Green Tea, Alcohol-Free, 2,000 mg, 1 fl oz (30 ml)

By Nature's Answer

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Nature's Answer, Green Tea, Alcohol-Free, 2,000 mg, 1 fl oz (30 ml)
Price: $10.49 ($10.49/fl oz)
as at April 29, 2020 11:11 am
  • Since 1972
  • Authentic Botanical Fingerprint
  • Camellia Sinensis
  • Super Concentrated 2,000 mg
  • Gluten-Free
  • Herbal Supplement
  • Kosher Parve
  • Bio-Chelated Cold Extraction Process

Our alcohol-free extracts are produced using our cold bio-chelated proprietary extraction process, yielding a holistically balanced advanced botanical fingerprint extract in the same synergistic ratios as in the plant.

Our facility is NSF GMP Certified, Organic and kosher certified

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 2 mL (56 drops) three (3) times a day in a small amount of water.

Shake well.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not use if pregnant or nursing
  • Do Not use if safety seal is damaged or missing


Vegetable glycerin, purified water

Package Quantity:
1 fl oz (30 ml)

Expiration Date:
01 March 2023

Shipping Weight:
0.34 lbs

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Keep in the fridge. It will stay active longer.

No complaints. I add it to my facial toner for added skin care health.

Posted by on January 06 2020
Great addition to your skin-care regimen

I have had phenomenal results using this for my skin. I have had problem skin and worn makeup every day over the past 5+ years. However, since adding this to my facial toner, my skin has cleared up almost overnight, and I have not worn any makeup since (this was about 2.5 weeks ago). I'm not saying this is due solely to this product, as I had already made a major overhaul of my skincare regimen over the previous month (i.e., getting rid of clogging skin care products, applying a Vit. B+C serum, exfoliating 2x/week, and eating a clean, skin-healthy diet with skin-supporting supplements). However, this appears to have been the final step that has finally led to my skin clearing up. Even though I'm going through PMS now and my skin is breaking out a tiny bit, it's nothing like what I've experienced in the past, and my skin is still clear enough that I would go out without makeup. I would definitely recommend this as part of a natural skin-care regimen; it helps that one bottle lasts for at least a few months.

Posted by on July 23 2019
exactly what i ordered

PLUS the shipping was incredible. shipped a little less than 2 hours of purchasing and it got to my house within 2 days. i even used the cheapest shipping method. i will definitely be back for more stuff!

Posted by on April 11 2019
I used it on my face

I bought this to use in my skincare routine. It's a great way to incorporate green tea into your skincare; just add a drop or two to your facial cream. It's somewhat sticky when used this way (because of the glycerin). Smells bad but the smell dissipates quickly.

Posted by on August 15 2018

I am not hungry. I feel fuller. So got too help with weight loss. I have more energy.

Posted by on January 31 2018
great as always

I like this brands extracts as they always perform well

Posted by on December 01 2017

It's perfect product

Posted by on November 10 2017
not good

didn't notice any difference.

Posted by on November 07 2017
Beneficial for the skin

I've been using this in my skin care regiment, after reading about ECGC on Acne Einstein. I've been struggling with adult acne for 2 years now, and nothing has worked, until I tried this. I make a homemade moisturizer with green tea extract, aloe vera gel and hemp seed oil, and it has been a real game changer for my face. It's really sticky though, probably because of the glycerin, but it's worth it!

Posted by on February 07 2017
Great for a boost!

Really atrong green tea! I mix it with a little water and drink once or twice a day. I felt more energy and definitely have lost a few lbs already because ive been eating super less and workinh out more. I do take acai berry as add on and protein powder.

Posted by on September 03 2016
Quite potent

Strong, concentrated green tea taste.

Posted by on October 05 2014
Good product

Great price too. Will continue to buy

Posted by on November 20 2012
green me

good stuff

Posted by on March 21 2011
Just What I Needed

I use this internally to increase my antioxidant intake. I add a dropperful to a cup of tea; taste is fine. I also use it in my homemade night cream (I use a niacin-based cream & add several dropperfuls, stirring until I have a nice chocolate colored cream). Works as both an antioxidant and antifungal for the skin; great for helping your skin up its natural defenses to UV rays. I highly recommend Nature's Answer extracts for their quality. I also use Goldenleaf for shortening colds and gastrointestinal health and Walnut Extract for my puppy's heartworm protection.

Posted by on February 03 2011
good product

I am using this product because of the antioxidants for a skin issue. Seems to be helping. I like it because it is alcohol-free. Be careful because it will stain clothing.

Posted by on March 23 2009
green tea

great value.

Posted by on February 08 2009
Great Product

Great Product

Posted by on July 03 2008
Nature's Answer, Green Tea, Alcohol-Free, 1 fl oz

ok had better

Posted by on March 02 2008

It's great

Posted by on January 10 2008
Great product

Great product, well-known name brand, great value

Posted by on November 08 2007
Results still not in, but promising

This order came VERY timely from iherb. It is something our doctor is trying for a wart that won't go away. So far, it seems to be helping - though the next visit from the doc will tell. Product is hard to find, so was GLAD to find it at!

Posted by on October 10 2007
Неприятный Вкус

Очень неприятно пить.

Posted by on July 12 2019

Брала капли для того, чтобы добавлять в крем и делать тоник для лица. Кроме антиоксидантного эффекта, заметила вяжущий эффекта на коже, который помогает стягивать поры ( у меня комбикожа). Ну а тоник в виде спрея лучшее, что у меня когда-либо было для пробуждения кожи утром! ( 25 капель на 200 мл воды + 4-5 капель эфирки чайного дерева, в качестве эмульгатора использовала 3 мл спирта).

Posted by on March 01 2018

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Posted by on March 20 2013