Just Once, Food-Based Calcium, 180 Tablets

By Rainbow Light

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Rainbow Light, Just Once, Food-Based Calcium, 180 Tablets
Rainbow Light, Just Once, Food-Based Calcium, 180 Tablets - photo 1
Price: $17.65 ($0.10/Count)
as at April 29, 2020 5:47 pm
  • #1 Natural Multivitamin Brand
  • With Magnesium & Vitamin D3
  • Supports Bone Density & Muscle Relaxation
  • Promotes Enhanced Absorption & Utilization
  • Gentle on the Stomach with Whole Foods
  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Dietary Supplement
  • BPA-Free Bottle

Food-based, enhanced-absorption bone-builder.

Just one table class="table table-bordered"t per day helps build bone and relax muscles. Provides 500 mg of calcium - the exact amount the body can absorb at one time - plus co-factors necessary for calcium absorption & utilization, as well as whole foods for easy digestion.

Helps build and strengthen bones & teeth.

  • 2:1 calcium to magnesium ratio.

Supports muscle relaxation & bone flexibility.

  • Magnesium • 500 IU vitamin D3.

Promotes enhanced calcium absorption & utilization.

  • Magnesium • vitamin D3 • food-based.

Gentle on the stomach: can be taken with or between meals.

  • Mineral-rich whole foods • organic spirulina • betaine HCl.
Suggested Use

For pure and potent protection, take one tablet per day, with or between meals. May take 2 per day in divided doses for advanced usage.


Keep out of reach of children.

Consult a health care professional prior to use if you are taking medication or have a medical condition.


(Natural mineral or vegetable source): Cellulose, stearic acid, modified cellulose gum, silica. Coating: Vegetable food glaze (hydroxypropyl cellulose, pharmaceutical glaze).

Free of gluten, wheat, milk/dairy, nuts, soy, eggs, fish, shellfish, yeast, sugar, artificial additives.

Package Quantity:
180 Tablets

Expiration Date:
01 September 2022

Shipping Weight:
1.19 lbs

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Can feel the effect

I take one pill everyday during period and do feel it works! My disc bone would feel “sour” if not taking it. The only bad thing is the pill size is a little big.

Posted by on April 08 2020
Good supplement

Have been using this product for a long time. My nails keep growing and my bones need the help so will keep taking this supplement.

Posted by on April 06 2020
Calcium supplement

The bottles are neatly packed.

Posted by on March 15 2020
I have used this product a few times and found that it met my nutritional needs.

Very satisfied with this product.

Posted by on February 13 2020
food based calcium

the best food based calcium for the price.

Posted by on January 28 2020
I Like It So Far

I am taking this because I don't have dairy in my diet and I figured I should take a calcium supplement. For those saying the pills are too big, these are tablets and not capsules. That means you can break them. I break mine into 2 or even 3 pieces and they are very easy to swallow. Good price for so many tablets of a high quality vitamin.

Posted by on January 13 2020
May choke you! Beware!

Tablet is big and hard to swallow, I have choked many times, will never buy again.

Posted by on December 30 2019

Good supplement, so nice only taking one a day

Posted by on November 27 2019
Good product

This Calcium is easy on my stomach.

Posted by on October 23 2019
I Feel The Difference

Having hypoparathyroidism means that I must take calcium supplements. For the last 8 years, I have tried to take only calcium from natural sources. Not all work, and the one I have been taking for the last few years seems to not work as well anymore. Knees started hurting, so I started looking for a different one, and stumbled upon this. My knee pains are gone within 24 hours. When I realized the only change in my routine was this, I was glad. Still within the first week of my bottle, but I feel good. Plus I would gladly take 2 of these pills a day as opposed to 7 of my other one. I am giving it 4 stars though because it doesn’t list what foods are in these pills.

Posted by on October 03 2019
Pill Too Big

Normally I have no issues swallowing pills, but this one is just too big for me. Each time I take this I need to make sure I gulp enough water to wash it down at one go. Can feel it touching my throat every time I swallow.

Posted by on January 29 2019
Great for Delicate Stomachs

For anyone with a delicate stomach, these tablets are terrific. They supply calcium without any after-effects. I've been taking them for years, and my calcium levels have remained optimal since I began taking them.

Posted by on December 20 2018
Not sure about this product.....I don't love it...and probably should have just bought calcium citrate. "food" labeling seems like hype to me.

There are a few issues with this product. First is that when you open the container, the outside label comes off as you peel off the band around the lid..... leaving a solid white container with nothing written on it and you're throwing out the information on the label. This is pathetically cheap packaging.......so technically for what I'm left with, I don't like this at all.... The pills are huge, however they break in half easily, allowing me to take one dose in two halves. Otherwise I feared choking. As for how this works, I'm not sure. I don't know what the FOOD is that has produced this calcium. So I'm not quite sure I trust this to be food based to any large degree. Might be like anything else that is called calcium.....and maybe this calcium is not exclusively from food but has enough food in it to fool a buyer..... Can a label call it food based if a small percentage of the whole is actually food?

Posted by on November 01 2018

My friend recommended to me and and I very satisfied with the product.

