Garlic Oil, 1,500 mg, 250 Softgels

By Now Foods

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Now Foods, Garlic Oil, 1,500 mg, 250 Softgels
Price: $8.50 ($0.03/Count)
as at April 30, 2020 12:21 am
  • Herbal Supplement
  • Equivalent to Whole Clove Garlic
  • A Dietary Supplement
  • Botanicals/Herbs
  • Family Owned Since 1968
  • GMP Quality Assured

NOW Garlic Oil delivers the natural nutrient profile found in Genuine Whole Foods.

NOW's Garlic Oil is extracted and concentrated from the bulb Allium sativum. It is equivalent to a whole garlic clove with no added fillers. Garlic abounds with naturally occurring sulfur compounds, amino acids and trace minerals.

Suggested Use

Take 3 softgels daily, preferably with food.


Caution: For adults only. Consult physician if pregnant/nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. Keep out of reach of children.

Do not eat freshness packet. Keep in bottle.

Natural color variation may occur in this product.

Store in a cool, dry place after opening.


Soybean oil and softgel capsule (gelatin, glycerin, water).

Not manufactured with yeast, wheat, gluten, milk, egg, fish or shellfish ingredients. Produced in a GMP facility that processes other ingredients containing these allergens.

Package Quantity:
250 Softgels

Expiration Date:
01 July 2022

Shipping Weight:
0.35 lbs

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It’s good for health

I bought it for my parents, they love it and they both think it help them a lot in many ways.

Posted by on April 16 2020


Posted by on April 15 2020
Excellent product and service as always.

Excellent product for my arthritis.

Posted by on April 10 2020
Tooth Paste

After using this item no very good. But thanks.

Posted by on April 06 2020
too smelly

it is too smelly but it is small and east to eat

Posted by on March 24 2020
good product

it cleans arteries

Posted by on March 13 2020
Garlic for Wound healing!

Very easy to swallow & excellent for wound healing!! My fiance had an open wound caused by infected blisters on his right lower leg for 8 months,after being on an intense program of 16caps per day for 1 month,his wound is nearly drying up very well & only hasa very small scab now!

Posted by on March 06 2020
Great product!

Great product!

Posted by on February 28 2020
good product

it is, good product to maintain in lowering the cholesterol level, my friend ordered me already 3 bottles

Posted by on February 12 2020

Love love love

Posted by on February 06 2020


Posted by on February 05 2020
400 mg B2-vitamines per day to prevent stress migraine. Works fine for me

400 mg B2-vitamines per day to prevent stress migraine. Works fine for me

Posted by on January 31 2020
Excellent product

Thank you for the fast delivery Excellent price and excellent service Excellent product quality Keep it going Thanks

Posted by on January 22 2020
Very Bad

Very bad taste and smell Same taste and smell and effect of natural garlic Useless capsules To get iherb discounts use B-F-D-7-1-6-5 ( without -)

Posted by on January 06 2020


Posted by on December 31 2019


Posted by on December 27 2019
Garlic oil for flu prevention

The softgels are easy to swallow. Taking one a day has really helped keep colds and flu at bay.

Posted by on December 13 2019
Good sizing

Small in size. Easy to swallow

Posted by on December 06 2019
So Good!

This product is so good, so cheap yet so effective, will definitely buy again.

Posted by on November 22 2019
Good for intestine

Good for reducing toxic accumulation inside body

Posted by on November 09 2019
Used to keep mosquitoes away

I was overridden with mosquitoes, so I thought I'd try to keep them away from my body by having a lot of garlic in my body, hoping that the smell would direct them away. It seems to help.

Posted by on October 22 2019


Posted by on September 08 2019
Recommend to take at night time

Easy to swallow, smell is strong. Suggest take it at bed time.

Posted by on September 07 2019

If it don’t stink it’s no good, pure oil keeps my family from the doctor

Posted by on August 31 2019
garlic oil capsules

Easy to take and easier than using fresh garlic. Helps to prevent colds.

Posted by on August 23 2019
Too strong

The pills reek and cause indigestion. I would try an odorless kind next time.

Posted by on August 22 2019
Good supplement


Posted by on August 09 2019
All Softgels Are Stick Together

All Softgels are stick together and hardly to separate

Posted by on August 07 2019
Garlic oil, 1,500 mg, 250 softgels

Easy to swallow n no smell of garlic, should have bigger softgel

Posted by on August 06 2019


Posted by on July 28 2019
Taste just great as it supports to your body.

Bought this to help in my BP stage 1 and am quite happy with the reading also in cholesterol after taking this for more than 2 months now. My immunization got so much better, hardly fall sick now. Will definitely continue to take for long. Highly recommended.

Posted by on July 26 2019
Like it

It doesn’t give a garlic smell in mouth.

Posted by on July 06 2019
Removes White Skin Patches

Well, everyone already knows the power of garlic to heal our bodies. So, just to remind everyone here who may have forgotten about that. Back home, if we ever get Tinea Versicolor or patchy skin, we used to rub garlic directly on the skin surface and it dries out in a day or two. If you take enough garlic everyday, it leaches through the bloodstream to cleanse the skin of any impurities. Because this product is relatively affordable for me, I always have this in my arsenal of blood and skin cleansing supplements. The interesting thing that happened as a result was that by taking this supplement daily, I'm reminded to use as much garlic for cooking everyday also. Which I found ironic because I bought this product knowing that I often forget to eat garlic, and yet now I eat garlic more than ever. Haha.

Posted by on May 30 2019


Posted by on May 12 2019
Yes, you'll burp garlic, BUT...

Yes, you'll burp garlic, BUT...not for long, and at least with these I know I'm actually getting garlic. The last brand I tried smelled like rancid oil and nothing like garlic and I swear they made me feel ill. These smell EXACTLY like garlic and doesn't make me feel ill. And honestly, I don't even mind the garlic burps. I love garlic! But also, I'm kind of weird, so *shrugs* Anyway, these are 100% what they say they are. 10/10 Will Buy Again

Posted by on May 06 2019
Horrible Smell!!!

Couldn't take it because of the smell!

Posted by on April 05 2019
Delivery is fast. Good product.

garlic taste is strong.

Posted by on March 15 2019
Very good! Use this as a subtitute for raw garlic

Very good alternative to raw garlic! Maybe the best product I tried for helicobacter pylori infection.

Posted by on January 28 2019
Good supplement to control cholesterol

Good supplement to control cholesterol . I maintain at healthy level

Posted by on January 19 2019
one of the best ! very high amount of active real garlic.nice !

high quality real garlic,the garlic oil is more effective than dry garlic,it absorbs better and i feel that it's better.garlic is important to me for decreasing fat accumulation and to manage good blood sugar levels and for good immune system.

Posted by on December 24 2018
Waiting My order

Still waiting my order.

