DMAE, 250 mg, 100 Veg Capsules

By Now Foods

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Now Foods, DMAE, 250 mg, 100 Veg Capsules
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as at April 29, 2020 6:29 pm
  • Dimethylaminoethanol
  • Healthy Brain Function
  • Supports Neurotransmitter Production
  • Non-GMO
  • A Dietary Supplement
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • General Health
  • Family Owned Since 1968
  • GMP-Quality Assured

DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) is a natural amino alcohol that is found in minute quantities in the brain. It is generally regarded as a precursor to the essential nutrient choline, which is needed for the brain to produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in nerve signal transmission and healthy brain function.

Suggested Use

Take 1 capsule daily 1 to 3 times daily, preferably between meals. Do not exceed suggested dosage unless recommended by a physician.


Natural color variations may occur in this product.

Store in a cool, dry place after opening. 

Caution: For adults only. Not to be used if pregnant/nursing or have epilepsy, bipolar condition, schizophrenia or Parkinson's disease. Consult physician if taking medication or have a medical condition. Keep out of reach of children. 

Do not eat freshness packet. Keep in bottle.


Cellulose (capsule), magnesium stearate (vegetable source) rice flour and silica.

Not manufactured with wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, shellfish or tree nut ingredients. Produced in a GMP facility that processes other ingredients containing these allergens.

Package Quantity:
100 Veg Capsules

Expiration Date:
01 January 2022

Shipping Weight:
0.35 lbs

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Posted by on April 03 2020
Good product

Works perfectly with Gaba

Posted by on March 18 2020
No Sugging Neck

Really works well

Posted by on January 25 2020
Good For Some Others Use Choline

I was taking choline which works well. When I started using this it made me moody so I went back to choline, however nowadays I find it really works and doing well on it.

Posted by on January 19 2020


Posted by on December 17 2019
While suffering from a certain disorder that affects the motor nerves, taking 2 capsules a day enhances the activation of nerves and alleviates motion

Enhancing Nerve Activation

Posted by on December 09 2019
trustable brand and good effect

trustable brand and good effect

Posted by on December 04 2019
not helping

not helping

Posted by on November 30 2019
These pills really work

The pills activate brain function and help to concentrate

Posted by on November 18 2019


Posted by on November 18 2019
Used for Dyspraxia

My son has dyspraxia and his teacher and tutor have seen a big difference since he has been taking this product. Mainly the ability to retain information and stay on task. He normally can’t follow instructions due to forgetfulness ..

Posted by on November 13 2019
Might need to adjust dosage

I've tried this three times and even though it certainly provides a mood boost and great mental clarity, I found that an hour or two later I developed severe anxiety. Might try using half or even quarter of the capsule next time.

Posted by on November 07 2019

My mom feels great when she is taking DMAE. I started taking 1 capsule with a meal every day and my skin looks brighter. I will update this review in case I get more or better results.

Posted by on October 08 2019
I discovered a great product

I discovered a great product. After a long time avoiding testing this product, I started using it to improve attention, concentration and memory, which is really great.

Posted by on September 21 2019
is working

is working

Posted by on September 10 2019
Any effect

More then month but don't feel any effect. It is pity. But I gonna eat my jar up.

Posted by on August 18 2019

No problem. The little bit not good thing is that pill size is big for me.

Posted by on July 01 2019
The Coolest Supplement You Never Heard Of!

this is one of those unknown supplements that everyone should learn about. By increasing acetylcholine in the brain, dmae improves focus and mood. I have been taking this for almost 30 years and have nothing but good things to say. It seems to make me more alert and focused, and simultaneously more relaxed! There is a build-up effect, and it may take 2-3 weeks to notice the improvement. It will be gradual at me, you may have to run out of it before you really appreciate how much better you've been feeling! I've run out before, and after 3-4 days felt sluggish and tired. Take one per day, on an empty stomach. Most people take it first thing in the morning. I believe that nutritional supplements saved my life. I've tried a lot of products, and I know what works and what doesn't. My reviews are honest, straightforward, and based on my experience. Read my other reviews to quickly learn from my three decades of research and experimentation.

Posted by on May 06 2019


Posted by on February 16 2019
High quality

I can only manage to take half of one of these capsules a day which makes it very economical. It's the best adaptogen I've found and also a great methyl donor too. I highly recommend these. I've been taking them for about a year.

Posted by on November 13 2018

Concentrated mental magic, I myself use only half a cap at a time. Invigorating.

Posted by on November 06 2018
I´m very pleased

I´ve been struggling with depression and its medication for quite a while. It has been 3 weeks since I took the decision to switch from the medication to the supplements: DMAE, L-carnitine and 5-HTP.... since then, I have been noticing a gradual improvement in my mood and energy, in a sense that I did not have with the medication. It is early days still, but I´m very optimistic about my progress.

Posted by on September 04 2018

very good.

Posted by on August 31 2018

Finding this helps with foggy brain...and less stress...great product.

Posted by on August 29 2018
эфекта нет

нормальний препарат ,но пока эфекта нет

Posted by on August 25 2018
Gives me a temporary boost

I take this with vinpocetine for brain function, not every day, but when I do I notice a nice effect more than half of the time. I will keep ordering this.

Posted by on August 19 2018
Not Good I am giving 1(one) star !!!!

Can't say: by day it makes me alert and cheerful; by night...can't sleep. Also it makes me blisters in my mouth. Rating : POOR !!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by on July 19 2018
I would buy again

I'm not entirely sure whether it was a coincidence, but using it the very first time I felt more sensitive (mentally), more on the side of anxiety ... Although nothing has changed in my routine (neither was anything different before it) I still wanted to continue to give a chance to this product (duet to its good properties based on research) I skipped few days after, then started to use it every other day, now I use it every single day - with no negative side effects.. Too early to say a final verdict.

Posted by on June 20 2018
Great Product

Working very good. I had take one capsule with Breakfast and it Control my headache. Nowfood is a trusted product..

Posted by on June 17 2018

Not working with me, I would not recommended.

Posted by on May 23 2018
Good for ADD

Very good product for people with low levels of choline . I personally take it to correct ADD and take it together with PS.

Posted by on April 25 2018
Great! Thanks!

High quality product! Now foods is my fav!

Posted by on April 25 2018
Clean supplement

Good results & priced right.

Posted by on April 07 2018


Posted by on March 24 2018

Just started to use easy swollow

Posted by on March 14 2018
Great Product

I cant work without it

Posted by on February 10 2018

Works well

Posted by on February 07 2018
Excellent for depression

Perks me up in the morning and relieves depression

Posted by on December 22 2017
Caused Stomach Issues

Unfortunately these capsules really upset my stomach. I've stopped taking this. Now Foods, DMAE contains rice flour and silica, it also contains the controversial magnesium stearate. There are much better DMAE supplements out there.

Posted by on December 09 2017
Spaced out and drowsy

I took this to find something to keep me alert and focused, but after taking just 1 pill I find that my motor control is a bit off and my mind works a little slower than I am used to. I do feel very sleepy after taking this and sort of spaced out. My thoughts are moving at a very slow pace, and the words are not coming to me as quickly as they used to. I am known to be an extremely fast thinker, and I speak at a pace of my thoughts.. meaning I basically run with my thoughts. But the way this medication numbs my brain is unbelievable. My review is to warn others of this potential side effect. I am having a lot of difficulties right now with word selection. I hope the effect will wear out. As the medication metabolizes.

Posted by on November 04 2017
Not sure it works

Haven't notice any cognitive improvements after 1 month of using it. But also no side effects.

Posted by on November 03 2017
It's good

It's goodIt's goodIt's goodIt's goodIt's goodIt's goodIt's goodIt's good

Posted by on October 25 2017

Tried another brand with higher dose after using Now, went back to this one. My boyfriend loves using them. Gives him energy and positivity. They give me vivid dreams. Pretty sure that is one of the best ways to process thoughts and emotions. I wake up without feeling tired.

Posted by on October 18 2017
First time trying

Read about it, you should research first; some say it might give you headaches, I don't know enough about that. The product has no smell or taste and didn't cause any issues so far.

