Natural Deodorant, Charcoal + Magnesium, 3.25 oz (92 g)

By Schmidt's Naturals

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Schmidt's Naturals, Natural Deodorant, Charcoal + Magnesium, 3.25 oz (92 g)
Price: $9.04 ($9.04/Count)
as at April 30, 2020 4:31 am
  • Award Winning Natural Formula
  • No Aluminum
  • No Propylene Glycol
  • No Artificial Fragrance
  • Mineral Enriched
  • Certified Vegan & Cruelty Free. Gluten Free
Deodorant:  This natural formula helps neutralize odor and absorb wetness. Free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens & phthalates.
Suggested Use

Hold product momentarily to skin to soften on contact with body heat. Gently apply a small amount to underarms.


For external use only. Skin sensitivities may occur. Do not apply directly after shaving, Do not over apply or use on broken skin. Discontinue use if rash or irritation develops. Keep out of reach of children.


Maranta arundinacea (arrowroot) powder, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), caprylic/capric triglyceride (fractionated coconut oil), euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, magnesium hydroxide, natural fragrance, carbo activatus (activated charcoal), tocopherol (vitamin E, sunflower derived).

Package Quantity:
3.25 oz (92 g)

Expiration Date:
01 January 2021

Shipping Weight:
0.31 lbs

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I really like it

Posted by on April 22 2020

Awesome product. No stink!

Posted by on April 18 2020
Very good

Works really good!

Posted by on April 17 2020
No bad smell!

I think this is a great product in how it protects from bad smell. It definitely works very well in that department! My teenager daughter uses this too as the only deodorant that works after trying heaps of others. I wish it came fragrance-free in the same form factor, which hopefully the company will make soon since they already make the fragrance-free stuff but in a jar which isn’t user-friendly to apply. The only reason I took a star off is that it leaves white stains on your clothes, but the do seem to wash off ok. Otherwise it’s excellent.

Posted by on April 16 2020
Not Good, Not Bad

I will not buy it again

Posted by on April 13 2020
Not as good as the old one

I loved the Schmidts fragrance free deodorant and was hoping this would be just as good. It doesn't keep the odour away just as effectively but it's still ok.

Posted by on April 09 2020
Really nice !

I bought it for my husband and he loves it.I v tried as well , really works and keep fresh for long time ! I recommend it .

Posted by on April 08 2020
Nice deodorant

Nice deodorant

Posted by on April 07 2020
Result Of Use

My skin gets dark spots after a month of using this product . Now I’m working on healing the skin to get bright as it was .

Posted by on April 02 2020
Not comfortable to use

This deo isn't bad, if generously applied, but it is not comfortable to use: - leaves greasy stains on clothing. - melts out of the package (from body heat) so the stick looses its shape. - contains small scratchy particles, probably sodium. - unpleasant to use on shaved armpits. It basically behaves like a sodium-based deo. I will use this one but will not repurchase.

Posted by on March 31 2020

кльовий дезік, але структура дуже шершава.

Posted by on March 29 2020
In use

Not my smell, too sweet. In rest, didn't felt as something extraordinary

Posted by on March 24 2020
Great product!

Great product!

Posted by on March 23 2020
Highly recommend this!

Worked so well for me! The scent is pleasant and it lasted the entire day.

Posted by on March 22 2020
Best option for melatonin

Unlike Natrol which leaves me waking up in the middle of the night with a racing heart, these do the job nicely. I trust the ingredients label.

Posted by on March 19 2020
Darker Under Arm

Darker Under Arm

Posted by on March 15 2020
Good for the environment, good for your body

The pleasant long-lasting smell, easy application, and non-toxic properties make this my go-to deodorant.

Posted by on March 05 2020
Protects well

The best natural deodorant for me

Posted by on March 04 2020
The best natural deodorant out there!

Smells Good, safe and most of all last longer!

Posted by on February 28 2020
Full with strange lumps.

The deo is working, but its texture looks very strange, it has some kinds of lumps.

Posted by on February 25 2020
Natural deodorant, charcoal

Per my boy he love this product . Without irritates his skin .

Posted by on February 21 2020
Nice application, a little weaker than the Schmidt's-in-a-Jar Deodorant version.

I wanted to get more charcoal and magnesium in my derma-diet, and trusted Schmidt's to give good odor/perspiration coverage. Nope. Schmidt's in the *jars* is the better choice, esp. if you want to stop stress and peri-menopausal type sweat.

Posted by on February 18 2020
Sticky but works

Works fine, pretty sticky... only need a light touch when applying it.. a little goes a long way. I'll buy again. Used 2 sticks so far.

Posted by on February 15 2020
No unpleasant odor even after intensive workouts

You wouldn't believe how many different deodorants I have been trying, but I have never been happy with any of it. For the last couple years I have been using natural products without aluminium, but none of them were able to conceal unpleasant odor. I think I found almost ideal product recently - Schmidt's deodorant. First of all it has absolutely natural ingredients. It's absolutely clear on the skin, but don't apply too much, because in this case baking soda will be accumulated in your folders. Note, it doesn't absorb wetness, but I have not been getting a sweat smell after intensive workouts, and even by the end of the day. It doesn't irritate the skin after hair epilation. It's the best deodorant as per my experience. The only one disadvantage - it leaves grease stains on the clothes (I think it's due to coconut oil properties). But it's washable and goes away in a warm water.

Posted by on February 10 2020
love it

Best natural deodorant . I am very sweaty, Wish the charcoal came in different smells though, but this is quite unisex/neutral.

Posted by on February 05 2020
I Love This Product

I love this, guys trust me i sweat alot and i smell too but this product saved me i love it so much and im gonna buy it again and again .

Posted by on February 05 2020

I noticed that Schmidts deodorants are disappearing from iHerb, so I gave this one a try and it is the best from the brand! Highly recommend it!

Posted by on February 04 2020
Would not recommend

Really disappointed in this deodorant. The texture is super grainy, and is so messy to apply. Then it did not stop the wetness whatsoever. Have ended up just throwing the product out.

Posted by on February 03 2020
Does what it says

This is a great product and definitely stops any odour. Can be a bit strong if you use it twice in a day, such as morning and night after a shower, with a slight irritation. Otherwise a godsend for people who do not like to use the commercial aluminum brands.

Posted by on February 03 2020

Best roll

Posted by on January 28 2020

Its not working

Posted by on January 19 2020
Works great for me!

Enjoy this deodorant, works really good for me!

Posted by on January 11 2020
Strong Fragrance and Stains Clothes !!!

Intense fragrance was the first thing that hits you. At the end of the day, I realized my shirt was stained at the armpits !!! Embarrassing

Posted by on January 06 2020
All day protection

I am impressed with the effectiveness of this product.

Posted by on January 03 2020
Like it

It can be a bit rough on the armpit, but if you warm it up it glides right on and you smell fresh for hours

Posted by on December 29 2019

One came good and one not good, I got a refund on one but eventually with the shipping price to one I found out much more expensive

Posted by on December 29 2019
Very good !

Very very efficient with no parfum and a king texture.

Posted by on December 26 2019

The kids like it and happy to take it... can't say much about the quality I am not an expert...

Posted by on December 24 2019
Lumpy stuff in the deodorant!!

I kept finding debris on the bathroom counter after using. Then I noticed chunks of something stuck to my skin. I finally realized it's lumps in the deodorant. I want my money back!

Posted by on December 20 2019
Not good

It stains the clothes with white and makes the white blouses yellow underarm. Plus it's not a good antiperspirant!