Posted by on October 24 2018


Posted by on August 20 2018
great product

Great product at a great price and a large bottle, too!

Posted by on July 06 2018
Great product

Not my 1st time to purchase for my parents to avoid bp and it seems to works

Posted by on June 30 2018

Thank you l feel change in my health

Posted by on May 29 2018
Very fast post

Fast postage to IL

Posted by on May 13 2018

Rendben megérkezett

Posted by on April 24 2018

It is garlic and it smells garlic. I had taste of garlic in my mouth for the rest of the day after i took this.

Posted by on April 01 2018


Posted by on March 27 2018
Good product!!

This was my second order, this product is great!!

Posted by on December 26 2017
Cholesterol is better

good for my blood vessels, cholesterol has gone down. I take it in the evening for sleeping. Again bad breath

Posted by on December 18 2017
It is great!

I am taking 3 capsules daily before sleep. Have not had any problems with garlic breath etc. I am also 7,5 months pregnant, so do not want to overdose. So far felt only the benefits- better breathing, better blood circulation, somehow the problem of dry lips disappeared! Miracle for me coz I have tried nearly anything. Will continue taking after I start breastfeeding if my little one is okay with the taste still.

Posted by on December 15 2017

Posted by on December 14 2017

Will repurchase

Posted by on December 14 2017
Garlic oi

Good for the immune system during the cold weather

Posted by on December 13 2017
works wonders

This product is the best. It always helps me with my immunity. When I feel the first signs of illness I take a few of these and I wake up healthy. I love NOW FOODS and iherb

Posted by on November 05 2017


Posted by on October 11 2017
Good product

A good internal antiseptic, supports digestive health and overall mmunity.

Posted by on August 27 2017

Looks qualitative and tastes great

Posted by on August 09 2017
Affordable and good

Good effect.

Posted by on July 15 2017
Feeling good

Feeling good

Posted by on June 12 2017
The miracle of nature

Scarce is one of the most miraculous foods in nature. It has always been necessary in my diet for many years. But because of the conditions of slavery with the socialization of mankind and within the family, his smell creates discontent. I decided to use capsules of this well-known company and I am very satisfied. I immediately feel relaxed when I take them without the unpleasant side effects. I will continue to receive the product of this company. I would like to mention beyond the well-known eugenic properties of garlic and some other things. Garlic may be the best antioxidant. Garlic is rich in selenium is cofactor of glutathione peroxidase and also in another trace mineral, manganese, which also functions as a cofactor in superoxide dismutase. Studies have found that in adults deficient in manganese, the level of HDL (the "good form" of cholesterol) is decreased. Garlic also increases antioxidant enzyme, glutathione-S-transferase in the stomach and small intestine.

Posted by on April 28 2017

Works well!

Posted by on April 04 2017
easy to swallow

good price, I recommend

Posted by on March 28 2017
98.85% soy oil

After talking to Now Foods directly, I found out that one capsule contains 98.85% soy oil and 1.15% garlic oil. So, basically I bought Kikkoman sauce in capsule form.

Posted by on March 21 2017


Posted by on March 19 2017
big bottle

big bottle

Posted by on March 14 2017
I like it.


Posted by on March 07 2017
The garlic smell float up from stomach

Not feel good~

Posted by on March 05 2017


Posted by on February 21 2017

Packed with garlic, but it also means that close contact with your mouth may reveal garlic odour. Will keep using it though.

Posted by on January 12 2017
I did not receive the product This was my worst shopping experience with iherb! This DHL tranportadora is horrible and I will not go back to shopping

I did not receive the product This was my worst shopping experience with iherb! This DHL tranportadora is horrible and I will not go back to shopping with Iherb until it changes horrible transport

Posted by on December 04 2016


Posted by on December 01 2016
very good

Very good

Posted by on October 23 2016


Posted by on August 22 2016
1st time purchase

Product is good as what other review mentioned. Will buy again

Posted by on August 10 2016


Posted by on May 17 2016
This is good stuff

A good product that lives up to its promises. fairly priced and exceptional quality.

Posted by on May 11 2016
Now Foods, Garlic Oil, 1500 mg, 250 Softgels Now Foods, Garlic Oil, 1500 mg, 250 Softgels MSRP: ₪51.75 Our Price: ₪32.99 You Save: ₪18.76 (36%) Volume Discount Buy 4+ Save 5% Add To CartAdd To Wish List Now Foods, Garlic Oil, 1500 mg, 250 Softg

I'm using this product for two months, the product is in good condition and it seem to me that It has a good influence and that it help me the way it should have .

Posted by on February 03 2016
Very good

nice and reach! It is really natural.

Posted by on December 12 2015
high product

HIGH product and cheap price. beautiful.

Posted by on December 12 2015
very good

still taking, hope for the best result

Posted by on May 07 2015
고혈압에 좋대서..^^

친정부모님과 신랑이 고혈압이라 함 구매해봤어요.. 캡슐형태라 먹기도 괜찮고.. 효과도 괜찮은 것 같다네요. 저도 수족냉증이 있어서 같이 먹어볼 참입니다.

Posted by on April 27 2015

Good and fast delivery. Capsules are the soft kind which is very good.

Posted by on March 17 2015
Only used one week so far

I bought this to boost my immune system - I have only taken them for a week so far so I'm not sure if they are doing the job necessarily. But I will say, I take these at 7am with breakfast usually and will be burping up garlic taste for two hours afterward. It's unpleasant but bearable if it's doing its job I suppose.

Posted by on March 11 2015
aceite de ajo.

Huele algo el aliento, olor fuerte.

Posted by on January 22 2015

reasonable price with good quality

Posted by on December 14 2014
Garlic Oil

Great product, works very well for me, however, I do suffer acid reflux and on occasions it does make its way up the food tube, it is tolerable and I will stick with what works overall. Great stuff!

Posted by on December 06 2014
Not too garlicky

Good - slight aftertaste - but not too bad.

Posted by on October 25 2014

Recebi, recomendo

Posted by on October 23 2014
Daily garlic

Not the best quality, but it cheap and it works. My cardiologist recommended to stop daily Aspirin, instead I use garlic extract. I take double the recommend dose as I'm a big guy and my stomach and my wife booth handle garlic well. :)

Posted by on October 20 2014
Not bad

Whenever I open the bottle, I can smell the garlic scent, but it is not bad. No stimulation in the stomach. Good to have them daily

Posted by on September 23 2014
very good product

anti-inflammatory product

Posted by on May 11 2014
Not to happy

Only took for a week, tired of burping and scaring family members off, it makes my breath smell awful, and upsets my stomach.

Posted by on May 01 2014

Like !

Posted by on April 21 2014
very good

I loved it too

Posted by on April 15 2014
Oh boy, it stinks!

