Eye Makeup Remover, Chamomile & Green Tea, Fragrance Free, 4 fl oz (118 ml)

By Earth Science

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Earth Science, Eye Makeup Remover, Chamomile & Green Tea, Fragrance Free, 4 fl oz (118 ml)
Price: $7.49 ($1.87/fl oz)
as at April 30, 2020 5:54 am

A gentle and effective herbal formula to purify and refresh the skin while removing makeup. Non-irritating; no artificial colors; 100% fragrance free. pH 5.5

Suggested Use

Saturate a cotton ball or pad; wipe gently, keeping eyelids closed. Rinse with warm water.


No animal ingredients or testing


Aqua, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, decyl glucoside, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, hydroxyethylcellulose, tocopherol, allantoin, vaccinium myrtillus (bilberry) extract, beta glucan, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, euphrasia officinalis (eyebright) extract, foeniculum vulgare (fennel) fruit extract, camellia sinensis (green tea) extract, camellia oleifera (green tea) leaf extract, saccharomyces cerevisiae extract, ascorbic acid, lactic acid, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, phenoxyethanol.

Always paraben free

Package Quantity:
4 fl oz (118 ml)

Expiration Date:
01 January 2021

Shipping Weight:
0.35 lbs

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Best eye makeup remover

Very gentle and really good to remove waterproof eye makeup

Posted by on April 04 2020
Gentle and it does the job

This eye makeup remover is not greasy!!! It has a wonderful scent and is light and clean. It does the job very well, a very pleasant product.

Posted by on March 24 2020
Regular purchase

It is gentle of the eyes. This is a repeated purchase. I use it for removing face makeup.

Posted by on March 22 2020

The gel from my bottle flow out a bit much from both sides of the cap creating mess and wastage. The cotton pad bits were all over my eyes and it was not easy to remove them. Don't think will buy this again.

Posted by on January 17 2020
not good

hated this. hurt my eyes a lot

Posted by on December 16 2019
Not Irritating and Fairly Effective

For a natural makeup removal product this one does a good job at a reasonable price and has not been irritating on the eyes.

Posted by on December 05 2019
Doesn't work

Doesn't remove mascara and gives irritation

Posted by on November 30 2019
Is Nice

Very Solf Product.But It Only For Light Make Up

Posted by on November 23 2019
Not bad

I like it

Posted by on November 20 2019
Loooove It

The best eye makeup remover

Posted by on November 12 2019
I Love It

Posted by on September 29 2019
Ok but not completely clean

It is ok. Removes eye make up fine but you gotta insist a little. A downer that it contains penoxyethanol

Posted by on September 23 2019


Posted by on August 19 2019
Amazing Product

Very good for all types of skin

Posted by on July 30 2019
No leftovers

Gentle to eyes and does jot leave any makeup on

Posted by on July 23 2019

Clear eye make-up perfectly

Posted by on July 03 2019
Love The Smell

I am not sure how well does it protect from the sun but the smell is amazing

Posted by on June 19 2019
Amazing Product

This product is genious. Im too lazy to remove my eyeshadow and mascara with cottonpad and makeup remover before I jump into shower and wash my face. This product is so convineant because you can do it while in the shower, no extra products like cottonpad needed (which is also nice). It is suuper gentle, your eyes wont get irritated or dry after using it and it removes everything! Also no residue left after using it. Would definetly order again and keep this in my skincare routine.

Posted by on February 28 2019
Not Great

Doesn’t remove my strong waterproof mascara and at all

Posted by on February 10 2019
Love It

Best so far! It removes all eye make up easily and at the same time hydrates my eye area!

Posted by on February 07 2019
Pretty good

I like the fact that it's easy to wash it away from my eyes, but it doesn't remove make up well enough. Sometimes I have to use it twice to remove my mascara completely. The product is ok, but I'll not repurchase it anymore

Posted by on January 17 2019
Really gentle!

Fab product, very gentle on your eyes.

Posted by on January 04 2019
it removes the eye makeup BUT it burns as if I put soup into my eyes

it removes the eye makeup BUT it burns as if I put soup into my eyes I do not recommend since there are similar products that do not have the burning sensation

Posted by on October 27 2018
not working

does not work for me, takes too much time

Posted by on September 18 2018
Gentle No Tears Eye Makeup Remover

Love this - really does take off eye makeup without any tears! Gentle.

Posted by on September 06 2018
Not overly impressed

For claiming to be an eye makeup remover, I found that it took more effort to remove mascara than I was expecting. Otherwise, it is delicate and very pleasant around the eyes.

Posted by on August 16 2018
Gentle and effective

My go-to for years. Gentle for contact lens wearers and effective even for waterproof mascara.

Posted by on July 28 2018
good remover

is ok for removing makeup

Posted by on July 22 2018

Not such good as I expected

Posted by on June 22 2018
Best on iHerb for me

This is the best eye makeup remover by ratio components-price-quality. Gel structure, convenient to use on wet cotton pad. Not irritating and doing its work very well.

Posted by on June 10 2018

I will continue re-purchasing this forever! I love it, it removes all makeup and doesn't sting the eyes at all - you can literally rub this stuff into your eyes. No scent whatsoever and you only require a small blob for both eyes. I find my bottle lasts for 6months+ and I use it almost everyday.

Posted by on June 08 2018
A little goes a long way.

Gentle and oily yet does not blur the eyes, this eye makeup remover also does not burn the eyes either. So happy with it. It removes all traces of makeup thoroughly without drying the skin around the eye area out. Love this company and their products.

Posted by on February 28 2018
good product

this product clean the eyes very well.

Posted by on February 02 2018
Love It

Gentle To the eyes able to remove the waterproof mascara! I used on my entire face! Nice smell and gentle to the skin. Great price as well

Posted by on January 26 2018

Love this eye makeup remover. Gentle on the eyes as I have sensitive skin.

Posted by on December 28 2017
Great product, reordered several times

Effectively removes makeup and the amount is enough for a long time

Posted by on December 04 2017
It's ok not good

Doesn't remove stubborn eyelash glue ...I need to use oil make up remover to remove all eye make up

Posted by on November 01 2017

It doesnt remove mascara.

Posted by on October 30 2017
the texture like a gel

able to remover eye make up; yet the texture is not watering or oil as my usual remover, it like a gel

Posted by on October 09 2017
Does his work but...

... but i have to search my makeup on my face before, as it leaves the makeup "remains" somewhere on my face. I like to use it with cotton pads, maybe that's why i look like a panda after removing my makeup. I would buy it again.