Posted by on December 12 2019
Good deodorant

I have another type of this brand of deodorant, and this, the charcoal-magnesium deodorant works very well. It works well to block bad smells.

Posted by on December 12 2019
I love this brand of deodorant its the only one i have found that doesn't ittitate my skin.

I am trying my way through all the different types, the charcoal one is one of my favorites so far, it works really well to stop underarm smell and it smells nice too.

Posted by on December 11 2019

Liked it very much until I saw black stains on my shirts!

Posted by on December 09 2019
Irritate my armpit badly

Irritate my armpit so badly and darken the area too. It is very sticky and uncomfortable

Posted by on December 03 2019

my husband said it is good.

Posted by on November 22 2019
Best natural deodorant I have ever tried

Works really well and keeps me smell-free for over 8 hours!

Posted by on November 21 2019

I have magnesium deficiency so this deodorant works great for me, but the rest of my family complained that it causes a burning sensation and causes redness and dark underarms! Though this didn’t happen with me, I guess it depends on each individual’s own body’s reaction.

Posted by on November 17 2019

Very soft. No allergies so far.

Posted by on November 15 2019

Nice smell, love it, it last for 12hours

Posted by on November 13 2019
My Schmidt's second choice

About Schmidt's I already wrote, I love fragrance free version. This one is my second choice. I love the smell and an idea of magnesium addition, but it can leave marks on the clothes. However, it's still great :)

Posted by on November 11 2019

Effective as a deodorant. Natural and without harmful substances. Stains the pits a wee bit.

Posted by on November 06 2019
Great Product

I bought this product because of the magnesium content. I have been really pleased as so far it suits my husband who gets rashes from every other deodorant he has ever tried. The stick is long-lasting and the fragrance is pleasant.

Posted by on November 05 2019
Fresh Pits

Recently purchased this product and surprised at its performance, I would recommend to anyone

Posted by on October 30 2019

Best deodorant I’ve ever used

Posted by on October 19 2019
Great product

Smells good and it actually works!

Posted by on September 19 2019

Склад, рекомендований лікарями. Чудово бореться з запахом поту. Трішки жорсткий під час нанесення, та не підходить для чорних речей.

Posted by on September 18 2019
Just paradise!

So nice++++++

Posted by on September 06 2019

A healthy deodorant that works great and lasts for months.

Posted by on September 06 2019
Gets the job done

Not my favorite deodorant by this brand, but I've ordered it twice and it works well. I just prefer some of the other scents.

Posted by on September 02 2019
Wonderfull Deodorant

Highly recommended

Posted by on August 30 2019
Great deodorant

Works well to prevent sweating and has a pleasant, subtle citrus smell. Highly recommend.

Posted by on August 29 2019
Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Charcoal Magnesium Review

I was looking for a good natural deodorant and stumbled upon this beautiful deodorant. My search for a good deodorant ends today. It is very gentle on my skin and it has very nice smell. Highly recommended.

Posted by on August 24 2019
Skin inflammation

The product really works. The smell of sweat is absent. However, my skin became inflamed from this deodorant. I won’t use it anymore

Posted by on August 10 2019
No smell

I love it, I sweat even more, but I don’t stink at all)!

Posted by on August 05 2019
Good condition

Received in good condition.

Posted by on August 04 2019

Good for men cos it doesnt smell too strong. Not v sticky

Posted by on July 29 2019
Not bad!

Works pretty good!

Posted by on July 29 2019
Good deodorant

Works fine

Posted by on July 27 2019

It makes me sweat more than usual even if it's winter here. My armpits also get darker (maybe because of charcoal?). I will not buy this one again.

Posted by on July 06 2019

It’s didn’t work for me at all.. it really irritated my armpit So badly..sorry I will not buy again.

Posted by on June 27 2019
Great for my teenage daughter

My daughter (16) used to have very strong Body Odor problems and even her clothes were quite smelly. Using this deodorant, her clothes no longer smell.

Posted by on June 26 2019
The best of natural deos but

... this still has its flaws; it doesnt work during heat ( I dont care about sweating, only the bad smell) or with certain synthetic fibers and it stains, but I desperately want to use less those aluminum deos. And I have tried so many natural deos, by far this has been the best working! I will continue to use this alongside those aluminum deos.

Posted by on June 20 2019
Good results but abrasive.

I like how this works but it becomes more abrasive as the bar wears down. I have to apply it carefully so as not to scratch my skin.

Posted by on May 09 2019
Great stuff

Great results, super effective and pleasant to ware. I am re-purchasing it again and again. Lasts for month with daily use.

Posted by on May 04 2019
Mix Feels

Eventually the smell can become overpowering and I noticed it irritated my skin a few times otherwise good.

Posted by on March 30 2019
the best one

the best deodorant in the market! the best one for me for sure!

Posted by on March 20 2019
not recommended

doesn’t really do the job.... smells not that good.. It also has a bad texture.

Posted by on March 10 2019
Use it everyday..

I bought one for my husband and one for myself. We both like the smell and it has definitely become one of our "daily necessities" product!

Posted by on February 05 2019
Best Natural Deodorant Ever!

Best Natural Deodorant Ever! Please Don't Discontinue It!

Posted by on February 03 2019
Best Deo Ever

Smells, applies very well and save for the body

Posted by on January 29 2019
the only natural deodorant that really works

Posted by on December 21 2018
good deodorant

it’s work 24 hour

Posted by on December 01 2018
So Sad

I was so excited to try this cause my sis used it and highly recommended it to me it works and everything but my armpits got darker just after the first use :(

Posted by on November 28 2018
Beyond happy!!

I would give this more than 5 stars if I could! I have never had a deodorant (or anti-perspirant for that matter) that kept me feeling and smelling so clean and fresh. (Stress and monthly hormonal changes cause me hard-to-control body odour, but this has been the first month I can remember that I've gone entirely B.O. -free. Crying happy tears!!)

Posted by on November 26 2018
great product

great product

Posted by on November 23 2018
Great product!

This a great product! It's doesn't contain propylene glycol like so many other deodorants - even the "natural" ones, so it doesn't cause the itching and rash that other deodorants do. I love the smell, too. It does have a very slightly gritty feel to it, but I don't mind that at all.

Posted by on November 21 2018
most effective deodorant for me, even outperforms aluminum-based anti-transpirants!

For a long time I was looking for a reliable deodorant without aluminum. Schmidt's Charcoal and Magnesium did deliver even more than this - it works even on hot and sweaty days for me, and I am sweating quite a lot. It outperformed the aluminum based and sythetically flavoured deodorant I was using before in summer (Rexona Cobalt Stick). Highly recommended!

Posted by on November 19 2018

The best deodorant ever! Never u smell bad Definitely I will buy it again

Posted by on November 16 2018
shipping and product

i really like this product. There are a lot of iherb products to enjoy, but lately there have been shipping cost changes and free Delivery by Local Post with over 40$ has been dismissed :( That sad!

Posted by on November 07 2018
Super deo

Szeretem az illatát, de a sötét ruhákon nyomot hagy. Az izzadásgátló hatása tökéletes.

Posted by on October 29 2018
Didn’t Received The Order

I ordered it but never received it

Posted by on October 12 2018
Caused a skin reaction

This worked really well for me for about a month, then I started getting a nasty rash where I apply it. It starting to sting and itch whenever I applied it but I thought the rash could be from something else, so I waited a few weeks for it to go away and used the deodorant again and the rash came back. Its also just difficult to apply. Such a shame because it did work well.

Posted by on October 08 2018
It’s Good But ......