Garlic! Garlic everywhere! That's what you will get upon opening bottle - strong smell. But after taking a few caps you will notice that garlic taste is not so strong after all. Anyway, one serving (3 caps) has equivalent of ~5 grams garlic. So it is a good deal. Basically for those who wants not only to lift up mood or energy, but to strengthen his/her heart. As well you can give those for your dog - to keep the fleas, ticks away. It's a fair price for this product.

Posted by on March 29 2014
I prefer this

I really like this Garlic oil, it´s fresh, good quality and enough expire date. I eat it every day, so i can see the result.

Posted by on March 23 2014
Immune System Super Star!

Garlic Oil by Now fights candida, viruses, bacterial infections while protecting the heart. I take at least 4 per day to keep me going!

Posted by on January 22 2014
with natural herbs, there are no side effects

with natural herbs, there are no side effects. Please also visit my page for more reviews, especially for new customers to iHerb.

Posted by on January 11 2014
Value for Money

A truly value for money product. Now Foods seems to be offering great product at low cost. Will get more from them next time!

Posted by on November 19 2013
Improve my immune system

Seldom sick after taking it for 3 weeks

Posted by on November 15 2013
great price

good for immune system.

Posted by on November 08 2013
Great price

Yes, a bit stinky, but well worth the price

Posted by on October 28 2013
Dr recommended

Our wellness Dr recommended garlic oil and this one is very affordable. The whole family takes 2 every morning for the last 2 years.

Posted by on October 05 2013
good product

cheap and good.

Posted by on September 27 2013

Very happy

Posted by on August 24 2013

마늘워낙좋아하는데 구워먹어서만 먹었거든여 중성지방좀 줄여볼까 두통정도 먹었는데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이젠 하도 많이먹다보니까 종비랑 비타민씨메가도스랑 오메가랑 엘시스테인만 먹을래여..이거까지챙겨먹기엔 총알이딸림

Posted by on August 07 2013
i've been taking this for 2 years

before taking this my cholesterol level was a mess! After taking this the level has been changed for good. hdl cholesterol level went up. ldl cholesterol level went down (about 4 times lower) it's really superb.

Posted by on July 16 2013
Powerful stuff

I use this just for the overall health benefits of garlic and bacterial defense. This is POTENT, take with food or the replay is pretty unpleasant.

Posted by on June 30 2013


Posted by on June 04 2013
very good

I like it

Posted by on February 28 2013
Smell is strong

I have cold feet & hands so my husband told me I should eat garlic but I can not get over the fact of smelling garlicky so I thought this would be ok. It smells so garlicky...I don't smell it when I take it but my husband once asked me if I took it..

Posted by on February 16 2013
Non Soy Free

I..unfortunatly do not react too well to Soybean oil..I had to quit using that Profusely Soybean oiled product after only just 4 days...

Posted by on January 27 2013
yeah for Garlic

I take it now and then, about 6 caplets, I give it to my dogs, it gives them more energy it seems and help keep fleas and worms away.

Posted by on January 25 2013
It does what garlic does, whatever it does...

According to Dr. Atkins, garlic has a lot of virtues. Lets hope he was right.

Posted by on December 14 2012
I don't know...

How I'm supposed to review a product I never received. Customer support was contacted, and even tho I entered the CORRECT address on my order, they shipped it somewhere I haven't lived in 2 years. They say they don't know if they can do anything for me, because I waited 2 weeks- a reasonable amount of time- to let them know I hadn't received the package. Usually I have no problems with my orders arriving, and I've had items delivered to my current address several times. I'm disappointed with the company this time.

Posted by on November 18 2012
My favorite

my parents and I all love it

Posted by on November 09 2012
česnakų aliejaus kapsulės

jaučiamas poveikis, imunitetui stiprinti.

Posted by on October 21 2012
Good Value, but NOT odorless

This is a good value for a garlic supplement, but I would spend the extra $ to ensure I got an odorless blend. It really makes a difference for me and it was impossible for me to take these before a workout or a run.

Posted by on September 01 2012
마늘이야 좋은건 다 알고.

얼마나 좋은 마늘을 사용했는지는 모르겠지만 효능은 좋네요. 쉽게 지치는 분은 한번 드셔보세요. 특히 고지혈 있으신 분은 오메가3 드실때 함께 복용하면 효과가 더 좋다고 합니다.

Posted by on August 27 2012
Good product

Good price and good product. My mom likes it.

Posted by on August 26 2012

Good product

Posted by on August 23 2012
I like it!

The smell is not overpowering ... actually, I like it ... much better than raw garlic! I take this pills to strengthen my immune system, and they are powerful. Good product from Now Foods. L'odeur n'est pas accablante ... au fait, je l'aime bien ... beaucoup mieux que de l'ail crue! Je prends ces gélules pour renforcer mon système immunitaire, et elles sont efficaces. Bon produit de la marque Now Foods.

Posted by on August 15 2012


Posted by on July 05 2012
Love the product

Fast service, quality product

Posted by on June 26 2012
Gralic smells up~~

말할때도 마늘냄새가 풍겨서 독해요.빈속에 먹으면 화끈거리니 밥먹을대 섞어서 먹는데 별로 좋은줄 모르겠어요 마늘냄새가 독하게 올라와 위가 화끈거리는거 외에 별다른 개선효과 모르겠어요2주째 먹고있어요..큰기대하지마세요..

Posted by on May 29 2012

I have a problem about softgels. I do not know IF softgels damage to my body

Posted by on April 12 2012

I found this product good but would prefer non odoure as you could taste the garlic very strongly

Posted by on March 20 2012

I didn't like the taste of garlic so with softgels I can take it everyday.This is good for health =)

Posted by on March 19 2012

burping garlic...

Posted by on March 03 2012


Posted by on March 01 2012
Excellent Product

Excellent product, very powerful. It helps to protect the liver and heart functions, etc. One of my few indispensable supplements. Good brand and quality.

Posted by on February 13 2012
it works!

whenever i feel an itch in my throat, i use 3 capsules, and within hours, the itch goes away. although, when burping, the garlic smell will come out. but it's acceptable. my son takes these too, and he didn't get sick while the others in the family experiences common colds.

Posted by on February 06 2012
Garlic without smell

Garlic for your heart is here. Cheap and active.

Posted by on January 19 2012
Great Value But Its VERY GARLICKY!

I know for a fact that a garlic supplement lowered my cholesterol based on bloodwork so I ordered this one since it seemed to be the best choice as to strength and price. But MAN does it smell like Garlic! I didn't even think about that when I ordered so I was quite surprised when I opened the bottle..whew! I looked back at what I had taken before and it was "odorless garlic". But I went ahead and took one of these, (thankfully at bedtime) and I had to get up and chew a licorice tab to help with digestion. All I did was burp garlic for about and hour! Anyhow, the licorice did the trick but I haven't taken this again since then. I'm going to try taking it with a larger meal and lots of water, hopefully that will do the trick because I know the end result is worth the effort. However, next time I'll order odorless again!