Posted by on October 31 2018
Works great for my pregnant wife

Works great for my pregnant wife, no morning sickness, no constipation. Probably the calcium was a bit too low, but it was supplemented with other calcium supplement later in the 2nd trimester. Great.

Posted by on September 04 2018
Except for a little added herbs it's the same as the cheap supplement in the grocery store. The calcium in it comes from ROCKS. Carbonate & Citrate.

If you read the fine print on the back of the bottle you'll see that it contains 20% of 3 added herbs but the calcium comes from Calcium Carbonate & calcium citrate which are made of undigestible rocks.

Posted by on June 17 2018

No more muscle cramp after taken

Posted by on June 08 2018
No stomach problem

It doesnt upset my stomach like the other calcium supplements i’ve had

Posted by on May 04 2018
Trying out new supplements

Not sure it help or not.....

Posted by on March 01 2018
Rainbow Light Calcium

Have used this for a couple of years; food based products are important to me.

Posted by on January 30 2018

cheaper look like candy not bad , good for office food . very nice

Posted by on November 10 2017

It's my 2nd bottle.. I like it that I only have to take one a day & that it's food-based, but the huge tablet always gets me choking so I really wish they have it in capsule/ softgel form.

Posted by on September 05 2017

It's good quality vitamins.

Posted by on July 24 2017
Finally a comvenient calcium tablet

This Calcium is good as it has all the required important ingredients and just need to take 1 kaplet per day. Very convenient. I have bought 1 bottle of 180 pcs for my mom.

Posted by on July 14 2017
Great Product

Good packaging and no smell at all which is important to me and doesn't irritate the stomach

Posted by on July 01 2017
This product contains the right supplement contents that I need, but..

This product is good in the sense that it contains Calcium, Magnesium with D3. Calcium content is just right, 500mg. However, it is in the form of calcium carbonate. I will be looking for another product from iherb in which calcium is in the form of calcium citrate.

Posted by on June 28 2017
Easy to digest

It's hard to swallow because it little bit big but it's easy to digest kind of vitamins and it's really good for legs specially when you have weak bone due to lack of exercise this calcium it's good for me it's highly recommended

Posted by on June 08 2017
Large Tablets

Ok lets get the throat and gagging issue out of the way: I have a finely tuned gag reflex. Yes I gag. I throw up easy and I can gag just looking at something gross. If someone throws up I will throw up too! Not really but almost. Maybe I have a sympathetic gag reflex. All I know is that if you too suffer from the gag reflex you will have a problem with these pills as they are Huge! Yes really big pills. These are not capsules and are not coated with something to make them slippery so they will go down easier. The are big pills. So I break the in half and have half in the AM and half in the PM. So far they seem fine. They do not cause rock hard constipation as some calcium pills do. I got them as they seemed and alternative to normal calcium. Are they? Time will tell.

Posted by on June 08 2017
Great Price!

I feel good about this product that it is a whole food product, therefore easier to digest. But they are large pills and sometimes they get stuck in my throat if I don't drink enough water. Because of that my rating is lower. A great price!

Posted by on June 04 2017


Posted by on May 21 2017
Great for bones!

Great for bones! Keep ordering. :)

Posted by on April 19 2017
Painful knees and upper back

When I had this enveloping pain around my knees and upper back, I couldn't do my exercise properly and I couldn't sleep well. But taking 2 tablets per day solved the problem.

Posted by on March 26 2017
Very good

Very good

Posted by on March 02 2017
excellent product without side effects

I tend to react to many supplements by getting bloated or not feeling well but this supplement hasn't caused any problems. Of course you can't test to see your calcium levels so I can't say whether my body absorbs it or not

Posted by on February 27 2017
Excellent Cal/Mag!

Been using this for years and it is the best! The tablets are somewhat big so I just chew them with a bite of food.

Posted by on February 22 2017
Great product

Good product

Posted by on February 08 2017
Trusted manufacturer

This is a well-balanced, high quality supplement, approved by my discerning naturopath. I take one tablet most days and occasionally take 2 divided doses because I have multiple food sensitivities that prevent me from enjoying dairy products, among other things. Great product, great price, thanks to iHerb.

Posted by on January 29 2017

best there is

Posted by on December 12 2016

Good product

Posted by on November 04 2016

Great pill is a little bit big but it is ok

Posted by on June 17 2016
Tablet too Large

It's impossible swallow the giant pill. I'm grinding and drinking with some liquid. Next time I will try one liquid.

Posted by on June 07 2016
A bit like a Horse Pill

I didn't like how "horse pill like" these were. I prefer using a liquid calcium magnesium vitamin D combo from BlueBonnet now.

Posted by on October 27 2015
Very good

So glad it's just one tablet a day. :)

Posted by on May 29 2015
very good

This is the best calcium product I have used.

Posted by on February 27 2015
Very good

It's very cheap

Posted by on January 30 2015
Too big to swallow

Love that the calcium is food based, however the trade off is the size of the tablet, which takes a few trial gulps before it would go down my throat.

Posted by on November 19 2014
just one a day

I prefer lesser tablet, and this just take 1 a day.. so far no feeling any improvement for my bone.