The product is great but it leaves a stain on clothes especially white clothes and that’s not flattering

Posted by on September 28 2018
Best version of Schmidt ive tried

Also the best natural deo among all the others ive collected over the past 3 years. Just that the smell is abit too strong for me. Smell quite like speedstick. Have yet to try the tea tree schmidt tho, heard many good stuff about it..

Posted by on September 23 2018

Very good, and it smells good

Posted by on September 23 2018
The Best So Far

I used the other scents from schmidts and this was the only one that lasted very long even when after workouting out. I did not like the fragrance at first, it was too strong but it grew on me.

Posted by on September 04 2018
great for everyday use.

Smells good, works well, but does leave some grey staining on cloths.

Posted by on August 30 2018


Posted by on August 21 2018
Really Nice Smell & Work So Well

As I don’t wax I’m looking for something strong enough to hold entire day but also with a natural smell and no chemical - pretty hard to find right ?! This one It’s working so well, the smell is super nice and original but also not that strong ! It’s definitely the best I tried so far ! Entire day of summer without any bad smell ! As is not an antiperspirant, you still sweat a bit but there is no maceration, no bacteria developing so it’s only body water, and absolutely no smell - I’m really happy with it ! You have to spread a little quantity on your armpit , at the beginning I put too much and it was a little bit weird as the texture is full of baking soda but then I find the right amount and it goes so well !

Posted by on August 18 2018
Excellent Deodorant!!

This is one of the best natural deodorants I have ever used!! Keeps you smelling fresh without the harsh chemicals.

Posted by on August 17 2018
fairly good

fairly good. got to apply it slowly and little bit

Posted by on August 16 2018

I am only young still and do excessively sweat, I do a lot of high intensity sports and have been looking for a non toxic deodorant that works ! This is my holly grail I’ve used other Schmidt’s deodorants before which work but if your looking for a deodorant u can run a marathon in this is your baby!

Posted by on August 13 2018
Great deodorant

I am really happy with this product. I sweat easily and have not found a deodorant that works better than this. The smell is quite strong but pleasant. This has not irritated my skin either what often happens to me. Really great product, will buy this again.

Posted by on August 10 2018

The best magnesium deo

Posted by on August 01 2018
I want to love this product so so much, but I have to keep on trying to find the right one for me...

So, it was a big hype around this product from the vegan community, as it's all natural, and cruelty-free and super effective and so... I think it's a fair price and long lasting product tho, nice natural and unisex smell. They should've worked on the package since it's full plastic by the way... Well, for me it was super weird that it is a very grainy and you can not swipe it up to your armpits just like any other deodorant, I need to swipe up a little amount than wipe it with my fingers to cover up the whole area. Really time-consuming in the mornings... Also, you have to pay attention because the product stains the pits of shirts, not just the dark coloured ones... The stain is greyish and thick and sometimes it stays there even after washing your clothes... It is more like an oil stain and also it somehow - if you are very sweaty - it's gathered after a while in the middle of your armpits and it's like a nasty grey pudding consistancy. Also, unfortunately, I still smell sometimes... I want to love this product so so much, but I have to keep on trying to find the right one for me...

Posted by on July 31 2018
Great deo

Excellent product, lasts long and skin friendly.

Posted by on July 30 2018
Highly recommended

Best Schmidt's deo stick for me. Smells fresh and gentle. I am a midwife, working long hours often with lots of running around. I also love dancing up a sweat and this lovely deo kept me fresh and sociable! Easily lasts 12hours. Just make sure you pull your clothes over your head without touching armpits, otherwise you get white stain on clothes. Washes out easily though.

Posted by on July 29 2018
Our new favorite deodorant!

This has become our favorite deodorant, next to the mineral stone type that we also love, as it is very effective and we love the fragrance as well as the fact that the ingredients are of very high quality.

Posted by on July 26 2018
Works For Smell But Not Sweat, Strong Smell

I live in Asia and it’s SO hot and SO humid that everything just melts once I go outside. This deodorant is a bit better than most- it dries on the skin and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling. But! It still melts in the Asian climate. It works well for the smell, I don’t stink if I wear it. What I don’t like is the charcoal smell: it is so strong and intense. I have not tried the not scented one so maybe it’s better.

Posted by on July 26 2018
Great product

Great product

Posted by on July 25 2018
Must have product

Fantastic! I love this product & definitely recommend it.

Posted by on July 25 2018
No Stink!

This stuff really works. First natural deodorant that really works for me all day without my pits stinking.

Posted by on July 20 2018
No Smell At The End Of The Day.

Woah. Ok this guy works. I live in humid Singapore and work in a non air conditioned environment. Typically at the end of the day the pits of my uniform stink but not when I use this deodorant. I don't think the smell lasts throughtout the day which I don't really care for. It works. Do note that it doesn't prevent sweating. Application is a little messy and wet. U might wanna wait it out before putting on your top.

Posted by on July 18 2018

Fantastic product. Over the years I've tried many deodorants, and they have been hit and miss. This product works brilliantly and is natural as well! I am not sure about the other comments about the grey stains - it certainly hasn't been my experience. I do wonder how much they are using (I find I only need a very small amount to work)... Am looking forward to seeing how it copes with an Australian summer.

Posted by on July 11 2018
This Product Is Gray!

I agree with other reviewers that this product is simply an awkward product. The charcoal content makes the product GRAY. Clearly not ok unless you wear only dark colors. I also didn’t like the scent. I opt instead for the Tea Tree Sensitive Skin version which I really do like.

Posted by on July 10 2018
Favourite natural deodorant

This is my favourite natural deodorant by far. Love the smell, lasts 24+ hours on me and doesn’t irritate my skin, which natural deodorants containing baking soda normally do.

Posted by on July 10 2018

Best product! For more than 2 years have been looking for an awesome product and I just found it ! Thanks iHerb

Posted by on July 06 2018
very bad

it caused me an irritation and redness under my arm i wouldn't recommend it for people with sensitive skin

Posted by on July 04 2018

Haven’t reacted to this like I did to another natural deodorant. Doesn’t smell like a male or female typical scent- quite a neutral scent. Cheap compared to many others also. Will buy this again.

Posted by on June 27 2018
Did not work for me at all

Did not work for me at all. maybe it would if it was fragrance free!

Posted by on June 26 2018
Smells terrible

I love Schmidt deodorants and the charcoal-magnesium works really well, but the scent is awful. I would love to see more scent choices. I grit and bear through this one as I don't want to throw it away , so I can attest the scent lasts for hours. Maybe if you like commercial floral bathroom toilet spray you would like this scent.

Posted by on June 19 2018
Read All Review!!!

This product is the best but very disappointed that The box is big and it contains very small product inside.

Posted by on June 13 2018
Love this stuff

This stuff is great. I'm not that sweaty or smelly of a person, so this stuff works for me, plus it's free of chemicals and AL. The smell is kinda fresh and a little citrusy

Posted by on June 12 2018
I have a rash from it

I love the idea of this... and I’m sold on the rose vanilla deodorant in the same brand but this product is a bit grainy. It has scratched my underarms and given me a little rash. It’s a sensitive area so I don’t know why you would make a deodorant that isn’t smooth. The charcoal can transfer onto white cloathing but does wash out. Keeps sweat smells away though. Has a smell that would suit males more then females but still ok for women

Posted by on June 08 2018

Very sweaty husband did not find regular Schmidt's deodorant to work effectively enough for him, but is pleased with the performance of this variant. Glad I have found something more natural to suit him. I really like it too, plus Schmidt's is a great ethical company. Good prices for AU customers from iHerb.