Posted by on October 09 2017
Doesnt work

I dont know what is it, but it only made me dizzy, even when i took them with a meal. I couldn't feel any mood or brain performance improvement. I guess, DMAE itself might be an effective thing, but the quality of this brand is suspicious. Id recommend you to try another one

Posted by on September 16 2017
Great Product

Seems to be a good product as there are no side effects with this dosage. Helps in reducing brain fog by some percentage. Started seeing dreams at night.

Posted by on September 05 2017
Great Product

When I use this I have a noticeable improvement in focus, awesome value for money.

Posted by on August 17 2017
It seems to be working

I've done quite a bit of research about DMAE. It is suppose to be particularly good for ADD in children. I am taking it because it said that it helps generate acetylcholine in the brain, which is good for memory. I am 76, so I am beginning to be quite forgetful, so this does seem to be helping me think clearer. I've taken it for a month now. I think you have to take most things a good little while before you see the effects of it. But this is one thing the research I read said not to take forever. In other words, like amino acids and glandulars, it is suppose to fix the problem within a period of time, like 6 mos. to a year, and then you don't need to take it any longer

Posted by on August 12 2017
Very good

The whole family uses this on regular basis, but we take only one pr day, sometimes two

Posted by on July 02 2017
I'm still not sure... But

I became bit more energetic than I used to be...

Posted by on June 08 2017
My mom says "hey, this is good"

I felt nothing, but my mother (74) always wants to order more - she says it clears her mind, she thinks better and she is not foggy.

Posted by on June 04 2017
take with vitamin B6

In order to be used efficiently by your brain, you should take vitamin B6 with this product, this combo will increase your acetylcholine levels. Take MRM brand acetyl l carnitine with this DMAE, because it contains B6, and the acetyl part of the carnitine gets used in acetylcholine synthesis. Helped me greatly with exams.

Posted by on May 21 2017
Doesn't work for everyone!

I was taking this supplement for 3 weeks and from the second week I started noticing that my migraine which used to suffer from approximately once per two months, has become more frequent. In 3 weeks I had 3 major migraine attacks and during the last week I had a headache everyday! I tried to figure out if anything has changed in my everyday routine and what is the reason for these frequent and horribly strong migraines and I realised that taking this supplement was the only thing that has changed. I rushed to the Internet to see if it has any side effects and indeed one of the side effects of it is migraine. Except that I've notices that I started to develop pimples on my face and chest. Since I've not noticed ANY positive effects I've stopped taking this supplement immediately. The pimples are fading and since then I had not have any headaches. There many supplements on the market that work well on memory , concentration and skin. So I would not advise you taking the risk.

Posted by on May 03 2017
Older clients need this!

Fantastic product for brain health as you age. Highly recommended.

Posted by on April 21 2017
Mental Agility

Great support to improve mental agility!

Posted by on April 14 2017

Great together with Ginkgo. Helps for focus. If I take it without eating, it's too powerful and I feel like overdose of caffeine. So I eat when I take it.

Posted by on March 26 2017

Great Product..

Posted by on March 20 2017
Top for depression, sleep, mood

Got me back as my brain went backwards. Now I'm good again myself wow. Will keep taking. I'm very senti

Posted by on March 17 2017


Posted by on February 22 2017

did not understand yet how its early to say anything

Posted by on February 16 2017
Better consentration

This product i like cuase it gives me better consetration.

Posted by on February 13 2017
Clear Head

I do seem to think more clearly.

Posted by on February 09 2017
soooo good

soooo good

Posted by on February 03 2017
no effect

didn't notice any effect

Posted by on January 24 2017
Cause headache for me.

Maybe dausage is too high for me.

Posted by on January 14 2017
Boost your brain

Enhances brain power

Posted by on January 05 2017
Have not noticed any changes

I've been taking this between meals for a month now and my brain feels no different. And my skin feels no different.

Posted by on January 05 2017
Very good product

After using for a week I can notice the different.I am now more focus and alert in my daily task.

Posted by on December 13 2016
Amazing product

Works surprisingly well for a cheap brand. I sure did notice a difference in mood, energy and cognitive function. Very impressed.

Posted by on December 05 2016
very good

helped me with memory and remind things

Posted by on December 01 2016
Barely feel their effect.

This might be either a defective shipment which happened once with another now foods supplement (however, the capsules have a bitter taste, which implies they have some sort of acidic content, not just random filler); will stick to doctor's best for my DMAE needs.

Posted by on November 21 2016
It helps my wife

It helps to my fife's skin after 2 weeks of use. I don't feel more energized from it neither my mind clearer but it do help to my skin's wife so it worth the money.

Posted by on October 20 2016
It works

Been taking this for a month and I've noticed some changes - I don't take it daily, maybe every two or three days. I would repurchase this.

Posted by on October 15 2016
Does the job

It does help with brain fog and makes it so easy to remember things and im not even taking it everyday

Posted by on October 02 2016
Very good

Good product

Posted by on September 22 2016
Lift in Mood

been on them 2 weeks but yesterday noticed a lift in my mood and today yes definately a change an ease of...strange but they are working mood lighter and easy very pleased memory not so foggy

Posted by on August 24 2016
Seems to work but with a cost

After about 2 weeks I felt a bit sharper in the mind and less affected by tiredness from lack of sleep. However when stopping taking it I felt quite groggy and tired worse than before I started. With further research I suggested that taking this makes your body take its choline from this instead of from your food. So I'd be worried about taking it too long and then feeling groggy forever unless i take it again.

Posted by on June 23 2016
This product helps me a lot

This product helps me a lot

Posted by on June 21 2016

I am taking it for top short to notice yet any results.

Posted by on April 22 2016
It's a bless for fast working brain!!!

I take only one pill in the morning about 30-40 minutes before breakfast. First couple of weeks I didn't really notice much but I kept taking them. One day I realized that I'm more energetic than my usual (I was taking only DMAE and nothing else during that period) and I went back to learning Italian!!! I noticed that new words I memorize much easier and recollect them later on with no issues. I felt kind of hunger for learning!!!! Definitely my brain was functioning at a higher capacity than before!! Recommend it for people with fatigue, or someone earning a degree or learning new languages, etc :). If my review was helpful to make a decision please press Yes button.

Posted by on November 20 2015

I don't know about other brands that make these kind of supplements but Now Foods has been my first choice for supplemental nutritional products for over 2 years, and besides the shipping cost I'd say it's been well worth the expense! I stack my tablets from morning and throughout the day, I take them either as recommended on the bottle or as I fell is needed...The results I have noticed (but never honestly expected to feel a thing) where: enhanced comprehension when reading, (I actually enjoy reading now), stable mood, less sleepy throughout the day, feel like I could sleep but need less sleep overall,thinking is clearer than it used to be... I would defiantly recommend it to serious students who don't want or is unable to legally obtain pro-vigil or an equivalent narcoleptic drug...

Posted by on September 23 2015
Good business deserves the customer prize and encouragement.

After looking high and low for the best products with the best deals, I am so happy with iHerb! Your product are excellent, prices great, with pleasant and good service. A special note: It is clear that this is not just a business for you. In every page of iHerb you feel the love for mankind and the motivation to help. Thank you. The world is a better place because of you.

Posted by on April 07 2015
Not for us...

I read online that DMAE could help with ADD but side effects could be slight mood changes... I got this for my husband who has been diagnosed with adult ADD - the DMAE did not work well with his body. He became more irritable and depressed within a few days. So it wasn't for him, but different bodies will react differently.

Posted by on March 11 2015
Too early to review

No drastic improvement, probably too early to tell, had been taking this for a month. Will review again.

Posted by on March 06 2015
DMAE 250mg

Good for mood improvement, relexing and also sleeps better.

Posted by on February 05 2015
Not sure yet...

I use this now for several weeks and don't notice any different yet. My skin is already smooth and glowing (sorry don't want to brag) because of my healthy diet. But will keep using this and see if it will strenghten my skin. I'm a bit of a 'sinker' in stead of a 'wrinkler'.

