Meal, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar, 5 Bars, 2.12 oz (60 g) Each

By Atkins

262 Reviews

Atkins, Meal, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar, 5 Bars, 2.12 oz (60 g) Each
Price: $9.51 ($1.90/Count)
as at April 29, 2020 10:58 am
  • Protein-Rich Meal Bar
  • 13 g Protein
  • 3 g Net Carbs*
  • 1 g Sugar
  • 14 g Fiber
  • Naturally & Artificially Flavored

Meal Bars

What is the "Hidden Sugar Effect?"

It's common knowledge that consuming foods that contain large amounts of sugar may cause your blood sugar to spike. But did you know other types of carbohydrates may have the same effect on blood sugar? At Atkins, we call this the "Hidden Sugar Effect." For example - a medium sized bagel has the same impact on blood sugar as 8 teaspoons of sugar. An Atkins Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar has the same impact as 1.5 teaspoons of sugar.*

Counting Net Carbs?

Fiber and sugar alcohols should be subtracted from the total carbs since they minimally impact blood sugar.

Total Carbs (32 g) - Fiber (14 g) - Sugar Alcohols (15 g) = 3 g Atkins Net Carbs.

*Based on glycemic load. Amounts do not represent sugar content.

†Meal replacement bar.


Chocolate flavored coating [palm kernel oil, polydextrose, maltitol, whey protein concentrate, cocoa powder (processed with alkali), whole milk powder, soy lecithin, salt, natural and artificial flavor, sucralose, acesulfame potassium], soy protein isolate, polydextrose, glycerin, chocolate chips [maltitol, unsweetened chocolate (processed with alkali), cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla extract], palm oil, water, contains less than 2% of: hydrolyzed gelatin, canola oil, natural and artificial flavors, salt, soy lecithin, vitamin mineral mix, sucralose, acesulfame potassium.

Vitamin mineral mix: Magnesium oxide, sodium ascorbate, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), niacinamide (vitamin B3), zinc oxide, d-calcium pantothenate (vitamin B5), vitamin A palmitate, thiamin mononitrate (vitamin B1), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), folic acid (vitamin B9), biotin (vitamin B7), phylloquinone (vitamin K1), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12).

Contains: Milk, soy.

Made in a facility that also uses eggs, peanuts, wheat and tree nuts.

Package Quantity:
5 Bars, 2.12 oz (60 g) Each

Expiration Date:
09 September 2020

Shipping Weight:
0.89 lbs

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Cookies Taste


Posted by on March 12 2020
مو مره لذيذ

Posted by on February 03 2020

Great taste

Posted by on January 29 2020

I like the texture, and the first few moments of chewing are fine, but when it touches the back of my tongue then there is a nasty after taste that I haven’t experienced with other low carb foods yet, even in the Atkins Endulge series. A shame!

Posted by on January 27 2020
Not tasty

These tasted really bad to me, didn’t taste like chocolate chip cookie dough bars at all, and the texture of the protein was a bit too thick

Posted by on January 09 2020


Posted by on November 17 2019


Posted by on November 03 2019

Very tasty, closest to the real thing with out the calories.

Posted by on October 30 2019


Posted by on October 23 2019

It’s very bad One star for its cartoon

Posted by on October 19 2019
so salt’n

the taste was salty.

Posted by on July 06 2019
I couldn't eat them...

I don't know, I was expecting to have something more, but for my taste they had salty weird taste. I had to throw them. At least the pack wasn't too big.

Posted by on June 04 2019

Very tasty

Posted by on June 03 2019
Great Taste

Greatest taste ever

Posted by on March 08 2019
Very bad taste

The texture and taste of this bar is horrible. Taste like the ugly high protein bars.

Posted by on January 25 2019
yum yum


Posted by on December 10 2018
Good But Not The Best

This flavor is good but has after taste. For me I will order another flavor next time but not this one

Posted by on June 21 2018
Not That Great...

It doesn’t taste awful, it’s edible. But it doesn’t taste that great too. It’s very filling, but it does make you feel like puking after. Definitely not their best bar.

Posted by on April 23 2018
good product and perfect taste

good product and perfect taste

Posted by on April 09 2018
Very nice, and yummy

Very nice and yummy, but not as much as the other (extremely good) Atkins bars which are even better than Hershey/Mars choc bars

Posted by on February 23 2018
Tasty/hard to digest

Very tasty. Made me gassy when eating more than 2 at a time.

Posted by on December 14 2017

Posted by on November 06 2017
Great tasting cookie dough

Amazing for cookie dough flavour. Could be quite sweet

Posted by on October 28 2017
Could be Better

I have a sweet tooth and this bar unfortunately isn't to my liking. Its got a weird texture to it. Almost as if you're biting through grainy yet firm eraser. I don't know and it tastes too artificial. There's an after taste of sugar and chocolate though. Wouldn't say I like it. I'll probably go for another flavor next time.

Posted by on October 19 2017
hate it :(

i was hoping to find a nice healthy snack but this one is a disastor! The "Chocolate Chip Cookie" flavor is horrible!!!! bad taste, bad texture, feels like something you better not even eat.

