PepZin GI, Zinc-L-Carnosine Complex, 120 Veggie Caps

By Doctor's Best

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Doctor's Best, PepZin GI, Zinc-L-Carnosine Complex, 120 Veggie Caps
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as at April 29, 2020 11:19 am
  • Science-Based Nutrition
  • With PepZin GI® - Patented Zinc-Carnosine
  • Helps Support A Healthy GI Environment
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free

Doctor's Best PepZin GI is a complex of the mineral zinc and L-carnosine, bound together to provide unique benefits. The proprietary chelation process used to produce PepZin GI provides long lasting support for healthy gastric function. It promotes healthy mucus secretions from stomach cells and helps maintain a beneficial bacterial balance in the GI tract.

  • Helps relieve occasional gastric discomfort.
  • Helps support a health GI environment.
  • Helps support the health of gastric cells.
  • Helps support healthy mucosal lining.
Suggested Use

Take 2 capsules daily on an empty stomach, or as recommended by a nutritionally-informed physician.


Store in a cool dry place.


Microcrystalline cellulose, modified cellulose (vegetarian capsule), magnesium stearate (vegetable source), silicon dioxide.

Package Quantity:
120 Veggie Caps

Expiration Date:
01 February 2022

Shipping Weight:
0.12 lbs

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Great stuff

I have been taking PepZin for more than six months and I have noticed a difference. My gerds is under control . I still have to continue a low acid diet but things are a lot better. It's also helped my gastritis. I noticed I have been very tired lately and checked the side affects of PepZin online., and sure enough it is one of the side affects. I would rather have a little tiredness than the other problems.

Posted by on April 21 2020
Excellent product

WOnderful product. Love it and no side effects or stomach issues

Posted by on April 21 2020
Helps digestion

Since taking PepZinGI my whole digestion and bowel activity has been much better and more regular

Posted by on April 15 2020

The zinc levels recorded on my blood tests where low. I now take this product morning and night and my recent blood tests showed perfect zinc levels.

Posted by on April 13 2020
Good product

Reasonable price for a good product that meets all expectations

Posted by on April 01 2020

I've had pain up under my left rib cage for months and no-one could tell me what it was. One doctor would say it was my bowels, another my stomach. My gastroenterologist said to take this to help line my stomach, along with Nexium 40 which I am already on, and I have not had any pain since. It is incredible!! I have put up with that pain for well over 6 momths and now it's gone!! I take one capsule in the morning before breakfast and one in the evening, before bed.

Posted by on March 30 2020
Great product.

Have been using for about 10 years..definitely helps with my stomach issues.

Posted by on March 29 2020

Been taking for a few months and not had any issues

Posted by on March 25 2020
Worked exactly as expected! Perfect for my digestive needs.

This seriously helped me with a relentless battle with acid reflux. I take one on an empty stomach before breakfast and a second one before dinner. My digestive system has slowly started healing and I credit this product for helping me to begin to feel much better.

Posted by on March 18 2020
Still Deciding

It took about a month before I could tell a difference in the amount of painful heartburn. I have been taking these for about 3 months now. I still have episodes of heartburn usually after eating something I shouldn't have. I do believe they help and will continue use for a few more months before I make a final judgement.

Posted by on March 18 2020
Great product

Great product

Posted by on March 05 2020
Pepzin GI

It honestly works I feel less and less gassy. Can eat more then before.

Posted by on February 27 2020
Great product

Great product, I used that to treat gastritis and in a few days after taking it along with 2 other supplements ( L- Glutamine, DGL) I felt great.

Posted by on February 17 2020
Easy to swallow

Easy to swallow capsules

Posted by on February 15 2020
Recommended for stomach ulcers

Recommended for my stomach ulcers and gastritis and working well. I take 2x a day. I believe it takes some time to work but this is the best form of Zinc for the gut.

Posted by on February 13 2020
After taking 2 bottles does not feel any difference for my GERD.

After taking 2 bottles does not feel any difference for my GERD.

Posted by on February 10 2020
It's Very Helpful!

If you're still annoying with gastric acid, you should try it for sure.

Posted by on February 07 2020
Excellent product to reduce stomach discomfort (reduce farting)

taking this product with L-Glutamine, 1000 mg, 60 Tablets for a week in the morning. both help to reduce stomach bloatedness and gas generation after each meal. This reduce awkwardness and keep wanting to fart in the office of in the air craft or in any confined space.

Posted by on February 06 2020
I received this product very quick.

There are many articles talking about this product that it's good for stomach. I received this product very quick. I can not feel if this product is good for my stomach until I start to use it for three month. If this product's function is true, I will buy it again. Thank 's for your consideration.

Posted by on January 29 2020
Worked well

This worked for me, not immediately, but after a week there was improvement, still taking for about a month and no symptoms

Posted by on January 17 2020
highly recommend

Great product

Posted by on January 14 2020
PepZin GI

Highly recommend this product

Posted by on January 11 2020
great for sensitive stomachs

helps stomach lining, and hopefully is a decent source of zinc as well.

Posted by on January 09 2020
Leaking gut

If you have leaking gut, the product is perfect.

Posted by on December 26 2019

The best

Posted by on December 18 2019
Zinc carnisone

I suffer severe gastritis, combined with probiotics it fixes my gastritis for over 12 MTHS. when I wasn't taking both I was copping 20 or more gastritis attacks per year. And constantly in emergency at our local hospital.

Posted by on December 10 2019
It works

My husband’s heart burn is almost gone.

Posted by on December 02 2019
A must for stomach issues

Big improvement since I started using this product a month ago

Posted by on November 23 2019
Heartburn and Gastritis relief

Works great for heartburn!

Posted by on November 22 2019
Essential for anyone with reflux

Essential for anyone with reflux or any related condition. Super effiecient and you can take this for the rest of your life in a permanent base (just keep and eye on the copper values).

