mind than usall.Defenatly will purchase again!

Posted by on November 30 2018

Just for 1 months so Don’t seem to change for my health

Posted by on November 12 2018

I take this as a maintainance dosage.

Posted by on July 19 2018

My ordered 2pcs. but send 1pcs.

Posted by on July 10 2018
Great product at good price!!!

Great product!!! After a 3 weeks of using I feel really much better, sleep well, have more energy and good mood!!! I reccommend it strongly! Take use of mu user name for better price if you wish (just click on it)

Posted by on July 01 2018
Very good

Product is very good, I'm using during the summer because I have very sensitive/white skin - to protect my skin. Last summer I did not get any colour/skin tanned - what is strange, usually I get some colour. Right now I'm ordering again, I want and need sunbathing.

Posted by on June 04 2018
Recommend For All Age

I bought for my dad after he took this he feel better and you can see result within three month. Personally recommended

Posted by on April 15 2018
Bad Experience

I began taking this for its antioxidant properties and to sun damage. Overall, I reacted badly. I experienced a low mood and anxiety the entire time I took this - I felt somewhat better on days I didn't take it. I also experienced six bad sunburns while taking this. I'm not particularly prone to sunburns and have never experienced such a high frequency of sunburns in a short amount of time (2 months).

Posted by on March 22 2018
Nutrex Hawaii Astaxantin

Very good

Posted by on March 18 2018

Great product

Posted by on March 12 2018
very good

very good i love

Posted by on March 09 2018
I like it.

It's good for heath and skin.

Posted by on March 08 2018

Excellent product for immunity support. Still, if I take 2 capsules daily for 4-5 days it gives me overstimulation. So I stick to one capsule.

Posted by on January 12 2018
Easy to swallow

It easy to swallow,no bad smell

Posted by on December 30 2017
I started using this product after my heart went out of rhythm 17 years ago. Not a problem since then.

My Dr. gave me a choice, whether or not to go on heart arrhythmia medication, or try to change my lifestyle in the next 90 days and have a cardiogram at that time. I chose the latter, and it was the best choice I ever made, along with the research I did online to find that BioAstin (actually I first bought it from their competitor in Hawaii, the Big Island) for over 2 years before I switched to this brand. Nevertheless, as soon as I started taking it, I could tell my chest felt relieved. I started taking it every four hours, so 16 mg per day, even waking up to take it (by the way, high doses, for me, taken at one time doesn't have any effect. Better to take it every 4 hours if you really want to reduce inflammation, etc...). In one week, I was able to work out on cardio machines, checking my heart rate constantly, and moved from 20 minutes to 60 minutes within that week. By week three I was at 120 minutes, and working with weights starting at 10 pm to midnite every day. Long story short, by month 3 I had a personal trainer, a workout regimen that began at 5 am every day, a new diet, and the echo cardiogram said my heart was now at something like 98.5% efficiency. But it all started with the BioAstin/competitive product both from the Big Island of Hawaii. I tried other red algae products - in my opinion they don't make any difference. Like most supplements, in my opinion. I'm basing this as my heart can tell the difference when I take it regularly and when I don't. That's also why I use Iherb, because here in SoCal it comes almost the next day with free shipping, and I know I can't be without this supplement for more than a day or so. Thanks.

Posted by on December 16 2017

Great product. It works verry well. My husband took that because his spermiogram was not very good. After usig this for 1 month 16 mg per day he got great results

Posted by on December 06 2017
Would be aware that not like as astaxanthine other brands that had come

Medicine astaxanthin this brand, if the body clean. Would be aware that not like as astaxanthine other brands that had come, I have to back order again. I thank you for the products. Or similar to innovate with the development of I urge product iherb the price is not too high. Consumer generally accessible. Or buy it. Thank you...

Posted by on November 17 2017
This product is good

I ate product , after two week my health is strong.

Posted by on November 14 2017

Very good product. Recommend.

Posted by on November 06 2017
Helps blood circulation.

Refreshing body

Posted by on August 07 2017
Bioastin is te best


Posted by on August 03 2017
Nutrex Hawaii, BioAstin, 4 mg, 60 Gel Caps

Good product. I take this before and during travel. It's keep my energized and not tired.