Posted by on October 03 2017
Liked this

I was hesitant about trying this as I have tried the Atkins Lift Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein bar which I don't like. However, this bar is nothing like the Lift bar. It has a far better taste and texture.

Posted by on August 29 2017
Wayyyyyyy too sweet!

It dose taste nice, but it's way to sweet and it's almost impossible to finish a bar without a drink.

Posted by on July 20 2017

it does not taste good at all, won't buy it again for sure!!

Posted by on July 03 2017
Atkins are not Halal as the source of gelatin/glycerin might be Pork.

Atkins bars made in the USA/Canada that have gelatin are not Halal as the source of gelatin/glycerin might be beef or Pork.

Posted by on June 16 2017
I don't like it

I don't like the taste at all

Posted by on June 16 2017

Its good.

Posted by on April 05 2017

Taste good when it's warm Will make feel full for long time

Posted by on April 04 2017

Highly recommend these. Worth the extra gram of carbs, because they are so filling!

Posted by on March 01 2017

There is a strong taste of artificial sweetener. I could not eat it!

Posted by on February 11 2017
Will not buy again

These bars were supposed to taste lie cookie dough. But, they were way too sweet and had a very yucky chemical taste to them. I finished the box since they were slightly pricey, but they were very close to ending up in the garbage.

Posted by on January 14 2017
if I cant finish something, its BAAAAAD.

im a good eater and i HATE waste! so when i say i could not finish this bar and had to chuck it, you can believe its just AWFUL! sooo overly sweet, and not in a good way! like a mars bar for example, where that kinda choc/caramel overload is crazy delicious but will strip the skin off your throat if you scoff a whole bar! this is sooo overly chemically sweet i just cant stand itttt. could it be that im so spoilt by quest choc chip cookie dough bars that all others are simply inferior?? i dont think so, cos its not that this tastes inferior...its more that its virtually INTOLERABLE. SICKENING EVEN? and i normally really enjoy atkins bars! (the caramel mousse ones and the peanut butter cups are outstanding!) i cant understand all the great reviews for these bars?? they cant all be from 12 year olds in a sugar frenzy who are off their heads or outa their trees, can they??

Posted by on July 10 2016
Didn't like these

Very artificial tasting, and very, VERY sweet! We weren't fans of this flavour. Please click my username for more product reviews.

Posted by on June 13 2016
Great flavour.

Bar is very dense and tastes great. Very filling.

Posted by on June 01 2016


Posted by on June 01 2016
Favorite bars

These bars are by far my favorite! They taste so good and they are quite filling too.

Posted by on May 24 2016
Not the best

I found these boring and hard to eat. Most of them went in the bin because even the people I gave them to thought they were gross. Atkins has some really great, delicious products but these are not them

Posted by on February 25 2016

Love Atkins bars

Posted by on December 12 2015
Don't recommend.

I've tried a lot of the Atkins bars and this is NOT my favourite! I actually didn't even eat them all. Atkins have other - much better - options.

Posted by on February 11 2015
Dry taste

I was really disappointed with this one. First of, it didn't taste like cookie dough at all. Secondly, it tasted dry and has a bitter after taste to it. Didn't like it at all. Waste of money. Will never purchase again.

Posted by on February 09 2015
Bitter taste

I love Atkins bars, but these are extremely bitter. Unfortunately I even couldn't eat them. :( Maybe they became rancid, but exp. date is OK

Posted by on October 01 2014
One of the better protein bars out there

This bar is one of the best tasting protein bars you will find - there's a hint of artificial sweetener, but that's to be expected. The ingredient profile isn't amazing, but it's good enough to provide a relatively guilt-free sweet hit.

Posted by on September 21 2014
Good chocolate bar

I love the strong taste of chocolate in this bar. In addition, the bar is quite filling. The downside is the artificial, a bit "floyry" taste and texture this bar has in it. Like I was eating plain dried milk... Luckily this "articifial" taste isn't too strong, and I like these bars anyway a lot. Still, I think there are other, better Atkins bars.

Posted by on September 19 2014
Too sweet

It tastes too sweet for me.

Posted by on August 23 2014
Great taste but a little dry.

I liked it, but I found it a little dry. Hwever, the taste is real good!

Posted by on July 01 2014

Great tasting bar low sugar. Will get again.

Posted by on June 20 2014
Cookie dough

Very good !

Posted by on May 22 2014
Not nice

I don't like these… far too stodgy and artificial tasting. would not order again.

Posted by on May 15 2014
Soft and chewy

It is good to eat between meals if you are in low calorie diet. I give it 4 star because it is not my favorite flavor.

Posted by on April 19 2014

denne er god, og veldig mektige

Posted by on March 23 2014
only the one with Kokko which is really good.

Good, but only the one with Kokko which is really good.

Posted by on March 22 2014
A good meal

Works great for lunsj

Posted by on February 24 2014
chocolate chip cookie dough bar

+ chewy texture - sickening sweet - Horrible after taste - uncooked taste

Posted by on February 23 2014
Nice taste

This bar has a really good taste, but it was a bit hard to chew. I had imagine the size a bit bigger, but it wasnt a problem. Maybe a little bit high in calories. All in all good

Posted by on January 27 2014


Posted by on January 21 2014
Just ok

I don't think I would buy these again. The taste is alright. I know its a "meal replacement" bar, but it's not very filling for the amount of calories in it. Just to many calories for my liking, for what it actually is.