Posted by on January 15 2012
Now Foods, Garlic Oil, 1500 mg, 250 Softgels

A very trusted seller. Thank you.

Posted by on December 24 2011
Garlic Oil

I take a few of these whenever I have a stomach upset. Quite effective.

Posted by on December 19 2011
excellent quality

i take garlic daily so a small semi-odourless solution is required. This product works well for me.

Posted by on October 24 2011
1500mg Garlic oil softgels

I am loving the 1500mg. I use it for myself and give drops of it to my cats, multipurpose is ALWAYS a good thing.

Posted by on October 14 2011
garlic oil

i didn't know garlic oil from Now Foods comes in 250 capsules until i bought them on iHerb. this is great product, and iHerb has superb service, super fast delivery!

Posted by on August 15 2011

I am very, very pleased with the professional way your company works! You are fast! Couldn't believe my products were here so quickly! I'll keep on ordering thru you, and refer friends as well. My daughter also loves ordering thru your company! Thanks! (my only complaint, and it's my fault, I ordered the strong garlic. Didn't look close enough it's too garlicly, but I'll finish using it.)

Posted by on August 04 2011
Great Product!

I use this for flea control for my 2 collies, I give them 2 day during the summer the garlic oder really helps keep the fleas off them. I don't like using the chemicals from the vet.

Posted by on July 20 2011
Good product

Powerful! A tip: take before meals.

Posted by on July 12 2011
for my dogs

I give my five chihuahuas one each at their meal time. Hopefully this gets them safe with the fleas. The only thing I hate about this product is its gel size, it is too small hence not easy to chew by my dogs. I give them Nows Vitamin E gels and they all can break the gel and suck the oil down but with this gel size, I have to push it down to their throats sometimes. So 4 star only. BTW, it smells strong garlic, not only repel fleas but also Vampires.

Posted by on July 04 2011
don't know yet

i gave it to my mother she liked it but don't know effect yet

Posted by on June 25 2011


Posted by on June 10 2011
Triple strength

a little garlicy smelling

Posted by on May 27 2011

very happy with the service thank you

Posted by on May 22 2011
good, i guess

it makes me keep energyfull.

Posted by on May 17 2011
Perfect at first look.

Good product, good pack. Seems good quality... But it's difficult to review a vitamin, a supplement, without scientific analisys. Until the moment, I'm going very well with this product. Products received after about 50 days, in Brazil. I'll buy again!

Posted by on May 13 2011
so good

so good

Posted by on April 28 2011
Careful! Not odorless

This product is not odorless or tasteless! This product leaves a nasty garlic aftertaste for hours. I will be throwing away the entire bottle.

Posted by on April 13 2011
With IHerb we have a better life! Thank you very much!

It is a good product!

Posted by on March 31 2011
Immune support

It smells awfull, but I hope it would good for my immune system. But really don't buy it if you don't like garlic smell

Posted by on March 15 2011
Anne Myers

Great product we will keep buying. Delivery was fast and secure.

Posted by on March 14 2011
Good Value

Excellent value for money

Posted by on February 28 2011

very good

Posted by on February 18 2011
strong garlic, though

Well so far so good, despite the strong garlic aftertaste, I am still trying it, I do not expect every supplement to be delicious as long as it heals no problem. But if you are so choosy person I do not recommend it.

Posted by on February 05 2011
Great Product

I have always used Now products but moved to a different state where they do not carry them let alone a Now Health Food Store...

Posted by on February 04 2011

I used to take raw garlic and still do occasionally, but this product was more convenient. I have not noticed a difference between the raw garlic and the garlic oil so I am assuming that it is doing its job keeping the bad bugs at bay. I do not have a problem with the garlic odor so I am pretty satisfied with the product.

Posted by on January 19 2011
just perfet

just got it!!! I just love now foods and i herb they never let you down ;-)

Posted by on January 19 2011
good product

good price and good quality

Posted by on January 11 2011
garlic oil


Posted by on January 11 2011
So good

It's cheap, but high quality.

Posted by on December 17 2010
Great !

Just started recently. you can't go wrong with natural product like Garlic. A remedy for so many ailments. I bought it to help reduce my high blood pressue.small softgels, strong lovely odour.dont mind the odour if it does the job.

Posted by on December 11 2010
Great product

It's smell, but it's great for immune support. My mama fills better.

Posted by on December 02 2010
strong smell

Very strong smell of garlic, even when it's still in the bottle. My dog loves it though, and it's so much more convenient giving the capsules to her than to give her raw or cooked garlic.

Posted by on October 13 2010
Garlic oil and not garlic gel softgels

when I ordered this item, thought it was oderless garlic gel, instead of garlic oil. This smells just setting on the counter in the container. If I had not have opened it, it would have been sent back. Spring Valley has the gel softgels Use the gel on skin lesions. Will not order again.

Posted by on September 13 2010

This is better than pure galic - I mean with smell factor. The smell of G is still pretty heavy in these pils but I haven't see non-smell pils never. I took one week for my belly to manage belchs away.

Posted by on September 12 2010
Excellent tiny pill size & potent

This seems like a very high quality product and I LOVE the tiny pill size. I wish all pills were this size. I can barely eat real garlic (or onions for that matter) without smelling it and burping it up for the next 2 days. For some reason I can tolerate this very well and only burp it up once when the pill pops open in my stomach.

Posted by on June 08 2010
Almost like the real thing

love the real garlic smell!! easier to take than the real thing

Posted by on May 20 2010
Garlic Oil, 1500 mg, 250 Softgels

Excellent value for money.

Posted by on April 14 2010
Strong and potent, but after taste was there

This is good garlic for immune enhancing, but I could taste it later...

Posted by on April 12 2010
Dorothy, From St. Louis Missori

I love this product especially it is odorless and when I can get out to buy the real thing, I use this I believe it is helping with the many conditions I have. I recommend my friends to buy it. pricce is good too

Posted by on April 07 2010
Got to LOVE garlic

What a powerful punch in such a tiny softgel. Works great for infant thrush also. Way better than harsh medicines. Garlic and all its wonderful benifits. Good quality too.

Posted by on March 23 2010
great product!!!!!!!!

It's work great, I take it with guggul extract and lower my cholesterol a lot, It doesn't taste very well but I don't have problem with acid reflux or anything like it, so the taste doesn't bother me at all.

Posted by on January 08 2010
Stopped the drastic shedding

On my hair care forum they speak of garlic to stop shedding and it worked almost instantly. I have at least 20 strands less that I can count.

