CLA 1000, Stimulant Free Weight Management, 90 Softgels

By EVLution Nutrition

109 Reviews

EVLution Nutrition, CLA 1000, Stimulant Free Weight Management, 90 Softgels
Price: $13.00 ($0.14/Count)
as at April 30, 2020 8:12 am
  • 1000 mg CLA
  • Metabolism
  • Body Composition
  • Gluten Free
  • Healthy Metabolic Rate Support
  • Weight Management Support
  • Lean Muscle Support
  • 90 Servings
  • Dietary Supplement
CLA1000, Stimulant Free Weight Management, when combined with proper diet and exercise, is designed to support:
  • Utilization of stored body fat as fuel
  • recovery after intense training
  • Lean muscle development
  • Metabolic rate
Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, consume 1 serving of CLA1000 with morning, noon, and evening meals or use as directed by a physician or licensed nutritionist.


Not for use by those with pre-existing medical conditions; those taking any medications, those under the age of 18 or women that are contemplating pregnancy, pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Gelatin, purified water, glycerin.

Package Quantity:
90 Softgels

Expiration Date:
01 January 2021

Shipping Weight:
0.41 lbs

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Softgel
Servings Per Container: 90
 Amount Per Serving% Daily Value**
Calories from Fat10 
Total Fat1 g1%
Polyunsaturated fat0.75 g† 
CLA Blend
(Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Safflower Oil)
1,000 mg
**Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
†Daily Value (DV) not established.
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Great for weight loss

Pair this with some L-carnitine and you’ll shed some fat mass!

Posted by on April 15 2020


Posted by on April 03 2020
Not sure if it does anything

Didn't notice any change in appetite or energy levels

Posted by on February 18 2020
Perfect top off to a healthy lifestyle

I loved this product! I really feel like it gave me an extra edge in my fitness goals. I feel like it definitely helped me with recovery as well as body composition as it promises. I was so impressed with this I will definitely be buying again!

Posted by on January 21 2020
Builds Lean Muscle

I started taking this alongside Leanmode because I read reviews saying the stack helped lose even more weight. My experience while taking this was that I started gaining weight, which makes sense as I was turning fat into lean muscle. Unfortunately, I need to lose fat weight BEFORE I turn it into lean muscle, so I had to stop taking it for now. I went back to solely using Leanmode and started losing fat again, my original intention. I gave it 5 stars because it definitely helps with building lean muscle if you exercise and eat right. But if your primary goal is to lose weight I would suggest focusing on that before adding this supplement into your regimen.

Posted by on January 19 2020
First time dietary supplement user; works for me!

I have not ever tried dietary supplements until just recently. The soft gel was a little large but was still easy to swallow. About 20-30 minutes after taking these I felt like I had a little more energy than usual.

Posted by on December 31 2019
Lost 5 kilos in 5 weeks

Great product. I'm happy with the result.

Posted by on October 20 2019
Awesome product

Got these for my younger brother and he absolutely loves them!

Posted by on September 26 2019
Repeatedly take

I think it works and good for me

Posted by on August 18 2019
No jitters

Great for losing those last few pounds without all the jitters. Curbs your appetite and helps control cravings. Worth a try.

Posted by on August 08 2019
Works well

I’m really happy with the results of these supplements. They do a great job of controlling hunger and not giving me any unwanted side effects like a lot of weight management supplements have. I will continue to buy these.

Posted by on July 16 2019
Effective & good energy

Second time around using this product! I love it for recomposition if my physique as a fat burning fat source. Energy feels more level too!

Posted by on July 15 2019

This is a must have when doing a cut! I swear by these and it really helps zap that stubborn fat and I highly recommend this for the process!!

Posted by on July 06 2019
What I ben loking for

A natural way to control my appetite, I love it

Posted by on July 05 2019
Amazing product! Wish that I had found it sooner.

I am so happy to have found a product that effectively helps me maintain my weight. I highly recommend it because for the first time I am not fluctuating a ridiculous amount. I am very pleased.

Posted by on July 05 2019

This product has already helped me lose 5 kilos and am looking forward to continuing to use it

Posted by on July 05 2019

It does what it says.

Posted by on June 30 2019
Slimming down!!

Great weight management supplement while keeping lean muscle on! No jitters

Posted by on June 28 2019
CLA 1000 by EVL Nutrition - A++

Love stacking my CLA 1000 with Lean Mode from EVL Nutrition. I am going through a cutting phase and in combination these products has given me the results needed. Definitely would recommend.

Posted by on June 27 2019
Great product

Helping me become more lean. The pills are easy to swallow and no side effects/jitters.