Posted by on January 15 2014

I love this!

Posted by on December 24 2013

Easy and tasty

Posted by on December 23 2013
Okey taste

This bar was okey. I prefer my favorite bar Questbar coockie doug, but this bar was okey.

Posted by on December 17 2013
Good one.

Taste good,nice meal.

Posted by on November 12 2013

Better after a few sec in micro. Taste is not like cookie dough, but ok.

Posted by on November 02 2013
Very delicious <3

Keeps hunger away for 3 hours and has an nice awesome taste.

Posted by on October 17 2013

This must be the one I love the most!

Posted by on October 06 2013

This was really yummy, almost like cookie dough. I liked the dark chocolate cover on this one. Perfect as a sweet chocolatey treat when your cravings kick in :) I get full by eating one of these!! Very filling just by eating half of it.

Posted by on October 03 2013
Really nice!

I like the idea of this bar. It tastes pretty good and keeps you full for a long time afterwards. I will definitely be buying more of those!

Posted by on August 09 2013
Hunger busters

These bars are great. They kept me hunger free for up to 5 hours. I love them!

Posted by on July 03 2013
Good, but old

The product is great in taste, and satisfies any sweethunger one must have. But as one of the other products i bought, it was grey-like in color, and it crumbled when I took a bite of it. It seemed like it had passed it`s expiration date, though it hadn`t...

Posted by on June 28 2013

Best bar I ever tasted!

Posted by on June 11 2013
Good and munchy

These are quite good for meal replacement bars, definitely taste better than your average protein bars. Low carb is always a good way to go. I can´t really taste any chocolate chip cookies in these though, but then again these aren´t endulge bars that really taste like candy.

Posted by on June 05 2013
cookie dough

These are good, but do NOT taste like cookie dough.

Posted by on February 01 2013
tumbs up

perfect treate

Posted by on December 20 2012
Cookie dough

Just Ok....

Posted by on December 11 2012
The Best!

Just love this bar, the best of the bars I´ve tasted. A little bit sweet though, since I´m not used to eat sugar, but perfect with a cup of black coffee.

Posted by on October 31 2012
Not as expected.

I tought these would be more chewey and not that hard-chewey... A bit dissapointed so, I'm not buying these again..

Posted by on October 31 2012
cookie dough

Really good!

Posted by on October 24 2012

Taste like cookie dough!

Posted by on October 23 2012

and filling.

Posted by on October 02 2012
My favourite of all the atkins bars

Chewy, tasty, large in size, great lunch or breakfast when in a hurry

Posted by on September 08 2012

Denne kan anbefales!

Posted by on August 23 2012

This was very sweet,but good. Nothing I would eat too much of. Half of them is just enough. Not sure if I will buy again.

Posted by on August 16 2012

Relly good :-)

Posted by on August 10 2012


Posted by on July 24 2012

Tastes synthetic and too sweet, chewy at first, then turnes dry. Will not buy again.

Posted by on July 13 2012
The best.

This is my number 1. Its big and it taste delicious.

Posted by on July 09 2012
Super tasty and healthy snack

This meal bar tastes great, fill you up if you are hungry, or if you just want a snack. I even tried to microwave one, and it became a soft, hot dessert I ate with a spoon.

Posted by on June 29 2012
love these

good as breakfast or other meal

Posted by on June 22 2012

Don't buy!

Posted by on May 24 2012
too sweet, not good

really disappointed....for this money.... it was not good at all. Don't think I will buy again.

Posted by on May 11 2012
good taste

good tasting bars, curbs appetite and fufills the craving for desert without the carbs!

Posted by on March 27 2012
Good product

One of the atkins-bars I will order again and again. Taste is very good, bar is kind of to large, I cant eat it all.

Posted by on March 06 2012
Love it!

Love this bar, one of my favourites of all the atkins bars, along with Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch and Chocolate Brownie - both of which I wish iherb would put in their stock. Also like the fact that it's 60g - feels more like a meal than the smaller bars!

Posted by on March 01 2012

Compared to other bars this is filling and will not leave you too hungry. The sweetness does taste a bit artificial though, so if you can get past that it should be a big help in stopping cravings.

Posted by on February 19 2012
Ok taste

A weird taste of this one, but it's ok to eat. Like the chocolate chips inside. If those have been left out, this would taste like... not good.

Posted by on January 24 2012

This is by far the best atkins bar I have tasted! So much better than the rest!

Posted by on January 23 2012
Cookie dough

Delightful cookie dough candy. I'll buy it again for sure! Unlike other Atkin's candy bar, it is not filled with caramel or mousse. Suitable for those who enjoy cookie flavour and crunchy texture.

Posted by on December 26 2011
cookie dough missing.

I liked the taste, but it did'nt actually tasted like cookie dough. But it taste good and you should try it out.

Posted by on October 27 2011

These taste like real cookie dough and are extra special good with a cup of coffee! I'm generally very picky, but these are super good!