Posted by on November 10 2014
Easier to take than other calcium supps

Only 2 per day instead of 6 like other calcium supps

Posted by on September 15 2014
couldn't tolerate it

couldn't tolerate it.

Posted by on September 10 2014
Usual calcium

Somehow I thought there is no vitamin D in it (I receive enough with my other medications). But good price/quality combination.

Posted by on November 28 2013
Yet to try

As this is a new item for me, I've yet to try it, but I do like the fact that it's a one dose per day! More convenient than those 3-4 a day. Hope it works great too!

Posted by on July 01 2013
Large tablets - need to take 2 to get daily allowance.

These are large enough tablets to take. I got use to them after a while. I take 2 in the morning as this gives 100% of daily allowance. Food based tablets. Seems to be good value as 1 container will last a long time.

Posted by on June 23 2013
one a day is a good thing

Good men's multi. Nothing in it my husband doesn't want or need. Nothing missing either. Worth the cost because you take it once a day. No ill side effects. I've been ordering from IHerb for two years now the quality and service is excellent I kkep ordering for some time.

Posted by on October 27 2012
Love it

I religiously took 1000mg of this calcium during 2 pregnancies and 2 years of breastfeeding with first child + 18 months of breastfeeding with my second child, my teeth were healthy and hair and nails were feeling great. Stopped taking this supplement for about a year, and had to go to the dentist because of a cavity in my front tooth! I guess it's time to return to taking this calcium again... I like that it's food based which I believe makes it better absorbed by our bodies. Thumbs up and recommended. (If this review was helpful, please, click "Yes". Thank you!) **************************************************************************************************************************************** Принимала 1000мг этого кальция в течение двух беременностей, между беременностями и во время кормления грудью (2 года с первым ребенком + 18 месяцев со вторым), зубы были здоровы, ногти и волосы - крепкими и блестящими. В последний год перестала принимать кальций и пришлось идти к зубному врачу из-за кариеса на переднем зубе! Видимо, пришло время вернуться к этой добавке :) Мне нравится, что это кальций взятый из "пищевых источников" (не знаю как правильнее перевести :))) и легче усваивается нашим организмом. Рекомендую! (Если отзыв был вам полезен, пожалуйста, нажмите "Yes".)

Posted by on October 16 2012
Great dosage

I love how I only need to take 2 pills a day vs taking two pills for calcium/magnesium and 1 pill for vitamin D. Cutting back on the quanity makes life easier! Great product!

Posted by on June 26 2012
food based calcium

Love this product, it is food based nothing artifical and it digests well. I do wish the pill was smaller but that is a small price to pay for good results and health

Posted by on February 22 2012
A Fine Multi

I have been using these for about six or nine months and really like them for the gentleness to my stomach. I am quite sensitive and am glad to have found this! Even my husband is taking them now and his stomach is even more sensitive than mine. It is a well-rounded multi. The only negative is that they are quite a large pill.

Posted by on December 08 2011
Good value

Food based calcium., which I like. Pills are big.

Posted by on November 09 2011
so far so good

Both my mum (in her 60s) and me (30s) are taking it for close to 2 months. She's taking 2 per day while i take 1. So far so good, no side effects but have not done any test since taking to determine if anything changed. Pill is a little on the bit side and is hard but not too difficult if you swallow 1 at a time.

Posted by on October 21 2011

Very high quality!

Posted by on September 29 2011
very gentle on the stomach

I'm quite happy with it. And the sale makes me happier.

Posted by on September 19 2011
Rainbow Light, Just Once, Food-Based Calcium

Love this food-based calcium. Most calcium products on the market are nothing more than junk with fillers, but not Rainbow Light Food-Based Calcium. My husband and I both have been using this product for 4 years now. Got the mother-in-law on this last year and she loves it also.

Posted by on July 16 2011
One Per Day Does Just Fine

My 90 year mother has great nails and this is the only calcium she has used for several years.

Posted by on June 13 2011
Rainbow Light

Food Based Calcium. Good product, I just wish more manufacturers would use glass bottles rather than plastic.

Posted by on May 23 2011
Deserves 10 stars!

I have been using this for approximately 2 years now and from the beginning knew it to be heads above the rest in the ease of digesting it.

Posted by on May 15 2011
Very good Vitamins

All my family love this brand. It's very helpful.

Posted by on March 14 2011
Rainbow Light, just once, Food-based Calcium, 180 tablets.

very satisfied and appreciate the great price.

Posted by on February 22 2011

I don't like relying on just one type or brand of calcium so I rotate brands a lot. This one is pretty good, seems to work well and is reasonably priced. Thanks Iherb.

Posted by on December 05 2010
Great Calcium

My herbalist was very impressed with the content of this product. However she did tell me she was surprised it says "once daily", because amounts are kind of low. So, I take 2 of these a day and they work well. They're a little huge, but I haven't had too hard of a time swallowing them. You could also chew them.

Posted by on October 14 2010
Very pleased

I have been taking this, probably for 1.5 years. I'm very happy with it. Sometimes I take two pills a day as I am nursing. But be careful (if you take 2)if you don't need the extra magnesium, it may make you have loose stools. I need the extra magnesium so it has only had that effect a couple times - nothing to worry about though. :) I really like this product and love the price.