Posted by on October 23 2019

Very Good product

Posted by on October 21 2019
Dont know what it means

Seems to be fine. Escansalous taxes to Spain

Posted by on October 11 2019

Good for reflux

Posted by on September 02 2019
Sorted out my gut problem

Not fast but quickly enough, this Zinc supplement has assisted my getting on top of a gut problem. It had reduced my acid and bile reflux to virtually nil while increasing my overall gut health by building up the mucus lining in the gut.

Posted by on August 23 2019
Love zinc

Best zinc ever

Posted by on August 10 2019
They work!

I had indigestion, heartburn and general digestive track discomfort. Initially I thought these pills weren't working , but now after a few weeks, all of these upsets are starting to disappear.

Posted by on July 12 2019
Havn’t seen mych effect

Haven’t seen much effect

Posted by on July 04 2019

PromoCode AFEeight zero four eight Very good zinc , use with ACC protocol for my and my son with ASD. This has helped by stomach pain so much!!! Thank you! Doctors out there recommend this supplement!!!!! If you suffer from stomach, small intestinal problems please give it a try. I forgot what waking up without pain was like, again thank you. Advertise it more, so people who need help can at least try it to see if it can help them, I would give it 100 STARS if I could!!!!!!!!! I am just a regular person who saw this while searching other items etc. So glad I decided to give it a try. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. :-)

Posted by on July 02 2019
Absolutely nauseating

Okay, i NEVER EVER EVER post or write a review but i just had to share this experience with other people before buying this product. I have gastritis and heard alot of good things about this in order to heal your mucosa. I took this as adviced, 30 minutes after consuming this i felt the most intense nausea i've ever felt ever. I felt absolutely horrible for like 3 hours after taking the capsule. Might just be me but damn this was a big waste of money on my part.

Posted by on June 22 2019
Fast shipping, Great product, thanks

Fast shipping, Great product, thanks

Posted by on June 10 2019
It’s good

Helps to relieve my gastric problem and bloatedness. Somehow after taking in the morning empty stomach, it helps with bowels movement or maybe it’s just me

Posted by on May 26 2019
No difference felt.

No difference felt. Could have been just me, but I take LOADS of supplements, and I can usually tell.

Posted by on May 11 2019
Extra pep in ya step

Great supplement with a range of benefits!

Posted by on April 05 2019
Works For Gastritis

Having more than 1 cup of coffee a day triggers gastric for me. This helps the gastric discomfort. On my 2nd bottle. Have noticed that I’ve been needing higher dosage to work though.

Posted by on April 04 2019
So far so Good

I have GERD. And gastritis. This supplement works really well when I feel like a bad reaction from painkillers or the food or drinks that I cannot drink. It really work. I feel a lot better when I take this. I only use it when needed as I've been avoiding foods and drinks that I cannot consume as a GERD patient. I have stopped using Nexium, Omeprazole and other PPIs as using them makes me feel a lot worse than I was. So far Doctor Best Pep Zinc is really effective for me. But I don't know how other people body react to this. I can say Dr Best is a reliable brand. All in all, my tummy feels better when I take this. I'm thankful.

Posted by on March 21 2019
Not bad

It is working for my gerd. Bought it as replacment fot ulcetrol. Taking with slippery elm and dgl. I feel diference.

Posted by on March 12 2019
Works really well for gastritis

This is the only thing that has every worked to improve my chronic gastritis. It's not gone but it keeps it in check. Delivery went well and was fast enough.

Posted by on February 22 2019
Best from Dr Best

I only write reveiws on products I really find helpful. Dr Best PepZin GI Zinc-L-Carnosine is one of the best supplements I have ever tried. It has really helped my digestive issues and I am thankful for it.

Posted by on January 10 2019
works great for me.

I have acid reflux and have been prescribed the standard Proton pump inhibitors medication, but I have found that this product makes a huge difference in helping control the condition by taking 2 per day. Without it the PPI's are not nearly as effective nor do they work for the full 24 hours they are supposed to. And with the pepzin gi , I can go 48 hours or longer without needing the PPI medication. I can run out of the prescription medication and still be ok for a day or two, but the reverse is not the case, if I run out of the zic carnosine supplement the acid refux kicks up within 12 hours.

Posted by on January 03 2019
Helpful for repairing damage caused by the modern western diet

Studies show its quite useful in reversing a lot of digestive disorders. Repairs cellular damage.

Posted by on December 26 2018
Don't expect miracles

Repairing the gut is a slow process. So far no major break-through in my condition, but I keep taking this product and hoping for slow improvement.

Posted by on September 25 2018
Saved me

Love this product, it 'saved' me!! Had bad ulcer and was prescribed Nexium...which helped the ulcer but really did not go well with my digestion. Am so thankful to have found this ! I found difference immediately

Posted by on August 28 2018
Love it.

This stuff really helped my reflux. It didn't make it go away, but it's definitely a great tool.

Posted by on June 03 2018
Nice Product

Nice product

Posted by on May 22 2018
Didn't work

No effect on our stomachs at all

Posted by on May 20 2018
Good Immunity

Been taking this regularly for a few months now and I feel that it absorbs well and it does help to boost my immunity. Will buy again.

Posted by on April 25 2018
The product is o.k


Posted by on April 11 2018
Good for stomach irritation

I have erosive gastritis and this is helping a lot. I also take Georges Aloe Vera, they remove the Aloin so it doesn't irritate the stomach. I also take Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm and DGL.

Posted by on March 21 2018
Maybe good.

I think it's good for my health.

Posted by on March 15 2018
Wonderful! This works.

I lost 20 pounds in nine weeks due to acute gastritis. PPI’s made me sick, so I was desperate to find relief. I tried a bunch of stuff that worked for others, but it wasn’t until I started taking these capsules with my meals that I started getting better. On occasion I still take a capsule with heavier meals to avoid heartburn. I will always keep a box of these in my cupboard. I would also recommend others with similar problems to soothe your stomach with homemade chicken stock when you start eating again, or when your stomach starts acting up again. And remember: It will pass, so hang in there!