Posted by on June 06 2018
Best deodorant I've ever used

I've been through a great deal of natural aluminium free deodorants, they all worked well for the first part of the day but come 4-5hrs in if I've been really active, then they just lose all effectiveness and I end up smelling, this deodorant on the other hand, I do a physical job so I can be running around all day working up a serious sweat and at no point do I ever end up smelling like BO, highly recommend. PS ~ after about 3 months of use I have noticed a rash, I will still be using it but will be cycling it on days when its not 100% necessary.

Posted by on May 23 2018
Great product but not great for light coloured or sheer fabrics

I have very sensitive skin and this doesn't affect me at all. The smell is lovely, lasts all day, even with intense gym workouts! I have just ordered my second one and will continue using this product! The only downside is that it does leave greasy marks on any sheer / chiffon fabrics, and a slight grey tinge on any whites and lighter colours.

Posted by on May 14 2018
Average product

Didn't like the product feeling. It's not clean to use but the coverage is good.

Posted by on May 14 2018
The best!

This is the best, most effective natural deidorant I have ever used! I loved the camomile-scented one which came in the jar but it left me wishing for more on hot days.. this one is amazing. We are having a heat wave right now and I am so confident that my armpits will not smell.. yes,they still sweat sometimes, but no smell! Zero!! Amazing! The scent of the deodorant was surprising, smells a bit weird but I got used to it in few days.

Posted by on May 13 2018

smells good

Posted by on May 10 2018
Pretty good, although potential for irritation.

I like this a lot, but sometimes it irritates my arms (probably when it was hot and partly melted, and I put too much on). I've switched to a deodorant stone, but if I switch back to a stick I'll go with this brand.

Posted by on May 09 2018

Its has nice smell but it stains the clothes with bad colors

Posted by on May 07 2018
The best ever...

I rarely do reviews but I want to write for this one..! No smell... nothing... usually body odor mixes with the deodorant after a few hours... At first I can smell a fresh scent and after a few hours nothing... which is great! It feels so natural...

Posted by on May 06 2018
Fresh smelling and actually works

My hubby works in the hot sun all day and gets compliments all day about his fresh deodorant :) I love it but am un-able to use it as I have sensitive underarms so still use the brand but the sensitive range. Really happy with this brand and product!

Posted by on May 02 2018
The product wasn’t what I expected

It was rough and harsh not smooth and it scratched my underarm, got allergic and it darkens my skin so bad.

Posted by on May 01 2018
Great And Long Lasting

Smells lovely and lasts longer than the other products I’ve used.

Posted by on April 21 2018

I LOVE IT! It is the best deodorant Ive tried. Gentle, effective and lovely smell. Keeps the skin dry all day and prevents bad odeur as well. I wore it on a sportsday being active for hours. No stains or sweaty feeling. Im addicted to it and would love to try other Schmidts products.

Posted by on April 18 2018
Awesome Product.

I have been using this deodorant for a few weeks now and am very happy with it. It works as a natural deodorant should and it even lasts into the next day if I happen to have not taken a shower at night. It has an unusual smell at first but that does quickly go. I have tried a lot of natural deodorants and this one is probably my top all round choice.

Posted by on April 06 2018
Great smell, but stains + irritated my skin

Loved the smell, I stay fresh all day even with one morning application. It really cuts odors so I wish so bad it had worked for me. However I still sweat and it stains clothing bad. Some items it didn't even wash out well. Worst thing: after a few days of use, I started developing an itchy red rash in my underarms after applying. This rash disappeared after I stopped using the product, but came back whenever I tried again, so I can't use it--it's not a good fit for my skin.

Posted by on April 05 2018
Works but causes stains

I was so excited to try this product after reading the reviews. I have tried a plethora of natural deodorants with disappointing results, and I really wish that I could say I love this product because it does work as a deodorant, but it leaves big grey stains on all my clothes, so I won’t be re-purchasing!

Posted by on April 05 2018

it lasts all day, a feature which can`t be connected to many natural(or almost natural) products. If you have a very sensitive skin- don`t apply a half of ton of this stuff.

Posted by on March 28 2018
So Bad

Posted by on March 27 2018
Lovely scent

I have bo and this natural deodorant works well! It has a mild earthy scent. Not really sure if it stains though, even if it does I could just go back to the bergamot+lime, lovely scent as well but I find it to be too overpowering. 3 swabs is more than enough, if applied too much it will burn and dry out ur pits. My mum loves this brand too.

Posted by on March 26 2018
Good product

Works well and smells nice

Posted by on March 25 2018
Best deodorant ever and great for sensitive skin!

I really like the other Schmidt's deodorants as they keep me smelling fresh all day long and even through some pretty intense workouts, but they always made my armpits itchy and sometimes I would get a rash. But not this one! It works exactly the same as all the other scents in terms of coverage but it's really gentle on the skin and it smells really nice and clean.

Posted by on March 24 2018
The smell is light and fresh

The smell is unisex but I think the guys will like it more

Posted by on March 23 2018
It works for me!

I was skeptical, however, one must try things to find out if they work. I had tried others in this range and as lovely as they smell, they were not up to the job for me. After reading the reviews for this one and finding out the ingredients are very useful in this area, I took the plunge and purchased. Im into my 4th week and there is no body odor AT ALL. This will be my go to from now on. Love a product that works.

Posted by on March 22 2018

Posted by on March 09 2018
Finally a natural deodorant that works

I can go a whole day and still smell fresh. Yes, you still perspire, but iit is amazing as a deodorant, which is what it says it is on the label.

Posted by on March 08 2018
Would Give 5 Stars but...

I've been using this for 3 months and I have to say, I like the smell. It's slightly citrus-y and the whole product would be great if it weren't for its cons. A) It's very powdery after application and B) It stains your shirts grey. I couldn't go 3 hours without it flaking off.

Posted by on March 05 2018
Smells Nice And Works

I love Schmidt deodorant. The sticks are easier to apply. I was excited to try this new one. The smell is pleasant. It is a bit darkish on application. Overall it works. Probably won’t buy it again though because the plastic packaging can’t be reused like the other version that comes in containers.

Posted by on March 03 2018
Unpleasant Fragrance

This has a scent which I really dislike. Smells like jasmine.

Posted by on February 27 2018
natural deoderant

I just started using this product. I really want to like it because I believe in charcoal's detoxifying ability. But the product is dry and is difficult to apply. I scraped my underarms the first time I used it. Now, I apply a thin coat of coconut oil first then apply it making sure the product is fully exposed.

Posted by on February 27 2018

Ingredients are better than most and it works. Smells good too. .............

Posted by on February 23 2018
Fragrance free version would be welcome

This deodorant works really ! But I dont like the citrus smell.

Posted by on February 20 2018

ORIGINAL REVIEW: This is the first non-aluminium deodorant that I've EVER used that works just as good as, if not better, than aluminium ones. Seriously. And the smell is so fresh and subtly masculine. I am considering a bulk buy. The price is not cheap but I am a convert. UPDATED REVIEW: I have to change my review. This stains the pits of shirts and t-shirts quicker than any aluminium deodorant I've used before. The stain is not the yellow/green one. It is more like an oil stain or like a shadow around the pit. I don't use non-aluminium deodorant for its health benefits. I use it because I don't want my shirts destroyed after a few months with unsightly pit stains. This has begun to affect the look of my shirts after only a few days! And putting through a wash didn't make a difference. C'mon guys. It smells so good and works so well - except it will surely destroy my shirts with continued use.

Posted by on February 20 2018
Love It!!!!

Love it!!