Posted by on September 30 2010
Easy on the stomach

This is the only calcium I've tried that is easy on my stomach. I like that it's food-based. I know it's effective because if I forget to take it for a few days I start getting leg cramps.

Posted by on July 29 2010
very good value

this is a good calcium product!

Posted by on June 29 2010
We've been using this calcium for years

Food-based and seems to be very well-absorbed. My naturopathic physician checked it out and agreed that I should keep taking it. The kids aren't able to swallow the tablet but don't mind chewing it up.

Posted by on June 03 2010
Rainbow Light, Just Once, Food-Based Calcium,180 Tablets

I am very happy with this product. One a day dose, wonderful ingerdients, and veggie friendly.

Posted by on May 01 2010
wonderful and easy on my stomach

I love the food based calcium because I don't have to worry about my stomach being upset from harsh supplements.

Posted by on January 20 2010
Best Kind of Calcium

All research indicates that food-based calcium is the only one that 100% absorbable. I love the fact that Rainbow makes this in a pill.

Posted by on December 16 2009
Great vitamins!

its hard to find something that doesnt hurt my stomach. these are amazing!!!

Posted by on October 09 2009
Best Calcium I've Ever Used - Ever!

Rainbow Light was recommended to me about 5 years ago. I started with one of their multivitamin/mineral complexes. When I ran out of the calcium I had been using about 4 years ago, the Just Once was highly recommended. I have osteopenia (a step before osteoporosis) and had been taking a prescription to build bones which I had to stop because of the side affects (It was actually leaching the calcium out of my bones!). Since taking the Just Once without the 'script, I've had another bone density scan...the results were better than any of the others I had in the past. My GYN now recommends Rainbow Light, Just Once, Food-Based Calcium to all her patients!! A great supplement that really delivers.

Posted by on September 24 2009
just one calcium

I am taking three as per Doctor suggestion, good magnesium amount, no bad side effects

Posted by on September 23 2009
Easy on Tummy

This calcium is perfect for me. It's easy on my tummy and it keeps my bones strong. With added herbs you can't go wrong.

Posted by on September 04 2009
Love this product

I've used this product for a couple of months now and it is easy on the stomach.

Posted by on August 23 2009
great for healers

my wife is an energy healer, and this product is great for replenishing her calcium supply. will continue to buy

Posted by on July 27 2009
The best Calcium ever!

This is the only calcium that has been able to make my nails hard and finally grow. Only once a day too! Love Rainbow Light.

Posted by on June 01 2009
Best calcium product I've taken

I've tried a lot of calcium products and find Rainbow Light to be the best so far. I take 1 per day with my Vit D3 and Boron.

Posted by on May 13 2009
Very Nice

I have used this formula of calcium for years and just really like it. Very recommended!

Posted by on May 11 2009
Rainbow Light

Superior; I have used the product for several years

Posted by on May 06 2009
Good quality calcium

Easy to take, seems to give a good mineral basic

Posted by on April 25 2009
Improved bone density test.

I had a very good bone density test 4 years ago. I then began taking this product as I liked its formulation. My bone density test this year showed even more improvment, even with less exercise, and no milk products (intolerance). I attribute this impovement to the product. I take two tabs daily; a.m. and p.m. I'm a happy customer

Posted by on April 10 2009
Pleased with Rainbow Light, Just Once, Calcium

Seems to be a great product -- been using for about 2 weeks. Very fast shipping

Posted by on March 28 2009
Great food-based calcium

Easily digested. I noticed a difference in my nail growth in a week.

Posted by on March 20 2009
Love the Rainbow products... body had to adjust to the Horsetail

I really like all the Rainbow Light vitamins, we use them exclusiv,y at our house now. The only thing I noticed about this product was that two says after starting to use it my urine smelled awful, I am pregnant so I am sure in part my nose was just extra sensitive... then after 4 days of getting progressivly worse it just went away. Asked my midwife about it and she said it could have been the horsetail as it cleans out your kidneys. The smell went away and I love it.

Posted by on March 05 2009
Rainbow Light Just Once Food Based Calcium

We take this twice per day hoping to assimilate the needed calcium to replenish our bones.

Posted by on February 04 2009

These are big, but they get the job done.

Posted by on January 07 2009
best calcium supplement

easy to digest, once a day, I noticed the benefits right away in my nail strength and growth. I let the tabs melt in my mouth. Very happy with the product. Priced right.

Posted by on November 10 2008
Rainbow Light Just Once Food Based Calcium

I've got a sensitive gut, and I am able to tolerate this much better than other calcium supplements. It is a large pill, and that makes it difficult to swallow sometimes.

Posted by on November 05 2008
Good for leg cramps

I take this along with Daily Foods, Mega Foods magnesium. Food based supplements metabolize in the body better.

Posted by on October 08 2008
Good Product

It is hard to say with a calcium product whether you notice a difference or not in the way you feel, but I love all Rainbow Light products. They are gentle and I have used the All Zymes, Prenatal One and my husband takes the Men's Once Daily and we do notice a positive result with all of those.

Posted by on October 01 2008
Rainbow Light

Great product. Well balanced.

