Naturally Gluten-Free, Almond Flour Crackers, Farmhouse Cheddar , 4.25 oz (120 g)

By Simple Mills

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Simple Mills, Naturally Gluten-Free, Almond Flour Crackers, Farmhouse Cheddar , 4.25 oz (120 g)
Price: $4.78 ($1.12/oz)
as at April 29, 2020 5:04 pm
  • 4 g Protein per Serving
  • Made with Nutrient Dense Ingredients
  • Bakes with rBST-Free Cheese*
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Certified Gluten-Free
  • Grain Free
  • Plant Based
  • Paleo-Friendly
  • Corn Free
  • Soy Free
  • Nothing Artificial, Ever.

Inside you'll find hand-selected, whole food ingredients you'll fall in love with!

Simple Mills enriches lives and bodies through simple, delicious, real food. We strive to make healthful choices easy by offering food that tastes great in the moment and nourishes your body for the long-term. We believe in clean, nutritious food for a better life-it's that simple.

Ingredients you'll fall in love with.

We are picky about what goes into our products...and proud of it! Only the highest-quality natural ingredients are used - nothing artificial, ever. Fun facts about some of our ingredients:

Almonds: Did you know that the hull around almonds feels fuzzy, kind of like a peach? That's because they are related! The almond tree is actually a member of the same family of trees as peaches, plums, apricots and cherries.

Sunflower Seeds: In many cultures, sunflowers are symbols of good luck. Eating sunflower seeds, planting them in your garden, or sleeping with them under your pillow are all believed to bring good fortune your way. Not surprisingly, our vote is to eat them.

Flax Seeds: King Charlemagne believed so strongly in the benefits of flax seeds that he passed laws requiring his subjects to consume them. While we're not passing any laws, we're definitely with the King in this one.

Cassava: Cassava is a root vegetable class="table table-bordered" native to South America and was one of the first cultivated plants in the Western Hemisphere. It's also one of the most drought-tolerant crops in the world.

*No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST-treated cows.


Nut and seed flour blend (almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds), tapioca, cassava, organic cheddar cheese (cultured milk, salt, enzymes), organic sunflower oil, sea salt, organic onion, organic garlic, rosemary extract (for freshness), paprika & annatto extract (for color).

Package Quantity:
4.25 oz (120 g)

Expiration Date:
29 August 2020

Shipping Weight:
0.63 lbs

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Not too bad

They taste good, just a tad too salty for my liking.

Posted by on April 24 2020
Naturally Gluten Free, Almond flour crackers - Farmhouse Cheddar

They were good but not my favorite

Posted by on April 24 2020
Not As Expected

They tasted very burnt with a bitter aftertaste. Won’t order again...

Posted by on April 23 2020
I LOVE THESE crackers but they are often out of stock! argh

BEST crackers in the world!

Posted by on April 09 2020

So delicious they're gone almost before they're opened. I only wish there were more in every box.

Posted by on April 05 2020
Taste good

Taste good

Posted by on April 03 2020
Yummy 0 nasties

They hit the craving and are yummy minus the guilt

Posted by on March 28 2020

Really , really delicious ! Tastes like cheese nips or wheat thins. But they are healthy. I ate the whole package already :(. Will order more. It does not taste bland or chalky or any of the other problems with gluten free stuff.

Posted by on March 10 2020
I like it!


Posted by on March 09 2020

great taste too much corn flour

Posted by on March 08 2020

Taste real good. Cheesy flavor

Posted by on February 26 2020

Sea salt will be better

Posted by on February 21 2020

These are really delicious! Will re-order for sure!

Posted by on February 20 2020
Just ok

These are not as tasty as the seal salt version of these crackers.

Posted by on February 18 2020
Delicious Keto Crackers

Cheddar And Sundried tomatoes are really delicious. I will buy more next round.

Posted by on February 15 2020

Taste good

Posted by on January 29 2020

Really good

Posted by on December 13 2019
don't recommend

Doesn't taste good. Expected more

Posted by on November 29 2019
allergic to the paprika in them.

this contained paprika which I am allergic to, so could not eat them.