Posted by on December 28 2014
Very helpful for memory

My cognitive functions have really increased with DMAE and it is very useful in my exams period! Don't hesitate a second if you want to improve your brain functions

Posted by on December 21 2014
Great Mood and Brain Booster

One of the few dietary supplements that will get you close to the guy in the Limitless movie. Well, almost. I take one capsule early in the morning right after waking up, on empty stomach. Believe it or not, it works for me just after 30 minutes of taking it. 1. It helps with mental clarity and reduces the brain fog. I think clearly and as a result 'smarter'. 2. Doubles my attention span (or at least I felt so) 3. On some days when I just feel like crap, this helps making things positive. 4. I stopped having the craves for coffee or tea. 5. I'm not antisocial, but have low patience dealing and talking to people. Somehow or rather this helps me be more articulate and tolerant with people. 6. Capsule easily swallowed. I didn't notice any stomach issues. 7. Shipping to Malaysia takes 3 - 4 weeks, which is normal using the USPS. Well packaged. 8. Cheapest product per mg. 9. I read that some people take this before sleep and benefits by it. Unfortunately for me it makes me more alert instead. So alternatively I use it when i have to study or work late at night.

Posted by on November 23 2014

Fantastic !!! This is an entirely new level!

Posted by on November 15 2014
Great supplement!

DMAE for lonf life !

Posted by on October 19 2014
I seem to be more focused when I take this.

It has helped a bit with my concentration. I can work for longer periods without needing that "coffee break."

Posted by on September 08 2014
It is cool)

I do not feel any effect on my mental activity. However, my skin have become better with DMAE. That is the thing I have purchased this product for, so I gave the 5. PS I took for 250 mg (1 peel) in a day for a month.

Posted by on April 19 2014
It works!

It's still a strange supplement for me, Im still amazed of its effects. First I have to mention that I use this in a combo with Ginkgo Biloba, L-tyrosine and sometimes L-arginine too. I feel my mind more alive, sharper, think faster, also noticed a good mood and more energy. The bad part is that I feel I cant focus long time on the same thing, but my mind is running fast from one thing to another. Many some ppl dont enjoy this, but I dont complain, Im actually happy I got rid of my letargy. So, it's like a kind of hyperactivity which I like! I recommend!

Posted by on April 06 2014
good product

i feel great

Posted by on March 26 2014

Neuroprotective as well as dream enhancement.

Posted by on March 24 2014

Just what I needed for a boost to my acetylcholine regimen. I was already taking Citicholine and NeuroOptimizer, and panthethine. This seemed to be a missing link!

Posted by on March 02 2014

Increases mind motivation and memory recall. I take it every day.

Posted by on January 08 2014
Increases brain activity

DMAE kind of light brain stimulant and nootrop for me. Helps to recover after hangovers, helps with "brain fog". Can increase anxiety, but it happens rare. Also high dosage cause irritability!

Posted by on November 27 2013
Did nothing for me

I only took this product for two weeks, combined with a powerful vitamin complex, so I may not be the most qualified to review it. It did nothing for me. I felt neither positive effects or side effects.

Posted by on October 29 2013

This help me be more focused on learning.

Posted by on October 05 2013
Haven't tried it yet

Haven't tried it yet

Posted by on October 02 2013
My brain saver

I need this!! helps with memory! and keeping me on track... i.e focus!

Posted by on September 20 2013
The perfect companion to carnosine in an anti-aging formulation

First, it reinforces carnosine's own anti-aging properties. Then, it provides a whole series of complementary benefits of its own. Many people have heard of the anti-aging results that Romanian scientist, Ana Aslan, achieved using something called GH3, or procaine. What most people do not know is that GH3 breaks down in the body to form DMAE (after first metabolizing into DEAE) and PABA. In other words, DMAE is the key active component in Ana Aslan's anti-aging formula.

Posted by on August 30 2013

Thankyou for my order, it arrived in good time. I am happy with the service although have not taken the product long enough to comment on its effectiveness, thankyou

Posted by on August 27 2013
good but its low dmae

Good stuff affect me in a good way I combine with B complex and Omega 3

Posted by on August 21 2013
Now Foods DMAE

Started taking it together with Now Foods Alpha Lipoic Acid with my regular Labrada Nutrition EFA Lean Gold and after a while realized my tight jeans were not that tight anymore! :) And I definitely eat/need less food during the day, and don’t feel tired by the end of the day, neither physically nor mentally. I like the result, will continue taking these three together. Добавила Now Foods Alpha Lipoic Acid и Now Foods DMAE к моим регулярным омега кислотам Labrada Nutrition EFA Lean Gold и спустя какое-то время заметила, что тесные джинсы уже не такие тесные:) , и есть стала меньше в течение дня, и к концу дня не чувствую усталости. Результат понравился, продолжу принимать эти три препарата вместе.

Posted by on August 09 2013
good for the brain

I bought this for my uncle, who was looking for an enhancement on his memory. He said he can remember stuff easily after some weeks taking DMAE.

Posted by on July 19 2013
Great service

Thank you the product arrived very quickly. I have been using this product for over a year now and think it works really well, I can tell when I don't take them if you are looking for a boost then try these.

Posted by on July 03 2013

I purchased it after the Perricone recommendation. I didn't notice much on the elasticity of my skin, but maybe that's because I am only 30, and my skin is relatively firm. But I did notice change in my mental speed! That's no joke. I could think more clearly and more quickly! I also think that it evoked some depressing thoughts as well. I think that maybe you could use it for a small amount of time when you need that extra mental energy.

Posted by on May 28 2013
Good but can be better as well!

DMAE is a natural nutrient found in the brain. Taking DMAE helps to enhance memory function, increase attention span, alertness, focus and sharpness, increase intelligence and learning ability, simulate mental activity, induce better sleep and reduce sleep needed, lift our mood, reduce depression and various other effects related to increased brain function! Another side effect is that it improves the skin quality as well. That’s why it’s common found in skin products. Careful not to take too much DMAE close to sleeping time as it can simulate the mind too much and cause insomnia. Personally, I find that I can focus and concentrate on my work longer with less mental energy crash. I also find that my memory gets better as well. Highly recommend to take DMAE along with another brain booster, Acteyl L Carnitine. The duo will improve your brain function like none you can imagine. The price is definitely the best as well and it will get 250 mg of DMAE per capsule. The capsules are not too big, fairly easy to swallow and are vegetarian. The product does contain magnesium stearate. Whether there is any health effects from magnesium stearate like claimed, it is highly debateable. As for the dosage, I take 2 daily. Sometimes I take 2 twice daily if needed without any side effect. Another downside is that once you get too used to brain function, you might experience an mental energy crash if you stop taking it. However, there is no reason to stop taking! Check out my page for more reviews!

Posted by on April 16 2013
Feel like it's working

Feel like it makes my skin smooth.

Posted by on January 28 2013
Awesome Natural Mood Booster!

I began taking this supplement about two weeks ago, after a friend recommended it to me, when I told her about how I seem to get the "Winter Blues" every year during the Autumn. My mood has changed drastically, and I feel so much happier and optimistic, something that seemed hard to achieve on my own since I'm normally a worry-wort. I feel myself smiling, though I don't always know why. Since I have acne, I'm hoping that this product has a positive effect on that condition as well. I intend to continue using using product, I highly recommend it for those with mild mood swings and people who are less optimistic during the colder months of the year.

Posted by on November 25 2012
Caused a migraine which lasted for 3 days.

BEWARE - this product gave me a migraine which lasted 3 days. I researched the recommended dose, and found that studies suggest using less than HALF the recommended dose on the bottle.

Posted by on October 12 2012

I love it. It is third time I'm ordering it now.

Posted by on October 03 2012
Really helps my anxiety

Ive been taking this for about a month with vitamin B5. I really noticed better cognitive function and memory, also a natural serenity under mildly stressful circumstances. I would recommend :)

Posted by on September 24 2012
Great value

This is my 2nd bottle. This caps help me a lot to stay focus in my study.

Posted by on September 20 2012
It works initially.

The first few times you notice an immediate alertness...however after that the body builds tolerance and there is no noticeable difference. I shared this with a friend who had a similar experience. I use it now on the odd occasion monthly or so.

Posted by on July 16 2012

I use it together with Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10 and collagen. I adhere to a rule that "the beauty begins from within". This complex allows me to support skin in an elastic, smooth condition, constrains emergence of wrinkles. It is convenient to use. Thanks.

Posted by on July 01 2012
For my son's ADD

I noticed that my son has been less tired and sleeping better. (He is taking DMAE with B-12,B-5,B-6 and L-

Posted by on June 22 2012
Great, but beware

Google the following: longecity DMAE sparingly. If you like the effects of DMAE and take it occasionally, consider supplementing with Phosphatidylserine along with it, since the synthesis of PS gets temporarily inhibited by DMAE. PS + DMAE = instant headache relief, and for some: enhanced concentration and cognitive ability.

