Cold Brewed Iced Tea, Mixed Berries, 20 Tea Bags, 1.41 oz (40 g)

By Twinings

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Twinings, Cold Brewed Iced Tea, Mixed Berries, 20 Tea Bags, 1.41 oz (40 g)
Twinings, Cold Brewed Iced Tea, Mixed Berries, 20 Tea Bags, 1.41 oz (40 g) - photo 1
Twinings, Cold Brewed Iced Tea, Mixed Berries, 20 Tea Bags, 1.41 oz (40 g) - photo 2
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as at April 30, 2020 6:25 am
  • Estd 1706
  • Unsweetened Black Tea
  • Brews in Cold Water
  • Ethical Tea Partnership
  • Over 300 Years Of Experience
  • Kosher

Twinings Mixed Berries is a delicious alternative to packaged or traditionally prepared iced teas. This blend combines carefully selected Black teas with the luscious fruit flavors of cherry, blueberry, blackcurrant and raspberry to yield a full-flavored iced tea with a delightful aroma

Twinings has perfected that art of delivering a refreshing glass of iced tea in just minutes. Made with real tea leaves, our unique blend delivers the same full-bodies taste as fresh-brewed ice tea, prepared in just 5 minutes.

Suggested Use

Refreshing Iced Tea in just minutes!

  1. Add tea bag to cold water
  2. Steep 5 minutes
  3. Stir & remove tea bag.
  4. Add ice and sweeten if desired.


Black tea, natural blackcurrant flavors with other natural flavors, black tea extract, natural tea flavor with other natural flavors.

Package Quantity:
20 Tea Bags, 1.41 oz (40 g)

Expiration Date:
21 December 2020

Shipping Weight:
0.38 lbs

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Ice Tea

The taste was not good I don’t like it

Posted by on April 22 2020
Very similar to the tropical fruit

Berry delicious

Posted by on April 15 2020
My favorite cold brewed tea

this is my favorite cold brewed tea. I wish they made it with a bit more tea in the bag so I can make a larger cup. It gets expensive putting multiple bags in a cup. The flavor is lovely. It's not bitter or sour. It steeps very quickly

Posted by on April 09 2020
Love it!

Best cold brew ever! Love it, will order more.

Posted by on March 06 2020
Not that good

The taste is not strong, i have to put 2 bags in one regular sized mason jar ... but it tastes really good when i put two bags

Posted by on November 03 2019

The smell is very strong but the taste is weak and not very good .. i love twinings but this is not their best product

Posted by on August 26 2019

Tea is fantastic! Very quick shipping

Posted by on August 22 2019

Great tea and excellent shipping time! Got it very quickly! Thank,you!

Posted by on August 06 2019
quick fix for a good drink

would be great in the summers - really quick and easy to make, it was tasty enough without adding any honey/sugars

Posted by on July 17 2019
Bad Taste

Very Bad taste, Not Recommended at all. It's Wasted Money

Posted by on July 12 2019
Easy to brew. Great flavor.

I found this last year from local discount store and really liked. However this year I couldn't find same product at any stores. Finally found online and ordered enough to last this summer. Love the taste and appreciate prompt delivery. Thanks.

Posted by on June 28 2019
Love them. Tastes Great!

Love them. Tastes Great!

Posted by on January 18 2019

i love this one and the peach one

Posted by on September 11 2018
smell's sweety but taste's usual herb tea.

everyone like this cool tea. recommend this product.

Posted by on August 06 2018
Great taste

Love the taste of this cold brew flavor

Posted by on October 16 2017
Hackett review

Excellent tea, brews well

Posted by on August 09 2017
One bag not enough

The tea not strong enough even though I left the tea bag all the way till I finish.

Posted by on August 06 2017

Live this tea, very tasty and refreshing

Posted by on July 20 2017
just a so so one

not what i expected for, no berry favor at all, disappointed for twinings

Posted by on July 05 2017

Like it

Posted by on June 30 2017


Posted by on August 29 2016


Posted by on August 25 2016
Good ice tea

you need more than 1 bag to make a big glas and it need sugar/sweetener :) im more of the instant tea person,but this was fun to try :)

Posted by on June 02 2016
Delicious Taste!!

This tea is is the most delicious cold tea that I liked

Posted by on April 04 2015
Not bad

This tea has a good flavor, but is much weaker than traditionally brewed iced teas.

Posted by on May 10 2014
I don't like it

Strange tea. Does not taste like berries. The tea taste not strong enough. It just tastes different from what I expect.