Posted by on March 08 2018
Zinc Carnosine

Took 2 capsules daily before bed for a month. Consumed together with L-glutamine (5g) daily for gastritis. It made me feel much better than consuming prescribed medicine. Don’t expect instantaneous result though because it may take some time to heal the gut.

Posted by on March 05 2018
Great quality!

Happy with this product! Great quality!

Posted by on March 01 2018
Did not work for my laryngopharyngeal reflux.

Tried this togheter with Lglutamine for my reflux. Triggered it and made it worse.

Posted by on February 05 2018
Helps a little

This product helped me to some extend with my reflux problem, but not completely.

Posted by on January 11 2018

I was skeptical at first, but this product, combined with probiotics and a healthy diet, has truly helped me keep my IBS in check .

Posted by on December 28 2017
Worked great and Worth trying, if you would like a Rebate, just click the Rebate (GREEN) to show the lifetime PR0M0 Good product for a great price

Best Zinc supplement out there!

Posted by on December 26 2017
Best for stomach

Gentle for stomach and GI

Posted by on December 03 2017
doctors best zinc carnosine

very good product fix my gastritis i've had for years

Posted by on November 21 2017
Hands down the best bullet for gastritis and GERD

This is what worked for me and is still working after trying many other things. The zinc kills H. Pylory, increases stomach acid (which actually helps GERD), and cures the stomach lining. The carnosine makes the Zn bind to the lining for a longer time and prolong these effects. GERD is caused actually by LOW stomach acid. This is the mistake of many doctors, prescribing antiacids. The low stomach acid makes H. Pylori profilerate and does not diggest properly the food, which, as a consequence, is returned up with stomach acid, hence the GERD. I have heard that in Russia Zinc-L-Carnosine works also for ulcers. Two more natural recipes: 1) Raw cabbage juice (not sauerskaut, usual cabbage from juicer) 2) Glutamine For me Zinc-L-Carnosine did the best job tough.

Posted by on November 21 2017
Stomach aid

This is a wonderful aid to line my stomach and help villi regrowth. I suffer with gastritis and this has been very helpful in maintenance of my stomach.

Posted by on November 09 2017
PepZin GI, one of the best zinc supplement

i choose zinc supplement from PepZin GI or OptiZinc. Finally, i choose PepZin GI because it dissociates in the stomach at a slow rate. And this prolonged existence allows it to maintain its gastric healing effect over a longer period of time. This is the biggest different from OptiZinc so i choose PepZin GI.

Posted by on November 08 2017
The best product I ever used!

I use to have hart burn for years. nothing never worked. One day at a health food store I discovered Doctors Best Carnosine Complex with Pep Zin Gi. Sense I have taking this product my heart burn has gone away. I keep it around for some maintenance. I also give some to my friends when they can't get reed of heart burn. It's the best!

Posted by on October 30 2017
Zinc carnosine complex

Excellent together with slippery elm eliminated indigestion and acid reflux issues

Posted by on October 23 2017
Correcting deficiency

I needed to correct a slight zinc deficiency but was unable to tolerate any other product. They caused facial inflammation (typical in facial flushers and immune dysregulation), some nausea and constipation. My GP suggested I try a lowish dose of Zinc Carnosine as it would be less likely to cause side effects. He was right.

Posted by on October 15 2017
Zinc carnosine

The best product for stomach issues.

Posted by on October 12 2017
Great product

Very good product. Am happy with it.

Posted by on October 08 2017
Very good for GERD

I have been using this natural supplement for the past few years, every time my GERD attacks. Always works. Backed up by several studies too. Fast delivery from iHerb.

Posted by on August 19 2017
great product!

it does what it says and more! great product and it realy helps to heal mu guts!

Posted by on August 06 2017
Nothing yet

I feel no different yet, using it for 3 weeks.

Posted by on July 16 2017

ฉันกินมันเข้าไป มันช่วยให้การย่อยในกระเพาะ ดีขึ้นอย่างเห็นได้ชัด ใน 1 สัปดาห์

Posted by on July 11 2017
Great product

So worth the money if you have gastritis. . This will heal you and get you back to normal. Thank you seller for sending my Zinc to Canada .. I'll be back to buy more. xo

Posted by on July 07 2017
Really helps with acid reflux over night or after meals.

I take two at night before bed and one after breakfast. Works great, definitely feels like my stomach is working better and feel less bloated.

Posted by on June 21 2017
Helping my gastritis

My naturopath suggested taking zinc for my stomach issues (gastritis) and I believe this product is helping. Most importantly I can tolerate it meaning I digest it well which is not always the case for me with supplements.

Posted by on June 05 2017
This is a good product!

helps me with cronic gastritis

Posted by on April 19 2017
This natural product works effectively, very pleased.

I was taking one or two with meals ad directed after stomach burn set in due to taking anit-inflammatories. Can even take it after meals for stomach burn(effects wear off), for those suffering more severe gastritis you eventually need to supplement with other helps such as Gaviscon, anti-acids, pepto-bismol, pepcid/zantac. Doctors best to you.

Posted by on April 17 2017

I think it does a lot

Posted by on April 01 2017
helped little to no, made constipating.

used it for my gastritis and hyperacidicy, didn't seem to do much expect made me horribly constipated.

Posted by on March 26 2017
It really works

Wow, boom, this goody bomb will do its job. Yes, this one really works for me; you will that the stuff is casting its charm on you just after less than a week; it can even be few hours when you feel like the American B52 has dropped few bombs on your Gastritis or whatsoever unwanted abdomen conditions you are experiencing . And not to forget extending thanks and gratitude to iherbs for its excellent job, Great deal Ask Supplement master

Posted by on March 23 2017
Irritated stomach lining

This is combination with Slippery elm has helped me unbelievably with irritated stomach lining. First thing that finally helped.