Posted by on October 07 2017

It removes makeup without leaving a residues and does not burn my eyes unlike other makeup removers recommended.

Posted by on September 05 2017
Not That Good

Actually I was very disappointed. Burn my eyes

Posted by on August 07 2017
Very good

It's the best, what I have tried in my life.

Posted by on June 17 2017

After reading mixed reviews,decided to try, and first application thought these tri star reviews and less where right. But mistake was aplying it on dry skin. now I wet my face with water and it makes so soft like foam, make up goes so gently.adore this product. But I must state that Im not on heavy make up side, and I have really thick and long natural eyelashes so I dont need a miracle wipe to take mascara out.Maybe hier it wouldnt preform so well.

Posted by on June 14 2017
Excellent I will order again

Excellent I will order again

Posted by on May 22 2017

All of my life I use the product from iHerb is the only one who can help me Thanks is the best

Posted by on May 04 2017
Very gentle but effective make-up remover

This is about the only make-up remover that doesn't damage the skin around my eyes. It is very gentle but it removes mascara and eyeliner very effectively. Another plus is that you don't need to use a lot of product. A bottle of this goes a long way. I put on mascara and eyeliner every day and a bottle lasts about six to eight months!

Posted by on April 29 2017

I always use this. It works and its very gentle and lasts a long time. Just started a new bottle.

Posted by on April 13 2017
Earth science eye makeup remover

It irritates my eyes, feels like soap in my eyes.

Posted by on March 10 2017
hurt my eyes

Cannot use it to remove my mascara as it hurt my eyes so bad i cannot even open my eyes for few minutes( which is a longggg time for the sting!) The jelly like texture is very difficult to work with hard to spread on the face using both hands and cotton pads Just purchased another cleaning product and dunno what to do with this bottle Just spend your money on some other cleaning water or balm or oil

Posted by on March 03 2017
Good product.

I really liked this makeup remover. Mostly because it didn't sting my eyes, which happens quite often to me even with natural products. But I'd say 118ml is not enough for 6.70 euros (and shipping)

Posted by on February 05 2017

Cleans and removes make-up thoroughly

Posted by on October 25 2016

very gentle, has a gel like consistency which you can spread out. Not so effective at removing waterproof makeup though

Posted by on October 19 2016
Eye Make up Remover

This product is ok. I am used to using liquid with a cotton ball. Strange using with a gel consistency.

Posted by on June 18 2016

Remove very good, not oily, dont smell. Will buy it again.

Posted by on May 31 2016
no good

can't remove waterproof mascara

Posted by on May 25 2016

No causa irritación, lo suelo aplicar directamente en los ojos, masajeo y retiro con una toallita empapada en agua templada, difícil de utilizar si se aplica directamente en un algodón

Posted by on May 11 2016
따갑지 않고, 잘 지워져요.

엄마가 다른 리무버 제품 쓸때는 독해서 힘들어했었는데, 이건 진짜 좋다고 하네요. 마스카라 지울때는 면봉을 사용하니 편합니다. 눈화장 정말 잘 지워지고 순해요. 평생 쓰고싶은 제품.

Posted by on May 07 2016
was very sticky

I like it at first, but after using for a week product got sticky.

Posted by on March 25 2016
¡Esto no desmaquilla!

Si usas máscara de pestañas, cualquiera, no hace falta que sea waterproof, olvídate de este producto porque te vas a dejar las pestañas en el intento. Tal vez sirva para desmaquillar el rostro, pero no compensa. No repito, obviamente.

Posted by on March 09 2016
Not my thing

It stung. So I wasn't to pleased

Posted by on February 16 2016
Fairly good

Resonable price, no irritation to eyes, yet can't remove my waterproof eyemake very well, maybe have to use few more cotton pads.

Posted by on January 23 2016
nice and mild

Good, remover even waterproof mascara, does not sting the eyes.

Posted by on January 03 2016
for me- the best

you can use it on either dry or wet skin. it never hurts your eyes. actually my favorite eye make-up remover (and I tried a lot, that are much more expensive)

Posted by on December 11 2015
Good for waterproof product

sound OK and lots of positive review. Just try this production, so far so good. Not sticky and oily effect.. Just clean and easy to us. Like it

Posted by on November 08 2015
Not so Good/ No tan bueno

me cuesta un montón quitar las máscaras de pestañas. y me irrita los ojos! Lo siento, pero no es para mi.

Posted by on October 16 2015
this works.. really.

clear gel that can be used sparingly,takes off heavy mascara too. Thumbs UP uP!

Posted by on May 16 2015
Cleanse very well

I apply it when I take a shower, on my eyes. I put eyeliner and mascara on daily basis and usually other makeup cleansers has difficulties to remove my mascara. This product removes it very well, with no need of harsh wiping. I remove my eye makeup twice for 100% clean eyes.

Posted by on April 30 2015
I did not receive

I did not receive

Posted by on April 25 2015
This is nice!

This product removes my makeup without drying out the eye area which is very nice. I did find it a bit hard to get the makeup removed the first couple of times, but I found out that if I use a little less on the cotton pad, it's a lot easier. So my tip is to be carefull when you dose, and then t is absolutely lovely.

Posted by on April 16 2015
like it!

Gentle, parfum-free, natural :)

Posted by on April 08 2015

It removes ok. But I'll have to rub a little bit so not great.

Posted by on April 07 2015

un super descubrimiento! Limpia muy bien no pica es increiblemente bueno!

Posted by on February 22 2015
desmaquillante de ojos

No escuece, no irrita, muy suave, pero no me desmaquilla del todo, no lo volveré a utilizar, tengo que aplicármelo dos veceds

Posted by on February 16 2015

this is awesome,not sticky and remove my make up easily.love it

Posted by on February 09 2015

Lazy Remover or I'm using heavy make up :p Otherwise It lets the skin soft

Posted by on February 03 2015


Posted by on January 28 2015
Not great

It did not remove very effectively my make-up.

Posted by on January 27 2015
A good option for conventional makeup removers

I bought this makeup remover for a trip, and it did the job, required 1-2 cotton pads per eye to remove all of my eye-makeup which is a lot for me as I'm used to the makeup removing power of coconut oil where 1 pad for both eyes is enough. Still, good product and would choose this a billion times over the conventional eye makeup removers that burn your eyes and give you wrinkles!

Posted by on January 15 2015
Make Up Remover

Nice natural eye make up remover.