Posted by on November 19 2019
It was good


Posted by on November 15 2019

I absolutely loved these! I can't wait to try the other flavors!

Posted by on September 04 2019
Almond crackers

Daughter loves them

Posted by on August 23 2019
Super delicious

I’v never expected it to be so delicious. Hope there is more sticks available!

Posted by on August 10 2019

great flavor! I'll definitely re-purchase!

Posted by on July 08 2019

they were ok. wouldnt buy again.

Posted by on July 03 2019
Really Good

Taste so good that I cannot recommend this crackers to those who has zero self control (you will just finish the whole pack in one serving in less than 10 mins). Yes, it really taste that addictive.

Posted by on July 02 2019

really tastes like cheese- already repurchased two more

Posted by on June 21 2019

I prefer the sea salt

Posted by on June 06 2019

SO GOOD!!!!! Highly recommended to be devoured with guacamole on the side!

Posted by on May 27 2019
Big No

It tastes absolutely nasty and smells disgusting

Posted by on May 12 2019

These were the best tasting gluten free crackers I have eaten.

Posted by on May 11 2019
No thanks

They gave me acid reflux. Also no one in the family like them.

Posted by on March 28 2019
Dangerously addictive

Easily finished the how box! Wanted to reorder but out of stock

Posted by on March 01 2019

I'm hooked. After living in Korea for 4 months and missing crunchy savory snacks this one is a real delight! I enjoy the flavor, texture and the touch of cheesy- saltiness. I will continue to order them.

Posted by on February 14 2019

Not good

Posted by on February 09 2019

Very salty! Disappointing because ingredients are great.

Posted by on January 17 2019
Great product

These crackers taste great. I really like them and iherb shipping is fast.

Posted by on December 19 2018

If your from Australia...this product tastes just like Savory Shapes! Only healthier! This tastes so good! Worth a try for alternative to flour products!

Posted by on November 07 2018
Totally not what I expected at all!

You can barely taste any cheese in it, only bitterness and burned taste:/ really disappointed because I really hoped it will taste better . I like their other products more.

Posted by on October 31 2018
Really good

Very tasty for everything, soup, salads, snacks, or eat just as chips. There are really good.

Posted by on October 29 2018

Really tasty!!

Posted by on October 28 2018

taste good

Posted by on October 19 2018

pretty nice

Posted by on October 10 2018
Great cracker

My mother is allergic to gluten -celiac. These crackers are full of flavor.

Posted by on October 06 2018
Tastes Awful

Very salty doesn’t taste like cheese at all

Posted by on September 17 2018
Terrible, don't waste your money...

Sorry, but there is a horrible aftertaste with these crackers...My daughter and I had a few each then spit them out...Since we had these shipped to our U.S. address mailbox and we live in Canada, it's a hassle to return them so we just threw out that box and the other 2 boxes we bought. Never again.

Posted by on September 05 2018

Pleasant without an overpowering cheesy taste

Posted by on August 24 2018
Healthier option for your treat

You can enjoy the great taste in law calories

Posted by on August 09 2018
Super good

This is super good, love it! I can’t stop eating it!

Posted by on July 27 2018
Too good!

These crackers were so good I finished the whole box in one day.

Posted by on July 11 2018

One of the best gluten free crackers to eat.

Posted by on June 09 2018
Not bad

It is not bad. Just that I have trouble with eating cheese product.

Posted by on May 22 2018
Almond Crackers

Very average tasting crackers. I would not buy these again.

Posted by on April 06 2018
Healthy, nutritious answer to Cheezits!

These are SO yummy!!

Posted by on March 04 2018
Love these crackers

They are the best

Posted by on February 11 2018

My son is gluten-free so finding a gluten free cracker that doesn’t taste like cardboard can be a challenge but these are a winner. He loves them!

Posted by on January 28 2018
Not my favorite.