Posted by on October 26 2011

taste like atkins:(

Posted by on October 25 2011
Atkins Chocolate chip cookie dough bar

This bar is delicious! One of my favorites. They are large and I feel full for hours when I have eaten it. Like a meal when you don't have anything at hand.

Posted by on September 09 2011

I love Atkins :-)

Posted by on September 08 2011

This atkins bar tastes delicious. It's by far the best one I've tasted so far (I've also tasted chocolate decadence, caramel fudge brownie bar and chocolate coconut). Yummie :)

Posted by on August 23 2011
Not quite my taste!

But I ate it. And we have all different tasts.

Posted by on June 12 2011

I'm not an Atkins dieter, but I love diet meal replacement bars, -cookie dough and everything chewy, peanut butter, chocolate.. These bars are not as good as Slim-Fast Cookie Dough bars, or some of Balance Gold's, though. Hope iHerb will carry more brands of diet bars in the future.. Atkins are also more expensive than other brands.

Posted by on June 10 2011

This one I really love and will for sure buy again!

Posted by on May 10 2011
Good taste!

Love this one! It tastes good (not like cookie dough though) and there's also a nice consistency. 5 stars!

Posted by on March 04 2011


Posted by on April 11 2020

وجبة مناسبة للعضلات بعد التمرين، بديل للبروتين شيك لكن ثقيل شوي

Posted by on April 06 2020
جميل وحلو مره

حالي ورائع

Posted by on April 01 2020
كأنه كوكيز

لذيذ لذيذ لذيذ لذيذ

Posted by on March 02 2020

لذيذ جداً

Posted by on February 12 2020
لاباس به طعم مقبول

شكرا لكم على منتجاكم الجميله

Posted by on February 04 2020

ماحبيته طعمه ثقيل

Posted by on February 04 2020

何度も買ってます。少しずつ カットして 回数分けていただいてます。

Posted by on December 11 2019

طعمه حلو ومو واضح طعم البروتين اهم شي وحلاه متوسط يناسب اللي مايحبون الحالي بس يشبع الحبه تنوكل على ٣ دفعات

Posted by on December 02 2019


Posted by on November 24 2019


Posted by on November 22 2019
ما حبيت

كنت متوقعة يكون شبيه للكوكيز

Posted by on November 20 2019

انصح به

Posted by on September 14 2019
لذيذ اذحطيته بالمكيرويف لمدة ثواني بس يطلع طعم جنان

لذيذ اذحطيته بالمكيرويف لمدة ثواني بس يطلع طعم جنان اظفط نعم اذا افدتك

Posted by on September 01 2019

美味しい!しっとり系のケーキとクッキーの間で、チョコチップの食感がいいです。 ただ一個食べるともたれるのでハーフサイズで倍の数を入れて欲しいです。

Posted by on August 31 2019

И липнут к зубам

Posted by on July 09 2019

وصلني اليوم

Posted by on June 25 2019
Вкусные! И не очень калорийные.

Обожаю эти батончики. Низкокалорийные, не очень сладкие, но очень вкусные!

Posted by on May 22 2019

最初の2、3口は甘いけど、だんだん塩っ気と苦味しか感じられなくて最後の方はめっちゃまずい。 これはおすすめしません。

Posted by on May 10 2019

あまり美味しくないです…。 もっとチューイーな感じかと思っていましたが 噛むとぼそぼそ、もろもろ…。 後口も非常に甘いです。 他のアトキンスのものが美味しかったので 期待していましたが、残念です。

Posted by on April 26 2019

سيء جدا الله يديم النعمه ولايستاهل ولا نجمه خسارة الفلوس فيه

Posted by on April 20 2019

Заказала упаковку вместе с другими, эти понравились меньше всего. Имеют неприятный привкус и слишком сладкие. Заказывать больше не буду.

Posted by on March 14 2019


Posted by on March 12 2019


Posted by on March 10 2019

甘くてボリュームがあるので満足できます! クッキー感はあまりないけど、美味しいので良しです。

Posted by on February 24 2019

アトキンスは家族みんな好きでいろんな種類を試していますが、これは娘も私も甘すぎておてあげでした。 1本食べられないんだもの。

Posted by on January 09 2019


Posted by on December 31 2018
جدا رائع

جدا رائع

Posted by on December 18 2018


Posted by on December 15 2018

かなり甘くてしょっぱめでこってりしてます。 糖質制限中なのに最近甘い物を物凄く欲してしまうのですが、こちらはすごく甘くてボリュームもあるので満足できます。 普通にチョコチャンククッキーの味で美味しいです。しっとりめです。

Posted by on November 22 2018


Posted by on November 19 2018

とにかく甘いです。周りのチョココーティングがビターに感じるほど甘さが強い生地です。 チューイー感は少なく、少しホロホロとした食感なので、チューイーが苦手な方にはおすすめなバー! 一本食べ終わるころには甘さにも慣れ、次の一本に手が伸びてしまいます(笑)

Posted by on November 18 2018

これが一番美味しかったです。 さくっと系ではなく、超しっとり!!カントリーマアムをもっと甘くして、ねちょっとさせた感じですね。めっちゃ好きな味でした。 これからはこれをリピします。