Posted by on March 14 2017

Dr.s Best has never let me down

Posted by on February 22 2017
Stomach health

I have forgotten to take this product with breakfast and dinner twice in the last week and both times I had tummy issues. It is an important product if you want your gastric intestinal health to feel terrific. I take it with a good probiotic.

Posted by on February 08 2017
Review part 1

It's difficult to review supplements as it takes quite a while to take effect and sometimes not even then are the effects noticeable. So for this review I will review the packaging, the product itself and the cost. Packaging is good, mine came tightly sealed. The tablets are quite small and easy to swallow, there was no taste or smell. The price was really good. Overall I would recommend and hope that it in fact is doing something beneficial for my immune system.

Posted by on January 25 2017
Has contributes in healingmy stomach.

If you have frequent heartburn and nothing seems to wrk (except backing soda for relief). Definitely give this upplememt a try. It worked wonders for me. Been using it for 3 months now.

Posted by on January 13 2017
4th reorder

Title says it all, if you have any digest problems or you are taking medication that can impact digest system (boo on strong medication) this helps A LOT!

Posted by on January 09 2017
Work well

I use this instead of Nexium and I it is a good alternative. You have to take it 2 times a day and then it works without side-effects. But Swanson has a Zinc-carnosine supplement that works even better for me.

Posted by on December 08 2016
Zinc Carnosine

Excellent product!

Posted by on December 07 2016
Wonder Zinc!

I have to take daily zinc due to deficiency and saw that the Zinc Carnosine blend helps with gastro issues. This along with my daily acidophilus has made a huge difference in my gastro function.

Posted by on December 02 2016

I have been ordered this product. But unfortunately because of some restrictive procedures of the domestic shipping instution, in Turkiye, I could not take my ordered and purchased product. I hope iHerb pay back my money, Thanks

Posted by on December 01 2016
Noticeable improvement in gut motility!

I bought this for the zinc but the 'pep-zin GI' is obvioulsy have beneficial effects on my gut health, pooping like a champion!

Posted by on October 28 2016
Not good for those with histamine issues

The 1 out of 5 only applies to using it if you have histamine problems. The second time I took a pill I soon came out in unbearable itchiness (despite having taken a zyrtec that morning). Have discovered that carnosine degrades to histidine then histamine.

Posted by on October 27 2016
I like this

it makes me feel heathy

Posted by on October 14 2016

excellent for all uses..for morning and afternoon..

Posted by on June 20 2016
i think it works

I take this product with a regulals zinc orotate.. zinc itself is awesome for your immune system.. this particular one I started using as per the iherb recommendation for the stomach.. I noticed the difference after 2 months..

Posted by on January 25 2016

Works great for digestive problems

Posted by on December 12 2015
Calcium carbonate?

Not used regularly for long-term digestive issues (previous H. Pylori infection, GERD etc), because it does not help at all in the short term (made things worse). It seems that it is weaker than Source Naturals' which could be because they recommend taking two capsules twice a day (while Doctor's Best recommend just one capsule twice a day), the PepZin content in one capsule is the same. Other concern: The Doctor's Best PepZin GI bottle I purchased a year ago lists "calcium carbonate" as the first ingredient in the "other ingredients" list. Now, that is an unwelcome discovery, as this ingredient is used as an antacid and so could well impair digestion. Iherb does not list calcium carbonate, so you may want to double-check before you purchase. Hope this is useful.

Posted by on June 20 2015
Just started

Can't say for sure how these will work long-term, but I have been using them for about two weeks and I think I am noticing improvement in my gastritis.

Posted by on May 28 2015
Much better than other zinc carnosine

I had tried another zinc L-carnosine for acid stomach. After using an entire bottle of the product my digestion was only marginally better. After taking this PepZin for only a few dayd my acid stomach is much better. I recommend this to anyone taking lots of antacids. This works much better.

Posted by on April 24 2015
been taking two a day for almost a month, no visible effect yet

title says it all. the tablets are small so that's a plus!

Posted by on April 14 2015
Helped with reflux problems

My naturopath said its better to take this on an empty stomach rather than actually with a meal as the instructions say .i have found it certainly helps with acid reflux .

Posted by on April 07 2015
Can't tell yet

Can't tell if this is working or not yet

Posted by on March 05 2015


Posted by on March 01 2015

I had no effect when i was taking this with Gastrazyme. But, when I added Digest Basic, I had immediate relief. So, now I just use 1 Pepzinc at lunch time and dinner. I take 1 Digest Basic during breakfast, lunch and dinner. I take Gastrazyme as needed.

Posted by on February 27 2015
Will buy again if it works

Too soon to say , I,m hoping this product works well for me ,will update in the future.

Posted by on December 07 2014


Posted by on November 14 2014

works better than drugs without any side effect

Posted by on August 15 2014
re the Doctor's best, PepzinGI complex capsules

My Naturopath suggested I use this product to help heal an agravated stomach & oesophagus. I have been very pleased with a good improvement in my digestion. Thank you! Mary

Posted by on November 28 2013
Without medication

My mother is using this and can be without acid medication! Run out of this and had to take medication again. I was suprised how effective this product was!

Posted by on October 31 2013

Excelent for gastric problem.

Posted by on October 10 2013
Stomach help.

Too soon to tell if this supplement will help. (I can't get off the review page unless I review ALL products. I was only prepared to review one of the products listed.) But I have big hopes for this.

Posted by on September 29 2013
good items!

I like this item!

Posted by on September 25 2013
hafe not tried this

thhis got some poor reviews--check the info on iherb

Posted by on September 06 2013
pepzin gi carnosine complex

Have not used it much

Posted by on July 21 2013
does the job

great for extra acid production. or, if you get those little burps after eating.