I was really really excited to find these because Cheez-its used to be a favorite of mine. They were a bit of a disappointment though. It could just be partially my box- they seemed to be a little over-cooked/burnt. They weren't terrible though.

Posted by on January 28 2018
Delicious And Low Carb

Problem is how to stop at a few!

Posted by on January 22 2018

Tastey!! was gone in an hour

Posted by on January 06 2018

The taste of the cheddar is definitely here and the texture is quite crispy too!

Posted by on December 19 2017

This product good and this flavor is amazing for those who love cheese

Posted by on November 19 2017
Absolutely delicious

Tastes like it's bad for you but when you look at the ingredients you know it's so healthy! Great stuff!

Posted by on November 18 2017
Love it!

Hard to find grain-free biscuits - but this company has definitely got it right! Delicious.

Posted by on November 03 2017

チーズっぽく美味しかったけど 賞味期限までに食べ切るのを無理矢理食べた感じだったのでリピートはしないかな。と思います。

Posted by on April 23 2020

Печеньки очень вкусные, солоноватые, детям понравились, муж тоже оценил, вместо вредных чипсов отличная альтернатива

Posted by on April 16 2020

グルテンフリーフードの中では美味しいと思います。噛むとキシキシする感じと弱い苦味があります。 この量では、少しお値段が割高かなぁ〜という感じです。

Posted by on April 11 2020
Неплохой вариант перекуса

Радует состав и колораж, но вкус далёк от привычного крекера

Posted by on April 05 2020


Posted by on April 03 2020


Posted by on March 23 2020
Перекус без глютена. Нравится!

Брала ребёнку для перекуса, трудно выбрать что-то находясь на безглютеновой диете, но этот товар ему очень понравился, как чипсы) берём теперь постоянно. Пачки хватает на 2-3 дня

Posted by on March 21 2020
Не Понравилось

Не оценила совсем. Сухие, сырного вкуса не ощутила. Дома залежались, еле доели.

Posted by on March 10 2020
سيء جدا

طعم اكل محترق

Posted by on March 09 2020

後味にほのかに苦味を感じる。 それが苦手だった。

Posted by on March 03 2020


Posted by on February 28 2020

Мне понравились, ребёнок есть не стал

Posted by on February 17 2020

おいしいです! 食感はざくざくで雑穀系のクラッカーって感じでした。 味はチーズ臭さがいい感じにあって少し濃いめの味付けで食べると止まらなくなります! ただこの量で500円台はちょっとお高いのでちょっとご褒美飲みする時ようかなって感じです。リピはしたい。

Posted by on February 17 2020


Posted by on February 17 2020


Posted by on February 17 2020
Прогорклый Вкус

Ожидала что они будут более воздушными и без вкуса горечи, но мужу понравились.

Posted by on February 16 2020


Posted by on February 10 2020
יש לקרקרים טעם לוואי

יש לקרקרים טעם לוואי לא אהבנו

Posted by on February 05 2020

とても美味しいです。 お菓子のチーザみたいな味と食感です。 リピート確実です。

Posted by on February 01 2020
Не Понравились

Не понравились, совсем, вкус ненасыщенный, даже непонятно что за вкус, твердоваты..до этого брали другие (сейчас их вроде как сняли с продажи) и это было что-то невероятно вкусное, в надежде взяли попробовать эти и вообще никак.

Posted by on January 08 2020

美味しいです! が、私は黒胡椒味が好きです。

Posted by on December 11 2019


Posted by on December 05 2019


Posted by on December 04 2019


Posted by on November 21 2019

しっかりしたチーズ臭さが美味しいです 薄いチップスでパリパリとした食感 味が濃いので少しの量で大満足 おやつは勿論 おつまみにも良さそうです

Posted by on November 15 2019

ثاني مره اطلبه لذيذ

Posted by on October 23 2019


Posted by on October 11 2019

Если грызть вместо чипсов и прочих вредностей то вполне сойдут. Привкус как чуть подгорелые, плюсом идёт что на миндальной муке и тем кто следит за сахаром и своим питанием, как доп снэк