Posted by on March 28 2014

not gonna but it again.

Posted by on September 03 2013
Sabor bastante agradable

Nunca había probado infusiones en frió así que en cuanto las vi no me pude resistir. Tienen un sabor muy agradable y se preparan rapidísimo.

Posted by on November 07 2012

箱を開けた瞬間、フルーツの香りが広がります。 水出しで簡単に作れるし、思ったより甘さもなくすっきりしていて美味しかったです。

Posted by on March 18 2020


Posted by on February 19 2020
상큼한 수분 보충

베리류 차를 좋아하시는 분들이라면 추천

Posted by on October 15 2019
очень вкусно

второй вкус пробую после персика . Также нравится! лучше чем все час в бутылках, тем более сахар можно не класть

Posted by on October 09 2019
نجمة لا يرفعون سعره

لذيييييذ مره اعجبني !

Posted by on September 02 2019


Posted by on August 10 2019
لم يعجبني

الطعم غير لذيذ

Posted by on May 12 2019

아이스티로? 만들어 마시면 너무 시원하고 좋아요~ 베리향이 나서 기분도 좋아져요 ㅎㅎ 잘 녹아서 빠르게 되는 것도 좋았어요

Posted by on January 23 2019


Posted by on January 04 2019

단물 다 빠진 풍선껌을 입에 넣고 물을 마시는 기분이었어요 매우 인공적이며... 저는 별로ㅜㅜ 허니앤손스 마시다가 요거한번 시켜봤는데 실망했어요

Posted by on September 03 2018

素早く作ることができ、気軽にアイスティーを飲めますが、香料を許せる人でなければキツいかも… こちらより、ピーチがの方が少しだけ飲みやすいです。

Posted by on July 23 2018


Posted by on July 03 2018
Достойный напиток

Очень хороший вкусный чай! В жару самое то! Нам понравился, заказали уже второй раз.

Posted by on June 30 2018
Не Впечатляет

Мне не понравилось, может потому что я не люблю черный чай?!)

Posted by on May 25 2018
맛있어요!!! 여름에먹기 딱이에요

얼음타서 간편하게 먹기 좋으네욤! 이거랑 복숭아랑 두개샀어요!

Posted by on May 16 2018
나름 괜찮아요

복숭아가 너무 맛있었어서 이것도 사봤는데 그럭저럭인 느낌이에요..

Posted by on May 09 2018

잘우러나고 향이 너무좋네요 그런데 클래식과 똑같이 맛은 넘나 연해요..거의 안나용 ...ㅋㅋ

Posted by on April 25 2018


Posted by on April 24 2018
넘 좋음

향이 더 달달하고 맛있는데, 기분 좋아지는 맛이에요. 여름내내 잘 먹었어요.

Posted by on October 26 2017

水出しだけどちゃんとフレーバーを感じられます。 さっぱりしていて甘くしてもそのままでもいいです。 でも好みの問題ですが私はピーチの方が好きかな。

Posted by on September 12 2017

一般香味 沒太大驚喜,減價時就買吧

Posted by on September 02 2017

香氣不錯 只是泡很濃的時候味道會很奇怪

Posted by on August 27 2017
고급진 맛과향

맛보라고 주변에 티백 하나씩 돌렸는데 다들 맛있다고 난리예요 드립하여 내린 커피를 늘 달고 사는 저도 이 티백에 푹 빠져서 계속 마시게 되네요 적극 추천해요!

Posted by on August 25 2017

진짜조아요~~^^냉침잘되고 시원하니~

Posted by on August 25 2017
그냥 복숭아 드세요

으엑응윽 약 맛남. 물약에서 나는 그런 향.... 복숭아가 맛있어서 기대했는데...

Posted by on August 19 2017

향도 좋고 차 좋아하시는 뷴들도 좋아하실 것 같아요

Posted by on August 17 2017
베리향이 상큼합니다 ^^

상큼한 베리향 덕분에 물도 많이 마시게 되고, 홍차 티백 이라는 생각이 가끔 나지 않아요. 너무 맛있어요 ~ 호홋

Posted by on August 15 2017

달콤한 향 나지만 맛은 많이 안 달아서 좋아요~

Posted by on August 01 2017
요즘 보리차처럼 우려 먹어요.

여름용 차로 아주 좋아요. 2리터 생수 병에 티백 하나만 넣어서 냉장고에 두면 두고두고 상크만 아이스티를 즐길 수 있어요. 손님들도 맛나다고 뭐냐고 묻더라구요. 또 주문하렵니다.