Posted by on June 02 2013

My husband used those as he was diagnosed with ulcer. He is feeling great now and we think that not only the drug therapy had the effect, but these supplements too.

Posted by on May 29 2013
now brand doesn't compare

I baught this supplement to help ulcer, and after a few weeks of use I can say that it really worked well for me. I tried the now brand before but my body didn't respond very well to it. you also get twice the pills for almost the same amount of money.

Posted by on February 03 2013
Worked Well for a Friend

Bought this for a friend of mine who had serious ulcers and gastrointestinal pains .... effects where visible within a week of use and she is now using the product regularly and recommends it Highly. Two Thumbs Up

Posted by on February 01 2013
good value

Too early to report on noticing anf effect as against my usual zinc supplement, but this is a good product from Doctors Best

Posted by on January 14 2013

Even though this product was recommended to me by friends and in a book on acid reflux, this product did not work for me and gave me a migraine. Think the culprit is the carnosine. Source Naturals Peach Raspberry Zinc Lozenges work much better in the moment. Nature's Plus DGL Capsules also work to calm my stomach.

Posted by on November 26 2012
so far so good

i've been using it but i dont if its working. lol. i received my product on time and will order from you guys again.

Posted by on September 15 2012

ggod product for gastric lining

Posted by on September 10 2012
AMAZING product

This completely stopped stomach irritation. It's amazing. Read the materials from the physician who got this going here -- It's actually an Rx product in Japan and has been in that status for 20 years! You can read about it at the manufacturer's website, pepzingi dot com. I absolutely NEED this stuff sometimes! I am incredibly grateful to the developers and to Doc's Best for distributing it. It does take a day or two to start to work. Also, you can take more if you need to do so.

Posted by on August 19 2012
Doctor's Best, PepZinGl, Zinc-L-Carnosine Complex, 120 Veggie Caps

Good against helicobacter

Posted by on August 13 2012

Using to help with h pylori and atrophic gastritis due to Sjogren's Syndrome. I believe this works, thanks for stocking!

Posted by on June 07 2012
Hopeless for me

It didnt work for me. Rather the "mastic gum worked much better.

Posted by on May 18 2012

i havent used this brand yet, so the three stars, (I used Jarrow) but I can say that the ingredients work very well for gerd.

Posted by on May 11 2012
Pepzin Zinc

seems to work fine

Posted by on March 06 2012
Doctor's Best, PepZinGI, Zinc-L-Carnhosine Complex

I have been using the above product for 2 weeks and so far I have found the product to be very helpful with my problem. IBS and gastric problems, also I have changed my diet as well.

Posted by on December 19 2011

very happy

Posted by on October 26 2011
The best

as i expected

Posted by on July 12 2011

Excellent product

Posted by on June 30 2011

Excellent natural alternative to Omepazole.

Posted by on June 16 2011
Love it!

Great for my gastritis!

Posted by on June 08 2011

Helps with healing the gut, great price and delivery

Posted by on April 04 2011

Seems to help somewhat.

Posted by on March 01 2011
The Wonder of L-Carnosine!

Having had too many antibiotics in the past for various ailments, & also suffering from Irritable Bowel, my intestinal mucosa was suffering greatly. Since taking Pepsin GI, I am feeling so much better & able to eat foods which would previously cause adverse effects. I feel so much 'stronger' in the digestive area & that my immune system is far better than it has been for a long time.

Posted by on February 13 2011


Posted by on December 14 2010

I read that zinc-L-Carnosine is good for ulcer. I feel it has helped me

Posted by on October 19 2010
Stomach problems

I had severe problems with my stomach, after one week using PepZinGi, the relief was amazing! Good product.

Posted by on October 19 2010
So Maybe not "Best"

Not as good as the old Jarrow PepzinGI. Noticeably weaker and not as effective, but still better than nothing. The Jarrow product unfortunately is discontinued now, so this is one of the only options available. Haven't tried the Now version yet, that's next.

Posted by on October 16 2010
My review

Excellent service, excellent product Thank you

Posted by on September 17 2010
My stomach likes it

I have acid reflux sometimes very mild, sometimes severe, I noticed when I take it during my meals works best for me. I still have some GERD before I go to bed though, and I have to take something else.

Posted by on September 15 2010
Heals your stomach

PepZinGi really works to heal your stomach. I take an anti inflammatory every day which can really mess up your stomach. I have been taking PeZinGi for a couple of years and hope it never goes off the market. I don't have any stomach problems ever since I began taking this product. It takes a few weeks, of consistent use, to heal up your stomach and then a maintenance dose. This is a miracle product.

Posted by on September 10 2010
Great for GERD!

Great for GERD!

Posted by on September 08 2010
Superior! Magnificent!

Works marvelously. Relieved me from many years of indigestion, heartburn, sour stomach, belching and general digestion discomfort. I felt immediate improvement 20 min after taking the very first pill. I was taking it for 2 weeks as prescribed, 2 pills a day. After 2 weeks, I felt certain tension and discomfort in the stomach. I realized that for this session, the drug achieved maximum of what it could. So, I stopped taking it on the regular basis, resorting to it only as-necessary, which is approximately for a couple of days in one-two months, in case of upset stomach.

Posted by on August 16 2010

Good product - definitely helped my GI tract.

Posted by on August 06 2010

Excellent reduction of dyspepsia.

Posted by on July 28 2010
Stomach Lining rejuvenator

I had been taking the Jarrows brand, but as it wasn't available, I have taken Doctor's best for the first time. I can say Doctor's best supplements are quite superior, as I have of late procured some more of their supplements and tried e.g. -trypthopan, magnesium glycinate, r-lipoic acid Dinesh Khandelwal

Posted by on June 20 2010
Replacement for Gastro-Calm

My lab is on dermaxx and thought we would try the PepZinGI, Zinc-l-Camosine Complex to help settle his digestive tract and it does not appear to have helped him. Unfortunately we have not found anything to replace Gastro-Calm which doesn't appear to be available any longer.