Posted by on September 04 2008
Rainbow Light Calcium

Feel good that my husband and I are getting all the calcium we need (50% Daily Recommended Value) in just one tablet. Our diet is healthy enough that we get what we need without overdoing supplementation.

Posted by on September 03 2008

I've searched for a long time to find a calcium that doesn't make my stomach upset. this calcium works great!

Posted by on July 14 2008
A Great Ca-Mag Product

Food based; no refrigeration; take with or away from food. It is especially great when traveling.

Posted by on June 21 2008
good product

was told by my doctor to increase my calcium, magnesium & vitamin d intake. to have found all three in one product that rarely causes stomach upset was a bonus.

Posted by on April 12 2008
rainbow light, just once, food based calcium

best calcium i've taken

Posted by on April 05 2008
Food Based Calcium

They don't hurt you stomach and they have added herbs. I wouldn't take anything else.

Posted by on March 05 2008
Great Stuff

Love the fact that you only have to take it once a day (even though I take two day), and the fact that it's food-based.

Posted by on January 24 2008

Best calcium supplements on the market.

Posted by on January 22 2008
RL Just Once Food Based Calc

Great Product!

Posted by on January 18 2008
Rainbow Light Food based calcium assimilates well.

My bone density test was improved by this product, though I admit I have been taking 2 a day rather than the suggested one.

Posted by on January 04 2008
Great product

I like that Raibow Light's vitamins are food based and this Calcium has done well for me. I have noticed that my nails are a lot stronger.

Posted by on November 27 2007
great cal/mag supplement

It is hard to find 500 mg of calcium in one pill. Easy to take even on an empty stomach. Great buy!

Posted by on September 17 2007
Best Calcium I've Ever Taken

This Rainbow Light product is very gentle on the stomach. The combination of calcium and magnesium helps my menstrual cramps and makes my body feel stronger in general. Great Product!

Posted by on March 03 2007
Great Product

Too bad iherb can't seem to keep this in stock. I've put my 82 year old mom on this, and many of her aches and pains have gone away. She used to have to ride her scooter to town (less than a half mile), but this past week, she walked to town and back 3 times.

Posted by on December 04 2006
Food Based Calicum

I think this is a wonderful product and was very disappointed when I placed my last order and it wasn't available. Hope you continue to carry this product.

Posted by on November 21 2006
Love this

These are food based calciums, much easier for the body to absorb. I only need one per day and have noticed better nails and hair

Posted by on August 09 2006

다른 칼슘제 복용중이었는데 바꿔볼겸 구매 효과있기를 기대중~

Posted by on March 31 2020
Кальций Бомба

Здравствуйте! Реально работающий препарат. Не ожидала такого результата. Пила по рекамендации врача , послетого , как установила импланты. Муж сделал снимок до и после того как пропил. Кость значительно уплотнилась на снимке. Рекамендую, берите и будете здоровы.

Posted by on March 25 2020
좋은 가격에 좋은제품 받아서 좋아요~

좋은 가격에 좋은제품 받아서 좋아요~좋은 가격에 좋은제품 받아서 좋아요~

Posted by on March 10 2020
не понравились.

Принимала больше месяца - положительных результатов не заметила: ногти слоятся сильнее, чем до приёма , волосы лучше не стали...

Posted by on March 07 2020
Очень хороший

Очень хороший кальций , самый лучший , хорошо работает

Posted by on January 18 2020

Пила курс, ногти стли крепче

Posted by on January 14 2020


Posted by on December 31 2019
Слишком большая

Сами по себе витамины вроде хорошие. Не оказывают раздражение на желудок. Но сама таблетка очень большая, не думала что настолько. И она шершавая, то есть без всякой гладкой оболочки, поэтому для меня глотать это тяжело. Пробовала ломать на 2 части, потом на 4. Ломается легко и также легко размачивается в воде. Вкус - немного спирулины.

Posted by on December 25 2019
Хороший кальций, усваивается желудком хорошо.

У Мамы диагноз артроз ставил травматолог ,1-й степени. Беспокоила ее боль в стопе, если долго целый день ходила. Пьет Doctor's Best, Коллаген, тип 1 и 3, с пептаном, 500 мг, по 2 капсулы в день в начале (1 месяц) и сейчас по 4 капсулы в день и также Light, Just Once, пищевой кальций, 2 таблетки в день(1-й месяц), сейчас по половине таблетки 2 раза в день вместе с едой. Коллаген пила за полчаса до еды. Боль слава Богу прошла. (кальций маме назначал врач, от себя добавили коллаген, так как лучше усваивается кальций с ним и суставы быстрее восстанавливаются). Рекомендуем эту добавку. Надеюсь кому-то пригодится, поэтому расписала все подробно.