Posted by on July 14 2017
Very Fast

10 days for Surin,Thailand

Posted by on July 05 2017 is SUPER!!

Hi, Product is good, but i would like praise iherb more than anything else. I mean, i am an International customer, International shipping rates are superb...!! It ships, VERY FAST, within one week we will get the product. By the way, I am from India.

Posted by on June 14 2017


Posted by on June 07 2017

這個產品在連續用後,臉頰皮膚變紅潤 氣色看起來很好

Posted by on May 31 2017
good for heart

My father take daily one pill .he feel better with his heart problem

Posted by on May 25 2017
its 5 stars in advance

I am taking this product to increase sperm quality, so far i cant say is there any improvements but overall i feel more energy and i have better eyesight

Posted by on May 24 2017
New to Me

Trying it out for the first time

Posted by on May 19 2017
I love

A vitamin that is very good.

Posted by on May 08 2017


Posted by on May 07 2017

BioAstin is amazing

Posted by on May 04 2017
good Ka

Very good

Posted by on April 20 2017

Good for shipping and body packaging

Posted by on April 14 2017

This is my third bottle I tried

Posted by on March 22 2017
Trust the brand

Good to know where it comes from. Did not get sunburn as much as other summers.

Posted by on March 18 2017

ยังไม่ได้ทาน ไม่ทราบว่า จะเยอะเกินไปมั้บ มิลลิกรัมมันน้อย+แพง เอาไว้ก่อน

Posted by on March 14 2017

good, have deep breathing

Posted by on March 09 2017
Allergic reaction

I got immediately an allergic reaction in form of whole body rash. Also I didn't sleep well. I took only one capsule with a meal. It took one week to get better.

Posted by on January 27 2017
The Best


Posted by on January 25 2017
this product really works

When I stopped taking this, found my hands & joints became pained and swollen. Luckily my hands returned to normal when I started taking it again. I had been taking it for years, and wasn't sure it was really doing anything. Won't let myself run out out it in future.

Posted by on January 07 2017
Made my skin super soft

I have been taking it for only almost a month and my skin became unbelievably soft.

Posted by on October 04 2016


Posted by on August 01 2016
Nutrex Havaii, Bioastin, Hawaiian Astaxanthin, 4 mg, 60 Gel Caps

Laadukas astaksantiinikapseli

Posted by on July 28 2016
bioastin astraxanthin

this product is ok

Posted by on May 03 2016

I feel an energy boost one week after starting to take it. It really helps go the extra mile.

Posted by on December 15 2015

..LE DOY 5 ESTRELLAS PORQUE EL CUERPO NO ME LO RECHAZO -OTROS SI- tomo una al dia y bueno parece que el sol no me quema tanto y como antioxidante debido al corto tiempo que llevo tomando no se que efecto producirá, me imagino que será bueno. ahora este producto esta descatalogado y solo aparece el de 10 mg..que peinso que pùede ser una dosis muy alta.

Posted by on June 21 2015
Good bottle

Good container

Posted by on January 18 2015
the best antioxident

Cheapest price in the world

Posted by on October 02 2014
Awesome, awesome and yes... awesome!

I've been using Bioastin for eight to nine years now and I simply and literally love it! It's the only supplement I can't imagine living without and trust me, I'm not getting paid for saying this. It works wonders on protecting my skin (full of moles) and eyes. I don't have any problems with my skin anymore in terms of solar allergies, sunburn. Also, being a personal trainer, I exercise and move a lot and sometimes I even up the dosage to 8 mg, usually after really intense workouts and call it placebo or not, it helps with tension in my joints. I usually use Bioastin from February to December each year, 4 mg every other day usually at home or 4 mg each day when I'm on a vacation at the seaside. I even have my Mom on it as she started having initial problems with retinal ablation and go figure flashes in her vision have disappeared after two, two and a half months of regular intake of Bioastin. Her ophthalmologist couldn't believe her results! My Mom takes one pill of 4 mg every day. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Posted by on August 13 2014
good antioxidant

love it

Posted by on June 28 2014

I don't know why they put the safflower oil in it, apart from this it is a good product.