Posted by on June 25 2019
fat is gone

overall I feel so much better since i started taking. More active and have energy. Fat loss while gaining muscle.

Posted by on June 19 2019
10 pounds down!

One of my favorite products when im looking to lose weight. it has so far helped me to lose about 10 pounds.

Posted by on June 14 2019
Loving x 1000

CLA 1000 is great. Easy to swallow and working well so far Im excited to see even more results. Great quality brand and ingredients

Posted by on June 12 2019
High quality product

Been taking this product for about 3 months and will continue. It really seems to help maintain weight.

Posted by on June 11 2019
Great metabolism booster

I absolutely love the boost this product gives my metabolism to help aid with weight management since I’ve had to reduce my cardio workouts.

Posted by on June 11 2019
5 star!

recommended highly for losing some pounds. easy to take pills and does the job

Posted by on June 11 2019
Amazing results

Combined with proper diet and exercise I really noticed a difference. Highly recommended!

Posted by on June 09 2019
Better energy & feeling tighter!

Noticed feeling tighter and better energy already! Great for body recomposition

Posted by on June 09 2019
LOVE this stuff

starting CLA1000 I have lost some pounds of fat and my muscle mass is the same

Posted by on June 07 2019
Perfect for cutting

I play ball and football on two separate days and resistance training every other day. Cardio with this has helped me cut so well!

Posted by on June 05 2019
Awesome product!

Great metabolism support, and I love the fact that is has zero stimulants!

Posted by on June 05 2019
Excellent CLA

really good for appetite support and over all weight management. zero stims!

Posted by on May 31 2019
LOVE my CLA 1000

Been using this product for some months and have seen improvement. easy gel tab to take

Posted by on May 30 2019
10/10 would buy again

I have been looking for a CLA product for a while now, I was specifically looking for one that is just CLA no other added ingredients. you can see why I am happy that I found this. Even though it is just CLA as the ingredient I have been able to drop weight easily.

Posted by on May 28 2019
Add to your normal stack, you will not regret it trust me.

If you add this to your regular products you will not regret it. I take it along side of a few other products and oh boy do the results show. I have lost about 14 pounds since I started cutting.

Posted by on May 22 2019
Good for trimming

Has been helping me trim my mid section and have lean muscle. it really reduces cravings without any stimulants

Posted by on May 17 2019
Gets the job done and much more.

One of the better weight loss supplements on the market.

Posted by on April 12 2019
a good weight loss product without an after taste.

a good weight loss product without an after taste.

Posted by on April 11 2019

CLA source , good results with exercise and moderate diet

Posted by on March 24 2019

a must since i started the gym a few years ago

Posted by on March 10 2019
I am thoroughly impressed with the product

Cla was a product that I always heard about but never tried, that was until I saw it while I was looking for a weight loss supplement. I will say that I am thoroughly impressed with the product and I will keep using it.

Posted by on February 12 2019
CLA 1000

As an appetite suppressant it’s great but unfortunately this product didn’t agree with me, i took it for nearly two weeks then had a break for 4 days from it to see if the tingling in my mouth was from theses pills or sinus tablets I take daily Unfortunately when I started talking them again the tingling came back which was unfortunate as they did stop the hunger

Posted by on January 05 2019
One of the best products you add to your supplement stack.

CLA is is one of the best product to add to your cutting supplements when you are looking to shed those extra pounds or to help cut down on those extra pounds. I cant recommend this product enough. I hope that you all get the results I have gotten with this product aswell.

Posted by on December 11 2018
Cant recommend this enough

CLA goes from a great product to a fantastic product when you combine it with diet and exercise. It has really helped me to cut down on those last couple pounds.

Posted by on December 10 2018
Helpful weight lose product

My go to product for when I need to cut or lose weight, so far it has yet to let me down.

Posted by on November 22 2018
Excellent cutting product

CLA 1000 has now become my go to cutting product whenever im looking to shave those last few pounds.

Posted by on November 21 2018
Helped Me Cut Those Few Extra Pounds!!

Been taking these for around 2 weeks now and glad I added these to my diet. Helped to curb my appetite and have been able to shed a few pounds already!! 100% recommend if youre trying to lose a little weight!

Posted by on October 05 2018
easy to take

Best CLA ive had super easy to take and nice clean soft gel

Posted by on May 21 2018
Fast delivery

Fast delivery and quality looks good. This is the first time i am using CLA i hope it will show the result.

Posted by on May 09 2018
Amazing Supplement

I am absolutely pleased with this amazing supplement. I have tons of energy, feel less hungry and have noticed weight loss in just a week and a half! No jitters, no side affects and an easy to swallow capsule, so glad I got this.