Posted by on January 12 2015
desmaquilla bien y no pica los ojos

Me ha gustado bastante, sobre todo porque mis ojos son muy sensibles y cualquier producto me produce picor, éste no. Desmaquilla bien el rimmel y deja la piel suave, aunque yo siempre aplico tónico después. Lo recomiendo. Probé también el de la marca dermae y no me gustó nada. Prefiero éste.

Posted by on January 10 2015
Pendiente de usarlo

No lo he probado todavía, pero la página no me dejaba seguir si no valoraba el producto

Posted by on January 08 2015
Very good remover

A bit smaller than i expected

Posted by on January 03 2015
gentle and effective

I use on cotton eye pads. The trick that worked for me was massaging the thick liquid into the cotton and then applying to the lids and lashes. Just putting it on the cotton ball or pad and using a direct application method smears the remover everywhere and the cotton doesn't get to grab the makeup. it's been gentle enough, takes a little extra work for the more long-wearing kinds of eye makeup.

Posted by on December 31 2014
Love this!

So gentle, but removes make up completely! This remover is much better than all the drug store products for removing make up. Buy it, you wont regret it!

Posted by on December 14 2014
Easy to apply and effective

Good consistency - not too runny as some others I have used are. Easy to apply just the amount you need, and works well. No irritation or side effects.

Posted by on December 02 2014
Works for me

I am 42 and have sensitive skin. This product takes away my eye makeup nicely (not using waterproofe). I put it on and leave it while i use make-up remower on my face, then uses my fingers gently on the eyes, and then remowe everything with a wet sponge. Will by it again.

Posted by on December 01 2014

Lo compre x buenas reviews y no me ha gustado, no quita el maquillaje.

Posted by on November 25 2014
Terrible at removing eye makeup

This has a thick consistency and too much of the product usually comes out whenever I squeeze it out. Is very ineffective at removing eye makeup too, especially waterproof makeup. It gets very messy afterwards. Overall I just dislike the use of this product and would stick with my L'Oreal one.

Posted by on November 23 2014
Not recommended..

Even though it's allergy tested, this product made my eyes all red and sensitive. Will not buy again.

Posted by on November 16 2014
dont buy

this is probably the worst purchase ever. water does better than this.

Posted by on October 19 2014
Love this!

I just love this product. It's the best eye makeup remover I've ever used. I use it every day and it still takes me a few months to empty the bottle.

Posted by on October 14 2014
best eye remover at vitacost

i like it. remove eye make up (i am using eyeliner and mascara) gently.

Posted by on September 02 2014

Ce produit est devenu un indispensable pour moi. Au début j'ai eu beaucoup de mal et aujourd'hui je l'adore. J'applique un peu de produit sur un coton, je laisse poser 3 secondes et tout part, c'est juste parfait. Je rachèterai encore et encore

Posted by on August 16 2014
so so

this doesn't remove waterproof mascara

Posted by on August 15 2014
Gentle but not good for eye makeup

Does not remove waterproof eye makeup so I've had to use a seperate product for my eyes. Quite gentle and light.

Posted by on August 14 2014
Earth Science, Eye Makeup Remover, Chamomile & Green Tea

Una gran opción para desmaquillar los ojos suavemente, es un gel transparente, muy ligero y que cunde bastante, se lleva sin mayor problema el maquillaje waterproof sin frotar y sin irritar los ojos. Tiene un pero y es que, al tener una textura tipo gel, arrastra demasiado el producto y acabas con el contorno embadurnado, tienes que dar varias pasadas para recoger el producto.

Posted by on August 14 2014
눈이 너무 따가워요...

웬만하면 별한개는 안주는데.... 눈이 정말 말도못하게 따가워요 눈점막이 뜨겁고 화끈거리고... 대신 화장은 매우 잘 지워집니다 마스카라 아이라이너 다 잘 지워져요.... 눈에는 너무 아파서 립리무버로 써야할 거 같아요

Posted by on August 08 2014

When I first got this I was a little bit hesitant - it looks like a gel and I usually want nothing "gel-y" close to my eyes. But oh shocker - it's amazing. A little goes a long way, and it even removes my mac gel eyeliner like no ones business.

Posted by on August 07 2014

I think this bottle gonna last forever because you need very very small amount to take off eye makeup. Will reorder definetly.

Posted by on July 24 2014
Works so well

Always had some difficulty in removing water-proof mascara and eyeliner using other liquid makeup removers, but this product really does the job in gently removing the makeup completely and moisturising the eyes! Great product

Posted by on July 20 2014

This is my second bottle. I use a drop on a cotton ball with some warm water and let it sit on my eyelids for a few seconds. I also use it for my face in a pinch if I run out of cleanser - and to wash my makeup brushes.

Posted by on July 17 2014
Great eye make up remover!

I really like it is fragrance free! I actually use it fot make up remover too!

Posted by on July 09 2014

Okay produkt, but not a favourite.

Posted by on July 05 2014

This formula gave me a mild allergic reaction. My eyes were always red and burning, it took me a couple of days to realize it was because of the makeup remover. The problems just stopped, once I stopped using it. It is also quite hard to use since it has a gel consistency which doesn't really clean the make up.

Posted by on July 01 2014

Needs a little extra work to remove mascara, but non irritant, doesn't burn and works.

Posted by on June 20 2014

Great at removing eye makeup and doesn't irritate my eyes at all.

Posted by on June 19 2014

It's cheap, it's very functional, it's gentle. It's perfect!

Posted by on June 18 2014

I like it! So soft and natural!

Posted by on June 18 2014
Muy buen producto

Me ha gustado mucho este desmaquillador de ojos. Es en formato gel y retira muy bien todo el maquillaje.

Posted by on June 17 2014

doesn't work at all for eye makeup especially mascara. and wasteful since u have to use at least 3 cottons to get it off and then i had to use my old remover to finish off the job. i would return it if i didn't have to pay to ship.

Posted by on June 09 2014
Kind to eyes

Dosen't hurt if gets in my eyes. Removes waterproof mascara & feel refreshing.

Posted by on June 07 2014
gentle eye makeup remover

gentle and fragrance free eye makeup remover, recomend to use

Posted by on June 04 2014
Buen desmaquillador de ojos

Es en formato gel y lo quita todo, tiene una relación calidad precio estupenda, el único pero que le pongo es que como tengo mucha ojera y llevo bastante corrector tengo que insistir y al final me escuece un poco la piel pero por lo demás lo recomiendo totalmente.