Posted by on May 12 2014
Best antioxidant for eyes

Great. Source of antioxidant and good for eyes. I can feel healthier eyes condition and more relax after long working hours This is my forth bottle

Posted by on March 06 2014

Its the best product i ever use.Its really does work on my joints first couple week hurt so bad but after ward not hurt and feel great, i can walk and run faster.

Posted by on January 20 2014
Works with joints

I bought the 4mg to help with my joints, but I soon noticed that there's a better product from Nutrex for that. Try Nutrex, JointAstin, 120 V-Gels instead. This was OK, but JointAstin is much better. :)

Posted by on October 29 2013

I have a good feeling about this product that it may help to protect my very fair skin against the sun and also to help arthritic conditions. It's hard to tell exactly what does what as I take krill oil and glucosamine also. Something is working!!

Posted by on October 20 2013

must have

Posted by on October 07 2013
Nutrex, BioAstin, Hawaiian Astaxanthin, 4 mg, 60 Gel Caps (NHI-03508)

good product

Posted by on July 01 2013

As this Product is enabling me to protect My Skin from the effects of Sun's UVA and My Brain from too much Work,I Like it, It is Nice to go in the Sun and feel Protected, and the double Plus of this Brand is that: -It delivers the Best Astaxanthin Wordwide,the Hawaian, -It has No unwanted Additives it it. I think it is a Great Product.

Posted by on June 22 2013
Great antioxidant

really helps me to recover after a serious workout. My joints always feel better. I used to have my ankles and knees popping and cracking after workouts. Not anymore.

Posted by on November 25 2012
Amazing supplement! Best supplement out there!

Besides for good old fashion food, adding this to your supplement collection will heal torn ligaments, tendons and tissues by reducing inflammation and cut down natural healing time by 1/2. I highly recomend it!

Posted by on November 16 2012
Nutrex BioAstin astaxanthin

I am impressed with this and will continue to purchase it.

Posted by on August 31 2012
Hawiian Astaxanthin

I heard someone say that if you only take one vitamin take Astaxanthin. This is a great brand and less expensive than what I was previously paying.

Posted by on March 15 2012
Good product

Good product and price.

Posted by on February 06 2012
excellent supplement

we are using this supplement each day and it is a very good addition to the diet.

Posted by on December 20 2011
good product. Too early to tell results.

Iherb's two day shipping is misleading. Yes, once the package is picked up, it arrives in two days. However, it's usually at least one full day before the product is picked up and therefore I always receive it at the end of the third business day--not two day as advertised.

Posted by on November 14 2011
Nutrex, BioAstin, Natural Astaxanthin, 4 mg, 60

new product for me, happy to try it

Posted by on November 03 2011

my nurse practitioner recommended taking this for aging skin. I'm seeing a slight increase in the elasticity of my face

Posted by on September 11 2011
Nutrex BioAstin 4 mg.

I take 1 x 3 caps daily for various (old age) aches and pains. This product is a pain stopper. May I never be without it. :-)

Posted by on August 12 2011
Antioxidant Tool

A DC on Dr Oz show recommend this. It is the only supplement he takes.

Posted by on August 10 2011
very impressed with this product

have been taking it for 1 vision appears to be much brighter...but an eye exam will tell me more. my skin noticeable improvement...but most impressive is I do not get sun poisening or sun burned. I love this stuff...cut open a capsule and have added to my skin creams that I was no longer using any way. tonite my sister and I added a few drops to coffee and rubbed some on our skin....awesome an instant sun tan...definite more energy too!! will be buying more....really love this...if my eye test confirms what I am seeing will let everyone know.

Posted by on August 04 2011

It is to early to tell if the product is working. I do take the recommended dosage but It is gonna take some time before I can give you an honest review. carlos

Posted by on July 28 2011
Powerful antioxidant

One of nature's most potent antioxidants without all the unnecessary fillers & binders.

Posted by on July 20 2011
great antioxidant

a great overall product to take. Recommended by Dr. Oz. Also a good price from iherb.