Posted by on May 07 2018
Great price!

Love this CLA very good priced and works very well! I take it twice a day!

Posted by on April 20 2018
Paired with exercise and a great diet, this is a great addition!! Works Great!!

CLA is very underrated when it comes to weight loss. CLA stands for conjugated linoleic acid. You can get CLA from meat and dairy products but supplementing your natural intake of CLA is highly beneficial. You'll want to pair taking CLA or any other weight-loss supplement with a good diet and exercise. It isn't a miracle pill so it won't help you if you're not helping yourself...and not to extra food!! Haha. CLA helps the body break down fat and it also helps in building muscle which increases your body's base metabolic rate...which is awesome!! So whether you're trying to just lose weight or to sculpt your body into it's perfect form, CLA can help you on your journey. I've taken CLA for a long time and the EVLution CLA is awesome. It comes in 1000mg capsules. It has helped me along my fitness journey and I especially like this product because of it's price and EVLution has a great stackable line-up. I love the EVLution Nutrition line-up. I pair CLA with their Carnitine 500 and BCAAs, PumpMode, and Trans4orm to help me in my weight loss. L-Carnitine breaks large fat clumps down to make it easier for CLA to burn it and break it down. So pair the two and it's a recipe for success. I especially love the price of EVLution Nutrition products. They're just as high of quality and work just as well but without the higher price tag.

Posted by on March 19 2018
I Can’t See Results

Well I didn’t see results yet I have been taking 2 pills a day with meals and its been a month let wait and see.

Posted by on March 16 2018

I get it a month now and I did not see any difference

Posted by on February 04 2018
Underrated for Weight Loss!

CLA is a supplement that might go under people's radar who are looking to burn fat due to the popularity of thermogenics and other weight loss supplements with stimulants. This product is an excellent addition to any weight loss stack and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a different way to shed those extra pounds.

Posted by on January 23 2018
Perfect healthy supplement !

Definitely noticed a positive change in my body composition. Along with healthy diet and exercise, CLA can aid in additional fat burning and muscle conversion. another winner from EVL and has become a vital part of my supplementation program. I love the price as well, compared to other brands. I will continue using this product and recommend to others!!

Posted by on December 12 2017
Fat Burning at it's Finest

Getting great results since i started taking this CLA product from EVL. My appetite is under control and my metabolism has increased greatly. I have significantly more energy to get through the work day and my workouts. Will definitely continue using this awesome product.

Posted by on November 15 2017
This is Amazing !

Highly recommended for sustained weight loss and lean body maintenance.

Posted by on November 05 2017
Great for Weight Management

This is a great product for fat loss. No stimulants and curbs my appetite. Feel great with it!

Posted by on November 01 2017
No More Struggle With Weight Loss

After struggling with weight loss for years, I did some research and came across CLA supplements. After reading so many success stories on this brand's CLA supplement, I decided to give a try and I'm glad I did! Within a few weeks I was already seeing results around my mid-section and even though it's stimulant-free, I still felt like I was getting a "natural" energy from it that made me feel good. Overall I highly recommend this product!

Posted by on October 30 2017
Very good and does its job

With a tried and true results, this product gives me the CLA I need that I may miss from my normal diet. EVL being a great brand and their quality I can say this one is a winner.

Posted by on October 29 2017
Use it Year Round

Being that this is a non stim fat burning product - I use this year round as part of my normal stack! I take 3 of these a day with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Love the results from this product and the fact that it also supports lean muscle development. Cant ask for much more!

Posted by on October 27 2017
fast acting, effective, best one I've ever tried in the entire market!

So far, so good! I did a lot of research before I chose this CLA product. I've been taking them for a few weeks and I'm really happy with them. I've had no bad side effects and usually I get stomach aches from any supplements. Seems like I have more energy and less appetite. I'm still exercising and watching my diet . Thanks for the quality product!

Posted by on October 27 2017
Great CLA , awesome price!

This is such a great CLA product especially for the price! Does exactly as intended and helps shed that hard to get rid of fat.

Posted by on May 31 2017
Best CLA I've ever used :)

Hands down the best CLA product I have ever used It's pure, straight up and simple, with a very high concentration of the ingredient

Posted by on March 08 2017
Muy bueno

Esto es lo que necesitas si haces ejercicio y comes saludable, pues se notan los resultados. No me provoco ningún efecto negativo

Posted by on April 15 2020

аппетит меньше-вес меньше ,энергии больше!