Posted by on May 24 2014
Not bad

Bought this after seeing all the raves. It is indeed a good product. Cleanses well. But it stings my eyes, so am unlikely to repurchase.

Posted by on May 24 2014
Eye Makeup Remover

Un gran producto que hace su función sin dejarte ciega, porque pica mucho o porque es muy graso. Buen olor y textura. Me ha gustado mucho! Si te ha sido útil mi comentario, dale al botón! Gracias

Posted by on May 18 2014
great makeup remover

Clear gel, this makeup remover doesn't sting my eyes. It cleans even waterproof mascara like nothing else

Posted by on May 15 2014
Like it!

I like the way this works! Not amazing eye makeup removal power - don't think it will last very long because i have to use quite a bit every time.

Posted by on April 29 2014

My favorite

Posted by on April 10 2014
Good and Healthy Makeup Remover

I feel this product does a good job to remove the makeup. I also see it does improve the skin of my eyelids, because my eyes don't give that tired look, when after removing my concealer.

Posted by on April 07 2014
very good

I not only use it to remove eye make up , but on the rest of my face as well.

Posted by on March 31 2014
Earth Science, Eye Makeup Remover, Chamomile & Green Tea, Fragrance Free

Good in removing waterproof mascara when my other solution can't. Thick, Gel-lish texture.

Posted by on March 28 2014
No me convence.

Hay que frotar mucho para que salga el maquillaje de ojos, prefiero los productos bifásicos de otra marcas, no me gusta ni su textura ni como actúa. Punto positivo: no irrita los ojos. Con el tiempo me he acostumbrado y me gusta: sólo hay que dejar unos segundos el algodón bien empapado sobre el ojo. Aún así no está entre mis favoritos.

Posted by on March 25 2014
Buen producto

Es muy suave para los ojos (no pica ni escuece), y a la vez es efectivo retirando el maquillaje.

Posted by on March 21 2014
gentle remover

I have been looking for eye makeup remover with organic formula. I found this can remove most of the eye makeup. I usually apply twice for heavy makeup. if it is just a daily look, i would just do once; however, you do have to work on it to clean. it probably takes a little longer time to clean than those oil based remover. it is actually a good one to try.

Posted by on March 20 2014
Déçue !

Je suis déçue, je pensais avoir un démaquillant/nettoyant 2 en un à petit prix et naturel ! Mais il n'enlève pas parfaitement le maquillage : reste du mascara et du fond de teint, problème que je n'ai pas avec mon huile démaquillante. Obligation de nettoyer avec un gel moussant après sinon, vous aurez encore et encore du fond de teint sur le coton... Je ne rachèterai pas !

Posted by on March 17 2014

I already bought a backup, the perfect mackeup remover!

Posted by on March 13 2014

This works really well at taking off eye makeup with only a swipe or two. The smell isn't overpowering and I never have to be too rough when removing makeup.

Posted by on March 05 2014
does not remove make up efficiently...

I have to rub and rub and it doesn't do anything.

Posted by on March 02 2014
The best

The best makeup remover. Good for sensitive eyes. Does not irritate.

Posted by on February 28 2014
removes well, wierd consistency

This is a clear gel, not a liquid, so it did not absorb in the cotton pads and made everything slide around. It did remove the eye makeup very well without stinging (I do not have sensitive eyes though), but left an unpleasant feeling, so I had to wash with water. So I used it to clean my makeup brushes instead, where it did a good job.

Posted by on February 25 2014
doesn't work

It was such a mistake to read all the comments in order of "helpful". I normally wear eyeliner(non waterproof) and waterproof mascara, and it barely removes them. I've tried the remover with cotton pad, swabs, and fingers. but it seemed to be impossible to remove all my eye makeup. Like other comments, it's transparent gel type product with nice fresh scent which I loved; however doesn't function as an eye makeup remover. If you use a little eyeliner without waterproof mascara, it might work for you.

Posted by on February 20 2014
bon produit

Texture : gel transparent Odeur : très discrète et légère Démaquille très bien les yeux et le visage. Je recommande

Posted by on February 10 2014
very good product

This is good! Doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes and quite easily removes all traces of mascara.

Posted by on February 05 2014
Can't remove my inner eyelines

I read the all the good reviews, so I tried this product. I felt disappointed since it cannot remove my inner eyelines properly. However, I don't feel oil in my eyes after using this product.

Posted by on February 02 2014
Not so great for me

I don't really like this product... I bought it because of very good recommendations, but it is not for me. I much prefer the makeup remover pads or cloths - it is easier and cleaner than this one. It burns my eyes a little bit, and I never know the right amount of this liquid to put on the cotton... I always end up putting too much on, and then I can't open my eyes. That's it - only pads and cloths for me.

Posted by on January 30 2014
Not bad!

Good makeup remover but not very comfortable to use.

Posted by on January 27 2014
Too dry

This product made my skin very dry

Posted by on January 18 2014
Very good eye makeup remover

This is a very good eye makeup remover. It doesn't stink my eyes and my makeup is removed easily. A little goes a long way. It's mild and effective. I will definitely recommend this one after trying many others.

Posted by on January 16 2014
unpleasant sticky

unpleasant sticky

Posted by on December 20 2013
Disappointing :(

I had really high expectation from this make up remover. The product's texture is gel-like and not fluid like I thought. which would be okay if it worked but unfortunately it is not such a good make up remover. Also my eyes felt rather dry and stingy after using it. Will not buy again.

Posted by on December 20 2013
Don't like the texture

I am giving this product 3 stars because of the texture. It doesn't absorb well into the cotton pad and it is rather sticky and slimy. However, it does its job of removing eye makeup like it says. I much prefer my regular Japanese brand water-based makeup remover.

Posted by on December 17 2013
Good but not great

This is a good makeup remover, very gentle and does not sting or your eyes. I thought that it might have more strength than it does. I do not use waterproof makeup and it is still a bit hard to get everything off, especially eyeliner. I love that you can wash it off with water, great to use in the shower. Would be better if it was stronger in getting makeup off.

Posted by on December 16 2013

My new fav. I am not a fan that it is in gel form vs liquid, but because it removed all my makeup like butter and very gently I really cannot complain. Love this! SEE MY PAGE IF NEW TO IHERB!

Posted by on December 14 2013
Could be better

Doesn't remove makeup easily. Doesn't burn your skin. Gives refreshing feeling. I will search for something else.

Posted by on December 14 2013
Very good product

Perfect completly natural

Posted by on December 11 2013
Does what it says on the bottle

Good make up remover, No irritation, even though I have quite sensitive eyes. Will definitely re purchase again.

