Fat Magnet, Weight Management, 72 Vegcaps

By Natural Balance

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Natural Balance, Fat Magnet, Weight Management, 72 Vegcaps
Natural Balance, Fat Magnet, Weight Management, 72 Vegcaps - photo 1
Natural Balance, Fat Magnet, Weight Management, 72 Vegcaps - photo 2
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as at April 29, 2020 11:52 pm
  • Natural Max Diet
  • A Scientifically Advanced Weight Management Formula and Diet Plan!
  • Dietary Supplement & Diet Plan


  • Chitosan is extracted from shellfish
  • Psyllium Husk is a natural source of fiber
  • Malic Acid is used in the Krebs Cycle, which produces the body's energy
  • Aloe Vera has been used in herbal medicines dating back to the time of the Pyramids

Natural Max Diet line includes high-quality products that are formulated and designed with some of the most renowned ingredients available. Each product is thoughtfully created and designed to provide positive options for weight management when used in conjunction with the associated Diet Plan.

Fat Magnet is based on the theory that positive ionically charged ingredients attract negatively charged fat molecules. It contains the well-researched ingredient Chitosan. 

Fiber may provide nutritive support for healthy weight management.

Positively charged fiber.

Chitosan is not digestible and therefore has no calorie value.

Suggested Use

Use only as directed. While following the Diet Plant, take two vegcaps twice daily prior to meals.


Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children. Keep your health care practitioner informed with using this product. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Fat soluble vitamins, essential fat acids, and medications should be taken four hours before or after ingesting this product.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Prop 65 Notice for California Residents Only. - Reproductive harm.


Vegetable cellulose (capsule), potato starch and cellulose.

Package Quantity:
72 Vegcaps

Expiration Date:
01 October 2022

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0.24 lbs

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So So

Weight not gain but it would cause constipation.....

Posted by on March 29 2020

good product

Posted by on October 24 2019
πολυ καλο!!!

βοηθαει σταδιακα και αν συνοδευτει απο ισορροπημενη διατροφη εχει αποτελεσματα. σιγουρα παντως βοηθαει παρα πολυ σε ατομα που εχουν προβλημα με δυσκοιλιοτητα , γινεσαι τακτικος !

Posted by on October 26 2017
Fat Magnet

I use this product successfully for acne control. I take 2 tabs before eating greasy food. It also helps with weight control if I include diet and exercise. I've used it for 10 years now. I had terrible adult acne. I thank God for product.

Posted by on January 25 2016
Fat Magnet Is Appropriately Named *Smiling*

I'll be brief. These capsules did nothing for weight management for me That's not to say they won't work for others, I am convinced each individual's metabolism is different. I tried these for a few months now and I feel confident I am being factual when I confirm these capsules were not effective in weight management.

Posted by on August 13 2014
Solved my problem

I have used this product for several years, not for weight loss but for intestinal problems. I am still using this product

Posted by on October 14 2010
Fat Magnets/ great product

This is a great product. I've been using this product for about 15 yrs. I don't do without it. It definatly helps me maintain my weight. I know this because I don't diet. if I did, I would probably loose weight. I take it, when I eat a fatty meal and I know it helps break down the fat, because I'll acually be hungry a couple hours later.

Posted by on January 08 2010
not for weight loss

does nothing for weight loss, but good to keep you regular.

Posted by on November 19 2009

It arrived on time

Posted by on December 10 2008

We use as a supplement to careful diet and exercise to maintain weight. Feel like it helps when we eat some fried chicken(skinned) and occasional french fry.

Posted by on August 10 2008

안먹게됨. 효과가있는지없는진모르겠으나.. 키토산효과라면..내가그전에 같이먹는영양제들의 효과를 무산시킬거같아서.

Posted by on August 02 2019
Фигня, Смысла Нет

Выпить надо наверное пачек 10 чтобы был смысл

Posted by on June 18 2019

변비라던가 특별한 부작용도 없고 속쓰림도 없어요 확실히 이거먹고 기름진거먹어도 다음날 몸무게가 늘지않아요

Posted by on May 27 2019
그냥 효과없음.

상품평에 좋다고 해서 구입! 별로 효과없음 먹으나마나 인듯 다른거로 먹어봐야겠음

Posted by on March 06 2019

밥 먹기 30-1시간전에 먹으니좋아요ㅎㅎ 일단 더찌지는않는듯해서 좋아요

Posted by on December 16 2018

이거때문인진 몰겟는데 살 좀 빠졋습니당!