Posted by on July 14 2011
Good for recovery

This is good for recovering after long, hard bike rides. During rides/races I can put out more effort without lactic burn. Excellent!

Posted by on June 25 2011

Second purchase. And less tired.

Posted by on June 21 2011
Natural Astaxanthin

This is a great product, will help you in many ways! iHerb is the best natural product company I have ever done business with, low prices, same day shipping and low shipping rates! 5 Stars!

Posted by on June 17 2011
Great for tanning

My favourite new supplement. Haven't had any sunburn since taking this twice a day.

Posted by on June 09 2011

this works great. i use it mainly as a "sunscreen". haven't been burned yet. even got my husband to start taking it.

Posted by on April 28 2011
Wonderful antioxidant!!!!

This product has done wonders for my skin and I feel safer out in the sun..I love the sun and being that I live in Puerto Rico I get plenty of it :) I also feel more energenic since taking BioAstin.

Posted by on April 27 2011
Nutrex BioAstin 4mg

Good product & good price

Posted by on April 21 2011


Posted by on April 12 2011

low price and good product

Posted by on April 10 2011
Great Product

I heard about Astaxanthin from Dr. Mercola and have been taking 3 capsules a day, especially after working out.

Posted by on April 08 2011
very good. the original

bought this because the less costly but i feel just as good now foods brand was out of stock at the time. this is just ~2 dollars more.

Posted by on April 03 2011
Bio Astin

Have been using it for years BUT paying more at my local health food store!

Posted by on March 27 2011

Have only been taking for a month but am very pleased. Gel cap very easy to take with no side effects

Posted by on March 17 2011
Grown in Hawaii

This product works miracals. My legs after an operation were frozen in a bent position for about five years. This product loosened the scar tissue and in time I was able to straighten my legs. It truely was my saving grace, and it took out some of the inflammation also. It's also a wonderful anti oxident. I can't say enough about BioAstin.

Posted by on March 15 2011

Great prices,fast delivery and exactly what I wanted

Posted by on March 07 2011

Great value for a great product of excellent quality

Posted by on March 04 2011
Very good!

I didn't get so stiff after exercise and working.

Posted by on March 02 2011
Great product great price

iHerb does it again. This astaxanthin in highly recommended and the price is the best at iHerb.

Posted by on February 19 2011
First time to try this.

First time to try this.

Posted by on February 12 2011
Seems to be a good product.

Just began taking so this review is rather early, but the product seems promising and am looking forward to better health.

Posted by on February 10 2011
Awesome antioxidant!

I can work out much harder and recover faster with this.

Posted by on February 02 2011
Nutrex Astaxanthin

Haven't received it yet. Xmas mail problems I guess. Sounds like a good deal for 4 mg. Stay tuned.

Posted by on December 25 2010
crucial for eye health

I used to take life extension's super zeaxanthin with lutein and meso-astaxanthin plus but after iherb stops carrying it I resort to taking indiv supp combined. I believe all work out very well for the eyes.

Posted by on December 21 2010
Nutrex, BioAstin

I like most of this product but don't like the safflower oil in it - I don't want that...

Posted by on December 09 2010
Good product

This is one of the best antioxidents for your Body. This particular brand is good.It not only has Astaxanthin but a few other very good additives. M.

Posted by on December 02 2010
Prices more expensive than many stores

I really like this product, but I think it is more expensive。

Posted by on October 17 2010
Not so good.

This product made me feel sick to my stomach after using it several times on seperate occasions.

Posted by on September 05 2010
THE source for astaxanthin

If you visit the Nutrex website, you'll be impressed with the care they take in producing their astaxanthin, as well as their spirulina.

Posted by on August 17 2010
Astaxanthin, 4mg

May help to maintain vision.Via the Rods and Cones of the eyes. Works well with Astraxanthin.

Posted by on July 19 2010
Smells very fishy...

I couldn't take these as they had a very strong fish-smell.

Posted by on June 11 2010

I have been taking this supplement for about a year now as an antioxidant and to protect my skin from sun damage from the inside out.

Posted by on February 25 2010
Nutrex, BioAstin, Natural Astaxanthin

I heard a report from Mike Adams about this product and it is as good as he said it would be. At the risk of misquoting him, he said that: "This is the most powerful anti-oxidant known."