Posted by on June 06 2012
Seems to work well for ADD...

My 10 yr old daughter has ADD, and she takes this in the morning with magnesium, vitamin b's, and krill oil-omega 3's. She says she notices a big difference at school when she takes it, and it helps her to pay attention better. Husband also says it helps him to focus better when at work. Will continue to buy this!

Posted by on April 16 2012
Bit early to tell

Too soon to tell, I am also taking phosphatidylserine so I am looking forward to seeing some results

Posted by on February 27 2012

Does the job it is supposed to,noticeable improvements in memory and mental sharpness. On the down side this is quite harsh on the liver.

Posted by on February 13 2012
Mostly effective supplement.

Work fairly well.

Posted by on January 09 2012
can cheer you up

Does cheer you up and put you in a possative frame of mind . . . though id have a few days of of it now and again as you need to on these . . . .still a great pick you up from everything getting crappy . . brilliant stuff

Posted by on December 07 2011
Great Product

Great Product - Nice and Clean.

Posted by on November 28 2011
Side effects

Makes mind difficult to think. It is not clear how it influences. Not exact measured dosage and time to take.

Posted by on November 24 2011
the best

it very well works

Posted by on November 01 2011

taking it together with Now food PS. Seem to improve memory

Posted by on September 19 2011
Cheap and keeps your mind fresh

Most noticable change after starting to take these is that I can come up with solutions to problems more easily.

Posted by on September 18 2011
excelente produto!

It seems that this product has left me with double attention. Great product! Great!

Posted by on September 06 2011
Great product

Great product

Posted by on August 23 2011
Works Well

Now Foods doesn't disappoint.

Posted by on August 13 2011
Wow, fab. product

I love this product. I was not sure about using DMAE, I thought maybe it is all hype and aload of rubbish, but NO!! I only took four tablets and boy did I feel a difference!! I do suffer from brain fog, I have been taking ginkgo to help this problem which worked reasonably o.k, but ginkgo in combination with DMAE is amazing. I have no brain fog, I think clearly and I have noticed that I am learning faster. I recently went on a Croatian language course and it is blimin mind melting, but I noticed that I studied better and remembered more when I took this product. I also have noticed I am less fed up and down, I feel happier and more positive. I love this product and I hope that it continues working in this way.

Posted by on August 02 2011
DMAE -- Caps

Great for mind power and cognition, also available as liquid, which is additionally good for skin.

Posted by on July 26 2011
from Thailand

my skins very soft .

Posted by on July 01 2011

Very good product.

Posted by on May 24 2011
Not for me

Feels like the vitamin overdose from hell. Good thing it didn't cost more as I won't be taking the rest of the caps. Might work for other people.

Posted by on April 19 2011

I feel smarter when taking this. I bought it right before exams and I've been able to concentrate on my studying with ease. I also find it gives me more energy and puts me in a confident, positive mood. I basically feel closer to being perfect. As an added bonus, I think it may reduce hangovers.

Posted by on April 07 2011
Sharpens my brain


Posted by on April 02 2011
DMAE concentration unknown

I have concocted my own face cream using the DMAE caps and the liposome lotion. It is somewhat of a trial and error process as the precise amount of DMAE (and purity) is unknown. I am still waiting for noticeable improvements to my skin, but the good news is that have been no negative skin reactions.....jury is still out.

Posted by on March 28 2011

First impressions were good. Good grade, but requires more testing.

Posted by on March 15 2011
Did nothing for brain or skin

Due to an illness, I have a hard time focusing and I have a hard time with memory so I thought I'd try this. I finished more than half the bottle and I saw no difference on the days I took the pills and the days I didn't. Plus, I really didn't notice any difference to my skin. Then I read that you should only take DMAE on the days you need it, not as a daily supplement, and since I saw no really help, I just called it quits for this one. I almost always start a product with the Now Foods brand cause I trust them cause I rarely get side effects from their products but I find that half the time their products do nothing for me but if I switch to another brand the supplement/vitamin really helps. So this may be one of the times, Now Foods isn't working for me.

Posted by on March 08 2011
returned product

I have had to return this product as it is not allowed into NZ without a doctor's prescription.

Posted by on February 22 2011

good for fitness and also for concetration in process of studing (for students).

Posted by on February 22 2011
Now Foods, DMAE 250mg, 100 Vcps

excellent dmae product. i bilieve it works.

Posted by on February 11 2011
Excellent product.

This product is excellent for those of us who have attention problems, ie. ADD, aspergers syndrome, etc. I use it in conjunction with ALA (sometimes RLA), inositol, pantothenic acid, ginko and ginseng.

Posted by on January 31 2011
Works Great!

Love this product. I really think it helps keep my mind clear and more focused.

Posted by on January 01 2011
very good

very good

Posted by on December 08 2010
Good Product

I have been taking for two weeks but this product is working already. A good product to help your body.

Posted by on December 01 2010

Purchased as a choline source. Doesn't seem to have much effect on the 2pm low-energy state that raw eggs often ameliorate.

Posted by on October 22 2010
Dosage too high

Just got the side effects after one week of use; slight headache and stiffness around head and shoulders. I might try halving the dose somehow..don't know.

Posted by on October 20 2010
Neurological support

Great product for delivery method, dose size and price.

Posted by on September 27 2010
Nerve transmition increased......

so you can concentrate.

Posted by on September 26 2010

a very fine supplement indeed

Posted by on September 26 2010
Good with GABA

Works. I take this with GABA 500. It boosts up the GABA, for me. After taking this pill, I feel like like I just swim in a pool. -yeah it's the side effect of DMAE, it's not that bad.

Posted by on June 23 2010
wish i found them earlier.

DMAE has helped me heaps, after a big night out i would feel it for a few days, but these help get over it by the next morning

Posted by on May 07 2010
Super deal

VERY good price and quality product. Will buy again!

Posted by on March 20 2010
Seems good.

I take this every day along with L-Phenylalanine. Seems to be a good combo. My energy and focus are up.

Posted by on March 15 2010


Posted by on February 27 2010
Awesome for skin!

I started taking 1 tablet a day about a month ago and my skin looks amazing! I kid you not, the fine lines seem to be completely gone, I have not had a single pimple and my skin actually glows and has a lovely tone to it. I don't even use a daily powder anymore because my natural skin is so beautiful! I am also using the Derma-e DMAE products which I like, but I can tell that taking this suppliment has made a difference. Also my morning brain fog seems to be MIA these days- and I still make my coffee the same so it's an added bonus!

Posted by on February 16 2010
It's very good product.

Be with you I just close my eyes, don't wanna awake find you aren't here by my side

Posted by on January 02 2010
It works

May also due to cold weather, I have good sleeps these few days after taking DMAE, one before going bed. Good sleep leads to clear thinking during the day time, and less sleepy in the afternoon as I did. I feel well, and Will continue taking.

Posted by on December 18 2009
Goood for the skin

This product appears to me good against acne. My skin has really cleared up since I started taking the supplement.

Posted by on November 29 2009
My favourite supplement

I have found DMAE has transformed me. I suffer from a condition that means I have constant tinnitus and a flashing effect in my visual field, combined with frequent brain fog. The DMAE doe not help my tinnitus (only meditation and brain wave feedback helps with that), but it does solve the brain fog and help with the flashing visual field. I really notice the difference when I stop taking it.

Posted by on October 16 2009
Can't complaint about the handling.

But can't say I notice any difference from the product, yet. I quess ill have to be patient and wait for it :)

Posted by on May 28 2009
Now Foods, DMAE, 250 Mg

This product is safe and helps me obtain maximum concentration at school. Excellent product. Even good for your skin and to enhance your IQ!!! I use it with Gingko Biloba to get a great concentration level and blood flow to my brain. Highly recommended for people with difficulties to learn or concentrate.

Posted by on May 19 2009
Good product!

I really digging this product so far! I have definitely notice a difference mentally,no cons, Thanks iHerb!

Posted by on April 29 2009
DMAE 250mg

Good product, always pleased with the standard of NOW products from what I've had to date

Posted by on March 07 2009
DMAE for brain function

Still evaluating effectiveness; it does seem to help concentration

Posted by on December 13 2008
seems to do what it says

My 14 y.o. son takes this before school. He seems to stay in focus more and doesn't have so much pent up energy with no where to focus it.