Posted by on March 22 2020


Posted by on February 27 2020
Борец с жиром на животе, или #япохудеюклету

Я отношусь к тем женщинам, которых ненавидит ленамиро, которые постоянно худеют и постоянно имеют лишний вес. • Я недисциплинированная, люблю вкусную еду, много работаю, не люблю режим, не хожу в тренажерку или фитнес, но очень боюсь стать толстой, поэтому три-пять килограммов постоянно гоняю туда-сюда в основном при помощи ограничений в еде и некоторых добавок, в числе которых и Конъюгированная Линолевая Кислота, потому что эффект налицо, то есть наживот ) • ТЕОРИЯ: Исследования подтвердили, что жирные кислоты этой группы помогают при диатезе, ожирении и других заболеваниях, эффективны при занятиях спортом. Полезные свойства: 1. Значительное уменьшение жировой прослойки в организме. Отлично расщепляет жиры, в том числе те, которые откладываются внутри живота. Причём КЛК не просто расщепляет жир, но также способствует поддержанию стройности и после завершения диеты. 2. Активизация роста мышечной массы. 3. Противодействие распространению раковых клеток. 4. Предотвращение воспалительных процессов, в том числе хронических. 5. Способствует укреплению иммунитета. 6. Принимать КЛК необходимо курсом в два-три месяца, после чего должен последовать перерыв, длительность которого необходимо выяснить у врача. 7. Во время использования КЛК для похудения нельзя принимать алкоголь. 8. Для достижения оптимальных результатов КЛК следует принимать в чистом виде, а не в составе каких-либо препаратов (например, известного «Редуксина»). 9. Линолевая кислота способна оказать ярко выраженный эффект даже при сильном ожирении, но при условии ее правильного применения и совмещения с правильным питанием и спортом. 10. Рекомендуется в сутки не более 3 граммов. • ПРАКТИКА: Первый раз я принимала КЛК в 2016 во время #мыпохудеемклету, чаще всего не три, а две капсулы и легко сбросила шесть нагулянных за зиму килограммов. Хоть считается, что локального похудения не бывает, но жир в области живота уходит просто на ура с этой добавкой. Вряд ли тому причиной одна только линолевая кислота, но уверена, что в общем хоре моей "типадиеты" она играет важную роль. • • НЕ ЕМ хлеб и сахар, слежу за размером порций, один-два дня в неделю разгрузочные, ужин иногда заменяю протеином (а иногда всё нарушаю и обжираюсь). Попутно принимаю альфа-липоевую, пиколинат хрома, рыбий жир, хлорофилл, ресвератрол, витамин Д.

Posted by on January 22 2020

効いてるような気がします。 食事前に飲むとなんとなく食欲も抑えられるような気がしています

Posted by on January 21 2020
Отлично работает

Заметно улучшилась выносливость. Снижает аппетит. Спала отечность.

Posted by on January 18 2020


Posted by on January 13 2020

1. Работает, НО... Если вы хотите чуда и похудеть сидя на диване единственный способ это есть сельдерей и пить воду)) (алее кожа обвиснет и не будет ни попы ни секси форм... ) Этот препарат рабочий на 109%, НО при ограничении и правильном питании и физ. нагрузках, это может быть кардио, силовые или и то и то, ходьба, бег, прыг... но присутствовать они должны! Принимаю 3 р/день (иногда забываю и получается 2 раза) после еды, ужин (часов 8-9 вечера, чтобы ложится не голодной) часто заменяю казеином (после 7 вечера стараюсь не есть еду совсем) и 2 за недели -3 кг., я считаю отличный результат здорового похудения, осталось 2-3 кг и цель достигнута. 2. Сижу на диете (минус мучное, сладкое и калорийное в общем, но не жесткая, бутер с утра с хлебом, маслом, сыром, мяском ем) и заметила, что препарат мне в этом сильно помогает, уже так не тянет на сладкое, а я раньше без него жить не могла (!), видимо что-то было не в порядке. Сильно ограничила порции, так он тоже помогает не переедать и выводит то, что съела лишнего очень быстро, без последствий и очень мягко, не слабительное)) Допиваю 1 банку и закажу еще точно!!!