Posted by on February 13 2018
Works well but stains

I like the deodorant - works, natural, cruelty free. But I'm torn as it pretty quickly stains the armpits on my clothes a gray that is more obvious than the yellowing of normal deodorant and stains much quicker than regular deodorant. I might try to find one that doesn't ruin my clothes.

Posted by on February 11 2018
Good Product

I love it.

Posted by on February 06 2018
So far so good

It is doing the job so far but as i am on holidays i have not had the chance to really try it out in the heat.

Posted by on January 17 2018
Superb product

Excellent product. Good unisex scent. I've tried a plethora of "natural" deodorants. This one is the best by far! Would definitely recommend this to anyone who's been searching for a natural deodorant that actually works.

Posted by on January 17 2018

Have used a lot of natural deodorants including other Schmidt ones. I thought this one didn’t work that well as I still found a bit of odour. After about 3 weeks the odour stopped and hasn’t happened since despite now being in the middle of a sweltering Australian summer. I believe the issue at the start was further detoxing due to the charcoal.

Posted by on January 11 2018
Best on the market!

My family has used nothing but Schmidt's deodorant for a couple years now. Works perfectly without all the nasty chemicals . Keeps any smell at bay while not adding aluminum to your brain. The Charcoal Magnesium is my favorite but the other scents are great, too.

Posted by on January 09 2018
Smells Good

Works amazing and smells lovely. Will definitely buy again.

Posted by on January 07 2018
The best

Brilliant, works a miracle !

Posted by on January 05 2018
Kills all odour... awesome deodorant!

Since using this deodorant for the past few weeks, I've had no issues with underarm odour... as we've had a few warm days recently (it hit 40°C... 104°F) it's been a great test for me. Not sure I agree with the promise to reduce wetness, but it definitely removes odour!

Posted by on January 02 2018
Very effective, great scent

Works great, summers here are hot and humid and this deodorant works! Great scent, not overpowering

Posted by on December 31 2017
This is the best deodorant I have ever tried!

I have tried about a dozen natural deodorants, and this is by far the best one. Other natural deodorants have either worn off too quickly, or they have not masked the smell. I live Korea where it gets really hot and humid in the summer, this deodorant will last all day. I also like the smell of it, it’s pleasant without being overpowering. Be sure to follow the directions and press the deodorant against your underarm for a few seconds to warm up and soften the deodorant before applying it, otherwise the texture can be gritty and it feel abrasive against your skin. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

Posted by on December 31 2017
Boyfriend loves it!

I love Schmidt's Natural Deodorants. I personally use their Rose + Vanilla scented jar deodorant and I wanted to get my boyfriend to try a natural deodorant as well. We both love the smell of the Charcoal + Magnesium stick, the scent is very clean and gender neutral. He says it’s been working well, so I decided to stock up for him!

Posted by on December 18 2017
Smells great and works great

My go to from now on.

Posted by on December 08 2017
Works well

Love the smell plus really effective

Posted by on November 29 2017
Game Changer

This deodorant is worth the price for me. I like the smell of this one (a subtle but sweet-herbal smell) and I like that this one truly works. I've tried so many different ways of deodorizing, and Schmidt's has won first place.

Posted by on November 27 2017
Love this

I bought this for my boyfriend but have ended up using it myself too! He is a tradie who sweats all day and he never smells anymore! Its amazing! The smell is really good for either boy or girl, he doesn't like girly smells and he is happy with the smell. Very happy!!

Posted by on November 19 2017
Yay Love It

I've tried many many natural deodorants and this one is one of the best for me by far for sweat reduction and smell. I love it

Posted by on November 14 2017

Very great product keeps the odor away while keeping you dry and I have had no allergic reaction unlike a lot of others we have used

Posted by on November 02 2017
Great deodant but too much hard

This is good deodorant, I love it. It is have one problem, it's very hard and work like scrub. If you have hair in those zone, don't buy it, you can get a lot of problem

Posted by on October 21 2017

The best deodorant, blocks the smell for 24 hrs. Neutral fragrance, love the Magnesium benefits.

Posted by on October 16 2017
Absolutely brilliant!

I have been on the hunt for a fabulous natural deodorant which actually works. I have just about tried them all! I had never even heard of this brand before because I am in Australia, but I will definitely be buying this one again. It left my armpits cleaner and fresher than any other natural deodorant that I have tried. Will be a repeat buyer.

Posted by on September 28 2017
Great Deodorant and nice scent!

This is the 2nd Schmidts Deodorant that i'm trying out. I was a bit nervous that the scent would be too strong. Its exactly like advertised, freshly fallen rain. Not too masculine or feminine. Would work well on both guys or girls. It does not glide as smooth as their regular sticks, that's my only complaint, its a bit chalky and has a powdery finish which is weird and i'm not fond of as it tends to flake off like powder?! It also has a slightly grey finish that for some women may not be so appealing if your wearing a tank top. Other than that just like all their other deodorants it really does last the whole day regardless if i'm working out or sweaty throughout the day. Its pretty amazing what their natural formulas can do. I hope they figure out how to get it to glide smoother! Worth the purchase.

Posted by on September 18 2017
Best "Natural" Deodorant I've Used

I've been trying out different Schmidt's deodorants for the last year now and this is definitely the best one I've come across. I recently went on a 13 mile hike and was afraid this deodorant wouldn't stand up to the 90 degree heat. Amazingly, I smelled great after the exhausting hike and didn't feel any excess moisture the entire time! The scent isn't too strong and it applies smoothly. It may concern some people that the stick itself is actually dark gray (the charcoal), which means it does apply gray when you put it on your armpit. This doesn't bother me one bit, but it's worth mentioning. I would definitely recommend this scent and formula for anyone interested, it's worth the price!

Posted by on August 03 2017
cruelty free alternative - MUST BUY

Im always looking out for vegan cruelty free brands and schmidts has been my go to brand for the past year. would definitely recommend.

Posted by on July 18 2017


Posted by on April 24 2020
Прекрасный Продукт

Я брала несколько продуктов этого бренда и этот мне понравился больше всех, меня защищает. Запах нейтральный, что для меня является бонусом. Не в восторге от консистенции при нанесении, но снимать баллы за это не буду. Рекомендую.

Posted by on April 20 2020

Ce deo fait son travail sans problème. Le problème c’est qu’il est irritant je trouve, je n’ai pourtant pas la peau fragile. Ce n’est pas en terme de composition mais plutôt les micro particules dedans qui sont assez abrasives. Je vais le tester en format Roll-on et on verra bien

Posted by on April 15 2020

Со своей работой справляется, НО оставляет следы на одежде. Для меня это минус. Второй раз брать не буду.

Posted by on April 14 2020

Дезодорант хороший, защищает на ура

Posted by on April 13 2020

9 из 10, с запахом справляется на отлично, муж полный, потеет сильно, поэтому были приятно удивлены, один минус -это темнеют подмышки, видимо, от того что угольный... но муж говорит, что его это абсолютно не смущает, главное что свою функцию выполняет, для девушки не советую, заказывали его второй раз и будем ещё

Posted by on April 12 2020
Отличный дезодорант!

Этот дезодорант подошёл мне намного лучше, чем с цитрусовым вкусом. Пользуюсь теперь только им!

Posted by on April 12 2020
Натуральный дезодорант

Приятно пахнет, но с проблемой появления запаха справляется на троечку. На лето не подойдёт точно. Больше заказывать не буду

Posted by on April 10 2020
Не подошел.

Не подошел мне. Для меня слабенький. Не дает ожидаемого эффекта защиты.