Posted by on January 26 2010
from Australia

A low cost anti-oxidant with multiple benefits. My husband appreciates that the capsules are small and easy to swallow. He has been out in the sun a lot but no sign of getting sunburnt. We love the low freight cost to Oz. Thank you iHerb.

Posted by on January 21 2010


Posted by on January 20 2010
Great product

taken the product about 1 month found better eye sight during night time :)

Posted by on January 03 2010


Posted by on December 30 2009
Nutrex, BioAstin, Natural Astaxanthin, 4mg, 60 Gel Caps (NHI-03508)

I believe the BioAstin is great and very beneficial. It would help greatly if it could be purchased in larger quantities at a better price. It is a little expensive.

Posted by on December 21 2009
joint problem gone

My knee joint problem is gone within weeks and I attribute it to astaxanthin.

Posted by on December 14 2009
Great buy

for one of the most important carotenes. We take this plus Eye Factors by Natural Factors, bilberry, and eyebright to keep our aging eyes functioning at a high level.

Posted by on November 19 2009
better than expected

i can hang out in the sun a little longer without getting red. also helps with eye focus and concentration

Posted by on November 04 2009
It's great.

Good package and product also.

Posted by on September 29 2009
BioAstin is amazing!

I have been taking BioAstin for about 6 months now and have had some pretty significant results. I used to have hip pain daily and now I have no pain in my hips at all. I went to the optometrist two weeks ago and my long distance and close vision have both improved. I definitely have less body aches and pains when I take BioAstin daily!

Posted by on September 15 2009
no change after one bottle

I tried the Now brand and didn't notice any difference. I read this brand was better, but I didn't notice any differences after one bottle except red poop if I took more than 2 capsules a day.

Posted by on August 22 2009
You will notice

This antioxidant really does work,you will notice the effects if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun,+ eyesight improves slightly if you need reading glasses.No other antioxidant (i have tried a few) has noticable effects as this does qaulity product.

Posted by on August 02 2009

Best value for this product

Posted by on July 30 2009
Bio Astin

first found the capsules while holidaying in Queensland Aust. at a market. It has helped my arthrits and energy levels, fantastic product. We cant buy in Adelaide so its great we can purchase through iherd

Posted by on July 23 2009
Nutrex, BioAstin, Natural Astaxanthin, 4mg, 60 Gel Caps

First saw this product in Hawaii. My husband thinks there is an improvement with his knee problems when he is using BioAstin. Price through iHerb can't be beat and shipping was very quick. Will order again from iHerb for sure.

Posted by on June 28 2009
Using for sun benefit

To early to tell yet, but it seems to be working... I was sunbathing yesterday and didn't burn as usual.

Posted by on June 18 2009
Nutrex, Bioastin Natural Astaxanthin

Recommended by to be very helpful

Posted by on June 01 2009
Nutrex Bio-Astin

Excellent product, I am very pleased with the service I recieved from iherb, and prices are good Thanks Jean , AB,Canada

Posted by on May 25 2009
See no evil.....

Both my brother and I have been taking BioAstin, he more religiously than me. He is a champion dart player, and swears that he can see better than he ever has before. I have not taken it on an everyday basis like he has, but I truly think that I have reaped some benefits from it as well. I have a pediatric endotropic strabismus - right eye....fancy for lazy eye, and I think things are actually better. This is a very good product. Please keep it in stock!

Posted by on May 22 2009
Not so fast with the sun protection

I really like (liked) the prospect of Astaxanthin. I've read many good things and jumped right in with it. One of the things I was most interested in was the sun protection. The idea that me, as a relatively light skinned person, could supplement with this and achieve sun protection was VERY appealing to say the least. I'm not a big fan of sunscreen at all. Anyway, I began taking it a few months ago. I was taking anywhere from 8mgs to 16mgs each day. I had been doing that religiously for no less than 2 months before I had one particular day with strong sun exposure. It was one of the nicer days here on the east coast this year, back in later April. All sun, no clouds. I went out on my deck and I sat in a tank top from about 12:30pm to 3pm, with periods of going in and out of the house - drinking plenty of water. It was my first time seeing sun this year. Long story short, I got burned BADLY! Very bad. In fact, I was red for a whole week, and eventually all the exposed areas peeled. I do not feel my sun protection level was any greater with astaxanthin than it would have been without. I was really disappointed in this as I had high hopes with regard to sun protection. Oh well, I guess you still have to be as careful as always. Don't think this product will allow you free roam in the sun if you are the type that will burn. Trust me.