Posted by on December 27 2019
вы в спорте дилетанты

1.Препарат рабочий,никаких отрыжек и болей в животе.44 года мой биологический возраст.2 Милые дамы которые пишут что нет результатов а питание без изменений открою вам небольшой секрет.Для того чтобы эффективно жечь то что вы наели на пузе нужна грамотно построенная система тренировок и питания.Вы хоть ведрами ешьте эти добавки,если после тренировки вы не будете мокрым и усталым ваше время в спорт зале проходит зря.Работать должны все мыщцы,верние и нижние с минимальным временем на перерыв,вам просто нужен хороший тренер и программа.КЛК дает поддержку,она не панацея от вашего пуза.3 Схема питания ваша тоже никуда не годна.Есть продукты которые на сушке не рекомендуется употреблять.4 Прежде чем писать про то что препарат не работает подумайте что его делали не китайцы в подвале и ваши неудачи списывать на БАДы по крайней мере некрасиво.И последнее - после операции я не занимался около года,встала проблема веса,я просто достал программу по которой занимался раньше,расписал питание по времени и калориям и просто начал заниматься 3 раза в неделю по часу.Результат:Вес при росте 188 см.Был - 98 стал 89,объем талии:Был - 105 стал 92.грудь:Было - 116 см стала 122 см.Это при полном сохранении и даже росте мышечной массы что на сушке сможет не каждый.Для этого я употреблял протеин,БСАА,креатин,КЛК и на ночь естественно Казеин.Время затраченное на результат - 70 дней.Думайте головой когда вы ходите в зал а результата нет.Сдайте анализы на гормоны,если у вас там все плохо то вы хоть сдохните а результата не увидите.Кому интересно что то по тренировкам пишите)))

Posted by on December 18 2019
Не советую!

Болит от них живот и ужасная отрыжка не свежим маслом

Posted by on November 29 2019


Posted by on November 17 2019

これ飲んでから汗をかく様になった気がする。 でも気温の問題かもしれない…。

Posted by on November 16 2019

なんだかダンボールみたいな匂いがしましたw 匂いを気にしなければとてもコスパがいいので満足です

Posted by on October 21 2019
대사를 높여주는

영양제 다이어트 중이라 운동의 효율을 높이기 위해서 먹어요

Posted by on July 27 2019
منتج ممتاز

ممتاز جدا ومفيد للرياضيين

Posted by on June 27 2019

Периодически пропиваю, помогает мне держать вес в норме. Покупаю разных брендов. Этот тоже понравился, работающий.

Posted by on June 25 2019


Posted by on June 03 2019


Posted by on May 21 2019
Ни о чем...

Эффекта никакого. Выносливости особо не добавил, ничего не улучшил. Только прибавила в весе и тело отекло ужасно. Хотя нагрузки в зале прежние и питание не поменялось.

Posted by on March 25 2019
Ни Какого Эффекта

Больше не буду его покупать

Posted by on March 23 2019

これ…飲みやすいですね 飲んでからわかりました… 体温の変化具合など めちゃくちゃいいです!

Posted by on March 15 2019
Будте Осторожны

От этой добавки может высыпать лицо гнойными прыщами. Меня предупреждали, но я решила что не со мной) после трех недель применения по одной штуки в день начало высыпать. Каждый день высыпало по два , три прыщика, в итоге ходила вся в прыщах. Хотя мое лицо к этому не склонно. Как только перестала принимать, через неделю все прошло.

Posted by on March 14 2019


Posted by on February 28 2019
Осталась Довольна

Прекрасная добавка. Помогает убрать жир с живота. Работает каким то волшебным образом. Очень довольна.

Posted by on February 24 2019


Posted by on February 24 2019

Приемлимая цена качество. чуда не произошло, но 1 кг без диеты ушел

Posted by on February 22 2019


Posted by on January 20 2019

세일하길래 한번 샀었는데 운동전에 먹으니 바로 땀나고 신기하네요! 저는 만족합니당ㅎㅎㅎ

Posted by on January 09 2019

以前买的是MP的CLA,这次换EVL的CLA试试,CLA(共轭亚油酸)的作用是:通过控制我们吃的食物的热量来阻止体内脂肪的生成,并且在你减肥的时候提供身体所需的基础营养,说到这里给小伙伴们说一下,我们日常生活中可能更多接触到的是”减肥”而不是“减脂”这个字眼,所以在大众眼里,把体重减去才是目的,正是这个原因,你可能不会很了解这种补剂,因为他没有那种可以让人两眼发光的效果。 在这里强调一下,第一,CLA要长期吃;第二点,CLA并不直接减重,而是减少脂肪的同时增加瘦体重(这点请注意);所以小伙伴们如果有想入手的话,做好打持久战的准备,至少4-5个月以上,(也就是长期备货)

Posted by on December 28 2018
بالنسبه للاستعمال

هل الجيلاتين اللي فيه حلال؟

Posted by on November 26 2018


Posted by on November 16 2018
Ng Ng Ng....

반대작용 복용후 피로감 가중됨

Posted by on May 25 2018