Posted by on January 08 2010
Just one capsule

Was all I could take ... I was burping garlic like crazy ... it needs to have a thicker skin so it can get past the stomach ... I need a different garlic then this one

Posted by on December 05 2009
Too garlicky

I love NOW products but this one I can't take. Serving size is 3 softgels and I end up tasting garlic in the back of my throat for hours. If you take them with a meal, it doesn't matter what you had, you will feel like you had something wrapped in garlic.

Posted by on November 18 2009
Garlic Oil

I really like this product

Posted by on August 25 2009
for my dogs

This is really good for my dogs since I have been using this I really don't see any fleas.

Posted by on July 28 2009
High Potency

I bought this for my dad and he likes it alot. He used to use a cheaper namebrand and tells me this is alot BETTER.

Posted by on July 24 2009
Nice Product

Beats the product I used to buy.

Posted by on July 20 2009

very good product.

Posted by on June 03 2009
Garlic oil

Very strong. Would probably prefer odorless garlic.

Posted by on May 14 2009
Now Food Garlic

Great full strength garlic oil

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Posted by on March 28 2009
Good stuff:)

I would recommended it!

Posted by on January 08 2009
Why soybean oil?

Why can't I just get garlic oil? Why every company puts soy in their garlic products?

Posted by on November 28 2008
Husband says too "garlicky".

Love NOW Foods stuff, but this one is too garlicky for my husband to keep taking.

Posted by on September 21 2008

great price and product

Posted by on August 24 2008

Good product, if you do not want to eat fresh garlic.

Posted by on August 19 2008
Now Foods, Garlic Oil, Triple Strength, 1500 mg, 250 Softgels

Ok so they are not odorless, but they are worth their weight in gold. Excellent product. Hats off to Now Foods!

Posted by on March 06 2008

So many Garlics say odor free, but this one is and the fact that it's oil - best usage

Posted by on February 20 2008
Immune Booster

The whole family takes this product, including our dog Lady who lives outside during the day. Us humans use it to boost our immune system and add sulfur to our diet, Lady gets it to protect her from fleas. We are very pleased with the results.

Posted by on November 25 2007

Exactly what the doctor ordered.

Posted by on November 04 2007
Чеснок что надо

Аромат из банки просто ах! Долго играющий запах изо рта. Но чеснок очень хороший!

Posted by on April 18 2020
식후 3알 가량을 먹었을 초반에는 트림을 할 경우 역하게 올라오는 마늘향때문에 복용을 살짝 기피했는데, 현재는 2알을 먹으니 먹을때와 먹은후에도 그렇게 역하지 않아 좋은거 같네요. 확실히 몸의 피로는 적어졌고, 또한 부작용인지 기대하지 않던 발기가 잘 되어서 난감해요.


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Posted by on April 14 2020

Мне зашел отлично.

Posted by on April 02 2020
Постоянная покупка

Даю ребенку 10 лет по 1 капсуле в период заболеваний +вит Д 1000 мг+омега ежедневно.Сама пью ,когда чувствую,что заболеваю.Нужно пить во время еды(поели-выпили-заели),или на ночь. Это минимизирует отрыжку или совсем ее уберет .

Posted by on March 30 2020
Запах есть. Запах будет с вами весь день. Но есть выход.

Не верьте, если говорят: нет никакого запаха после приема капсул. Это чеснок. И чеснок хороший (спасибо, Now foods). Он должен пахнуть. И он пахнет. . . Чаще всего об отсутствии запаха пишут не специально. Никто не хочет вводить в заблуждение. Просто люди сами не чувствуют свой аромат. И быстро привыкают к своим запахам. Но аромат чеснока от вас будет при приеме этих капсул. Будет точно. Никуда не денешься. Таковы свойства чеснока. . . Если принимать капсулу утром за едой, дыхание чесноком будет ощущаться активно до обеда, и легко чувствоваться вплоть до ужина. Если принимать по три капсулы во время каждого приема пищи, дышать чесноком на близкое окружение будете круглосуточно. При регулярном приеме ещё и кожа с потом будет с чесночным флёром. . . Это не критично, если близкие не чувствительны к запахам. Но если нужно общаться на работе с потоком людей, у половины из которых отличное обоняние - тогда подумайте дважды. А если муж/жена чувствительны - подумайте трижды, перед тем, как покупать и принимать. . . Но не всё так безнадежно. И выход есть. Чеснок без запаха. Есть у многих фирм. И у «Now Foods» тоже есть. Называется «Odorless garlic». Вся польза чеснока - есть, а запаха - нет. Чуть дороже, но стоит того. . . Отличного вам самочувствия. И ставьте «да», если отзыв вам полезен!

Posted by on March 26 2020
Мне не подошел данный продукт

Зятю данный продукт понравился, а вот у меня данный продукт вызывал вздутие живота почему то.

Posted by on March 24 2020
Спасибо Продавцу !!!!!!!!!

Спасибо продавцу !!! доставка отлично 10 дней . Впервые заказываю в этой компании , надеюсь все будет ОК !!!!!

Posted by on March 23 2020
항상 쟁겨 두고 사먹는 상품

항상 쟁겨 두고 사먹는 상품 양도 많고 이만큼 효과 있는 제품 없음

Posted by on March 21 2020
Укрепляет иммунитет.

Всем владельцам домашних животных принимать обязательно, мы принимаем не курсами, а постоянно, через день по нечётным числам - у нас котики.

Posted by on March 15 2020
для профилактики ОРВИ

Приобретала данное масло для профилактики ОРВИ и простудных заболеваний. Давала сыну при малейших признаках заболевания. Первая зима , когда мы не болели совсем.

Posted by on March 13 2020
Чесночное масло,1500мг,250 капсул

Большое спасибо за быструю доставку! Капсулы чеснока отличные, есть с чем сравнивать. Принимать до еды и послевкусие исчезает через 15мин. От тела запах только в том случае,если проблема с кишечником.

Posted by on March 11 2020
مفيد جدا ومقوي للمناعه

تم تجربته وبصراحه منتج أكثر من رائع ويعطي قوه في المناعه وبخصوص الريحه فقط عشر دقايق وبعدها تختفي ولايوجد مع التعرق رائحه

Posted by on March 01 2020
УКОЛЫ ЗДОРОВЬЯ и КРАСОТЫ !!! Читаем, сами начинаем разбираться, в том что, пьем и едим ! Будьте здоровы и красивы !