Posted by on May 22 2009

Take it in morning and night. Feel more energized in the morning and I recuperate faster.

Posted by on May 11 2009
Great antioxidant

From what I've read, this brand is the most potent antioxidant, and it's great value too.

Posted by on February 15 2009
excellent anti-inflammatory

this stuff really helps with tendonitis, bursitis, etc. it's my favorite supplement, bar none.

Posted by on January 25 2009
Great product

I found this product great to increase energy Thank you

Posted by on January 04 2009

Great Gel caps that go down easily. Only been a few days taking them so no real change just yet!

Posted by on November 20 2008

This has helped my shoulders stop hurting as much and is a great supplement for weightlifting. Increases mobility.

Posted by on October 12 2008
Fantastic product!

Thanks to this product I've been able to cancel surgery on a trigger thumb that's been painful and stiff for years! It now feels "normal" again after a month of use of the Nutrex Bio-Astin Astaxanthin. My only regret is that this does not come in 6mg, instead of 4 mg. I can't take the sorbitol that is in the Nutrex Bio-Astin 6mg product. I highly recommend this product!

Posted by on September 24 2008

excellent supplement

Posted by on May 29 2008
Feel better already

I have been taking this for about a week now, and each day I feel better and better (I didn't feel that bad to begin with!). I have more energy and fewer aches and pains. What a wonder drug!

Posted by on February 25 2007

回購數次,對於乾眼症和重度使用3C產品 者很推薦喔!

Posted by on January 03 2020

Ainda tomando. Mas, tenho gostado muito.

Posted by on December 28 2019
Отличное качество!

Доставка быстрая- 5 дней. Упаковано хорошо. Качество отменное. Купила себе и ребенку,т.к. астаксантин мега полезен! Проверяла на себе! Иммунитет повышает в разы, а вместе с витаминами и омегой можете сказать досвидание антибиотикам и прочим лекарством. Я даже про насморк забыла.)

Posted by on December 02 2019
Esta bien

Esta bien, pero ya no se puede pedir fuera de España porque te cobran casi lo mismo que vale el artículo en aduanas, vamos que es como si te costará el doble

Posted by on October 25 2019

מעולה .מחיר טוב..נותן לי כוח

Posted by on October 24 2019
Хороший препарат для поддержки зрения

Астаксантин BioAstin – это один из сильнейших природных антиоксидантов, который обладает массой полезных свойств: -- полезен для суставов и сухожилий, для здоровья сердечно-сосудистой системы; -- поддерживает здоровье кожи при ультрафиолетовом облучении; -- полезен для здоровья глаз. Находятся в пластиковой баночке, защищенной пленкой. Внутри желатиновые капсулы темного цвета, небольшого размера (глотаются легко). Я принимала по 1 капсуле в день – это доза в 4 мг. Побочных эффектов не было. Брала главным образом для поддержки зрения, поскольку подобные добавки уже несколько лет позволяют мне сохранять его на одном уровне, без ухудшения по диоптриям.

Posted by on October 06 2019
Забота о нашей коже

Очень хороший антиоксидант для защиты кожи от Солнечного излучения и поддержки ее здорового ровного цвета

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飲むと元気になり肌にかかせない抗酸化力。 アスタリフトは買えないけど内側からのケアとして購入。 1日一粒一?少ない量でしっかりと届けてくれるイメージ。

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Очень его люблю

Любимый препарат. Поднимает общий тонус, дает энергию. В моем случае еще ощутимо, позитивно действует на ЖКТ.

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Непонятен Эффект.

После месячного приема эффект так и не был замечен.