Posted by on December 05 2013
Best eye makeup remover ever

I love that this remover can be used like a wash in the shower to really clean my eyes well. No irritation, Bottle seems to last a long time.

Posted by on November 28 2013
Great remover

I like how this removes eye makeup, I even tested it out with waterproof mascara and it took it off. The remover is like gel (but not sticky) and that's good because it slides around nicely without rubbing the sensitive eye area. You don't need to use much either. I also put some in my eye on purpose to see if it burns and I didn't feel a thing. Will buy again.

Posted by on November 26 2013
Works so well

No stinging and easy to use with eye sponges. Wonderful product.

Posted by on November 25 2013
Cero patatero

Para maquillajes ultra simples no está mal, pero ya está, con el resto de maquillajes apenas puede retirarlos y forma un borrón imposible en los ojos. Para más información, tienes mis favoritos y desaconsejados de iHerb en mi blog (link a él desde mi perfil de iHerb).

Posted by on November 24 2013
love it

This is my all time favourite eye makeup remover, does the job so well without burning the eyes. Will always buy this

Posted by on November 23 2013
Great value and excellent product

My daughter and I both use this eye makeup remover and have for the past 5 years! It never stings, always dissolves mascara easily and is a great price.

Posted by on November 16 2013
Waste of money!

This product is a complete waste of money. All it does is move your make up around and you're left with a mess of a face. You have to rub for quite some time to get your make up off.

Posted by on November 13 2013
Really like it!

Removes make up well and doesn't irritate the skin. A great find.

Posted by on October 30 2013

good product

Posted by on October 29 2013


Posted by on October 07 2013
Something average

It's too gentle to remove all the makeup (I'm not using any waterproof or professional) but still irritates my eyes a bit. Nothing special or good for me.

Posted by on October 05 2013
Works well, not oily, paraben free!

I really like the makeup remover! It's not oily, it takes off make up easily, eve waterproof makeup, and is more natural than a lot of other ones. I would definitely buy it again.

Posted by on September 15 2013
awesome stuff!

doesnt sting eyes, natural for the eyes and smells great

Posted by on September 14 2013
Me gusta y no me gusta

Me gusta, no esta mal pero no tan maravilloso como pensaba ya que tienes que frotar bien para eliminar el maquillaje, y yo creía que seria menos agresivo. Más revisiones de productos en mi cuenta.

Posted by on September 09 2013

cleanse liner,mascara, everything. without irritating eyes. believable.

Posted by on September 05 2013
It's ok

but my eyes was eatching..

Posted by on September 03 2013

I dont like this sh..t dont work, easier is just wash all face!

Posted by on August 26 2013
OK, but not so gentle on my eyes.

This product is just OK. Cleanses the makeup really nicely, event my waterproof mascara but it stings my eyes so badly! It doesn't sting them if I put only just a tiny bit on the cotton bud but then you have the paradox: it doesn't remove as much makeup. I have to use a fair amount of it, but then - my eyes again. The plus is that it's cruelty free and doesn't have any fragrance.

Posted by on August 26 2013
Natural and good

Easy to use, doesn't irritate the eye and hydrates at the sand time.

Posted by on August 25 2013
Great Eye makeup remover

this product removes make-up without any residue. It is fantastic and does not dry the skin. Love it.

Posted by on August 22 2013

It really takes your eye make up off ;)

Posted by on August 18 2013
Earth Science, Eye Makeup Remover, Chamomile & Green Tea, Fragrance Free, 4 fl oz (118 ml) (ERS-00082)

Понравилось средство. Но иногда не всю косметику снимает с глаз. Но очень мягкое, хорошо пенится

Posted by on August 04 2013
Didnt like it.

Irritates my eyes, and stays on after removing the makeup. Prefer oil as an eye make up remover.

Posted by on July 30 2013

it is second time I have bought it and I will do it agains

Posted by on July 15 2013
Good for me

this eye makeup remover is realy good for my sensitive eyes

Posted by on July 10 2013
not that good on mascara

I've gone back to using eye make up remover pads as this is a bit messy and sticky. Will use it up as a facial cleanser instead.

Posted by on July 03 2013
Ruined my eye lashes!

I was amazed by this at first, no product has ever been so effective at removing my makeup. One swipe with a cotton pad and everything was gone, unfortunately not only my makeup came off, so did my eyelashes! Whenever I use this alteast a handful of lashes fall off and that never happens to me! I am not risking losing any more lashes!

Posted by on June 27 2013
I love thissss

I was a little doubtful of the reviews but it turns out that this makeup remover is amazinggggg. Removed all my waterproof mascara which is seriously a pain in the butt to remove. Gently massaged this all over the eye for about a minute and everything washed off. I love love love love it :)

Posted by on June 26 2013

it is gentle & light and does not sting the eyes. Very good price too!

Posted by on June 13 2013
Earth Science, Eye Makeup Remover, Chamomile & Green Tea, Fragrance Free

пользуюсь, но может из-за своей натуральности туш з глаз снимает тяжело

Posted by on June 13 2013

Smells good, gentle for contact-lens wearers, works very well, and is animal-friendly...what's not to love?!

Posted by on June 02 2013
Non oily - good price!

I like this eye make up remover. It cleans nicely, even waterproof mascara, it has a nice smell and does not irritate my eyes. Good ingredients too!

Posted by on May 28 2013
Very gentle makeup remover

Bought this when my skin was very sensitive, and was happy as it removes makeup very gently without irritating the skin.

Posted by on May 26 2013
Great product!

Doesn't irritate my eyes at all, very mild but effective! Already ussed 4 or 5 bottles.

Posted by on May 15 2013
Hard to remove mascara with it

Pretty mild on eye area skin, but not efficient at all

Posted by on May 13 2013
Disappointed. Nothing special

This does not remove eyeliner very well. I only wear some highlighter on my eyelid and some non-waterproof eyeliner on my eye. I tried all the method people had proposed with this product. I tried it with a cotton pad, using it on dry eyelid and gently rub until the eyeliner go away, wetting my face a bit before rubbing it on my eye. The removing power is quite sad. Around 40% of my eyeliner near the lashes still hold on even after i rub for a while. However I do think this remover eyeshadow very well. If you use more make-up you might see that it remove a lot. But there are many other drugstore eye makeup remover that does as well or even better. Water and oil can remove your eye make up better than this. I did find a use for it though. It make an excellent gentle face wash for sensitive and dry skin.