Масло чеснока - cупер ПРОФФИЛА. КТИКА !!! Чеснок относится к числу древнейших лекарственных растений. О нем упоминается в самой древней достопримечательности письменности - папирусе Эберса, обнаруженной в Египте. В 1858 году Луи Пастер обнаружил, что чеснок способен уничтожать бактерии. Чеснок использовался в качестве антисептика при обеих мировых войн - солдаты носили его с собой и обеззараживали ним раны. "Чесночное масло " производства компании Now Foods применяется в качестве противобактериального, противогрибкового, противовирусного и противопаразитарного средства, также оказывает положительное влияние на сердечно-сосудистую систему и помогает удерживать уровень холестерина в пределах нормы. Капсулы «Чесночное масло » рекомендуются в качестве биологически активной добавки к пище - дополнительного источника полиненасыщенных жирных кислот, источника аллицина, способствует уменьшению риска развития атеросклероза, гипертонической болезни. Аллицин – вещество, которое придает запах и жгучий вкус чесноку, дополнительно обладает противобактериальным, противогрибковым, противовирусным и противопаразитарным действием. Каждая капсула продукта содержит высококачественный концентрат чесночного масла. Изменения в организме, которые произойдут в результате регулярного использования чесночного масла: *улучшится общее самочувствие; средство укрепит сосуды, благотворно повлияет на сердце; *снизится содержание холестерина и сахара в крови; *наладится пищеварение, активизируется кишечник; *организм будет постепенно очищаться от токсинов и паразитов; *чесночное масло благотворно повлияет на иммунитет, повышает общую сопротивляемость организма; *нормализуется обмен веществ; *продукт участвует в отладке гормонального фона; *улучшится состояние волос, кожи и ногтей. *Чесночное масло также оказывается спазмолитический и обезболивающий эффект, являясь природным анальгетиком. Применять : подросткам с 18 лет и взрослым людям - 1 капсула в день во время еды, 2 месяца пьем/ 4 не пьем ( курс 2 раза в год ) ! Если мой отзыв был для ВАС полезным, поставьте СЕРДЕЧКО - ДА ! Благодарю !

Posted by on February 28 2020
Полезный Чеснок Без запаха

Отличное решение использовать гранулы чесночного масла каждый день никакого запаха из рта, бывает раз другой отрыжка чесночная и все. Рекомендую, особенно в период распространения ротовирусных инфекций

Posted by on February 21 2020

Пару раз пыталась заболеть. Резкая боль в горле, першение, трахеит.. и! никакого лечения, только эти капсулы.. не разболелась за зиму ни разу. из недостатков: если неплотно кушать, то будет (простите) чесночная отрыжка, но даже она не идет ни в какое сравнение с тем, как пахнет, когда поешь блюдо с чесноком.. я уже не говорю о том, если вы его пожевали натурально... при общении запах есть, но еле уловимый. не нарушайте личного пространства, или пейте за ужином )) лично у меня никаких проявлений дискомфорта со стороны ЖКТ не возникло. Но мы все индивидуальные... что бы не навредить себе - начинайте с одной и будьте здоровы!

Posted by on February 20 2020
منتج جيد

إنه منتج جيد للمحافظة عليه في خفض مستوى الكوليسترول ، فقد طلب مني اخوتي بالفعل 3 زجاجات

Posted by on February 13 2020
Td perfeito, entrega foi muito rapida

Excelente concentração.

Posted by on February 12 2020


Posted by on February 12 2020
Осторожнее при проблемах с ЖКТ

Вместе с мамой принимали 2 недели по 1 капсуле после ужина. У мамы дважды приступ панкреатита (оба раза ночью), у меня боли в животе и вздутие наутро (хронический СРК). Чесночная отрыжка - очень неприятно. Зверский аппетит - тоже не в плюс. Прием решили прекратить. Справедливости ради отмечу: у мужа проблем с ЖКТ нет, капсулы заходят на ура. Но положительный эффект измерить трудно.

Posted by on February 03 2020
Чесночное масло

Отлично в осенне-зимний период

Posted by on January 21 2020

Если глотать капсулу в конце еды, у меня был чесноный дух во рту. Если в начале еды, такого не было)

Posted by on January 08 2020
Отличные Капсулы

Отличные капсулы, безвкусные, но спустя некоторое время чувствуется послевкусие чеснока

Posted by on December 24 2019


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Posted by on December 15 2019

Не большие капсулы , глотать легко. У меня жена категорически не выносит запах чеснока , если поем к ней не приближаться, так вот нашел альтернативу. Пью одну - две в день для профилактики и жена пьет , ей он не воняет. Надеюсь мой отзыв был полезен.

Posted by on December 14 2019
Faciles À Avaler

Bonjour trop tôt pour savoir si c'est meilleur pour ma santé mais faciles à avaler pas d'odeur Impeccable

Posted by on December 08 2019
كبسولات الثوم


Posted by on December 04 2019

Изжога, отрыжка. Пила только во время еды, даже раз в день, все равно. Эффективность не могу оценить полностью.

Posted by on December 03 2019
Пот стал неприятно вонять.

Пью 3 недели по 2 штучки в день. Кроме того, что пот сильно стал вонять непонятно чем, больше никаких изменений не увидел. Обычный сухой антиперспирант перестал справляться. Отменяю приём. Поставьте лайк, если не сложно. Спасибо.

Posted by on November 27 2019
Отрыжки нет

Многие пишут про отрыжку и жуткий запах. Пью уже неделю, ни разу не было никакой отрыжки. Мне кажется у тех у кого она есть либо проблема с желудком, либо в еде. Продолжаю наблюдение, прием...)

Posted by on November 26 2019
Не Обжигает, Не Огонь.

Начитавшись отзывов, заказала. Думала, придёт тяжелая жгучая артиллерия на страже моего здоровья. И холестерин приводит в норму (а мои анализы показали, что я в этом нуждаюсь), и от вирусов защищает, и паразиты от него нервно курят. Получила я посылку и открыла самую первую банку с чесночными капсулами, думала, защищу себя от заразных напастей в автобусе, а заодно и своё личное пространство. Напряглась-приготовилась, забрасываю капсулки в рот, раскусываю и... ничего, кроме масла с чесночным ароматом. Ни разу не жгучее, как от него может быть изжога? Вот прям ни на процент от жгучести настоящего чеснока. Вирусы ко мне и так пристают редко, в основном это «аллергия на Питер» в поездках; чужим, думаю, не по вкусу мой пряно-жгучий рацион, а по холестерину будет проведён повторный анализ через 2 недели и тогда я узнаю, работает ли это чесночное масло в компании с омега-3 или нет. Но в следующий раз куплю на пробу что-нибудь другое, надеюсь найти более жгучий чеснок, чтобы он защищал меня в поездках, когда у меня нет возможности самостоятельно готовить еду с приправами и выпивать с утра имбирную воду.

Posted by on November 25 2019

Ótima embalagem, produto excelente, entrega rápida!

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Posted by on November 22 2019

ممتاز وبديل للثوم الطبيعي قوي الريحه

Posted by on November 19 2019
Очень нравиться!

Заказываю регулярно для всей семьи! Капсулы маленькие, легко глотать даже детям. Легкая отрыжка чесночка не смущает.