Posted by on December 04 2008

I can think much clearer,helps me get through the day take with carnosine am and pm

Posted by on November 11 2008
DMAE 250 mg

Use one of these daily along with 500 mg of Rhodiola, 500 mg of L-Tyrosine and 300mg of Phosphatidyl Serine for stress and brain function. It's helping for stress. Hoping after longer use, it will do even better for my brain fog.

Posted by on October 09 2008
A good value

Seems to be a good value for the price.

Posted by on October 08 2008

This really helps with concentration and an upbeat mood.

Posted by on August 29 2008

did not do anything for me

Posted by on August 15 2008
Now Product


Posted by on July 25 2008
Whoa dreams

Basically I got this because I wanted more mental horsepower. I thought it would take a month or so to see results, like some herbal supplements, so I took two before bed the night I got them to get the process started. That night, however, I had one of the most vivid dreams of my *life*, certainly the most vivid since my childhood, and it lasted for what felt like hours. Not scattered ideas and images, but a long dream that cohered like reality... or at least some of reality, lol. I'd been chasing the dream world for a while and had given up months ago... so this is a real gift for me. I would say the fact that it did this when I wasn't expecting it, and in my sleep, is testament of some sorts.

Posted by on July 22 2008

very good

Posted by on June 18 2008
Now Foods, DMAE, 250mg.

It supports brain function.

Posted by on May 16 2008

Not too sure how it would work by itself as Im taking DMAE, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine and Theanine in the morning for mild depression and lack of concentration. The cocktail definitely improved my mood, energy and confidence at work. Laughters pop up naturally and easier now... I'm happy with the results, no need to take other doses during the day and no side effects so far. Also take 50mg of 5-HTP at night and it helps me to sleep like a baby.

Posted by on May 14 2008
Not sure

I've been using it in the AM to replace caffine and think it helps a little with mental alertness, but not really sure if it's just a placebo effect.

Posted by on December 10 2007
You won't find any better combination of quality and value.

Highest Quality & Potency, Vegetarian capsule, convenient dosage, plus iHerb's Super Value Price.

Posted by on December 08 2007

Does what i is supposed to do. Price is 60% less than local retail.

Posted by on November 27 2007
DMAE 250 mg

For a several years I had felt too lethargic to work out or run like I had in the past. After taking DMAE for about a month I'm back where I was about 7 years ago.

Posted by on October 11 2007
Good value

Works well.

Posted by on July 31 2007
Brain Food!

Helps with alertness better than coffee without the side effects. Energy booster. Good for anyone's brain.

Posted by on March 22 2007

顔が小さくなる目的で購入しました。効果は 本当です。悪夢の噂は違うと思います。肩こりの噂もありますが便秘は本当です。

Posted by on April 24 2020
Давление повышает.

С большой осторожностью, после консультации с врачом, пить этот препарат. После первой таблетки давл. зашкалило до 200.Сосуды просто как гармошка стали. То падает давл., то повышается. Состояние коматозное. Для слабых сосудов может вообще плохо кончится. Будьте осторожны.

Posted by on April 20 2020

集中できて勉強(仕事)がはかどるという情報を得て試してみました。確かになぜか寝眠いのに永遠に起きていられる。そして何度も意識を失うようなの睡魔に襲われたがそれでも体が寝まいとするという不思議体験。 ずっと起きているせいかすごく痩せてしまいました。食欲も気にならないほど集中はできますが危ない賭けだと思います。車で何度も事故りそうに… 仕事が忙しく、寝ずにやらないと間に合わない状況があったので使用。なんとか生き延びました。 仕事が片付いたので残りは捨てました。 危険○○ッ○というのはこんな感じなのかなぁ…

Posted by on April 17 2020


Posted by on April 07 2020
Нет эффекта

Не улучшает мозговую деятельность,ни на что не влияет.Считаю данный продукт бесполезным

Posted by on April 05 2020

отлично усваивается, принимать лучше по инструкции для большего эффекта

Posted by on March 30 2020

Делает голову ясной. Настроение ровное, активность на высоте. Яркие и осознанные сны. Общее улучшение самоощущения. При длительном приёме очень хорошо влияет на кожу и оказывает общий омолаживающий эффект.

Posted by on March 30 2020
очень нравится!

Чудес от него я не увидела, но чувствую себя поживее, энергии несколько прибавилось, голова работает лучше! Пью уже которую баночку и буду заказывать еще!

Posted by on March 20 2020
отличная добавка

Добавки прекрасные. Беру не первый раз. Курс очень, весна. Накопительный эффект у них. Рекомендую пить курс совместно с другими носителями витаминов

Posted by on March 17 2020
ДМАЕ 250мг

Вполне работающий препарат даю отцу с дименцией и кучей сопутствующих сосудистых проблем,дает активность

Posted by on March 16 2020
мне нравится

Прекрасно. Морщины разглаживаются. Кожа подтягивается.

Posted by on March 15 2020


Posted by on March 15 2020
Отличная вещь доя головы и нервов

Принимал в дополнении к ГАБА, тк сама ГАБА на меня слабовато воздействовала. Хорошая внщь для восстановления ЦНС и когнитивных функций.

Posted by on March 14 2020

粒が大きくて飲みにくい。 もう少し小さければよかった。

Posted by on March 11 2020
Дружеская помощь

Уже несколько лет я вспоминаю об этом средстве, когда на работе или по жизни наступает период больших нагрузок, пьют и мои домашние, помогает собраться, легче принимаются решения, больше связей удерживаются в мыслях, повышается тонус и внимательность. делаю перерывы и со временем опять к нему возвращаюсь. Хорошее средство.

Posted by on March 10 2020
Эффект 100%

Почти с самого начала применения началось просветление! Сны яркие и красочные, повысилась концентрация внимания и выносливость, заказываю третий раз, стала давать сыну 16 лет для повышения эффективности подготовки к экзаменам и уверенности в своих силах. Продукт абсолютно действующий. Рекомендую

Posted by on March 09 2020
Ни че не понял

Ни че не понял с него но очень интересно) пью три раза в день по капсуле.Разве что не так хочеться спать после обеда.

Posted by on March 05 2020

Все отлично и очень быстро. За 6 дней дошло, спасибо

Posted by on March 03 2020


Posted by on February 27 2020

朝食前・昼食前各1カプセル ◎メリット 頭がスッキリし効率よく物事を考えられる 顔が引き締まる ×デメリット 頭痛が酷い カプセルが大きく飲み込みづらい

Posted by on February 25 2020

пили по 1 к утром с лицитином - бодрит, добавляла в кремы - крем становится жиже

Posted by on February 22 2020

かれこれ2年は飲み続けていますが、効果は謎です。 ただやめた時に弛んだりするのが怖くて続けています。 肩こりはあるかも。

Posted by on February 21 2020

朝起きたときのむくみ軽減(?)による小顔効果が得られると聞き購入しました。 副作用として悪夢を見る、肩こりが起きるなどがあるようなのでこれから試してみます。

Posted by on February 20 2020


Posted by on February 17 2020

飲み始めてから寝起きの浮腫がなくなりました。 お気に入りのサプリです!

Posted by on February 15 2020
Препарат Работает

Но нужно будет подобрать для вас дозировки индивидуально

Posted by on February 10 2020

Препарат хороший, голова ясная, спокойствие и работоспособность - то, чего мне не хватало. Принимала с утра это препарат натощак 1 капс. и Таурин 1 капс. Вечером ГАБА 1 капс и ХолинИнозитол 1 капс. В течение дня могла выпить 1-2 чашки кофе с молоком. И на фоне отличного психологического самочувствия спустя десять дней стала понимать, что начались сбои в сердце - экстрасистолы. Здесь уже писали, что препарат может вызывать аритмию, так вот - это так и есть. Вполне возможно, что кофе был лишним, дополнительной причиной возникновения аритмии, и кто не пьет кофе и другие энергетики, у того, возможно, такого эффекта не будет. Но мне пришлось прекратить его пить, и ввести магний. С магнием ситуация стала лучше, хотя сплю на ходу.

Posted by on February 10 2020

Хороший .работает

Posted by on February 05 2020
энергия И женское Здоровье

Отличное средство , чувствуется прилив сил и повышение либидо !