Posted by on November 28 2018

우선 처음엔 1알씩 먹다가 지금은 두알씩먹어요~ 몸무게 유지는 되고 식이요법 하니 3일만에 2키로 빠지네요~ 운동도 겸하면 효과가 좋겠져? 다음주부터 운동시작이라 추가로 4통 구매했어요 성분도 좋고 키토산은 다이어트가 아니더라도 몸에 좋아 꾸준히 먹어보려구요^^

Posted by on May 08 2018

그냥 마음의 안정으로 먹게 되는 것 같아요

Posted by on May 06 2018

첨 복용하니 복용후 다시후기올릴께요.3통주문

Posted by on May 03 2018


Posted by on May 01 2018
Непонятно как принимать

Принимаю недолго, о результатах не могу судить, да, и взяла его в качестве адсорбента для всякой гадости (никак не могу избавиться от аллергии). Но почему же одна звезда? Да. потому что абсолютно непонятно как принимать этот препарат. На упаковке 2 разные информации. Написано, что в контейнере 36 доз, т.к. принимать надо по 2 капсулы, и тут же ниже написано, что нужно принимать по 2 капсулы 2 раза в день перед едой и тогда получается, что упаковки хватит всего на 18 дней! А хитозан вообще рекомендуется принимать не менее 2 месяцев. И тогда нехилая цена получается за 4 упаковки-то. А в целом употребление препарата никаких неприятных ощущений не вызывает.

Posted by on April 25 2018
오 하루만에 효과~~

좋네요 라면이랑 술먹기전 두알 15분전정도에 챙겨먹었어요 저는 음식먹고도 CLA1250도 챙겨먹었고 밤에 자기전 클렌즈환도 먹었는데 다음날 변비인 제가 쾌를 했더니 기름같은것도 보였고 숙변을 봤네요 음식먹고나선 1.2키로쩠던데 담날아침엔 도로 다빠져있드라구요 키토산 베스트셀러 품절되서 요거 주문했는데 후회없어요!자주 이용할것 같아요 저렴하고 좋아요

Posted by on January 03 2018
이것도 괜찮음

음식 섭취 30분~1시간 이전에 먹는게 진짜 중요함. 음식 섭취 직전에 먹어봤자 소용 하나도 없음. 꼭 식전 시간 지켜서 드세요. 어제 곱창먹기전에 이거 40분전에 먹고 먹었는데 저녁부터 아침까지 다 비워낸거같음

Posted by on November 15 2017
많이 먹은 날

많이 먹을 날 아침이나, 예상치 못하게 먹고 과식한 날 저녁에 한 알씩 먹고 있어요. 단기 체중 증가를 방지해줘요

Posted by on October 09 2017

바로 체감하기어렵네요 장기간 먹어봐야알것같아요

Posted by on August 16 2017

食事の前に必ず飲んでます 食べ過ぎても翌日体重の変化があまりませんでした。飲み続けてみようと思います

Posted by on August 10 2017
좋아요 체지방분해에 효과 있어요

3통 다 섭취했는데 효과좋네요 깔라만시매일 마시면서 같이 먹었는데 체지방분해에 효과봤어요 허벅지살도 많이 빠지고 전체적으로 효과봤네요 계속 섭취해봐야겠습니다. 탄수화물섭취 많으신분들은 가르시니아 지방섭취가 많으신분들은 키토산드시는게 효과 좋은 것같아요!

Posted by on June 27 2017
키토산 먹다가 주문해봄

나우푸드 키토산 먹다가 이거 주문해봤어요 효과 좋았으면 좋겠네요

Posted by on November 14 2016


Posted by on October 22 2016
한통먹고 두통째

키토산 천연성분이라 폭식후 안심용으로 구비해두는 편이에요.특별히 살빠지거나 하는 건 아닌듯해요 오메가3등의 지용성영양제를 피해서 먹어야 합니다

Posted by on April 22 2016
갑자기 막 허기지는것이 줄어드는거 같아요

배가 고프면 괜시리 짜증나고 초조불안해지는데, 이거를 먹고 나면 조금 진정이 됩니다. 식사시간 전인데 갑자기 배가 고플때, 진정되는 효과를 느꼈어요~

Posted by on January 03 2016
기다리고 기다리다가 주문했습니다!!^^

지금 먹어보는 중인데 효과는 확! 눈에 띄진 않아요 그렇지만! 안에 키토산성분이 식이지방흡수를 차단해주는 역할을 한다고 하네요!^^ 꾸준히 섭취하는중입니다ㅎㅎ 당연히 식이조절,운동도 병행해야겠죠ㅎㅎ 제일 좋은건 몸에 부담이 안가서 좋습니다!

Posted by on April 30 2015
가격 대비 짱.

이런거 일본에도 있는 것 같은데, 일본거는 너무 비싸요. 이건 가격대비 용량도 많고, 괜찮은것 같아요!

Posted by on April 28 2011
Fat Magnet

7년 정도 정기 구매해서 사용중입니다. 작년부터 구매하기가 어려워 못 샀었는데 여기서 구할 수 있어서 정말 다행이었습니다. 제품 효능은 말할 것 없고요,,. 감사합니다.

Posted by on November 11 2010