Posted by on April 10 2020

Je n’utilise plus que lui. Odeur agréable

Posted by on April 08 2020
Очень )

Очень довольна покупкой. Нет запаха,хоть пот и есть,и это главное. ❤️

Posted by on April 08 2020
Оставляет следы

Оставляет жирные серые следы. Но пока все отстирывается. Работает хорошо. Запаха нет.

Posted by on April 06 2020

المنتج ممتاز في منع ظهور رائحة العرق ولكن يعيبه ان المنتج خشن (تؤدي الى التهاب الجلد) بالإضافه الى انه يؤدي الى سواد الإبط.

Posted by on April 06 2020
Mon déodorant préféré

Il est parfait, contrôle les odeurs parfaitement, bonne odeur et naturel. Mon mari l'adore aussi.

Posted by on April 05 2020
Не понравился совсем

Выбирала дезодорант по восторженным отзывам и была очень разочарована, когда его получила. Во-первых, неоднородная текстура с большим количеством комочков. Если дезодорант стоит при комнатной температуре, то нанести его тонким слоем не реально - получается жирный слой с комками, остающимися на одежде. Убрала в холодильник - эффект немного получше, но холодные комки царапают кожу . Во-вторых, "аромат" на любителя ядрёных запахов. Очень навязчивый, перебивает духи. В-третьих, не выполняет свою прямую функцию: проверку жарой и фитнесом не прошёл.

Posted by on April 04 2020
Самый Лучший!

Натуральный состав, приятный аромат. Очень понравился.

Posted by on April 03 2020

Мне подходит! Держит хорошо, даже при занятии спортом. Отлично убирает запах! Для органик очень хорошее средство

Posted by on March 27 2020
Дезодорант проверенного бренда

Хорошо справляется с запахом пота, но пачкает одежду. Безопасный состав.

Posted by on March 26 2020
Excelente desodorante!

Excelente produto, muito melhor que qualquer outro desodorante, nem os com aluminio e antibacteriano são bons como este. Realmente funciona contra odor.

Posted by on March 25 2020
Не зашёл!!

Запах так себе,оставляет на одежде пятна!

Posted by on March 23 2020
Ужас ужас ужас

1. Огромные пятна на одежде оставляет (убил футболку). 2. Запах ужасный, воняет так, что пробивает мне в нос даже сквозь зимнюю одежду. Вонь как от толстой училки в школе по сольфеджио, во-истину, "что отрицаешь - тем сам и становишься". 3. Нанесение - как наждачкой по подмышкам трешь.

Posted by on March 23 2020
Хороший продукт

Я пользуюсь этим дезодорантом 1 неделю. Не очень обычная текстура, похожа на скраб с солью только плотнее. Запах нейтральный, цитрусовый. Внутри на одежде белые следы после использования этого дезодоранта остаются. Работает хорошо. Даже при очень сильных физических нагрузках запаха пота нет. Купила сразу два. Себе и своему мужчине. Когда он попробует дополню отзыв.

Posted by on March 22 2020
в процессе использования

мне очень нравится и аромат и состав и действие, да с ним пот будет выходить, а значит и детоксикация организма будет проходить правильно, он не полностью убивает запах, но неприятного с ним нет в течение мин 12 часов! не надо ждать от него действия как у антиперспиранта, на то это и экологичный продукт для здоровья

Posted by on March 20 2020
Хороший дезодорант

Пока все нравится

Posted by on March 20 2020
Довольна результатом

Состав супер, все запахи перекрывает, но тк он серого цвета, то пачкает немного одежду. Хотя вроде полностью отстирался

Posted by on March 17 2020

excellent anti transpirant odeur super subtile ce qui permet au parfum de passer au premier plan .. je ne conseille pas de porter du blanc par contre car il tache.

Posted by on March 12 2020

Super produit, je suis très contente. Tout mes copines commandées aussi.

Posted by on March 02 2020

Очень нравится дезодорант, натуральный, приятный запах, препятствует появлению запаха пота. Но.. оставляет следы на одежде..

Posted by on February 23 2020
Выполняет Свое Предназначение На 5

Я массажист и этот дезик меня просто выручает с утра до вечера отсутствует запах пота.пахнет он приятно напоминает мне запах ocean, консистенция не совсем однородная чуток бугристая но мне это не мешает главное чтоб не очень вредно и не вонять,рекомендую

Posted by on February 21 2020
мне понравился.

Заказала, несмотря на все негативные отзывы. В итоге- очень понравился. Есть нюансы при использовании: наносить нужно небольшим тонким слоем, тогда никаких следов на одежде не остается. Второе - защиту на весь день вряд ли обеспечит ( для меня это логично, так как натуральный состав и не должен), поэтому наношу повторно через 8-12 часов и меня это устраивает. в заключении, довольно специфический запах, очень непривычный после магазинных дезодорантов с отдушками. но через 5-10 минут после нанесения он совсем не чувствуется.

Posted by on February 13 2020

مناسب جدا للرجال وناسبهم لكن بنسبه لي رائحته ازعجتني لم استسيق استخدامه بسببها

Posted by on February 12 2020

странный немного дезик, непривычно поначалу, трудно размазать по коже. я делаю так: на чистую кожу брызгаю гидролат василька ( или розовую воду или хоть что )) а потом уже дезодорант лучше скользит. 4+ за невредность

Posted by on February 10 2020
Отлично! Но не всем подходит

Мне подошёл, отлично держит и запах ненавязчивый. Хотя изначально брала мужу и у него проявились сухость и раздражение, пользование прекратил.

Posted by on February 06 2020
Оставляет пятна

Хороший дезодорант. Приятный запах. Хорошо справляется со своей задачей, НО ... оставляет пятна на одежде. Даже если одежда тёмных цветов.

Posted by on February 02 2020


Posted by on January 24 2020
Очень понравился

Необычный дезодорант, сразу показалась странной его текстура, но со временем привыкла. Очень понравился запах - напоминает мелиссовый чай. Думаю что его можно использовать как унисекс. Работает и в стрессовых ситуациях - запаха пота вообще нет при использовании этого дезодоранта. Рекомендую всем, кто хочет отказаться от масмаркетовских дэзиков.

Posted by on January 24 2020
Достойный продукт.

Неплохой, не скажу, что супер. Но второй раз не буду брать

Posted by on January 19 2020
Best deodorant ever

Je n’ai jamais trouvé un déodorant aussi efficace ! Même avec les déodorants de marque célèbre, toxique, je puais en fin voir milieu de journée. Je recommande, adieu les mauvaises odeurs toute la journée !!

Posted by on January 19 2020
Не заказывайте

Как будто намазал вонючее мыло ((

Posted by on January 16 2020

Le meilleur pas d'odeur de transpiration même lendemain. L'odeur du déo est très agréable. je recommande

Posted by on January 15 2020

шикарный состав. действие не поняла. с зале плоховато держит, а так - бомба!!!

Posted by on January 14 2020
Super tenu

Bonne odeur et super tenu

Posted by on January 13 2020
Держит, но запах

Запах пота устраняет, но запах самого дезика странный... +не очень удобно наносить (нужно разогревать его на коже, а потом проводить по телу уже). Но пока это лучший экобио дезик

Posted by on January 07 2020

Приятный запах лимона. Действительно работает. Не как дезодорант с алюминием конечно, но зато не вредит здоровью. Наношу утром, если не бегать, хватает на весь день. При интенсивных нагрузках пот все равно будет, но не будет неприятного запаха. Из натуральных дезодорантов, этот лучший, что у меня были.