Posted by on February 02 2020
Не жалею

Принимаю данные капсулы второй год, эффект есть.

Posted by on January 30 2020
Хорош для работы мозга!

Брал как один из "ингредиентов" для ацетилхолина-нейрамедиатора передачи импульсов между синапсами в мозгу.Обязательное принимать вместе с лецитином, а иначе эффекта не будет. На себе испытал эффект от препарата.Цветных снов как у других нет-но желание и качество обучения улучшилось!

Posted by on January 28 2020

朝の空腹時に1錠飲んでいます。とにかく浮腫みやすくてパンパンになる体質ですが、DMAEを朝に飲むといつの間にか顔が一回りは小さくなり引き締まります。 しかし…皆さんのレビューでもありますが、何せ肩こりが酷くなりました。なので星を1つ減らします。 それでも顔の浮腫みと弛みが気になり止められず、もう数年リピートしています。 スマートドラッグ的な効果は不明。ただ、夜にも飲んでいた頃はどうも頭の疲れが残ったように思うので、今は朝だけ飲んでいます。

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Posted by on January 25 2020
Особо не поняла

Хорошее настроение и только.

Posted by on January 24 2020
Бодрость была!

Первые две недели все было по описанию - бодрость, активная мозговая деятельность и хорошее самочувствие. Далее, видимо произошло привыкание и реакции не было никакой, а после месяца стало крайне тяжело просыпаться и чувство усталости с самого утра не покидает. Изменений во внешнем виде не заметила.

Posted by on January 21 2020

잘 먹고 있어요

Posted by on January 20 2020

朝に二錠のむと 顔のむくみがすっきりした気がする!

Posted by on January 20 2020

Очень хорошая стрессоустойчивость, внимание и настроение, придает сил, вечером после работы нет такой усталости, как до этого

Posted by on January 18 2020


Posted by on January 18 2020
пить с перерывом

Мужу нравится, говорит, что чувствует прилив сил и энергии. Я по-началу тоже чувствовала прилив энергии, но после двух недель использования, наоборот стала какой-то пассивной. Возможно нужно делать перерывы или пить меньшую дозировку (я пила 1 р/день) Так же кто-то писал про эффект омоложения, если порошок из капсулы высыпать в крем... совершенно ничего не почувствовала)) хотя может быть у меня все не так запущенно)))

Posted by on January 14 2020

昔からマルチタスクを始めてはとっ散らかる。物忘れが激しい(そもそも覚える気がないのかも)。話が右から左へと消えていく等集中力がなく、認知症か?ADHDか?と心配になって調べるうちにDMAEとホスファチジルセリンを知り、朝これを一錠、同じNowフードのホスファチジルセリン300mgを一錠で、一瓶飲みました。 確かに集中力が付き、作業もサクサクこなせるようになりましたが、昼過ぎにドッと疲れがでます。 夜は眠れますが、悪夢というよりやけにリアルな長編の夢を見てなかなか起きられません。そして夢の内容もしっかり覚えていて、うっすら疲れが残る不快な朝を迎えますが、集中力が欲しいのでまた飲むという毎日です。美容目的ではありませんがレビューを見て気にしてみると、確かに顔が引き締まるかもしれません。その代わりに肩こりも出ています。あと3ヶ月後から早起きの勤務形態に変わるので、そうなったら服用は控えなければならないかもしれません。

Posted by on January 11 2020


Posted by on January 10 2020

Никакого эффекта не заметила

Posted by on January 08 2020

「小顔になるけど悪夢を見る」というSNSでの口コミを見てから気になっていたのを、物は試しと思って買いました。どちらかというと美容よりも、集中力や思考力が上がるという効果の方を期待していました。 私と家族の効果は以下のとおりです。 ・飲んで30分後から、一つのことに集中していられるようになる。3時間ほど継続。 ・同じくらいから両肩がすごく凝る。それでも高い集中力は保たれる。 ・お腹が活発に動いている感じがする。おならが出やすくなる。お腹もすきやすい。 ・朝食後に飲むと午前中の調子が良い。作業も進むし、無駄な間食もなくなる。 ・夜寝る前に飲むと翌朝なんだか機嫌が良い。すぐに朝の筋トレができる。 ・飲んですぐに、ふわっと酔ったような感覚が来る。すぐになくなる。 ・飲んだあとに甘いものを食べると頭痛・吐き気を催すことがある。 ・下剤といっしょに服用するとどちらも効果がなくなり、代わりに凄まじい憂鬱がやってくる。 ・悪夢は見ないが、比較的現実に沿った夢を見る。 ・服用後2時間くらい経って顔を見ると、フェイスラインがスッキリしている。 ・覚醒作用はない(カフェインとはちがう)。眠いときに飲むと普通に眠くなる。 最初は集中力がほしい作業の前に飲んでいましたが、 色々なタイミングで飲んで相性が飲み込めてきたので、 今は夜寝る前(下剤を服用しない日)と、朝食をとって30分後くらいの一日2回飲んでいます。 気分が乗らずに作業に入れなかったり、スマホばかり見てうまく打ち込めなかったりしたものがスムーズにいくようになりました。 睡眠・休養もふくめて、メリハリのある生活を助けてくれているように思います。

Posted by on January 07 2020
Отличное ДМАЕ

Повышает работоспособность и ещё сны от него слишком яркие. Не кашмарные, а именно яркие. Так что перед сном я обычно его не употребляю. Смотрите, у всех разная реакция бывает. На работе у сотрудницы от него сон улучшается и долго спит, а днём ничего не чувствует. Честно говоря, первый раз такую реакцию вижу. А так, отличное средство чтоб прийти в себя, вместо кофе с утра. Для лица, в качестве добавки в маски, как некоторые используют, лучше так не делать. Были исследования, что это может привести к более быстрому старению лица при высокой концентрации, советую подождать более достоверных исследований по этому поводу.

Posted by on January 05 2020
Agilidade no cérebro principalmente no acordar. Adeus à lerdeza para despertar. Excelente!

Agilidade cerebral.

Posted by on January 03 2020

飲み始めて、まだ2週間ほどです。 目に見えて効いてるという実感までは無いのですが、なんとなく頭がスッキリしているような実感があります。 細かい仕事などがある時など、頭を整理するのが楽になった様な気もします。 ありがとうございました

Posted by on December 27 2019
Envio rápido e com qualidade

Ainda vou experimentar esse produto, logo informarei sobre a experiência.

Posted by on December 26 2019


Posted by on December 25 2019

悪夢は見ませんでした! 顔がシュッとする

Posted by on December 23 2019


Posted by on December 23 2019
우울감이 사라져서 좋아요


Posted by on December 23 2019
Отличный препарат

принимала в течении года , кожа лица заметно подтянулась , стала более упругой , возраст 60 +. ДМАЕ рекомендую начинать с 1 капсулы ! Может вызывать скачок давления -давление глазное с разрывом сосудов !Добавляла также в крем .

Posted by on December 22 2019

30代女性です。 集中力が散漫なのと、浮腫みやすい体質で顔がパンパンなので少しでも作用してくれればと思い、購入しました。 私はまず、飲むと劇的に眠くなります。 集中力は全く上がりませんでした。 なので美肌効果だけでもと夜、食後に飲みました。 すると、1週間ほどで何となくほうれい線が目立たなくなってきていることを実感しました。 これはいいと思って2週間飲みました。 気づいたら前髪が薄くなっていることに気が付きました。 他に同じ症状の方を見かけなかったので気のせいかと思ったのですが、前髪の方だけ、明らかに次肌が透けて見えています。かなり恐怖でした。 それで昨日から飲むのを辞めました。 ただ、むくみの効果だけはなんとなく惜しくて、 カプセルを分解して化粧水に粉を少しだけ混ぜて顔に塗っています。 少しピリピリしましたが、効くといいな… 大人しくコラーゲンサプリでも飲もうと思います。

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やらなくては行けないことが沢山あると、全部一気に取り掛かってしまい収集がつかなくなります。 そんな時に上手く作用してくれると良いなと思い飲んでいますが効果はまだ実感出来ていません。 ただ、思考に幅というか奥行が出た気がします。

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КАК Усилить Эффект

Средство нереальное!! Я не представляла, что оно может вообще давать такие результаты! Кроме того, что подтянулась кожа лица и ушли носогубки (не только штриховые морщины, но и дермальные заломы), так еще и пятки перестали сохнуть постоянно, выровнялась кожа. Чтобы усилить действие, принимаю натощак утром за час-полтора до еды. Проверяла, так результат максимальный, в отличие от приема между трапезами или перед сном через два часа после ужина.