Posted by on June 24 2017
향이 좋아요

얼음컵에 이거 티백 하나 넣고 하루종일 우려먹어요~ 물론, 제일 처음에 우린게 가장 진하겠지만, 재탕 삼탕해도 향이 확 연해지지는 않는 것 같아요 복숭아랑 믹스베리 두가지 향 구입해서 먹어봤는데, 저는 믹스베리가 더 좋았어요~

Posted by on June 22 2017

피치 맛있어서 이것도 사봤는데 피치 만큼은 아니지만 물에 넣어 마시기 좋네요

Posted by on May 25 2017

ベリーはどこに?というくらいわからないです。 何かの紅茶を飲んでるような、特別フルーティさは、私にはわからなかったです。

Posted by on May 24 2017


Posted by on May 17 2017
안달고 좋아요 ㅎㅎ

상큼하고 물에 타먹으니 좋아요 ㅎㅎ 일단 단맛이 없으니까 부담없이 먹을 수 있어요 ㅎㅎ 달지 않아서 호불호가 갈릴것 같아요 ㅎㅎ

Posted by on May 03 2017
맛 최고예요

진짜 향 엄청좋고 한모금하면 기분엄청죠아져요 달지않아서 더더좋아요

Posted by on April 19 2017

水出用をなめていました。1.5~2リットルにパック3個使って 濃く出てしまいました。香りも良いし、味もいいので家族にも好評です。

Posted by on January 28 2017
여러가지맛 들은 차 샀었다가 베리류가 가장 마음에 들었던 기억이 있어 구매해봤습니다

풍선껌같은 향이나는데 이런거 좋아해서 샀네요 ㅋㅋ 차가운물에도 향이 잘 나는듯해서 좋습니다

Posted by on August 22 2016
진짜 맛없음..

한번 먹고 손이 안감 풍선껌맛

Posted by on August 19 2016
يستاهل الواحد يشتريه

جربته مع الحب اختي صراحه لذيذ وينشرب بارد مع ثلج خرافي والناس اذواق بس مررره مستساغ طعمه كنه مويه بنكه خفيفه للفواكه

Posted by on August 04 2016
Не рекомендую

Тоже не впечатлил. Не насыщенный вкус, заваривается плохо, именно что подкрашенная водичка со слабым фруктовым вкусом. Больше не возьму.

Posted by on June 23 2016

맛있는데 맛없어요... 재구매는 없을듯

Posted by on February 12 2016

お茶が飲みたいけど沸かすのが面倒! 温かいお茶の気分でないなぁ、、 という時にかなり役立ってます! フルーティーな香りもなかなかいい感じです!

Posted by on February 02 2016
향긋향긋 아주 좋네요.

냉침으로 마셨는데 잘 우러나고 맛있네요. 복숭아도 맛있다는데 다음번 주문에 같이 시켜보려구요.

Posted by on June 26 2015
간편하고 맛있어요

향은 분홍색 수입 풍선껌같은 향이예요. 생각보단 과일향이 진하진 않은데 새콤달콤한 향이라서 단거 안 넣어도 상쾌한 맛이예요. 시중에 파는 가루 아이스티는 홍차맛이 별로 안 나고 너무 달아서 부담스러웠는데 홍차맛도 잘 나고 더운 날에도 편하게 홍차를 마실 수 있어서 좋습니다.

Posted by on April 01 2015

대신산거라서 ... 잘은 모른느데 이거만 3통마시는게...좋은가봐요ㅋㅋ

Posted by on December 08 2014

부담없이 맛도 너무 진하지 않고 상큼하게 마시기 좋습니다.

Posted by on November 29 2014
향이 싫어요.

냉침인데도 향이 강하고 약냄새같아요. 블랙커런트 때문인거같긴한데....향만 어떻게 좀 안됄까요 ㅠㅠ 트와이닝 제품중에 제일 실망한 제품이에요.

Posted by on March 21 2014
очень вкусный холодный чай

я очень люблю летом пить чай но не хватает терпения ждать когда он остынет .этот чай как раз для меня жалко что быстро закончился.

Posted by on September 20 2013
상큼상큼 베리~

트와이닝 차 처음 구입해봤는데 다먹음 또 주문할듯해요. 베리향이 가득있구요. 티백이라 맛도 달지않고 넘 맛있어요

Posted by on July 02 2013