Posted by on November 12 2018


Posted by on November 02 2018


Posted by on October 05 2018

متاز وطعمه لذيذ ... يساعد فعلا في تظبيط السعرات الحرارية

Posted by on October 03 2018

Вкусно,без вреда фигуре!Я подсела на ботончики Atkins, пробовала почти все вкусы,и заказываю снова и снова!Всегда в сумочке есть вкусняшка

Posted by on September 20 2018

アトキンスバーにハマり数種類食べました が、イマイチ美味しさが感じられませんでした。 ケミカル感が強いのかもしれません。

Posted by on September 05 2018


Posted by on September 02 2018

لذييذ لكنه ثقيل شوي يعني نصف البار يكفي ويشبعك

Posted by on August 08 2018
Не Особо

Купила первый развит батончики. Другие уже покупала по несколько раз,очень вкусные. Эти какие-то соленые, трудно прожевать даже с чаем...в общем,так себе штука,не советую. Вот кокосовые и ореховые ооочень крытые!

Posted by on July 19 2018


Posted by on June 28 2018
ملائم لي شخصيا بسبب إتباعي حمية ..

المنتج مخصص لأصحاب الحمية من النوع المسمى عالميا اتكنز والمنتج يحمل نفس اسم الحمية و هو يتميز بزيادة كمية محتوى البروتين . لأنه يسكت الجوع ما بين الوجبات .السعرات الحرارية عالية و لكنها لا تؤثر على هذا النوع من الحمية لأنها تعتمد على منع تناول الكربوهيدرات و السكر .المنتج طري نوعا ما و يفيد ايضا لكبار السن الذين يعانون من قلة الأسنان . الطعم مناسب بالنسبة لي لأن غرض الإستخدام ليس للتسلية ولكن للحمية .. ( إن أعجبك تعليقي و تجد إنه يفيدك .. فضلا أعمل إعجاب .. شكرا ) .

Posted by on May 13 2018
لم يعجبني

دسم وثقيل على المعدة

Posted by on April 08 2018
美味しい:.* ♡(°´˘`°)/ ♡ *.:

こちらのシリーズはプロテインを愛用している息子が何回もリピートしています。 私たちが普通に食べても美味しいですよ。

Posted by on April 06 2018


Posted by on March 29 2018


Posted by on March 04 2018

これと言った特徴はないのですが、だからこそ不満もありません。 食べやすいですね。

Posted by on February 27 2018

Atkinsバーは7種以上購入してきましたが、1番不味かったです。 クッキー生地という表現からさくっとした食感を期待しましたが、超しっとりです。 後味も謎に不味く、クッキー生地とは一体何…?という疑問を抱きます。 Atkinsバーだと、チョコピーナッツバタープレッツェルが1番好きです。

Posted by on February 22 2018

とても甘じょっぱいです たまにならあり 大きめだし飲み物と一緒にいただくと 大分お腹が満たされます

Posted by on February 13 2018


Posted by on February 12 2018
Будто проглотил кирпич

Назвать их вкусными сложно. Что-то отдалённо напоминает вкус печенья, шоколадные кусочки попадаются реже, чем нарисовано на упаковке. По консистенции очень странные — будто из мелкого песка. Целый батончик осилить невозможно, ощущения очень тяжёлые.

Posted by on February 11 2018

クエストバーのチョコレートチップクッキーがチョコチャンクごろごろで 美味しかったので、こちらもそんな感じかな?と期待していたのですが、 甘いスポンジにチョコがかかっているだけでした。 リピはないと思います。

Posted by on February 09 2018


Posted by on February 07 2018
لا بأس به

طعمه عادي وحجمه كبير ويشبع بسرعه يسد نفسك عالاكل اعتقد من الالياف اللي فيه، قيمته الغذائيه جيده لكن قسمته كم قسم على يومي كامل ماراح تقدرين تخلصينه دفعه وحده وهذي بالنسبه لي ميزه عشان ما اخربط ، مع ذلك ماعتقد اشتريه مره ثانيه فيه اللي افضل منه

Posted by on February 06 2018

激甘&塩辛い?感じがします。 容赦のないあまさです

Posted by on January 30 2018


Posted by on January 05 2018
ثقييييييييييل عالكبد

البار الواحد قسمتها ثلاث قطع مااقدرت اكله كامل ابدا مره ثقيل بس طعمه مو سيئ حلو

Posted by on December 28 2017

لمحبي طعم الكوكيز

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Согласна с комментарием ниже, мыло на вкус. Консистенция ужасающая, стевия бьет изо всех щелей, даже первый батончик не осилила

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الحجم جيد والمذاق رائع .. انصح به

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残業がある時の間食として食べてますが1本でしっかり満腹になります! 適度な甘味があるので気持ち的にも満足! あとは忙しくて昼食が取れない時の緊急食品で食べてます。 腹持ちもよいのです。

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طعمه مقبًول ولكنه ثقيل يشبع بسسسرعه

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طعمه حالي جداً ولكنه منتج رائع جداً لمحبين الطعم الحلو وبدون تأنيب الضمير

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甘くてしっとりしていて美味しかったです。 サクサクが〜と言われている方がいらっしゃいますが、クッキーではなくクッキードウなので、サクサクではないですよね笑 食べ応えもあり後を引かず、オススメです!