Posted by on June 18 2010
Our feedback

This was recommended by our wellness doctor. It is helping with digestion issues. It is so nice to go to one place for many supplements.

Posted by on May 23 2010
A Lifesaver for Ulcerated Stomachs

This helped me heal ulcers caused by powerful oral meds during a hospitalization. Took 2 per day (1 w/ breakfast, 1 with dinner), along with a regimen including Mastic Gum (AM & PM on an empty stomach), DGL as needed, Yogi Stomach Ease Tea, & Goldenseal to help heal the ulcers. EXCELLENT results. This can help people w/ gastritis as well. Highly recommended--while stomach was healing, could definitely tell the difference when I forgot to take!

Posted by on May 09 2010
good results

I was taking ulcetrol from Now with much success. PepZinGI was an ingredient at this dosage, as was mastic gum. I have switched to this and Allergy REsearch Group Mastic Gum. It has been two weeks and I am very pleased. This combo is much cheaper than the Now Ulcetrol.

Posted by on April 14 2010

Hope it works. Too early to say.

Posted by on April 04 2010
Doctor's best PepZinGi

It does exactly what is says it will do, excellent produce

Posted by on March 05 2010
Good product

I have used NOW's pepzin, but this Doctor's brand is surely better since it only offers Pepzin whereas NOW includes 2 other herbs and additives... It may sound confusing why Doctor's is better, but after using NOW's for 2 months I have developed moderate stomach spasms whenever I take the pills due to either slippery elm or other herbs or additives in NOW's product...I suspect this is allergic reaaction... i can't take the product anymore. When I want to buy Pepzin, I want to buy Pepzin,.. not a combination of other things that really doesn't help me with stomach illness. Doc's product offers ony Pepzin and that is all I need!

Posted by on January 31 2010
Great Stuff!!

I have suffered with Gastritis for a few years now, and have tried several different perscriptions, they work for awhile then I have to find a new one. My natural medicine doctor told me about how zinc/L-carnosine helps to heal the lining of the stomach, not just shut the pump off! The Doctors Best PepZinGI is working very good, and I am feeling better everyday. Will order this again!!!

Posted by on January 16 2010
from Great Britain

Been taking for 2 weeks and seems to be soothing my chronic gastritis.

Posted by on December 28 2009

PepZin has helped. I have noticed an improvement in how well I feel. is a very professional company witj great customer service. The only suggestion I have is to make the packaging more environmentally more friendly.

Posted by on September 16 2009

I have been using it for a few months now. Seem to have less digestion problems. Don't want to quit using it, I really think it helps.

Posted by on June 17 2009


Posted by on June 08 2009
Good for ulcer

I have used this before and then quit for a while and my stomach problems came back. So I started taking it again and it is helping. I use it along with DGL, Aloe vera juice, and mastic gum. Does take a little while to feel the benefit.

Posted by on May 14 2009
Very satisfied

I ordered these half-hoping they might help my husband and I with stomach irritation from foods and anti-inflammatory medications. I did a little research first on PubMed, but I'm always skeptical. We always seem to be chewing Tums and Rolaids and taking Maalox despite a healthy diet. After just a couple weeks I realized that our antacid consumption is greatly reduced. I have eaten foods that bother my stomach (such as tomatoes) with no discomfort. Very pleased indeed.

Posted by on January 16 2009
Excellent Product

Works as described!

Posted by on December 22 2008

Pepzin has stopped my pep ulcers! Formidable!

Posted by on November 08 2008
pepzin gi

great supplement for stomach/ulcer problems,at a great price

Posted by on November 06 2008
Ralph Thompson

I find the product to be helpful.

Posted by on October 16 2008

Early days but these do seem to work!

Posted by on September 26 2008
PepZinGI is Great

I have been taking PepZinGI for two weeks along with Reglan and find my GI problems have abated. If this keeps up you'll have a long time customer.

Posted by on August 23 2008
Doctor's Best, PepZinGI

Product is very good. Thank you.

Posted by on April 22 2008
Doctor's Best, PepZinGl, 120 Veggie Caps

Does what it says.

Posted by on February 20 2008
Doctor's Best, PepZinGi, 120 Veggie Caps

Outstanding product, I will not use any other product now that I have found Doctor's Best. N.D. Inland Empire

Posted by on February 07 2008
Обожаю Именно Этот Цинк!

У меня себорейный дерматит. Какой бы цинк ни пила, и именно этой фирмы самый рабочий! На фоне приема буквально за несколько дней уменьшается зуд и пятна вовсе начинают сходить на нет.

Posted by on April 22 2020

После месяца приема явно почувствовала облегчение в работе ЖКТ. Принимала 2 раза в день, утром и в обед, до еды

Posted by on April 13 2020

Пила вместе с Алоэ. Были боли в эпигастриальной области. Боли прошли. Газообразование Уменьшилось

Posted by on April 05 2020
negativo los gastos de aduanas.

El producto es bueno, igual que el se compra en España, pero en esta ocasión ha supuesto más del doble por los gastos de aduanas.

Posted by on April 04 2020
Хорошее восполнение дефицитов

Пью по рекомендации врача.Как восполнение дифицитов перед приемом йода.

Posted by on April 01 2020

Пока пью первую банку, перестали появляться белые точки на ногтях

Posted by on March 23 2020
Шикарный препарат!