Posted by on November 18 2019
Лучшие Чесночные Капсулы

Очень качественные , от них нет изжоги , очень редко отрыжка чесноком .Для сосудов очень хорошо , плюс при насморке закапываю в нос , на второй день нет насморка.

Posted by on November 18 2019
ممتاز للي يبغى يستفيد من الثوم بدون روائح الطبيعي

تركيز الثوم الطبيعي مزعج جدًا ومؤذي للناس، وهذا يعتبر بديل جيد؛ أختي تمدحه في رفع المناعة، وتحس إنها استفادت منه بعد ماخلصت عبوتين. إذا ردي مفيد لطفًا ضع نعم.

Posted by on November 18 2019
Супер !

Применяла в комплексе при антипаразитарной очистки. Эффект очень порадовал. Буду заказывать еще.

Posted by on November 18 2019
Excelente!! Vale cada centavo!

Esse sim é um excelente óleo de alho. Depois de ingerir a cápsula, você percebe que tinha alho nela, bem diferente do concorrente, Mason Natural, Garlic Oil, 1000 mg, 100 Softgels, que parece um placebo.

Posted by on November 14 2019
Мои Дети Едят Чеснок

Благодаря этому чесночному маслу я спокойна, что мои дети 3 и 4 лет едят чеснок хотя бы в таком виде! Просто разжовывают. Отрыжка, как от свежего чеснока. Я счастлива)))

Posted by on November 14 2019


Posted by on November 12 2019

Дозировка большая тут, мне не подошёл. Долго очень "вспоминается" после приёма, чесночная отрыжка даже если с едой принимать. Агрессивный препарат оказался для меня

Posted by on November 11 2019


Posted by on November 10 2019
Cápsulas De Óleo De Alho

Chegou antes da data prevista e produto parece se boa qualidade.

Posted by on November 10 2019


Posted by on November 10 2019
Хороший продукт

Доверяю этому производителю, всегда продукт соотествует описаию. Рекомендую.

Posted by on November 08 2019


Posted by on November 07 2019
Отлично !

Отличный Продукт ! Чувствуется , Что Натуральный ! Так Как после Приема Чувствуется Вкус Настоящего Чеснока При Отрыжке . Маленькая Капсула , Легко Глотнуть .

Posted by on November 06 2019

Препарат очень хороший, его стоит принимать в период вирусных инфекций. также его очень хорошо пить при сердечно-сосудистых заболеваниях. При паразитах масло чесночное пить необходимо в комплексе с Черных грецких орех +По Дарко Хватает на долго, хорошая дозировка.

Posted by on November 04 2019
Primeira compra.

Atende muito bem às minhas necessidades.

Posted by on November 04 2019
Обязательно Покупайте

Обязательно покупайте , иммунитет поднимает однозначно , перестала болеть простудными заболеваниями !!! Пью по 3 капсулы 3 раза в день . Бывает чуть послевкусие, но это ничто по сравнению с результатом

Posted by on October 30 2019
❤️Отличное. Запаха нет. Для иммунитета и снижения холестерина❤️

Хорошие капсулы, пью 3 шт в день с едой. Взяла на замену другого (инфа на моей странице), там меньшая дозировка и если пить долго - выходит дороже. Здесь сами капсулы маленькие, немного пахнут чесноком. Есть не сильный привкус во рту от чеснока, но от самого человека - не пахнет. Этот привкус во рту меньше, чем когда ешь салат с чесноком, например. У кого нежный ЖКТ - важно пить с едой или после. Если от обычного чеснока у меня может болеть желудок - от этого масла - нет. Мне назначил врач, результаты хорошие, холестерин пришел в норму. Рекомендую от души и буду точно покупать еще. Будьте здоровы

Posted by on October 26 2019

Заказала, прочитав отзывы, что нет отрыжки чесноком. Это неправда!!! Если выпить 2 капсулы то у меня лично изжога и отрыжка, а если одну, то только отрыжка. Не рекомендую к заказу, тк лично для меня пить их невозможно, пыталась принимать и на ночь и по утрам после завтрака, лично мне не подходят ни в каком виде!!!!

Posted by on October 17 2019
Очень Ядреная Штука

Однозначно стоит с осторожностью употреблять у кого проблемы с желудком , отрыжка чесночная присутствует даже при приёме одной таблетки ! Желательно пить после еды ! Надеюсь поможет иммунитету в противостоянии осенним вирусам ))))

Posted by on September 30 2019
Чесночное масло

Отличное масло, нравится. Принимаем по 1 капсуле в день, если принять больше вызывает сердцебиение.

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Супер эффект без раздражения и запаха.

Любимый ежедневный продукт. Для программы против паразитов чеснок включайте всегда. Это прекрасный источник селена. А селен - мощный онкопротектор. Это один из важных компонентов здоровья наших сосудов. Ем чеснок в живом виде ежедневно. Но для эффекта нужно съедать головку чеснока. Масло чеснока этого продукта полностью решает вопрос его дефицита без раздражения пищеварения, освобождает вас от добычи и разделывания живого чеснока ( даже по стоимости это будет для вас дороже). Вас не будет беспокоить острый запах. Такая крошечная капсулка даже детям по зубам ( для них это тоже необходимый продукт в ПП). Желаю приятного аппетита! Будьте здоровы!

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рабочий препарат

Хороший продукт. Единственное, что капсулы немного маловато - если рекомендуется принимать по три капсулы, то можно было бы их объединить в одну капсулу побольше - так их легче вытаскивать и банки и принимать.

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Настоящий чеснок.

Мама принимает. Действует. Побочных эффектов не замечено. Рекомендую именно этого производителя. Достаточно выгодно и качественно. Спасибо.

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Сосуды скажут Вам спасибо.

Чеснок очень полезен для здоровья - это знают все, но не каждый может есть его безмерно. Чесночное масло в капсулах - отличный вариант для чистки организма, в лечении "плохого" холестерина, профилактики паразитов, а в сезон простуд - это просто находка

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Спасибо! Принимаю масло на постоянной основе уже давно. Хороший продукт!

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جيد ولكن تخرج رائحه اذا استخدمت حبتين

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انا مناعتي ضعيفه واذا مرض شخص انا اول شخص يمرض بعده ، فالحمد لله لاحظت أنه مناعتي ارتفعت

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Produto de qualidade indiscutível .

Produto de ótima qualidade. Comprarei sempre e aconselho aos interessados . Podem comprar sem receios. A entrega é talvez mais rápida que as compras aqui no Brasil , por quê eu não sei dizer.

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مفيد ولكن

المنتج مفيد جدا .. ولكن رائحته مزعجة وطعمه سيء جدا جدا ..

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Lo uso para la circulación de la sangre y me va bien.