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Есть невозможно, Мыло на вкус

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뭐 어쩌라는건지 모르겠어요. 인심쓰는척 다이어트하는 친구에게 건내어봅니다.

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منتج بطل طعم وعناصر باعتبارها وجبه خفيفه

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ねっとりだけどサクサク感もあり、強烈な甘さです ワークアウト後のご褒美に

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Они сочные и много кусочков шоколада внутри, очень быстро съела. Невозможно устоять))

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ما عجبني الحلى فية زايد جدا جدا علما بان السكر المستخدم كحول

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1本で満足できる。 尖った甘さが少し気になりました。

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1本炭水化物3g…味は大して期待せず、小腹満たしに食べてみようと思って買いましたが 予想に反して美味しい! 1本当たりのボリュームもあり、おやつには十分です くどい甘さでは無く、丁度良く最後まで美味しく食べられます 味はこの手の○○カット食品にしては、十分アリだと思います。若干不自然な甘さを感じます 最高に美味しいと言う訳では無いので、過度な期待は禁物です このシリーズは種類も多く、色々味を替えられ飽きませんね 物にもよりますが、1箱約千円で5本入り1本200円と考えると、高いかな? 糖質制限しているが、甘いお菓子をガッツリ食べたい!と言う思いを考えると許容範囲ですかねー

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не самый удачный вариант

Мне не понравились, горькое, масляное послевкусие Есть гораздо более вкусные батончики из этой серии Не советую

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糖質制限用スナックシリーズを販売するアトキンスシリーズ その殆どが、え?本当に糖質入ってないの?と疑いたくなるほどの美味しいものばかりです。 その中でも、特に驚きの美味しさなのが、この製品です。 アトキンスシリーズでも比較的最近販売された同製品ですが、味を一言で言うならばよくコンビニ等でも売られているウィダーのプロテインバー ベイクドチョコまんまです。 しかもウィダーの製品は糖質たっぷり、プロテイン少なすぎの、低クオリティスナックですが、 この製品は糖質なんと3g、プロテインも15gも入っているスグレモノ。 すぐ売り切れてしまうので、大量買いして、常に常備しておきたいです。

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この種類の中では、1番好きです。 甘くて美味しい!

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食べ慣れてないせいか 食感も甘さも しつこく感じてしまいました。とても一度に1本は食べられないです(笑)

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لم اتقبله كثيرا

القيمة الغذائية له جيدة و لكن لم اتقبل طعمه كثيرا و طعمه وايد حالي

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違う味がおいしかったので購入してみたら・・・なんでしょう、この味。 やたら甘く、そしてケミカル。焼きがあまい半生クッキーのような食感。 この味は苦手でした。残念。

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لذيذ وهش ومقرمش وصحي جدا قليل او قد يكون خالي الدهون قليل السعرات

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十分甘いけど、他のアトキンスバーに比べると、苦みと塩気があります。 なので、ほかのチョコ系やキャラメル系のアトキンスバーのゴリゴリの 激甘に飽きたらまた買いたいです。 60gでボリュームも十分です。

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مناسب لريجيم اتكنز

ممتاز للاشخاص اللي ماشين على ريجيم اتكنز طعم لذيذ ومشبع

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مره عجبني الطعم

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Сытные и вкусные.

Эти батончики особо заценил мой муж, потому что там побольше белка. Батончик из категории "Основное питание" - заменяют перекус или прием пищи. По вкусу действительно как печенье в шоколаде с шоколадными каплями. Мне показался легкий привкус протеина, но это меня не напрягает. Батончик достаточно большой и сытный, в меру сладкий, не приторный. НО вкус может понравится не всем. Если хотите более приближенное к обычным шоколадкам, то выберете другие батончики этой фирмы. Какие именно можете прочитать у меня в отзывах. А тем кто привык к протеиновым батончикам - однозначно рекомендую!

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خفيف وحلووو بس مايشبع لكن يسكت الرغبه لاكل شوكلت

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Не самые вкусные аткинсы

Пробовала почти все, очень вкусные! Но эти горчат, ужасное послевкусие, больше не закажу

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넘맛있어요 ㅠㅠ

퀘스트바만 먹다 한번먹어봤는데넘나 맛있어요 ㅜㅜ 칼로리가 퀘스트바보다 조금높아서 걱정이긴한데 깔끔하고 초콜렛 넘맛있어요 재구매할듯요

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Очень вкусные батончики. Хороший состав

Вкусные батончики. Отличный вариант для перекуса. Хороший состав. Даю ребенку с собой в школу. Буду заказывать еще

Posted by on October 31 2016

amazingly tasty bars. I liked them much more than the Chocolate Peanut butter bar taste. Потрясающе вкусные батончики, вкуснее чем просто конфеты. Этот вкус лучше чем вкус Арахисовое масло на мой взгляд. бедноваты по содержанию белка, но их вкус оправдывает даже это.