Брала для лечения болей в желудке после приема пищи. Отличный препарат, который действительно работает. Боли проходят. Советую к покупке! При вводе кода BVR205 вам будет скидка при первой покупке

Posted by on March 16 2020
werde es weiterempfehlen

produkt wirkt gut

Posted by on March 03 2020
O melhor De Todos

Já tomei de tudo, mas para a gastrite esse é o mais eficiente. Mas demora pra sentir os efeitos desejáveis.Pois o estômago demora para se curar

Posted by on February 13 2020

Fais le job

Posted by on February 11 2020
bon produit site sérieux

mon estomac va beaucoup mieux associé avec gastrazymes

Posted by on February 06 2020

胃の状態が悪いけど吸収率を上げていきたいのはこちらカルノシンZn コスパもいい!

Posted by on January 30 2020
Пропивала совместно с другим препаратом

Пропивала с Gl-encap, изжога перестала мучить до еды!

Posted by on January 29 2020


Posted by on January 25 2020


Posted by on January 23 2020

以前はノーマルの亜鉛サプリを飲んでいましたが、どうしても飲んだ後に胃に不快感があってこちらに切り替え。 こちらは何も違和感なく飲めて、最近は乾燥もあまり気にならなくなってきたように思います。 これはリピ決定です!

Posted by on January 16 2020
역류성 식도염에 효과 좋아요

몇가지 위장 관련 영양제 주문했는데 얘만 먹고 있어요! 역류성 식도염으로 항상 명치가 답답하고 막힌 느낌이랑 소화가 안되서 힘들었는데 2알 먹고 바로 좋아졌어요 신기 *_* 역류성식도염때문에 잘 못 먹어서 살 엄청 빠졌었는데 얘 먹고 다시 몸무게 되찾고 있네요 ㅋㅋ 영양제 먹어보고 안되면 병원가려고 했는데 저한테 잘 맞는건지 암튼 효과 좋아서 재구매하려다 리뷰 씁니다

Posted by on January 06 2020
回購多次,輸 入購 物 碼 > 去掉空格 可享優惠A L E 2 2 4 1

回購多次,輸 入購 物 碼 > 去掉空格 可享優惠A L E 2 2 4 1

Posted by on December 24 2019
효과는 잘 모르겠어요.

속쓰림이 좋아지는 느낌은 모르겠습니다. 프로스타그란딘을 분비해서 위점막을 보호해준다는 것 같은데 자고 일어나니 몸이 쑤시는 것 같아요. 이것 때문인지는 잘 모르겠지만...

Posted by on December 13 2019


Posted by on November 30 2019
Je recommande

Livraison très rapide avec le produit original

Posted by on November 29 2019
Producto descrito

Envio rápido, la verdad no he notado mucha diferencia entre tomarlo o no.

Posted by on November 28 2019
Беру постоянно

У меня ГЭРБ , этот цинк помогает . Пью утром вместе с приемом каши

Posted by on November 27 2019
Удобно и эффективно

Прописал врач. Помогает прекрасно поддерживать пищеварение. Принимаю с другими препаратами, идеально в комплексе.

Posted by on November 18 2019
Замечательный Препарат При Гриппе И Простуде

Как только появляются симптомы кашля или простуды с цинком и витамином с, проходит все быстрее и намного легче

Posted by on November 07 2019

جدا للأن

Posted by on November 04 2019


Posted by on October 30 2019
Заказала Ещё!

Вирусы проходили очень легко. Кроме цинка для иммунитета ничего не пила.

Posted by on October 14 2019

Не знаю как работает препарат, но в период обострение с ним действительно становится легче. Пью вторую баночку

Posted by on September 10 2019
Работает Великолепно

Принимала 2 месяца по 2 капсулы натощак. У меня атрофический гастрит. Хочу сказать, что препарат эффективен!!!

Posted by on August 27 2019
열심히 복용하고 있어요

아직잘 모르겠어요 열심히 먹고 있습니다

Posted by on August 05 2019
Pas adapté ?

Rien de mieux avec ce produit. Peut-etre n'est il pas adapté a mon souci

Posted by on July 30 2019
위가 편해졌어요

위장이 조금 튼튼해진 것 같아요 원래 밥먹으면 조금 부담스러웠는데, 요즘은 그런 느낌이 없네요

Posted by on July 08 2019


Posted by on June 09 2019

캡슐이 상당히 작네요

Posted by on May 02 2019
Эффект не почувствовал.

Какого-то эффекта не почувствовал.

Posted by on March 28 2019
Хуже работает пищевар

Не знаю с чем связано, но реально кишки стали хуже работать. Всегда ем относительно большие объемы пищи, после приёма препарата начал тупо раздуваться живот, сильно крепит стул.

Posted by on March 10 2019
속쓰림이 없어졌어요~

처음 구입은 아침에 일어날때 속쓰림때문에 주문하게되었어요. 거의 매일 속쓰림으로 힘들었는데 이 제품을 먹고 난 후부터 속이 편안하고 속쓰림 증세가 없어졌급니다. 개인차도 있겠고 여러 영양제를 함께먹고 있어 특정하긴 어려우나, 자주 설사를 하던 남편도 두달 전부터 이 제품을 먹고있는데 위도 좋아지고 설사도 거의 안한다고하네요. 캡슐형태고 알약 크기가 작아 먹기 편하네요. 계속 추가구입 예정입니다.

Posted by on December 20 2018


Posted by on December 04 2018
Bon produit pour l'estomac

Excellent pour restaurer les muqueuses de l'estomac. En complément d'un bon régime alimentaire, plus de soucis de reflux.

Posted by on November 28 2018
Видимые результаты

Восстановила уровень цинка с нижней границы (700) до верхней (1200) всего одной баночкой. Никаких побочных эффектов не заметила.

Posted by on November 26 2018

Bom dia! A encomenda 406509774 que deveria ser entregue até 13 de novembro, ainda não foi recebida!!! Cumprimentos

Posted by on November 15 2018
Мне не подошёл

Пила около недели, не сразу поняла, что сильно болит живот от цинка, хотя написано дискомфорт убирает. Прекратила принимать его и через пару дней всё нормализовалось. Я пила натощак, как указано на упаковке, может лучше после еды. Но проверять это уже не хочется.