Posted by on January 06 2020
Рабочий натуральный дезодорант

Натуральный (без солей алюминия, фталатов, парабенов и прочей канцерогенной и нейротоксичной косметической химии) дезодорант по довольно адекватной цене. Мне помогает нейтрализовать запах пота, хотя конечно не так эффективно, как химические дезики из масс-маркета. На белой одежде 100% оставит серые следы от угля (они без проблем отстираются), поэтому конкретно этот вид с магнием подходит только для цветной или тёмной одежды. Запах нормальный, ненавязчивый. Думаю, что закажу ещё, только попробую с другим ароматом.

Posted by on January 01 2020

رائحه جميله وفعال ولاكن يترك اثر على الملابس

Posted by on December 28 2019
Desodorante efectivo y libre de tóxicos

Buen desodorante aunque en los últimos comprados aparece la pasta con grumos que se deprenden al usarlo.

Posted by on December 26 2019
Свою задачу выполняет. Для повседневной жизни отлично

Приятный аромат, мужу понравился, работает, избавляет от лишних запахов. Считаю что для повседневной жизни и тех кто любит пользоваться дезодорантом на ночь идеально. Для спорта не достаточно эффективен.

Posted by on December 26 2019
Оставляет Жирные Пятна

Безопасный -да, без алюминия- да. Но после него остаются сильные жирные пятна подмышками. Не очень приятно поднимать при этом руку. Разочаровал.

Posted by on December 26 2019
Супер !

Прекрасный дезодорант , отлично работает , единственное оставляет следы не одежде , но пока не было проблем с удалением этих пятен )

Posted by on December 09 2019
Не Заметила Особого Эффекта!

Понравился дезодорант тем что он натуральный. Но действия особого я не заметила, плюс ещё пачкает одежду сильно.

Posted by on November 26 2019

Дезодорант хорошо справляется. Буду заказывать ещё.

Posted by on November 23 2019
Отличный дезодорант

Отличный дезодорант! Пробовала очень много, разных, но с неприятным запахом справлялись не все. После этого запаха нет, совсем нет. Я довольна!

Posted by on November 20 2019

Хороший дезодорант. Вкусно пахнет. Твёрдый только, но натуральный. И не вредный. Надеюсь))) Мне понравился!

Posted by on November 16 2019

Классный дезик, взяла по совету Ирены Понарошку, до этого пользовалась другими, все было г...о))) а этот отличный!!!

Posted by on November 15 2019
Le meilleur déodorant naturel

Cela fait trois ans que je l'utilise, je ne pourrais plus m'en passer

Posted by on November 12 2019
Оставляет Следы На Одежде

У меня вызвал раздражение, пришлось отдать молодому человеку. У него на футболках дезодарант оставлял огромные масляные пятна, которые со временем превращались в густую корку из соды и не пойми чего еще. Не рекомендую

Posted by on November 09 2019

Не очень приятен в нанесении, наощупь как скраб. Для нежной кожи подмышек - как-то сомнительно. Ну и среди всех натуральных дезодорантов, которые я пробовала, этот, наверное, на 3 месте. Ненавязчивый запах

Posted by on November 08 2019
Хороший Дезодорант

Ожидала большего (необоснованно), но вполне удовлетворил: + запаха нет как у него, так и после него, + не оставляет следов на одежде, - пот не сокращает вообще: потею как без него, поэтому мокрых пятен под мышками не избежать.

Posted by on November 07 2019

Не плохой дезодорант, единственное консистенция... когда мажешь-как будто скраб))) частицы немного царапают, в целом хороший продукт

Posted by on November 05 2019
Хороший продукт

Натуральный состав. Хорошие свойства. Лучше чуть подогреть на коже и растереть руками. При активной пробежке с задачей справляется, но оставляет сильные пятна на одежде.

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Эффективный и незаметный

Взяла по рекомендации и хвалебным отзывам и рада, что прислушалась. Он действует на отлично! Наносить его нужно аккуратно, текстура немного шероховатая, можно повредить кожу. Запах приятный, еле ощутимый. Однозначно рекомендую, т.к. с ним вы забудете про неприятные ощущения к концу долгого трудного дня :)

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Очень нравится, заказываю 3 дезодрант этой фирмы (до этого брала лаймовый в баночке и в стике). Все справляются на 100 процентов, в отличии от минеральных дезиков других производителей. Не понимаю, почему уходят с продажи

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Дезодорант понравился! На удивление не оставляет следов, но в первый раз стоит предохраниться и протереть салфеткой область нанесения перед тем,как одеваться. Защищает от запаха 100% часов 15 точно.

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Единственный дезодорант, который работает для меня из всех натуральных без алюминия. Перепробовала штук 5 других - все было бесполезно. От дезодоранта есть приятный несильный запах.

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Царапает кожу

Может мне попался бракованный вариант, но в дезодоранте содержатся мелкие частички, которые сильно повреждают кожу, вплоть до глубоких царапин. Цвет у дезодоранта серый, соответственно пачкает белую одежду. С цветными вещами тоже происходят метаморфозы- в области подмышек ткань меняет цвет ( происходит реакция с краской в ткани), благо после стирки все приходит в норму. Не рекомендую.

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Отличный дезодорант

Реально работающий и безопасный дезодорант

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Приятный нежный запах, со своими обязанностями справляется на все 100, но пачкает одежду

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Очень Довольна

Отлично выполняет свои функции дезодоранта и антиперспиранта, проверено в +30. Запах нейтральный, буду заказывать ещё.

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طلبته اكثر من مره بالبدايه كان يجي كويس بس مع الوقت تغيرت العلبه وتغير قوامه وصار سيء لابعد حد

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Отличный Дезодорант, Рекомендую

Наконец то нашла действенный натуральный дезодорант. Тюбик довольно большой, хватит надолго

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Этот дезодорант очень рекомендовал один эндокринолог. В отличие от других органических дезодорантов он действительно лучше защищает от пота. Но! Консистенция похожа на скраб. Больно мазать, остатки дезодоранта мажутся по поверхности самой упаковки.

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Не ожидала, что натуральное средство окажется таким действенный. Но это так. Защищает от запаха минимум на 16 часов. Очень тонкий еле слышный аромат унисекс. Если вы не фея, а взаимодействуете с миром всеми порами, то вы будете довольны.

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Отличный безопасный дезодорант!

После отвратительного, на мой взгляд, weleda от мужских безопасных дейзиков я ничего хорошего или действенного не ждала. Но этот похож даже на антиперспирант! У него необычная шершавая структура, думаю, подмышки бритые и с раздражением может даже слегка травмировать. Но мужу ок. Пахнет замечательно (мы говорим о натуральном дезодоранте, надо быть готовым к необычным запахам) НО пачкает одежду, если жирным слоем намазать и немного не дать высохнуть. В общем, Я РЕКОМЕНДУЮ

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Не советую

Сразу же начало сильно жечь подмышки. В помойку.

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Прекрасный дезодорант , закажу ещё раз.

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ما ارجع اطلبه ثاني

ما حبيت قوامه بالمره, كريمي ثقيل و شويه خشن و برضوا لونه رمادي و يبقى اللون واضح بالمنطقه لفتره.. رائحته مب سيئه, كأنها ليمون بس انا ما افضل الديودرينت يكون له رائحه قوية كذا..

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Очень хороший дезодорант, единственное , что немного напрягает, так это запах, как по мне немного навязчив

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Давно нахожусь в поисках средства с натуральным составом, уменьшающего обильное потовыделение. Очередным экспериментом стал Magnesium.. Понравился запах дезодоранта, а в остальном полное разочарование.. при нанесении раздражает нежную кожу, так как содержит «скрабирующие» частички, на всей одежде оставляет жирные пятна, на светлой ещё и серый след. Не знаю, справляется ли с запахом пота, т.к. не имею данной проблемы.