Posted by on April 28 2013

This is a great product! Love its gel texture, its very gentle and has no smell.

Posted by on April 26 2013
Great product!

I've tried many eye makeup removers, and this is the best by far. Extremely mild, never stings, and works amazingly well. I only need a small amount on a cotton square and it easily removes makeup, mascara.

Posted by on April 12 2013
Earth Science, Eye Makeup Remover, Chamomile & Green Tea, Fragrance Free, 4 fl oz (118 ml)

Очень мягко снимает макияж. Настолько мягко что приходится смывать по 3-4 раза прежде чем на глазах не останется туши. Но мне это нравится. Иногда пользуюсь. //// Very gently removes makeup. So soft that you have to wash 3-4 times before the eyes will not stay mascara. But I like it. Sometimes I use.

Posted by on April 05 2013
surprenant mais très efficace

Vraiment un excellent démaquillant qui malgré une composition non naturelle à 100% fait très bien son job. La texture est surprenante, mi-gel / mi-acqueuse. Elle est très douce avec l'oeil et ne laisse aucune chance aux maquillages, mêmes waterproof!

Posted by on March 17 2013
Just great!! // Просто супер!!

Very gentle, good working, almost without scent!! I love it!! Certainly will buy more!! Нежнейший, хорошо работает, почти без запаха!! Обожаю его!! Обязательно буду покупать еще!!

Posted by on March 17 2013
not for me

Cheap, cruelty free, simple ingredients, no scent. This seemed perfect, but unfortunately it left my eye area parched and sore. My skin is freakishly sensitive, though, and this doesn't seem to be an issue for most others. It's well worth a try.

Posted by on March 08 2013
I would buy this again

I liked this product. It's fragrance free and removed my eye makeup without irritating my eyes. I noticed it was a little thicker that other removers I've used in the past. Nice product.

Posted by on February 19 2013

very good gel! removes make up clearly. doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. already ordered again.

Posted by on February 15 2013
the best makeup remover!!!!!

very healthy product, Highly recommended!

Posted by on February 11 2013

I love this tool! For the second time ordering!

Posted by on February 09 2013
Effective, but stange texture

This is a good product, it makes the job, but it took time until I got used to using it!

Posted by on January 18 2013
순하지만 별로에요

어찌나 순한지 아이메이크업 지우다가 눈에 들어갔는데 하나도 안따갑고 좋더라구요 하지만 깨끗해질때까지 닦으려면.. 팔떨어져 나가요 세정력은 정말 별로.. 비추입니다.

Posted by on January 18 2013


Posted by on January 10 2013
Gentle remover ever!

I'm so happy that i don't need to search other removers! i trashed out all my drug store remover. very gentle and it didnt hurt even when i put it in my eyes by accident. this is my stock up remover forever! USE CODE BHV054 $10OFF OVER $40. FIRST PURCHASE.

Posted by on January 08 2013

My eyes became red and itching..

Posted by on January 03 2013
Good quality

I'm satisfied with it. As the other reviewers have indicated, it's better to apply it with the fingers and then clean your eyelids with the sponge.

Posted by on December 24 2012
I really like it

This eye makeup remover is great. I've not tried to remove very heavy makeup yet, but my everyday makeup is removed easily with very little amount of the remover. And I did not notice any reaction or stinging.

Posted by on December 21 2012

The best remover I've ever used ! I have very sensative eyes but it doesn't irritate them at all. Moreover, I even don't need to use a cotton pad, I just put it with my finger and wash with water after 5-10 seconds. Excellent product!

Posted by on December 15 2012
most recommended

deos not irritate. cleans good.

Posted by on December 15 2012
just ok

it's an ok makeup remover, but I feel like I need to either use a lot of it and then it gets into my eyes or I need to rub a lot. All in all, I'll use this bottle to the end, but probably won't repurchase- I like the liquid removers better than this gel.

Posted by on November 17 2012
Makeup remover

well removes makeup without irritating eyes

Posted by on November 08 2012
uno de los mejores

Despues de haber probado muchos desmaquilladores puedo decir que es de los mejores que he probado.La textura gel es muy agradable y no deja esa sensación oleosa de los bifásicos.

Posted by on November 07 2012
Will not buy again

This is a terrible makeup remomover for me. My skin was so dry after a few times of use- will not buy again. It's like soap without perfume. Jeg vet mange liker denne, men for meg var det som å bruke håndsåpe i ansiktet, jeg foretrekker uten tvil de sminkefjernerene som fremstår som kremer.

Posted by on October 31 2012
Great Eye Makeup Remover! Will buy again!

Earth Science Chamomile & Green Tea eye makeup remover has a different texture from other eye makeup removers I've used. It's not oily or creamy; rather it's a clear gel. It completely removes mascara (I don't use waterproof), and it doesn't irritate at all. It's labeled fragrance free, and indeed has very little scent at all. I am so happy with this eye makeup remover! I've repurchased and will again and again!/Это средство для снятия макияжа с глаз имеет гелевую текстуру. Оно отлично удаляет тушь (я не пользуюсь водостойкой) и абсолютно не раздражает кожу. Имеет слегка уловимый нейтральный запах. Я довольна этим средством, уже купила еще одно и буду покупать снова.

Posted by on October 24 2012

This is fantastic eye makeup remover. It's not greasy, and doesn't hurt my eyes. I only need a tiny bit, so I think it'll last a really long time!

Posted by on October 23 2012

love this product, removes make up pretty good

Posted by on October 23 2012
Not bad

Not bad , burnes a little

Posted by on October 08 2012
Mild and effective

like it !

Posted by on October 04 2012
Not the best

This does not work for me at all.

Posted by on September 28 2012
The best Eye Makeup Remover I've ever had

It removes even waterproof mascara and eye liner. Doesn't bite the eyes and not oily, but has a gel texture. It's value for money and I'll order it again

Posted by on September 25 2012
removes makeup well

Irritate the eyes a bit

Posted by on September 24 2012
Best EVER!!!

This is the best eye makeup I have ever used! It leaves my eyes smooth and moisturized; unlike other eye makeup removers which can leave the eye area tight and dehydrated. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product!

Posted by on August 31 2012
Removes makeup very well but may burn

This really removes every eye makeup, including the toughest mascara, however, if you'll put a bit too much of it, it will burn, and I'm usually not that sensitive to products.

Posted by on August 31 2012

Good ink washes, only drawback is that it must be washed off with water.