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Eu tomava. café demais no serviço. Diminui o café e começei a bocejar muito. Tomando o produto isso parou. E e a clareza mental é superior do que tomando café

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Лучше съедает цены и качества!

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DMAE- super

Я пила эту добавку’ dmae’ 2 месяца!, и увидела супер результат на коже лица, стала более плотная, свежий цвет лица!, даже к косметологу не ходила!) Так что советую попробовать!!✨

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Muito Bom

Cinco estrelas

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本当に一回りくらい小顔になる!! ただ、やっぱり飲まないともどに戻ってしまうので飲み続けないといけないかな!?って危機感になります笑笑常備サプリになりそうです!

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понравился продукт

понравился продукт , кожа лица заметно подтянулась , принимала в течении года , добавляла в маски

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服用きて半年程経ちますが、毎朝、顔と手足がむくんでいましたがこちらでだいぶ改善されました! 残業の後は浮腫んでくっきり靴下の跡がついてしまっていたのも薄くなった気がします。 ただトイレがすごく近くなる気がします。

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Ничего не почувствовала

Буду думать,что нанесла своему здоровью непоправимую пользу.

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Рабочая добавка

Через несколько недель курса DMAE отметил улучшение краткосрочной памяти, стал внимателен к различным деталям. Принимал без лецитина. У знающих людей, занимающихся вопросом модернизации мозга, узнал, что DMAE обязательно нужно принимать с леецитином и рабочая дозировка DMAE - 750 мг-1000 мг. Заказал себе ещё на 2-х месячный курс + лецитин.

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Мозги и сон в порядке

Покупала на пробу, пила месяц. Результат, наладился сон, успокоилась , мозг стал чётче работать, перестала забывать. Хороший препарат, рекомендую.

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Голова светлая

Дмаэ супер вещь, и высыпаюсь, и голова светлая, и усталости нет! Советую!

Posted by on November 29 2019
Не впечатлил

Вообще никаких изменений не почувствовала. Работоспособность не изменилась , и улучшения в памяти не заметила.

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飲み始めて5日目くらいからほんとに顎がシュッとしてきていつも一緒にいる人たちから顎がシュッとした、痩せたねと言われました! 体重は多分そこまで変わりはないのですがダイエットを併合してるのでさらに期待できたらいいと思います

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Принимаю уже 2 года. Чувствую, что молодею )

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これはスゴいですよ。 飲むと頭がスッキリして、集中力が上がります。家族は変化なし、私の脳神経が疲れてるのかもしれません。 朝、昼に1錠ずつ。 いい製品です。悪夢を見る方はB6不足ではないでしょうか。私はB6も毎日摂取しています。

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Сомнительное Удовольствие

Принимала год назад, все было в порядке. Сейчас начала снова курс - с утра трещит голова, сил нет оторваться от подушки, постоянно мозг давит изнутри на черепушку. Перестала пить, побочка пошла на убыль, больше никаких витаминов не отменяла. Может, не сочетается с теми, что пью? Но там Омега солгар, мультипища от now и липотропные факторы солгар.

Posted by on November 22 2019
Действительно Энергия И Память

Пошла учить английский даже. Пью по 1 через день... с завтраком, весь день ясный, без волокиты) внимание высокое. Хорошо пить перед тренировкой)

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疲れた時の仕事のお守りとして職場に置いてあります。どうにも頭が疲れて働かないけれど、まだまだ働かねばならない時に飲むと、2時間位で頭がスッキリと復活してきます。飲むと首筋の血管がドクンドクンと脈を打つのがちょっと気持ち悪いかなw 欲張って頭が正常に働いている時に飲むと、頭痛がして逆効果です。

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Друзья,сильно болит голова после приёма. Грешил на погоду. Но после того,как останавливался принимать все проходило. Короче,можно дать дуба с этого препарата.

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Необьяснимая любовь

многие пишут ,что эффективность не доказана , поэтому история с ДМАЭ это сущий фейк . Я пью вторую банку и мне очень нравится . Не могу сказать точные наблюдения , но я пила бы целый год непрерывно .

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Эффект вообще не заметил

Принимал препарат 3 раза в день вместе с Пирацитам 2,4 мг в день на протяжении 2х месяцев. Состояние было как во сне, не могу отметить улучшения памяти, и концентрации.

Posted by on November 08 2019

DMAEを摂取することで肝臓でアセチルコリンに変換され肌のたるみを解消したり肌にハリを出す作用が期待できるそう。 実際飲み始めて3日位で顔の下半身(頬下、口もと、アゴのライン)が引き締まってシュッとしてきます。 正直思っていたよりも変化があったのでびっくりしました。 スマートドラッグとしても有名なようですが美容目的でもおすすめです。

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Эффект был!

Принимала банку в течение 7 недель в основном 2 штуки в день в первой половине дня. Воздействие осознала через 3 недели. Сейчас общий вывод о воздействии таков - засыпание стали быстрым, сны - не ярче обычных, просыпание без вялости, общее ощущение бодрости и радужности. У меня, как у человека 15 лет тюкающего по клавишам, наметилась тенденция растройства письма (письмо- это процесс), а именно - почерк ужасный, ручка за бумагу цепляется, делаю много описок, буквы пропускаю. Так вот ДМАЭ снял этот блок - намного легче пишется. Думаю, спустя пару месяцев повторю прием. Поставила 4 звезды потому, что снов ярких не увидела. Жаль, хотелось развлечься.

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Супер БАД!

Вау! То, что мне нужно было! Не понимаю, как я раньше жил без этого БАДа?! Однозначно, пять звёзд!

Posted by on November 05 2019
Я довольна результатом

Мне за 60, и память стала убегать. После приема DMAE легче вспоминаются названия, фамилии. Практически отсутствуют ситуации " А куда я шла?"Непременно закажу еще.

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Сомнительный эффект. Подойдёт не всем.

Что я ожидал: улучшаются память и концентрация; повышается скорость реакции; улучшается настроение; стимулируется работа внутренних органов; ускоряется восстановление; улучшается иммунитет. Принимал согласно инструкции + добавил Лецитин (с ним эффект должен был быть лучше). Эффект: сонливость и постоянная зевота, какой у меня никогда не было. За курс приёма побочный эффект сонливости не прекращался, приходилось каждый день пить кофе, чтобы не умереть от зевоты на рабочем месте. Повышения умственного КПД и памяти не заметил, в отличии от, например, Ноотропила -тот с одной таблетки даёт эффект. В других отзывах вы увидите десятки строк текста из других источников в интернете - какие-то исследования, доказательства, а также тонна рекламы; при этом сам автор отзыва о собственных наблюдениях скромно воздержится. Накрутка для "Поставьте Да". Эффекта на себе не почувствовал, только побочки словил. Видимо, мне не подходит. Также как и Глицин - его пачками ел и ни-че-го. Абсолютно. Пока что самые мощные препараты, эффект которых я почувствовал - это Ноотропил (лучше импортный; нельзя пить постоянно) и Фенотропил (сейчас не продаётся, только заказать из-за границы; тоже нельзя пить постоянно).

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これのせいか分からないけど、生理でもないのに酷い生理痛がくる。子宮が痛い。 前頼んだ時はそんな症状出なかったのに。 組み合わせが悪いのかな? これと同時にビタミンD3とオメガ3を服用してます。

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Замечательные капсулы

Заказываю уже не первый раз. Принимаю одну капсулу утром в течении одного месяца и потом перерыв. Хорошая концентрация в течении дня. Стала спать нормально крепким глубоким сном. Но самый бомбический эффект - это лицо и шея! Давно я не слышала столько комплиментов. Кожа подтянутая и общий вид как -то на десять лет младше. Мне 53, но больше 40 никто не определяет.

Posted by on November 01 2019

Пропила курс, улучшений памяти не наблюдаю.

Posted by on November 01 2019
DMAE 今まで100mgのものを購入していましたが、250mgに変えてみました。


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И для лица и для ума

Хорошее средство для продления молодости. Но могу отметить эффект набора массы тела. Если поддерживать определенные параметры тела, т.е. контролировать аппетит, то в остальном эффект "на лице" гарантирован. И как бонус улучшение мозговой активности.