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Оставляет следы на одежде.

Дезодорант отличный, но оставляет следы на одежде.

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Отличный дезодорант

Отличный дезодорант, приятный запах.

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Действенное средство даже в жару!

Работает отлично! Приятный ненавязчивый запах. Пожалуй, это лучший из всех, попробованных мною, натуральных дезодорантов.

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déodorant super efficace et sans odeur .... très bonne qualité

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Работает!! но есть нюанс..

Очень сомневалась, что при жаре 35 будет работать, но реально работает. Запах есть, причем сильный, поэтому надо наносить сильно заранее, чтобы он выветрился и не конфликтовал с парфюмом. Но есть один нюанс - то ли это тот самый уголь в составе, то ли так и должно быть, но в составе есть мелкие частички (как зола по текстуре), которые сильно жить не мешают, но никуда не деваются даже через 5 часов. На ощупь как будто подмышка в золе или мелком песке. Попробую без угля в следующий раз

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Пот есть, а запах нет. Очень довольна этим натуральным продуктом!

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Брала Себе И 2м Подругам, Одной Из Нас Не Подошёл, А Остальные В Восторге,

Всем, привет! Наслушавшись, как вреден алюминий в дезодоранта начали с подружками искать альтернативу, выбор остановился на этой марке, брали 3шт, у одной из нас к дезодорантам особая чувствительность и ей он не подошёл (запах пота не уходил, а наоборот приобрёл более яркий характер) зато я сама и ещё одна подружка, остались в полном восторге, по мне это лучший дезодорант из когда либо мною испробованных. Все индивидуально! Однозначно рекомендую!

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ماحبيته علا كثر المدح ماعرف ليه


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Работает отлично!

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Чудо свершилось!!!)

Свершилось чудо-не прошло и лет 20, как наконец нашелся действительно действенный дезодорант!!! Всегда имела проблему обильного потоотделения (особенность организма)-от этого конечно дезодорант еще не придумали ,да и не надо, но вот от пота-просто волшебство!Особенно летом, обычных из масс-маркета хватало на часа 4, потом начинал появляться запах пота, к вечеру пахло и подмышками и одежда, пробовала даже мужские. С ними лучше, но все равно не хватало эффекта по времени. Перешла на натуральные дезодоранты: и обычные, и кристалл, и содовые-что только ни пробовала. Хочу протестировать другие виды данной фирмы, тогда смогу сказать,что дает такой эффект-сам состав продукта или это исключительно благодаря активированному углю. На данный момент, мне хватало его на целый день (!!!), весной только через сутки, примерно, начинал появляться запах. В жару тоже спокойно хватает на день. Очень советую, хотя бы поробовать. Он своих денег явно стоит, в отличие от того же Speick (оказался вонючим и совершенно не эффективным в борьбе с запахом пота).

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Mon Préféré

Dure la journée, aucune odeur de transpiration. Il en faut peu sinon les tee shirts sont tachés.

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К сожалению, вынуждена отказаться от покупки этого натурального и ароматного дезодоранта. Видно, никуда не денешься, а масляные пятна это побочный эффект, которого-таки не удастся избежать на одежде, как и в случае с подобным дезиком Zion. Жаль, я фанат всего натурального, но это очеень существенный недостаток в этих дезодорантах.

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Размазывается кашей, плохо защищает

Плохо! купилась на восторженные отзывы. А мне не понравилось. От пота защищает слабо, на весь день не хватает. При том, что потливость у меня небольшая. Но хуже этого - слишком мягкая консистенция. Думала, мне кажется, пока ребенок не спросил: "Мам, а почему у тебя подмышками каша?"

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Хорошая штука, от запаха пота помогает однозначно . Но само средство имеет довольно выраженный запах, что мне не сильно нравится.

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Хороший Дезик

Хороший запах. Только жирные следы оставляет на одежде.

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дамы, если у вас пачкаются вещи - не надо сразу их надевать, промокните салфеткой спокойствие весь день и никакого пота

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В моем случае работает лучше, чем Rexona!

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Супер, Рекомендую

Купила щоб спробувати, чесно кажучи не дуже очікувала результат. Але вже після першого використання залишилась задоволеною. Велике фасування на довго хватить

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Справляется со Своей Задачей.

Рекомендую! Запаха пота нет, мне аромат нравится, мужу показался резковатым. Не блокирует потоотделение, но запах полностью маскирует. Натурально, безопасно и действенно

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Отличный дезодорант, но оставляет следы на одежде

Отлично справляется не только с запахом, но и с влагой! Правда оставляет следы на одежде, но они отстирываются. Немного неприятно наносить..

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سيء جدا

سيء جدا لونه رمادي ويتكتل وسببلي حكه وحساسيه لين انحرق الجلد وسود

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للأمانة ريحته حلوة بس لما تحطينه تقلب الريحة تصير كنها ريحة حديد! و حسيته خشن

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Запах Не Очень

А вообще хороший, работает. Запах лайм-бергамот нам с мужем нравится больше.

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جدا جميل

رائحه لطيفه، يخفي الرئحه طوال اليوم، بس قوامه متكتل او ترابي ، بشتريه ثانيه

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Отличный дезодорант, не пачкает одежду, имеет приятный запах и текстуру, хорошо справляется с поставленной задачей.

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Не Помог

Мне не понравился, подмышки липкие и влажные от него, от запаха не спасает.

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Работает, но сильный аромат одеколона

Стик серого цвета, под белую одежду лучше не пользоваться. Еще, у него интенсивный аромат мужского одеколона. Но формула работающая.

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Хороший Дезодорант

Приятный аромат и не такой едкий, как тот же олд спайс, после которого хоть комнату проветривай. Парень пользуется с удовольствием, хотя когда заказывала ему, смотрел на меня с сомнением на рубашках пятен не остаётся

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Se vc é vegano e nunca encontrou um desodorante limpo que realmente segurasse odor! Compre este sem medo! Vindo de uma pessoa que nunca deu certo com desodorante convencionais!

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اسواء مزيل عرق بالحياه

من بعد ما استخدمته صار نفس المكان يحكني كثير و فجاءه لقيت صار لون الإبط اسود مع احمر كان الجلد ملتهب مره

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Запах отменный, лёгкий, сладковатый! Действительно ( как пишут в отзывах), он может пачкать. Его нужно совсем чуть-чуть, в отличии от других антиперспирантов. Чтоб не пачкать одежду, я наношу сначала и потом немного растираю рукой, как бы смахивая лишнее. Я экспериментировала на черной кофточке, результат обалденный. Ни единого пятнышка! Итог: запах отличный, при лёгком нанесении не пачкает. Посмотрим, что будет летом, так как я из жаркой страны и температура может доходить больше, чем до +40... Всем счастья!

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Хорошый Продукт

Впринцыпе со своей задачей справляется, из минусов - оставляет следы на одежде

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ما أنصح فيه

All Deodorant Without Aluminium So Bad, and It smells bad after a while يطلع ريحه سيئه في المنطقه

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Уголь Оставляет Следы

Заказала с активированным углем. Пачкает одежду подмышками, правда это очень легко отстирывается. Полностью натуральный состав, хватает на пол дня как и у всех натуральных дезодорантов

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بنت القصيم

الريحه روعه لكن حسس لي

Posted by on January 04 2019

رائع وطبيعي حسيت بدون كيماويات

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فاشل جدا

Posted by on November 30 2018