Posted by on November 11 2019
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하루 한 알의 음식 기반 칼슘 좋아요

Posted by on October 11 2019


Posted by on June 15 2019
Хорошая Добавка Сниженной Функции Иммунной Системы И Нехватке Кальция

Я давно положила глаз на эту добавку и все ждала момента, когда он, наконец, подешевеет. И, о чудо, это случилось! Взяла, так как у меня на грудном вскармливании от моих всевозможных диет появились проблемы с костями, волосами и ногтями. Сначала все было хорошо, но потом я начала чувствовать, что начала обостряться моя аллергия(я почти всю жизнь ею страдаю). Так периодически я пыталась начинать их пить, но аллергия все равно обострялась. То ли так совпало, что я начала пить эту добавку весной(именно в период активного цветения), то ли реально она повлияла на мой иммунитет и на мою аллергию - не знаю. Но я пока решила отложить. Попробую ещё раз. В них есть помимо кальция спирулина, которая(как я потом прочитала) может оказывать влияние на людей, страдающих аутоиммунными заболеваниями. Возможно, она и повлияла. К кальцию вопросов нет. Ногти почти через несколько дней стали лучше, волосы - тоже. Думаю, людям, не страдающим аутоиммунными заболеваниями точно должно подойти. А может и всем остальным - тоже. Надо пробовать. Сейчас пока отдала таблетки мужу.

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Хороший кальций

Ногти заметно стали лучше после месяца!

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Не комфортный размер.

Для меня оказалось тяжело проглотить таблетку, какая-то большая и шершавая, приходится разжевывать, а это не очень приятно. В целом продукт хороший. ногти стали крепче.

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Кальций Супер

Прочитала в отзывах что спасает при симфизите... ну думаю попытка не пытка, попробую закажу

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Хорошая Добавка!

Добавка понравилась, я чувствую улучшения!

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因缺鈣,顯得很容易暴躁,晚上睡眠品質極差。 服用後約一個多月,從智能手錶看來已經開始延長熟睡的時間,不容易醒來,睡眠品質變好了!

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상품배송시 유의

가족 다 같이 먹을겸 3통 시켰는데 한통이 플라스틱이라보니 뚜껑이 깨져왔어요~~상품은 좋으나 배송에 좀더 신경써주세요~~

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Очень хорошо

Именно этот кальций пью уже лет 5. После перелома плечевой кости. Пью курсами по 2 месяца (два месяца пью, два месяца - перерыв) по 1 таблетке в день (если пью по 2 таблетки, то начинают покалывать почки). Хочется верить, что кости стали крепче. На волосы и ногти видимого влияния не заметила.

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알이 좀 커요 ㅠ

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천연비타민이라 좋아요

레인보우라이트는 귤젤리떄문에 알게 되었는데. 천연이라 좋아요 청소년기 아이들 뼈성장때문에 샀어요 크기가 너무 큰거 말고는 맘에들어요^^

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Отличный Кальций

Замечательные добавки! Рада,что взяла именно этот бренд! Качественный, капсула большая,но проблем с употреблением абсолютно нет.

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大粒ですが、匂いがそこまで独特ではないので飲みやすいです 骨粗鬆症にならないための願掛けに近いものなので、飲んでるからと言ってとくに変化はないです 副作用が無いっていうのはメリットなのかな?

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생각보다 알이 좀 큽니다. 구매하실때 참고하세요.

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Хороший состав, но...

Эту банку брала единожды и как такового эффекта, конечно, не успела заметить, кроме ногтей, по жесткости ставшими когтями. Пробовала много разных фирм и дозировок, в итоге нашла себе более подходящий и результативный состав да и D3 беру отдельно в большой дозировке.

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칼슘과 비타민D함께라서 좋음

칼슘은 비타민D와 함께 먹어야 흡수된대서 샀어요~ 어머님이 속쓰림없고 좋다네요~ 저도 나중에 칼슘보강 더 해야 할때 이거 먹울려구요~ 저번에 샀던 제품 품절돼 갈아탄건데 이게 더 나은듯요

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Побочные Эффекты

После двух месяцев употребления этих витамин у меня начались головные боли

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アイハーブのおすすめサプリを紹介しているサイトで、カルマグの中で食品由来だから胃に負担がかからずおすすめ!となっていたので買ってみました。 先に他社のおすすめカルマグを買ってみたのですが、1錠でも翌日下痢&腹痛をおこしたのでこちらをお試し。 結果、やっぱりちょっと下痢&腹痛をおこしました。 どちらも胃痛はおこさなかったので、摂取量自体が私には多すぎるようです。 一緒に飲んでるライフエクステンションのツーパーデイ1錠にもマグネシウムが含まれているので。 なので半錠ずつ360日かけて消費したいと思います(笑)

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Хороший состав ,приемлемая цена .эти витамины пила всю беременности .также пила во время кормления ребенка грудью.

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알이 크고요. 골다공증 예방하려면 칼슘 서플리먼트를 먹어도 아무 소용없다는

일단 알이 너무 커서 목넘김이 매우 힘들구요. 부모님 선물 생각하다가 아무생각없이 주문했던 품목인데 나중에 유튜브에 의사들 강의들으면서 공부해보니 골다공증 예방에 칼슘 서플리먼트는 아무 소용없다는;; 괜히 샀음. 그리고 함께 들어있는 마그네슘 성분이 싸구려임. 레인보우라이츠는 미국면세점에도 들어있던데 거의 광고비로 나가고 좋은 성분은 안쓴다고 봐야함. 다시는 레인보우라이츠 구매안할거임

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很好 很喜欢 好评

很好 很喜欢 好评很好 很喜欢 好评很好 很喜欢 好评

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약이 크긴한데...