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앳킨스바 다른 종류는 맛있어서 이것도 구매해봤는데 약품맛+퍼슬퍼슬한 맛입니다.. 비싼편인데 실망이예요 ㅜ

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アトキンスシリーズの中では、少しパサパサしている印象。 甘さも人工的な印象が強くなる味でした。 でも、アトキンスシリーズは、基本的には美味しいです

Posted by on September 22 2016

カロリー220kcalでたんぱく質は13g(2016年9月現在)。 サイト登録時とは栄養素が変わっているようです。 食感はサクサクとはしておらず、しっとり系。 甘さは結構強く若干の塩味があります。味がクドイと感じる人もいるかも知れません。 アトキンスの商品では珍しく一個60gあるので食べた満足感をしっかり得られます。

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塩気が割と効いていますが、甘さを引き立てていてとても美味しいです。 食感はチュウイーではなく、さくっと噛み切れるタイプです。 アトキンスは本当にお菓子のような物もありますが、味と栄養価を考慮するとこのフレーバーが一番好きです。

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ощущается привкус то ли протеина то ли не знай чего, но в общем норм

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Очень вкусно

Отличный батончик. Настоящий шоколад как кусочки внутри, так и глазурь на батончике. Буду заказывать еще. Один из немногих батончиков этой фирмы с низким содержанием сахара. Но на вкус это не повлияло

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نكهة الكوكيز جيده ومُشبع جدا .. وحلو حبتين

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저한텐 안 맞았어요 ㅜㅜ

한입 먹을땐 괜찮았는데.. 너무 달고 자극적이고 아린맛이 느껴져요. 코팅된 초콜릿은 정말 초콜릿맛이 났는데 쿠키도우는 짜고 뭔가 알싸한 맛이 느껴지네요. 설탕 대신 당알콜이 많이 들어가서 그런지 먹고나면 속도 안좋고 화장실 가게 돼요. 한개 다 못먹고 버리고 나머지는 그냥 고이 모셔두는 중입니다. 혈당 관리 중이라 가끔 간식으로 먹으려고 반가운 마음에 샀는데, 저랑은 안 맞아요. ㅠㅠ

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Мои любимые!

очень вкусные батоны! Шоколад прямо как я люблю (похож на вкус молочных шоколадных медалек или фигурок). Крупные шоколадные капли. Сам батон тоже безумно вкусный. Большой по сравнению с большинством из Аткинсов. Радует содержание белка (внимание: за счет это больше калорийность)

Posted by on April 16 2016
으웩 플레이 도우맛ㅡㅡ

진심 이게 맛있으신가요 저만 이상한건가요ㅋㅋㅋ 댓글보고 평이 좋길래 주문한건데 정말 맛없어요 간도 안맞고 한입 물자말자 딱 든 생각이 플레이도우... 먹기 역해요 으엑 일생 돈주고 사먹은것중 제일 맛없어요 제 입맛이 까탈스러운것도 전혀 아닌데 왜그럴까요 초코 크레이빙은 머슬컴뱃이나 오예 퀘스트바로 푸세요 그게 백배천배억배 나음 ㅡㅡ 열두개가 아니라 정말 다행이네요 걍 친구들한테 뿌려서 털어야지 피해자 양산 막기위해 한번더 강조합니다 사지마요;;;

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كميته كبيره و هذا اللي يخليه ثقيل و ايضاً سبب لي حارج

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アトキンスバーを何種類か食べた中でくどくて重ためなバーです。 しょっぱく感じるし甘ー!って毎回おもうんですが、それが癖になりリピートしてます(笑) 軽い食事としても良し、物足りない時に間食として食べても他のアトキンスバーより満足感があります♡

Posted by on January 10 2016

おいしいです。食感はUniversal Nutritionのバーにそっくりですが、味は断然こっちの方がおいしいです。ただカロリーが高いのでそこがネック…

Posted by on September 27 2015

Пробовала из Аткинсов батончики с арахисовым маслом, мюсли и песочное печенье. Эти понравились больше всех! Батончик плотный консистенция песочная, достаточно сладкий (я жуткая сладкоежка) Буду заказывать ещё)

Posted by on September 10 2015
Интересный вкус

ожидала немного другой вкус-оказались немного соленоватые,но я такое люблю,похож на арахисовую пасту. Вкусный

Posted by on June 14 2015
Твердая четверка

Батончики вкусные. Сладкие, даже я бы сказала чересчур)) И немного соленые. В целом приятные и сытные. Но целый батончик сразу съесть тяжело, по половинке - самое то. Тогда не будет приторного послевкусия.

Posted by on May 15 2015
자유시간 맛

자유시간이랑 똑같은 맛입니다. 딱히 정말 맛있다!라는 느낌은 없지만 다이어트제품인데 시중에 파는 과자의 맛을 냈다는 것은 대단하다고 생각됩니다.

Posted by on May 10 2015

Очень мы любим всю продукцию ATKINS! Дешего ,сердито и полезно! Постоянно покупаем, уже наверное все испробовали. Эти батончики- новинка, одни из самых сытных, со вкусом печенья и с кусочками шоколада. Рекомендую их использовать как перекус или вместо завтрака, обеда или ужина, конечно, если нет возможность поесть обычную еду. На пару часов можно забыть о еде!!! Берем вместо вредных, сладких батончиков типа "сникерса". Весит один батончик 60 грамм, 240 колорий, 15 грамм протеина, всего 1 грамм сахара, 3 грамма углеводов.....Если мой отзыв был полезен Вам, то нажмите пожалуйста "Yes". Здоровья Вам и удачных покупок!