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Так как работа у меня сдельная, задалась я мыслью купить что-то, дающее дополнительную энергию, поддержать здоровье и натуральное по составу. Могу сказать, что данный препарат справился со своей задачей очень хорошо. Пью по 2 капсулы в день, утром перед работой и вперёд, энергии хватает на весь день, ещё и дома что то успеваю делать, до этого такого в себе я не замечала. Однозначно буду ещё заказывать. Рекомендую!

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吃完一罐後 眼睛痠澀 明顯改善 效果顯著

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BioAstin, Hawaiian Astaxanthin,

Очень долго идет посылка. больше месяца. Качество продукта хорошее

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Excelente antioxidante

Para proteção dos raios uv, antioxidante, olhos, pele, músculos, cartilagens.

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飛蚊症の改善のために抗酸化物質としてこの商品を買いました 一応この商品はブランド品であって 製品の質も良いということで購入しています ただ私の場合はこのアスタキサンチンを服用して間がありませんので 効果が出たとはあまり感じられませんが体力を使う仕事をしているからかわかりませんが 少しづつ 無理が利くようになている感じがします。 ただその無理が自分の限界を超えているという所を忘れて自分のナチュラルであると考えるようであればかえってよくないのかもしれないと思っています。ですから自分の体力の限界を超えない今まで通りの仕事をする際にこれを使えば効果は十分期待できると思います。

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мощнейший антиаксидант

заказ пришел вовремя через службу боксбери. пью витамины, довольна, во время их приема ни разу не болела.

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Bin sehr zufrieden und werde es immer wieder kaufen. Unterstützt das Immunsystem, Sehkraft der Augen, auch vor allem im Alter.

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Лишняя трата денег, а организму без надобности.

Для того, чтобы понять, какая добавка нужна моему организму, приходиться экспериментировать с разными составами. После приема этого никаких улучшений не замечено, но и пью больше для профилактики. Для глаз никак не помог. Вторая банка .Влияет на общее укрепление организма, на иммунитет при переходе на зимний режим, но такое восстановление можно проделать и с обычными витаминными комплексами. Суставам и сухожилиям тоже не помог, для этого 5- Lox Ingibitor. как адаптоген у меня -прополис. А также омега, лецитин, витамин D3, биотин , гингко билоба и др.. Получается, что астаксантин в этой схеме - лишний. Больше брать не буду.

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Отличный загар

Загар после него просто отличный! Обычно я просто краснею и обгораю. И еще у меня "полосатый городской" загар. С ним же, даже после прогулок на солнце в футболках с рукавами и шортах, четких границ от загара нет. Он распределяется равномерно! И даже под областью, вроде прикрытых тканью! И да, белки глаз перестали быть красными и уставшими от постоянного смотрения в сотовый. Буду брать еще.

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классные энергии море!

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Не заметила эффект

Начиталась хвалебных отзывов и купила,. стоимость продукта достаточно высокая, но эффекта я особо не заметила. Начнем с эффекта - здоровье глаз - как уставали глаза так и устают, зрение проверяю 2 раза в месяц, ничего не изменилось на 0,1 за 3 месяца ухудшилось. Эффект - функционирование иммунной системы и сердечно-сосудистой - когда занимаешься спортом и нормально питаешься, то эти системы итак в порядке. Поэтому для людей с активным образом жизни - особого внешнего эффекта они не окажут. Кстати, кожа моя стала хуже, единственное что меняла, это ввела БиоАстин в свой рацион.

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아이허브 오래전부터 구매한 구매자입니다. 주문하면서 통관에 걸린적이 단 한번도 없는데 11월24일쯤 주문한 제품들이 12월이 훌쩍넘어도 안오길래 기다려보다가 연락을 했습니다. 알고보니까 이 제품때문에 통관에서 걸렸다고 회신이왔습니다. 아이허브통관 &배송담당해주시는 분들도 미리미리 연락을 구매자에게 주셔야지 구매자가 연락취하니 그때서야 이 제품은 폐기하고 나머지 제품들만 보내주겠다고 하셔서 당황스러웠습니다 통관에 걸릴 것 같으면 미리 표시해주셨으면 좋겠어요 이전에는 아무문제없이 시켰던 제품인데 돈도 날리고 시간도 날려버렸네요. 아무튼 구매하시는분들은 아이허브측에 먼저 연락해보고 구매하시는게 바람직할 것 같아요.