하루 한알 복용이라서 간편하고... 계속 복용 중입니다.

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хороший кальций

Достойный вариант кальция.Уж не знаю на счет форм в которых он здесь представлен с магнием,но Ноготки стали крепче. (а у меня это извечная проблема). Судороги тоже сейчас не беспокоят,ночные "вздрагивания" тела редко происходят.. Пью вместе с кремнием из бамбука.

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알이 좀 커서.. 넘기긴 하는데 속에서 뭔가 한참동안 소화가 안되는 느낌이었어요ㅠ

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По рекомендации

Преобрела первый раз, буду принимать в паре с D3.

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Кальци Д3

В Период Беременности Жены Начали Появляться Судороги. При Первом Же Приеме Ночью Спала Спокойно, Все Прекратилось! Будем Еще Заказывать!)

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Пищевой кальций. Только начала принимать, не могу сказать о пользе. я аллергик , у меня не вызвал аллергию, уже радует, состав нравится.

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이 칼슘이랑 오메가3를 함께 먹었더니 편두통이 좀 완화되었어요

온전히 이 제품탓인줄은 모르겠으나 편두통 완화가 되었어요 혹시나 혈관성 편두통이신 분들, 저처럼 고생하시는 분들.. 오메가3랑 칼슘 조합 괜찮은것 같아요 이 조합이 뇌혈관에 영양공급이 된다고 인터넷에서 본적있는데 참고하세요^^

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Хороший Кальций

Нам очень понравился. Купила для мамы. Жк принимает хорошо, проблем не вызвало. Теперь она без всякой охоты ест творог. Хотя раньше была потребность. Принимал ребенок, очень быстро начали расти ногти, даже зубы быстрее стали прорезаться :)

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Отличный кальций!

После родов ныли кости, зубы стали чувствительными. Спустя уже пару дней после приёма ногти стали очень крепкими, чему я была очень удивлена, т.к. они у меня всю жизнь были тонкими и мягкими. Кости перестали ныть и чувствительность зубов уменьшилась. И самое интересное: ребёнок на гв резко вырос на 5 см. за месяц, когда начала пить этот кальций! В норме - 2-3 см. должно было быть. Врачи были удивлены. Думаю, это было связано именно с приемом дополнительного кальция. Такие дела :)

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Хорошее качество по доступной цене

Во время беременности пила обычные витамины. Ближе к родам заметила, что стал болеть лучезапястный сустав правой руки, иногда пальцы тяжело было сгибать и разгибать, особенно после сна. Бандажи, мази и крема не помогали. Таблетки пить при кормлении нельзя. Начала принимать этот кальций: два раза в день по таблетке, т.к. суточная доза для взрослого равна 1000 мг. Примерно через неделю рука болеть перестала, стала более подвижной, пальцы еще не совсем сгибаются/разгибаются, но прогресс явно виден. Поэтому рекомендую. Тем более что кальций из организма у женщин начинает вымываться раньше, чем у мужчин. Поэтому пропивать курс (вот хотя бы одну такую баночку) раз в пол года.

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늘 먹는제품

대용량도 있어 좋군요 알약 워낙 커서 먹다 가끔 목을 훑지만 늘 먹는제품

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Выгодная упаковка.Взяла на всю семью.Единственный момент,лучше принимать по назначению врача.

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Соотношение цены и качества супер!

Выбирала кальций, и остановилась именно на этом, так как читала много хороших отзывов об этой фирме. Вроде как ничего особенного, просто хороший кальций, и соотношение цены при таком объеме очень классное!!! Состав супер! По самой таблеточке видно, что сдесь состав органический, а не мел, как в наших аптеках. Немного трудновато проглотнуть таблетку, но думаю если бы были таблеточки меньше - то цена была бы дороже. Никакой проблемы не вижу - можно разломать на две части и глотнуть))) Надеюсь отзыв был полезен))) Спасибо)))

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Очень хороший кальций

Его действие чувствуется стразу,рекомендую молодежи.У меня пьют его дочь,зять,сын,невестка.Для себя я беру другой,но когда мой заканчивается- принимаю этот.Действует сразу,очень его советую.

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Для беременных отлично!

Взяла кальций в дополнение к другим пренатальным витаминам во время беременности. Мне очень хорошо помогает - ногти стали крепкими, волосы в порядке, кости не ноют, мышцы судорогами не берёт. Единственное, хочу уточнить, что на сайте написано, что принимать по 1 таблетке в день, дозировка 1 таблетки - 500 миллиграмм - это максимальное кол-во кальция, которое может усвоить организм человека за 1 приём. Но потребность в кальции у взрослого человека - 1000 миллиграмм в день, а у беременных 1500 миллиграмм. И на самой тубе написано, что 500 миллиграмм - это 50% от суточной нормы кальция. Поэтому взрослому человеку нужно 2 таблетки в день, а беременным 3 таблетки, но не за 1 приём пищи! Разделяйте на несколько приёмов ибо, как я уже писала выше, только 500 мг кальция организм может усвоить за 1 раз.