Posted by on August 29 2012
Great product

I had a problem with eye makeup removers. I don't like those that you put with cotton pad, and those that you use with water because they don't clean good enough and are not always gentle to eyes. My problem was solved when I found Earth Science remover. It's gentle to eyes and cleans very well.

Posted by on August 26 2012
Gentle and effective

It is a clear gel. It removes makeup without drying my skin. A little goes a long way. When I use it on a cotton pad to wipe the makeup off, it feels smooth and does not irritate my skin. But I find it more effective to use it directly on the skin, just a small amount, and to massage it with my fingers to dissolve the mascara. Then, I just rinse it off, which is why I'm only giving this product 4 stars - water is a bit drying to the sensitive eye area. Instead of using water to rinse it off, I use a toning lotion on a cotton pad. Apart from the preservative, phenoxyethanol (can irritate skin and eyes in some rare cases), the formula is clean, mild and packed with beneficial ingredients (hyaluronic acid, eyebright...).

Posted by on August 14 2012
Effective, but stings the eyes slightly

It seems to work just fine, but I think after the bottle is done, I will continue the quest for a non-stinging remover.

Posted by on August 12 2012
Gentle & Effective!

Lovely, gentle & effective cleanser!. I have sensitive eyes and can't use many eye products, but this works great, no stinging. Being a gel, it's easy to use, and a little goes a long way. Love it! Good price. Will buy again.

Posted by on July 28 2012

It doesn't remove all makeup, but it doesn't sting when it gets in your eyes. Okay for everyday use, but it won't remove waterproof makeup.

Posted by on July 19 2012

Nothing extraordinary but absolutely an ok eye makeup remover.

Posted by on July 01 2012
Makeup remover

Gentle makeup remover, remove mascara and eyeshadows very well. Its not irritating my skin and eyes.

Posted by on June 30 2012
Amazing - will buy again and again.

Far better at removal (including waterproof make-up) than even the expensive brands like Lancome. It's so gentle and soothing. Plus there's so much product! Great product and great value = will be buying again and again.

Posted by on June 19 2012

Very effective eye makeup remover, but it hurts my eyes a bit.

Posted by on June 07 2012
Nice product!

This works well and is gentle on my eyes.

Posted by on June 04 2012
Very happy at a great price. Will buy again

As above

Posted by on June 03 2012
Good for sensitive eyes

Perhaps not so strong to remove the mascara. Just need to put a bit more of it to remove the mascara efficiently. But very mild and suitable for my sensitive eyes. Will order it again

Posted by on May 11 2012

A nice makeup remover, it calms my skin and does not irritate my eyes.

Posted by on April 26 2012

Great for my sensitive eyes! No nips, great washes away make-up!

Posted by on April 21 2012

It cleans eye make up very good, gentle for my sensitive eyes, no allergic reaction. No smell at all. Just great! Just don't recommend to put too much remover on a pad, because then eyes starts to itch.

Posted by on April 16 2012

very good.I buy again

Posted by on April 12 2012
Removes the eye makeup well

Works well, but I do not like the gel texture. I prefer a liquid.

Posted by on April 11 2012
Stings and not easy to remove eyeliner and mascara

Stings the eyes and not easy to remove the remnants of the eyeliner and mascara. Glooey texture

Posted by on April 08 2012

He, clearly, I like it!

Posted by on April 05 2012

This works well enough, thought it doesn't seem to do as good as job as my previous one from Loreal. Because when I rinse my face with water afterward, I can see the water has a brownish color from my foundation which I didn't use to see with my previous makeup remover. But I use a face wash afterwards anyway, so it's probably not a big deal. I don't understand how people can say it doesn't sting, because for me it stings like hell if I get it in my eyes. But I love that it is natural, so I'll probably keep using it anyway.

Posted by on April 02 2012
gentle and effective

It removes regular mascara effectively, does not sting, more or less chemical free, no parabens, no dyes - I will purchase it again.

Posted by on March 31 2012
irritates eyes

unfortunately i can't use it, it itchesmy eyes

Posted by on March 24 2012
Not for me

I felt like this wasn't doing its job. I always had makeup left over even after using this. Perhaps wipes are more suited to me.

Posted by on March 19 2012
So So...

It's not good, and it's not bad. It simply takes a long time and a lot of patience to remove mascara- and I mean regular, not waterproof. On the pro-side it's gentle and does not sting the eyes, and it's quite long-lasting.

Posted by on March 16 2012
great product

no irritation, no strong odour, removes cleanly, no dryness, cant ask for much more.

Posted by on March 15 2012
Feels greasy

Dont like this at all! Feels greasy and sticky. Used it 2 times and trew it away...

Posted by on March 09 2012
Burned my eyes!

The product removed the mascara, but it also set my eyes on fire. Will not use or purchase again.

Posted by on March 02 2012
gelly structure

this eye makeup remover has very strange gelly structure and it is hard to control amount you need to use that going out of the bottle :) Additionally, a had eyes irritating

Posted by on February 24 2012

Takes off make-up really well, but it does sting my eyes a bit. My eyes are sensetive, though.

Posted by on February 13 2012
works great--

and doesn't sting.

Posted by on February 06 2012


Posted by on February 06 2012
Does the job

Gentle to my eyes

Posted by on January 22 2012
I love it

OMG OMG I love it! I love texture - something oily but not so greasy. Very economical product. Lightweight, washes off, non irritating.

Posted by on January 09 2012
Not good for me

I can't take out my mascara with this remover.....

Posted by on January 06 2012
This is Great

I have been using a lid scrub for 10 years for blepharitis, it was expensive and drying. This eye makeup remover feels so much better and leaves my eyes feeling refreshed, and no problems with blepharitis. YEAH! Debbie

Posted by on December 29 2011
Earth Science, Eye Makeup Remover, Chamomile & Green Tea

Very good to use, does not irritate the eyes

Posted by on December 29 2011
from Ukraine

very good product. no irritation.

Posted by on December 27 2011

Doesn't remove waterproof mascara, otherwise it's ok.

Posted by on December 21 2011
not bad

not bad, I like it, just is difficult that you have to wash your face after...

Posted by on December 20 2011
Good product, but

Good product, but as previous reviewers said, it has gel consistence and have to be rinsed with water. Not comfortable, and irritating for eyes. I prefer water-based eye removers, because this is the point - to remove makeup from eyes without rinsing with water.

Posted by on December 05 2011
Good product

This was actually the second bottle I've ordered. It cleanse very well, leaves a very nice sensation and it last very long, considering the bottle size.