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Много хубав продукт

Тази пролет за първи път използвах астаксантин. И това лято, за разлика от предходни години, не се сдобих с лунички.

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확실히 에너지가 납니다. 혹시나 하는 마음에 아스타잔틴에 대해 검색해보고 하나만 구입해서 먹어봤는데 확실히 체감효과가 좋네요

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이주째 복용 중

눈에 띌만큼 드라마틱한건 아닌것 같아요^^ 아직 이주밖에 안되서 그런지몰라도 꿀피부를 되기를 기다리며 일단 꾸준히 먹고 있습니다~

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이 제품 120알짜리 먹다가

돈 없을때는 이 제품 60알짜리 주문했네요.. 눈에 그리 좋다하니깐요~~특히 당뇨 망막으로 거의 실명 위기에서 이거 먹으며 잘 버티고 있다는 분도 봤어요..저는 걍 컴터를 많이 쓰니 눈 건강이 걱정되서 먹습니다..쵝오의 항산화제라고 하네요~~

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Астаксантин+дневная дозировка витамина Е

Антиоксидантики, хорошо влияет на суставы, повышает энергию. Я вроде бы никаких изменений не ощутила ) Но вообще антиоксиданты важны и нужны )

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虾青素是迄今为止公认最强抗氧化剂。。 这牌子不错,一直在吃,能打折就好了。。

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가장 효과본 영양제중 하나

시력은 잘 모르겠고 얼굴피부결이 달라져요 자기전 1~2알 먹고 자서 아침에 일어나면 피부가 부드러워져요 진짜~ 평생 안고갈 영양제예요

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Один из сильнейших антиоксидантов

Начала принимать 2 недели назад. Первые дни почему-то была небольшая отрыжка, но потом прошла. Пью по 1 к. в день, для профилактики думаю достаточно. Полезный БАД, советую.

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астаксантин мощнейший антиоксидант, люблю их очень. пью курсами периодически для омоложения и профилактики

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하루에 1알 먹는건줄알고 샀는데, 하루에 3알씩 먹어야 적정량이네요.. 암튼 효과는 좋은것같아요!

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아직은 잘 모르겠어요. 황산화제라 여름에 썬블록없이도 지낼수 있다고 하는데 그건 잘 모르겠어요. 하지만 여름이라 열심히 먹어보려구요

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나우제품 먹다가 구매해봤는데...

전 나우제품이 더 맞는거 같아요~^^

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큰 효과는 모르겠지만..

꾸준히 섭취하려고 합니다.

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방습제가 다 터져서 안에 가루가 날려요

다른회사 제품을 먹다가 품절이라서 이걸 시켜봤는데 안에 있는 방습제가 접착력이 약해서 벌어져서 가루가 다 샜어요 알약마다 붙어있는 가루들 털어내고 먹어야 해서 불편합니다. 좀 단단하게 만들었으면 좋겠어요. 방습제 다 터져도 미국이 아니라 교환도 안되고 그건 좀 나쁘네요

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좋으리라 믿고 먹어요

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요건 진짜 괜찮은 물건

항산화제가 하나 필요했는데, 눈건강도 좋아지게 하고 피부도 좋아지게 한다니 진짜 짜장이네요!!! 근데 벌써 거의 다먹어간다는거ㅠㅠ 또 주문해야겠어요

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항산화제와 피부를 같이 효과가 있는 식품

피부와 피곤함을 한번에 해결할 수 있다고 하는데요 먹기에는 부담이 없는데여 하루에 3알씩먹으면 20일 정도 만 섭취가능하닌깐요 가격은 부담이 되구요 대용량은 일찍 매진되닌깐 주의 하세요

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복용한 지 일주일밖에 안되어서

복용한 지 일주일밖에 안되서 잘은 모르겠지만 추천많이 받은 항산화제니까 기대되요

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아직 모르겠음

건강보조제나 비타민제는 두달 이상 먹어봐야 효과를 안다고 생각함

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