Posted by on September 27 2019


Posted by on September 06 2019
مو مره طعم

يعني ينأكل يعني بس مو واو و طعمه مالح مررره

Posted by on September 02 2019

البسكويت هذا جمييل ومناسب للي يسوون حميه الكيتو ولا عندهم سكر لانه من اللوز جميل كسناك او مع الشاي ودايما نفذ من المخزون يستاهل خمس نجوم

Posted by on August 28 2019

صحي اسويله صوص خاص واستخدم هالرقائق معاه يطلع لذيذ

Posted by on August 27 2019

糖質を控えていても「今日はパリパリバリバリしたい‼️」 という時に存分に食べられるものってあまりありませんでした。チェダー味を試した感想:余りチーズィーではなく薄味。見た目程ガーリック やハーブの風味はないが、オニオンが効いている。

Posted by on August 26 2019
На Любителя)

В принципе нормальные) тонкие) по хрумкать самое то

Posted by on August 20 2019
نص نص

في نكهة مو حلوة ،، توقعته افضل ، اذا اعجبك تعليقي عطني لايك

Posted by on August 19 2019

Вкусно знаю только со слов мужа)))) он засыпал в рот всю пачку и попросил заказать ещё ))

Posted by on August 10 2019
Тонкие с крахмальным послевкусием

Брала со вкусом чеддера. В упаковке крекеров немного, на вкус приятные, но есть какое-то крахмальное послевкусие. Слишком дорого на мой взгляд. Больше не возьму.

Posted by on August 08 2019

طعمة عادي ومو كلش مشجع.

Posted by on August 05 2019
Не Понравились

Не приятное послевкусие Прямо совсем не понравились , возможно с солью вкуснее

Posted by on August 02 2019

Сильно выраженный вкус сыра На любителя

Posted by on July 21 2019


Posted by on June 17 2019
طلبته ودفعت ولا وصلني

غش صراحه

Posted by on June 03 2019
غير لذيذ

الطعم غير لذيذ أبداً الأنواع الثانية ألذ بفرررق

Posted by on March 19 2019
Немного Своеобразные.

Эти крекеры понравились меньше, чем аналогичные с морской солью. Чеддер придаёт какую-то горчинку, это лишнее, на мой вкус. Доем, но повторять покупку не стану. А вот с морской солью- однозначный повтор. Ещё, оба моих кота требуют делиться с ними этими крекерами! Им очень нравится, хотя они довольно привередливы :)

Posted by on February 27 2019
Лучшая замена чипсам.

Очень вкусно. Лучшая альтернатива чипсам. Состав тоже очень порадовал.

Posted by on February 24 2019

アレルギーの心配はないし、何よりサクサクしていてめちゃくちゃ美味しい。 リピ決定商品です。

Posted by on February 08 2019
На Любителя Вкус

Один раз попробовала и больше не хочу, вкус не понравился совсем из домашних тоже никто не оценил.

Posted by on February 02 2019
Too Salty

الحلو فيه انه مقرررمش ،، لكن الملح زايد بطريقة مستفزة ،، ما حشتريه ثاني مرا ابداااا

Posted by on January 29 2019
그림이랑은 좀 달라요

생각했던 맛과도 좀 다름

Posted by on January 16 2019

딸이 좋아해요. 아몬두가루라 탄수 높지않아 좋아요. 세번째 구매입니다.

Posted by on January 09 2019

ممتاز اعجب طفلتي

Posted by on January 07 2019


Posted by on December 26 2018
Крекер,как Крекер

Крекер неплохой,но по мне очень соленый. Повторно не куплю.

Posted by on December 24 2018


Posted by on November 28 2018

عجيييييب اذا اكلت ماتوقف

Posted by on November 26 2018
оЗОЖленная версия чипсов))

У меня есть мечта: «Жрать и не толстеть!» - я знаю таких ведьм, кому это удаётся, даже без особых физ. нагрузок. Но это, увы, не про меня. Особенно сложно стало возвращаться в форму после 30. Видели моё лицо-блюдце вчера Голосе на Первом? Вооот!