Posted by on December 05 2011
I am still testing it out.

I wear lots of eyeliner and mascara and so far I have no complaints. It is gentle but does the job!

Posted by on November 24 2011
not so good

It disappoint me a little. It's very gentle, doesn't irritate my eyes but leave grey marks of mascara under eyes.

Posted by on November 21 2011
very gentle

very gentle, no eye irritation. cleans well. but you should use only a small amount of it.

Posted by on November 18 2011
leaves all the eye makeup

it is one of the best eye makeup remover that I have ever tried. I just put a little on my index fingers and gently rub them on my eyelids and it removes all the makeup very well! no need of cotton pads for moderate daily makeup-3 brown toned eyeshadows,1 shimmering eyeshadow, waterproof mascara, water proof eyeliner. I found it gives a little sensation if left a while on the lips. but it doesn't sting my eyes at all and i have quite sensitive eyes

Posted by on November 08 2011
I will buy this again

Works good. No smell.

Posted by on November 04 2011
eyes a beauty

great product

Posted by on October 26 2011

works fine

Posted by on October 19 2011
excellent product

i use many products before from well know brands, but this one it's the best, excellent for now this will be my make up remover.

Posted by on October 18 2011

After reading all the great reviews, I thought this would be a great product, but it definitely isn't very effective as a make-up remover. I had to rub and rub FOREVER to my non-waterproof mascare off, and in the end I gave up and used my regular store make-up remover instead, which removed it in an instant. My eyes were very sore afterwards because of all the rubbing. :( Won't use it again.

Posted by on October 16 2011
must have


Posted by on October 15 2011

I like to use it every day for make-up removal! Use it with pleasure, it works excellent!

Posted by on October 06 2011
Good product

I like this remover.Very good smell, removes mascara very good and quick. A little bit burning but there was no irritation

Posted by on October 03 2011
this is a very effective eye makeup remover

it removes everything right away without rubbing and it dosent sting or dry the skin - and the prize is so great I bring it as my only cleanser on travels.

Posted by on October 01 2011
Very good!

Very good!

Posted by on September 30 2011
From Norway

This is a very good and gentle eye makeup remover. Does not dry out the skin, it has a good smell. Can recommend it to all .. And it's cheap here in Iherb.

Posted by on September 28 2011
Not a fan

Overall - very good, though I'm more used to removers that I don't need to remove themselves again - a bit soapy feeling. Updated 2 months after - no, this is not for me. Does not remove the mascara perfectly and totally don't like the washing part after using the product - dries the skin around eyes, like using soap. Prefer oil based products.

Posted by on September 27 2011
just ok

It takes away neutral makeup but not heavy duty stuff. Stings little bit.

Posted by on September 22 2011

it's gentle, but not that effective... it's a bit hard to take off my water proof mascara... the good thing is that it doesn't irritate my eyes...

Posted by on September 16 2011

very good

Posted by on September 07 2011
total love!

+ washes great + light moisturizing + no allergy + really big quantity

Posted by on September 04 2011
Money wasted

Does not take off make up.

Posted by on September 02 2011
I will buy again

Bring the smell of formaldehyde-free, more in line with health

Posted by on August 28 2011
Good Product!

This product works really well. My only complaint is that you have to wash it off with water after you're done. Kinda a hassel but the benefits out wieght the slight inconvenience.

Posted by on August 24 2011
Nice product

i´m quite satisfied with this product. It removes eyemakeup easily and doesn´t irritate my eyes. The formula is bit strange for me (im used to liquid makeup removers but this more like gel)

Posted by on August 22 2011
It's harder to use than the liquid type eye makeup remover..

I had high hopes for this natural ingredients eye makeup remover.... It removes other eye makeup fairly well, but not my waterproof mascara. Also, this gel formula make it more difficult for me to use, because I'm not used to it. I will try to get used to the gel formula, but I might have to switch my extremely waterproof mascara. I'm going to finish the bottle I got, but I'm not sure if I'll get another bottle.

Posted by on August 21 2011
Great stuff!

It's like a very mild soap & works well.

Posted by on August 17 2011
Earth Science Eye Makeup Remover

Stings slightly if it gets in eyes, but certainly removes make-up well (even heavy make-up with lots of kohl), and it isn't drying, unlike some eye make-up removers. Don't like the stinging though.

Posted by on August 15 2011
excellent eye make up remover

It is a clear non- perfumed gel, very pleasant and non-irritating. It does it's work very well. first of all I used it with a cotton pad, but then I've read that some people use it just with fingers. I tried it this way, and it was even better than with a cotton pad. Just put some gel on your eye and wash it away with water. That's it!

Posted by on August 11 2011

Normal is not irritating to the eyes.

Posted by on July 25 2011

I love this product, it removes all my makeup, and it doesn't sting my eyes or irritate my skin!

Posted by on July 20 2011
good product

Not usual texture, cleans very well, non irritating, just a drop needed.

Posted by on July 15 2011
Not bad

Not bad, but removes a make-up not up to the end.

Posted by on July 01 2011
Earth Science Eye makeup remover, Chamomile & Green Tea

One of the best & most economical cleansers I have ever used - no stinging or tightness after use, which has always been an issue for me.

Posted by on June 22 2011
Best eye makeup remover

I've never used an eye makeup remover as gentle and effective as Earth Science, Chamomile & Green Tea. I highly recommend it. I have been wearing water proof mascara and it's impossible to get off and this works great.

Posted by on June 15 2011
Из России

The super. Washes off waterproof ink of firm Givenchi...

Posted by on June 13 2011


Posted by on June 11 2011

work, it doesn't sting my eyes and easily removes all traces of my mascara

Posted by on May 23 2011

This is the best make-up remover I have ever tried. Get's it all off, just make sure to rinse your eyes well afterwards.

Posted by on May 12 2011
fjust fine

Its a pity that this cleanser is more like gel than milk.

Posted by on May 12 2011
Not sure if I will purchase again

Not sure what all the fuss is about with this product that I bought to try after reading all the reviews. I did not find it as effective at removing eye make up as I expected, plus it is quite thick when squeezed out of the bottle.

Posted by on May 10 2011
Very good!!!

very well wash away eye makeup. Nice gel texture. do not sting the eyes.

Posted by on May 04 2011
gentle for skin but...

i only using wp for eyes. after use this,wp mascara was still on my eyelash.it means not good.. this remover couldnt remove wp mascara. but really gentle. now i use this for skin. much better way for me.

Posted by on May 04 2011