Posted by on May 09 2015

Вообще невкусные, просто ужасное разочарование. Смогла есть их только порезав на маленькие кусочки. консистенция неприятная.

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Я ожидала от них большего, не самые вкусные из аткинсов, они не очень сладкие не для заядлых сладкоежок как я) капель не чувствуються очень мыгкие, необычные, но больше не закажу, советую выбрать другие батончики

Posted by on November 23 2014
좀 텁텁해요.

초콜렛으로 감싼 도넛 가루를 먹는 기분이에요. 텁텁하고 짜고 달고.. 배고플때 먹어도 맛있는 줄 모르겠던데요. 그냥 비상식량이라고 생각하고 먹으면 먹을만한 정도에요.

Posted by on October 24 2014
많이 짜요.

정말 그대로 쿠키반죽 뭉쳐놓은 걸 먹는 느낌이네요. 짜고, 미국스러운 맛이에요.

Posted by on September 02 2014
얘는 별로였어요... 그냥 초코바가 나요

같은 브랜드거 칩말고... 그냥 초보바?이던가... 안에까지 그냥 까만거요. 그게 훨 맛있었어요.. 이건.. 내부에.. 질감은.. 양갱같ㅇㄴ질감에... 뭔지 모른재료가..있어... 전 이거 항상뜯고.. 반도 안먹고 그냥 버렸어요.....제탓이 크죠... 근데 초코바는 맛있어요

Posted by on August 21 2014

Очень вкусные батончики, просто восторг! С чаем получается хороший перекус, часа на полтора даст ощущение сытости.

Posted by on August 17 2014

나른거랑 같이샀는데 그건진짜 마음에들게 맛있는데 이건 맛없어요ㅜ 너무단느낌보다는 그거뭐지 옥수수찔때 넣는 소다? 그런느낌의 단맛이 거슬림

Posted by on July 19 2014
이거 만든 사람 천재

초코쿠키맛도 나면서 속에 초콜릿도 씹히고 쫀득쫀득하니 초코바의 기능을 다하고 있네요. 디게 단거 땡길때 하나씩 먹었는데 맛있네요. 단걸 좋아하는 제 입맛에는 되게 맛있었어요.

Posted by on April 20 2014

ミールバーは味がイマイチなのが多いです、正直。でもタンパク質はダントツ!どちらかをとるか、ですね。 これも初めはプロテインの人工的な味を感じましたが、あと2本、くらいになったある日に食べたら、中が とってもミルキーな味がして、とても美味しく食べることが出来ました。 これは、こういうもんなんだ、プロテイン摂取なんだと納得というか期待しなかったら、美味しく感じるのかもしれませんw 適当に切り、数回に分けて食べるのもおススメ。柔らかいので歯が不安な方におすすめします

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Posted by on February 05 2014
Далеко не самые вкусные батончики у Аткинса

Эти батончики в реальности выглядят не совсем так, как на этикетке. Они более плоские, начинка более темная и шоколадных капель там поменьше. На вкус - нечто среднее между Марсом и ирисками.

Posted by on November 24 2013
Белковый батончик аткинса, шоколадный, со вкусом печенья и кусочков шоколада.

Такое внутри мягкое печенье с кусочками шоколада, батончик очень сытный!

Posted by on October 03 2013

Ожидала, что будет хрустящим,но он оказался мягким, начинка однородная, шоколадных капель я не почувствовала. Хороший, вкусный, но ожидала большего.

Posted by on May 16 2013


Posted by on May 13 2013

Doughって感じです。パッケージをみて、サクサクした感じを イメージしてると全然違います。おいしいですけど。 Atkinsは色々試しています。これはリピはないかなー。 おいしいけど。

Posted by on February 04 2013

プロテインやビオチンまではいった機能食品系おやつ!すごい でもおやつで食べるならちょっと後味の苦味が気になりました リピはないです

Posted by on October 04 2012

味はおいしいけどとにかく甘い。 中身がヌチョーっとしている。 私はもっとサクサクの方が好みでした。 ただ低糖質中にチョコが食べられるのはうれしい。

Posted by on August 07 2012
맛있는데 달아요

다이어트 식품은 아니라고 생각합니다. 너무 달아서 좀 빨리 질리는 감도 있고..

Posted by on July 24 2012

確かにDoughしてあります。 サクサクなクッキー感ゼロ、ヌガーのような食感。あまり甘さを感じません。 チョコ味も控えめ。 ナッツやグラノーラ系の方が食べやすいかもしれません

Posted by on July 02 2012

うちと会社の冷蔵庫に必ず入っている私の親友です(笑) 1本丸ごとはカロリー的に多過ぎるので、1/3くらいずつしか食べないけど。逆に言うとそれでも満足出来ちゃうくらいに濃厚で美味しい~! この味を知ってから日本の普通のチョコでは満足できなくなりましたw

Posted by on June 19 2012

겉에 쵸코가 진하고 안은 적당히 부드럽다. 냉장후에 먹으니 좋다

Posted by on May 12 2012


Posted by on April 18 2012