Posted by on November 22 2018


Posted by on October 30 2018

很濃cheese 味

Posted by on October 21 2018

Много приправы((

Posted by on October 01 2018


Posted by on October 01 2018

不好吃,太鹹了,芝士味也怪怪的,絕對不會回購。 如果您覺得我的評價有用,請按“有幫助”~

Posted by on September 25 2018


Posted by on September 19 2018

متاززز بطعم الجبن..

Posted by on September 17 2018

평보고 구매했는데 이게 뭔맛인가 싶어요

Posted by on September 13 2018

طعمه جدا جميل

Posted by on August 15 2018

甘くない系のグルテンフリーお菓子を探していて辿りつきました。 チーズの味が濃厚で美味しいです。 にんにくの味もバッチリします。 ただパッケージと異なり実際はもう少し赤茶でペッチャンコです。。美味しいのでOK

Posted by on August 08 2018

جيده كخيار صحي من البسكويت

Posted by on July 16 2018

جميل ولذيذ

Posted by on June 18 2018
أقل من المتوقع

ثققيل وطعم الجبن فيه مركز

Posted by on June 13 2018
نكهة الجبن واضحه وبدون ملح ومحمص

اشتريته بناء على تقييم فانزات عبدالمجيد الجبر في سنابه حسب وصفها كانت تقول انه لذيذ وخرافي وهذا شجعني على الشراء لكن وجدته عادي جدا ونكهة الجبن واضحه فيه والملح قليل ويمكن هذا الذي اعجبها لانه يمكن الاكل منه باستمرار لعدم وجود الملح كذلك نهكة التحميص قد تكون مرغوبه, عن نفسي لن اكرر الشراء لانه عادي ولم اجد فيه شي مميز سوى انه قد يكون بديل صحي افضل من المتوفر في السوبرماركت

Posted by on June 03 2018
Вкусные крекеры

Мне крекеры очень понравились, вкусные и подходят для тех, кто соблюдает Палео-диету.

Posted by on May 28 2018

初めて注文してみましたが、美味しい! きちんとチーズの味もするけど、嫌なチーズの感じではなく、パクパク食べてしまいました… 1人でいるときに開けるのは危険です。。。 パッケージも可愛い♪ ほかの味も楽しみです。

Posted by on May 28 2018


Posted by on May 24 2018
لم يعجبني

ولن أكرر الطلب مره اخرى

Posted by on May 18 2018

맛있어요 치즈맛이 꽤 강하고 짭짤한 편이에요 근데 상자 사진에 나와있는 것처럼 과자가 하얀색은 아니고 아주 진한 주황색색인데 많이 구워진 맛? 타기 바로 직전의 맛이나요 다른 과자 먹었을 때처럼 속이 더부룩하지 않아서 좋았고요 다른 글루텐 프리 과자랑 다르게 퍼석거리는 느낌이나 날콩냄새가 안나서 좋았어요. 또 재구매할 것 같아요

Posted by on May 08 2018


Posted by on May 01 2018
Так себе

Печенье не понравилось, больше чувствуется вкус лука, чем сыра. Заказывать повторно не буду.

Posted by on February 19 2018

Больше похожи на чипсы, чем на крекеры - что -то среднее между картофельными и кукурузными. Какие-то пересушенные, горчат и с резким запахом. Чтоб спасти ситуацию, пришлось сделать гуакамоле - так и доели (полезные вроде как). Больше не куплю.

Posted by on January 24 2018
Не понравились

Крекеры не понравились. Горьковатые.

Posted by on January 17 2018

美味しいです!しょっぱ系クラッカーです。 薄くてパリパリ! 主人もお酒飲みながらおいしー!とパリパリ食べてますよ!

Posted by on October 27 2017