Posted by on October 31 2019
Заболели суставы и мышцы

Два раза начинала принимать и оба раза провально. Не то, чтобы он не работает по назначению. Работает. Мозг заводится, думается лучше, слова находятся легче, работается активнее. Но! Через две недели приёма по 1 т/день начали болеть мышцы и суставы - начинается обострение. Как только перестаю принимать - через две недели всё восстанавливается. Если у вас есть ревматические заболевания - нужно быть предельно осторожными с этой добавкой!

Posted by on October 25 2019

Голова стала хорошо работать.

Posted by on October 25 2019

Принимала две недели по одной капсуле. Эффект заметен с первого дня приема, уменьшается возбудимость нервной системы, легче засыпаешь, дольше спишь. В течении дня спокоен совершенно, как в танке. Из недостатков какое то безразличие ко всему, либидо на нуле, ранняя сонливость вечером, общая заторможенность. Дозировка для меня оказалась чересчур высокой. Делаю перерыв, может позже буду пить в половинной дозе.

Posted by on October 22 2019

заказываю второй год, первый год да, были и сновидения сильнее (ярче) и резко улучшилось зрение, улучшилась мозговая деятельность, ну и опять же прошли пигментные пятна и улучшился тургор кожи. Кожа плотная . Но я использую вместе с кремом Firming DMAE Moisturizer, with Alpha Lipoic Acid and C-Ester. Рекомендую. Но опять же не более 2 раз в год.

Posted by on October 22 2019

物忘れの改善に期待して購入しました。そちらのほうはまだ効果を感じていませんが、『以前より前向き』『面倒臭く感じることが減った』『悪い方向へ深く考えなくなった』などの変化を感じています。(気のせいもあるかもしれませんが…) 最初は恐る恐る、予定のない休日の前の夜に飲んでみました。特に副作用と思われるような症状は出ていません。(朝食前と寝る前に毎日一錠ずつ飲んでいます。) 皆さんのレビューを改めて読み直していて、『小顔効果』が出ていることに気付きました。 小顔効果を感じている方と、まったく感じていない方のレビューがありましたが、その差がなぜ出るかわかりました。 "むくみ"の有無ではないかと思います。むくみがちな方はみくみが取れて効果を感じられますが、元々むくみの無い方は効果を感じられないのではないかと思います。私は元々しもぶくれな顔でしたが、更年期に入ったのかさらにブクブクした感じの顔になっていましたが、DMAEを飲み始めてしばらくしてから何年か前の顔に戻ったように見えます。ほうれい線も薄くなっています。(むくみ出してから鏡を見るのが嫌になり、顔の変化に気付くのが遅くなりました) むくみが取れたと確信が持てるのは、足首に赤ちゃんみたいな輪っかが出来るほど足全体がむくんでいたのに、それもなくなってしまったからです。パンパンに張りつめて皮膚が痛かったのがウソみたいになくなりました。 「林先生が驚く初耳学」でも紹介されましたが、日本人は世界でも特に顔がむくむ傾向にあるそうです。(外国人に比べると表情筋が発達していないため) レビューの中に、海外のレビューには『小顔効果』について触れてるものがほとんどない、日本人は流されやすいと書かれたものがありましたが、これがその理由でしょう。 あまりに効果があり過ぎると少し怖くなりますが、むくみに戻ってきてほしくないので飲み続けます。

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Мой любимчик! Голова после него ясная, хорошо соображает. Придает энергию и даже притупляет боли в суставах( это лично мое открытие, реакция моего организма). Пропиваю его курсами по 3 месяца 2 раза в год.

Posted by on October 17 2019

頭がふわーっとして眠くなります。 その後は一気に眠ってしまいました。 集中力アップのために買ったのですが、逆効果でした。 睡眠導入で100点です。 私の場合、集中力アップはL-Tylosineが抜群に効きます。 昼、L-Tylosine、夜、DMAEですね。

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Posted by on October 14 2019

一錠ではフェイスラインに効果がなかったので…自己責任で二錠飲んでいます。その結果、若返った?痩せた?整形した?と言われるようになりました。笑 自分でも、毎朝酷かった顔のむくみがなくなり、顔が小さくなったと感じています。 わたしは悪夢を見ることも頭痛もなく、副作用は感じていません。海外製なので粒が大きいので飲みにくいので小さめのサプリを探し中です 個人的な意見ですので、お勧めはしませんが、私にはかなり効いたのでレビューをさせていただきました。参考になれば嬉しいです。

Posted by on October 12 2019

После приёма препарата потемнели волосы. Из средне русой блондинки превратилась в пепельную брюнетку.

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Posted by on October 05 2019

50代のためボケ防止とフェイスラインのリフトアップに飲んでいます。 月〜金 朝1個 効果はと言うと仕事中に頭の回転が早くなってぼっとする事がないです。ただその状態が夜まで続くので夜寝れない時も有ります。

Posted by on October 05 2019
Хорошая вещь, но не для меня

Хорошая вещь, судя по информации в интернете, но у меня от нее происходит помутнение сознания. К тому же по вкусы кислая и, думаю, может повышать кислотность желудочного сока. Поэтому пил по пол капсулы в день.

Posted by on October 04 2019

-- 追記。2本食べきり、注文しなきゃなあと思いながら飲まなくなって3週間ほど経つと、またエラの筋肉が発達してきてデカ顔に!嫌すぎる!やはり死ぬまで飲み続けたいサプリだ…。私が生きてる間は売り続けてほしい。毎日飲まなくても週1、2位でも小顔効果は持続しそうなので節約になりそう。眠気についてはやはり飲まないと昼間の眠気が薄れるので、眠気が増すサプリなのは確実のようだ-- 小顔の俳優が中年になると顔が肥大化しているが、その辺りの仕組みにこの成分が作用しているのだろうか。 とにかくフェイスラインが引き締まって下顎が小さく小顔になるので死ぬまで飲み続けたい一品。 しかし飲んで一定時間経つと眠くなる。0時に飲むと10時間後の昼前から眠くなるようなので 12時に飲むといいのかも。個人の感想です。

Posted by on October 04 2019

Покупаю ДМАЕ уже не первый год, разглаживания морщин не заметила, но память и концентрация внимания точно становятся лучше. В первую неделю приема начинают снится красочные яркие сны. К снам потом привыкаешь и думаешь, что так и должно быть. После приемы 100 капсул обычно делаю перерыв 1 - 1,5 месяца

Posted by on October 01 2019

レビューを読んで飲み始めました。処方薬でコンサータ、パキシル、メイラックスなど服用中です。 集中力散漫、脳が疲れやすい様な感覚で思考がストップします。予定や時間に合わせた行動が苦手で焦ったり動揺し脳内がパニック状態。外出準備段階で疲れます。外出時には緊張感を持たないと出られないので、脳内が熱くフル稼働しながら空回り、みたいな時がしばしばです。 朝、コンサータ類と一緒に服用していますが、飲むとゴチャゴチャ脳がサクサク動いてくれる様に感じます。慣れて来たので数回に分けたり就寝前に飲んだりしてみようと思います。肩凝り、顔が引き締まるなどレビューにある作用も感じます。

Posted by on September 28 2019

DMAEと春ウコンを一緒にとっています DMAEだけでは弱い。 春ウコンだけでも弱い。 屋久島の春ウコンのレビューにもあるように、 あれつ! このまま認知症になるのではないかと言う恐怖から解放されます。

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별다른 효과가 없습니다

별다른 효과가 없습니다

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Хороший препарат

Антиоксидант и ноотроп в одном флаконе. Принимаю по 2 таблетки каждое утро уже 5 лет!

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Сил Ещё Меньше Чем Было

Ужасно себя чувствуем и я и муж, нам по 30 лет, пьем 1 штуку утром натощак, в итоге муж вообще просыпается в панике , весь день на работе раздраженный, бодрости ноль, сконцентрированности ноль, сил нет настроения нет, плюс голова болит .а У меня от него сонливость такая что сплю по 13 часов если вставать никуда не надо, слабость жуткая, ничего делать невозможно сил нет, состояние разбитое состояние нестояния , в общем либо он нам категорически не подходит , либо не понимаю вообще зачем он нужен..

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