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Мама пьет для поддержания иммунитета. После приема есть ощущуние что ел чеснок. Ну вы понимаете))) к осени увидим эффект

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Отличная добавка в рацион для организма

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جيده جدا

احس بنشاط وحيويه وصفاء بشره بس اتوقع انها تخنتني

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وصل ملتصق ولا يمكن تناوله

بسبب الحراره في النقل وصل الحبوب كلها متلاصقه ولا يمكن فصلهم

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Хорошее Средство

Пропили курс на двоих с мужем в сочетании с чёрным орехом и крушиной, как антипаразитарную формулу! Самочувствие улучшилось, похудели, стали чувствовать себя бодрее! Чтоб не было отрыжки чесноком, принимали натощак перед едой

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疲労回復を目的にガーリックオイルを購入しました。 思っていた以上に臭いはキツイです。 24時間後には消えていました。 やはりニンニクを食べる時の様に食べるタイミングは大事だと思いました! カプセルは、かなり小さく(ビタミンDくらい)薄い黄色(DHA&EPAより薄め)です。 女性も飲みやすい大きさだと思います!

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المنتج رائع ويساعد على تخفيف الكلسترول الضار

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カプセルに入ったにんにくオイル。 カプセルで臭いを全く抑えきれておらず、ものすごいニンニク臭がします。 当然、飲んですぐに口からも臭いが発散されますので、消臭ケアを同時に行う必要があります。 ただ、効果は確実にあり、疲労回復に作用します。疲れた日に夜3粒飲んで寝ると ほぼほぼ体力回復して、気持ちよく起きることができます。 あと、オナラも臭くなるので注意。

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Отличный препарат, но с парой особенностей...

Не первый раз заказываю именно этот чеснок. Он действующий и с простудами справляется на раз-два, но заметила одну особенность - если не есть несколько часов после приёма, то во рту чувствуется лёгкий запах чеснока. Он не слышен окружающим, поэтому проблем с этой деталью у меня нет :) А вот папе этот препарат не подошёл. У него повышенная кислотность, и чеснок её усугублял. Надеюсь, отзыв поможет будущим покупателям ;)

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سي الطعم

ماقدرت اكله ريحته قويه. واذا اكلته تحس طعم معفن في بطنك ممكن مفيد بس الطعم. ماقدرت اكمل

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Очень пахучий(((

Отрыжка полдня чесноком (((

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رائحه ثوم قوية

لا انصح

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Очистка Плюс

С очищением масло-смерть гельминтам

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Это масло я, а так же мои дети, жена и мама, пьём постоянно и без перерыва вот уже с ноября месяца. Уверен, что оно, наряду с другими укрепляющими продуктами, оказало крайне положительный эффект, ибо никто из нас серьёзно не болел за эти пол года ни разу! Все знают о целебных свойствах чеснока, и все знают о том, что заставить детей употреблять по одному зубчику в день это миссия куда более невыполнимая чем те, с которыми из года в год, вот уже на протяжении двадцати двух лет, нисколько при этом не старея, сталкивается агент Итан Хант. Выход - капсулы! Они маленькие и проглотить их не составляет ни малейшего труда даже пятилетней девочке. Чесночное масло в капсулах - это отличное решение для тех, кто не имеет возможности или желания распугивать окружающих специфическим запахом изо рта.

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남편이 산건데 하도 안먹길래 제가 대신 먹고있어요. 저는 평소에도 마늘을 많이 먹어서 효과는 잘 모르겠어요 냄새가 좀 역하긴 하네요 ㅎㅎ 마늘 싫어하시는 분들은 못참으실듯.. 누구 만나기 전에 먹으면 냄새때문에 큰일나요 ㅋㅋㅋ

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В составе Соевое Масло Аккуратнее!!!

Не посмотрела сразу Заказала мужу другой Соевые продукты мужчинам только во вред Сама пить не могу, отрыжка чесноком отвратительная

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جميل جدا

ممتاز والاهم انه فايده بدون رائحه

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Очень Нравится!!!!

Заказываю именно это чесночное масло уже не первый раз. Желатиновая оболочка, некрупный размер, легко проглатывается, практически без запаха, бывает лёгкая отрыжка. А как бы вы хотели, ведь это же чеснок!!! Очень мягко действует на ЖКТ. Брала чеснок другого производителя в таблетках-не понравился, непонятно, что пьешь чеснок, ни вкуса, ни запаха, ощущение, что деньги на ветер, до сих пор стоит не допитая банка. Поняла, что нужно брать именно МАСЛО чесночное. Рекомендую!!

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Мощная штука

У меня в семье никто их пить не может - больно свирепые. Во время вирусных эпидемий просто прокалываю иголкой на блюдце несколько капсул, если кто-то в большой семье заболел. Остальных не цепляет. Не переборщите, а то глаза зарежет)

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Невозможно Пить

Капсулы маленькие, удобно пить, но запах очень сильный. Жуткие ощущения после приема капсул, сильнейший запах, изжога...бр

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Запах Сильный

Очень разочарована, мой любимый производитель и такое разочарование((( Какой смысл от капсулы, если после неё пахнет как буд то ты чеснока наелся, а ещё бонусом чесночная отрыжка на целый день обеспечена! Не рекомендую данный продукт! Буду искать дальше!

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스팀팩을 쓴 마린

트름하면 마늘냄새올라옴. 약먹으면 몸이 따뜻해짐. 시험기간에 먹었는데 몸은 멀쩡했음

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не брать!!!

Только получила заказ, сразу решила выпить, как результат - кошмарная чесночная изжога!!!!! и очень сильный запах чеснока как от капсул, так и изо рта(((

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피부염 원래 가끔씩 컨디션 안좋을때 나는 타입인데 이거먹으면 피부염 열일함......설마 원인이 이거일줄은 몰랐음 ㅠㅠ

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Мне совсем не подошло

Начала принимать чесночное масло, но, к сожалению, пришлось остановиться. Так как, во-первых, есть запах, и он чувствуется, когда вблизи с кем-то разговариваешь. Во-вторых, началась непонятная диарея. В общем, пришлось прекратить приём.

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ممتاز بعد الاكل

ممتاز للمعدة

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Bueno producto y excelente servicio de la empresa

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Чесночное масло - лучшее! Рекомендую всем! Поднимает иммунитет, замечательное противопаразитарное средство, простудными заболеваниями болеть не будете!

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زي الثوم بالضبط مره نكهة الثوم واضحه في

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Чесночное масло

Классный продукт. Доступен и удобен в применении. Спасибо! Есть положительный результат!

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먹은지 1년 넘었네요. 운동가기전에 먹고가면 땀도 많이나고 힘이나요.

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Excelente Produto

Excelente produto recomendo, não deixa o sabor do alho na boca nem na pele.

Posted by on September 28 2018
Ótima qualidade

Excelente Produto e bem concentrado o óleo de alho.

Posted by on August 07 2018