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Хороший вариант

Большая пачка, хватает надолго.

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Волосы после родов стали лучше и не выпали!

Спасибо производителям за данный препарат. За год волосы отрасли на 20см. Ногти не слоились, волосы не лезли, а это при том, что я кормлю ребенка грудью и в молоко уходит много кальция. Ребенок и я чувствуем себя прекрасно. Рекомендую. Если отзыв был полезен-поставьте лайк)

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Не лучший вариант, если честно. Повелась на натуральность, лучше б синтетические, но биодоступные)

И кальций и магний тут не в лучшей форме. Магний здесь - оксид и аспартат (мягко говоря, не лучший вариант...если не сказать совсем бесполезный...на днях у меня была тяжёлая и стрессовая фотосессия, весь день на ногах, ночью свело икру на правой ноге, выпила аж четыре таблетки, не считая выпитых ещё двух несколько часов назад, всего 6 - как слону дробина....) и кальций карбонат, хелат и цитрат-малат...при том не указывается процентное соотношение этих форм, но насколько я понимаю раз карбонат стоит на первом месте, значит он преобладает. А насколько преобладает? Может быть тут карбоната 90%, а хелата и цитрата по 5%? Раз производитель не указал, значит ему нечем гордиться) Да и судя по цене, думаю что именно так и обстоит дело.....

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벌써 두병째

두반째 구매입니다~원래 비타민 비만 먹었는데 사실 임산부비타민만 먹고 있는건 아니지만 알약의 크기가 크다는 단점빼고는 편하게 먹고있어요

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使用刚开始,不能上图 有图的更直观 一点 还能 看 药片大小 个人感觉 大小 还可以

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本来觉得钙片这种属于很基本常见的保健品不需要海购的,但是国内的医院开的钙片,我吃过几种,价格不低,但是都吸收不好。比较无奈的试下这款产品,明显改善了我的缺钙现象。 不过我妈妈不爱吃,觉得比较大片不爱吞。我自己含口水,丢一片进去,咕噜就到肚子里了。。

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넓은 입구가 마음에 들어요

영양제를 먹고 효과를 느낀다는건 행운입니다. 특히 칼슘제재는 알기가 더 어렵지 않나 싶습니다. 제 나이 40대 초반, 골다공증이 심한 친정엄마를 보고 열심히 챙겨먹고 있어요. 입구가 넓어서 알약 집어내기가 편해요. 하지만 알약은 늘 그렇듯 큰 편입니다. 재구매의사 있지만 다른 브랜드의 칼슘제도 복용해보고 싶습니다.

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Хороший кальций

Купила этот кальций в дополнение к пренатальным витаминам (там кальция маловато), тк в нём нет витамина С , витамин Д 3 - дневная норма для беременной. Пью около месяца вместе с витаминами, результат заметен - ногти слоиться перестали и погрызть мела и штукатурки больше не хочется. Для беременных хороший вариант

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Для занятий спортом и боевыми искусствами самое то!

Для занятий спортом и боевыми искусствами самое то!

Posted by on July 22 2014
이건 좀 별로인듯

원래 gnc칼슘 먹다가 이걸로 사봤는데 별로에요 하루 1알이라 편하긴 한데 gnc칼슘이 더 나은듯 해서 하....여러병 샀는데 다 먹곤 그냥 전에 먹던거 사려구요

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칼슘제로 평이 좋아서 구매했습니다.

칼슘과 Vita D가 같이 들어서 구매했구요. 이제 2주정도 복용했읍니다. 아직은 효과에 대해서 잘모르겠습니다. 가성비가 좋네요.

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알이 커요..

먹기 살짝 힘드네요. 일단 좋다고해서 믿고 구입했는데 계속 먹어봐야겠어요..

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이것도 동생준거

괜찮은거 같아요

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Мама довольна.

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알은 좀 크지만

성분 가격 만족합니다

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잘 안넘어가요

3통째입니다. 비타민D와 마그네슘도 포함된 구성도 맘에들고 하루 한번이면 되는것도 좋고 성분도 믿을만하고 이만한 제품이 없는것 같아서 다좋은데 정말이지 목과 가슴에 걸려서 안넘어 갈때가 한두번이 아니예요. 제가 알약 6`7개도 한번에 삼킬정도로 잘넘기는 타입인데 애는 요거한개를 반으로 잘라서 넘겨봐도 왜그런건지 잘안넘어갑니다 ㅠㅠ 가슴에 걸려서 답답할떄가 많아요. 다른걸시도해보려고 해도 결국 이제품으로 구매해버리고 마는데 이번에야 말로 다른제품도 도번해보려구요.

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지금까지 보았던 칼슘 중 최고입니다.

여러 칼슘제를 먹어봤지만 이 칼슘이 제일 좋은 것 같아요.. 속도 편하고, 구성비율도 아주 좋습니다.

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I can't write english.

1정에 500mg 씩 함유되어있고, 칼슘의 흡수를 도와주는 비타민D와 마그네슘, 미네랄 등이 천연성분으로 함유되어있습니다. 좋은 제품입니다. 속 쓰림도 없어요.

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