Posted by on November 08 2018

Пока улучшения особенного не почувствовала, но пропила половину банки, но и ухудшения, о чем предупреждали некоторые, тоже не произошло. Если будет положительный эффект по окончании курса обязательно напишу

Posted by on October 10 2018
Абсолютно бесполезный

Абсолютно бесполезный продукт в моем случае (повышенная кислотность и ГЭРБ). Даже наоборот, с ним приходилось пить омепразол чаще. Лучше обследуйтесь у врача, не ждите чудес.

Posted by on September 30 2018

胃腸の調子が悪くなっていて医薬品の中から長期連用でも問題のないもの複数品を使い分けしていましたが著しく効果が感じられず この商品にたどり着きました。 朝晩の空腹時に服用後、2日くらいで食事の際に生じる胃の不快感が改善され食事がとても美味しく摂れるようになりました。 亜鉛の補給にもなり続けてみたいと思います。

Posted by on September 08 2018
чуда не случилось(

Очень болел желудок после их приема.

Posted by on August 20 2018
꾸준히 먹어보려고요.

위가 안좋아서 먹고있는데...위자극이 좀 적어진것 같아요.

Posted by on May 07 2018

亜鉛といってもどの亜鉛が吸収が良いのか。とりあえずこちらを試してみました。 実感としてはよくわからないのですが、1本飲み切ってみます。

Posted by on April 22 2018

ムカムカしたり 食べ物がずっと消化出来ない感じがなくなり胃の調子が良くなったように思います。

Posted by on April 01 2018
Помог в излечении эрозивного гастрита

Помог в излечении эрозивного гастрита, но одной банки не хватило. Российские таблетки увы не помогали вообще...

Posted by on March 31 2018
Doctor's Best, Цинк -карнозин, 37,5 мг, 60 капсул

Добавка рекомендуется для поддержки слизистой желудка. Вроде как должна способствовать синтезу естественных факторов защиты и уменьшению воспаления. У меня хроническое воспалительное заболевание верхнего отдела ЖКТ, рефлюкс, эрозии при обострении. Мало что помогает из добавок, цинк-карнозин не подошел. По некоторым отзывам (много положительных): при хроническом воспалительном процессе может приводить к ухудшению, нарушению моторики. По ЖКТ у меня был явный отрицательный результат после пары дней приема: сильная отрыжка, рефлюкс, тяжесть и дискомфорт. Довольно прилично крепит. Для цинка характерно общее подсушивающее вяжущее действие на слизистые и кожу, ионы цинка коагулируют белки. В зависимости от глубины проникновения может развиться сильный раздражающий эф-кт на слизистую желудка и рефлекторная рвота. Поэтому добавку нельзя принимать на пустой желудок. В интернете очень много отзывов с жалобами на сильную тошноту и рвоту при приеме цинка в любой форме, в том числе аминокислотные соединения. Будьте очень аккуратны с цинком при чувствительном ЖКТ. Я думаю он негативно действует при сопутствующем заболевании кишечника, колитах. В целом, лекарства и травы с выраженным вяжущим и дубящим эф-ом не подходят при склонности к атрофии и чувствительном кишечнике с повышенной проницаемостью. Хотя часто рекомендуют при проблемах с ЖКТ, видимо такое действие у определенных людей действительно активирует защитные факторы. Мне хорошо помогают смягчающие, обволакивающие и питающие средства, строгая диета. Также заметил появление головной боли напряжения, как при повышении давления, небольшая тахикардия. Принимал минимальные дозы: по одной, пол капсулы в день. Похожий эф-кт (менее выраженный) на вегетососудистую систему и ЖКТ был при приеме отдельной добавки карнозина. Есть исследования, показывающие возможность образования из карнозина гистидина и последующего повышения уровня гистамина, особенно при дополнительном приеме. А гистамин может усиливать воспаление и вызывать сердечно сосудистые реакции. Информации больше на англ. языке, можно набрать в поисковике: carnosine degrades to histidine then histamine. Встречал отзывы об усилении аллергических реакций, даже при приеме противоал-х лекарств. Вообще карнозин относят к спортивным добавкам для уменьшения усталости мышц при интенсивных нагрузках. Наибольшая концентрация в скелетных мышцах, предположительно препятствует накоплению побочных продуктов (молочная кислота) при активной мышечной работе. Выносливость в первую очередь, конечно, зависит от здоровья сердечно сосудистой системы, печени и ее кровотока, развитости кровеносной системы мышц. Буферные возможности повышают регулярные тренировки. Пробовал принимать перед длительными поездками на велосипеде, вроде мышцы меньше забиваются и потом не болят сильно. От регулярного приема положительных эф-ов не заметил, наоборот раздражает ЖКТ. При хронических заболеваниях могут быть выраженные побочные действия.

Posted by on March 17 2018

Funcionan bien para la gastritis junto con glutamina y magnesio.

Posted by on January 10 2018
мне помогает

. У меня больной желудок и поэтому постоянные проблемы. Очень боялась за празднование нового года, когда про диету начисто забываешь. Но на следующий день начала принимать капсулы, как написано в аннотации -2раза в день. Я пью их после еды. Помогает. Пропью курсом 1 месяц, потом сделаю передышку и весной повторю.

Posted by on January 05 2018

Не знаю, что там в теории, но на практике не дают ни какого эффекта. Кислотность не снижают, пещивание не улучшают , пищеварению не помогают . Пустышка по приличной цене , лучше купить дешёвый омез и гевискон.

Posted by on January 02 2018


Posted by on December 22 2017
Нулевой эффект

За месяц приема эффекта не замечено. Возможно, надо пить очень долго, чтобы понять, как действует. Спасибо, хоть хуже не делает.

Posted by on December 20 2017

Хорошая добавка цинка, отлично для здоровья кишечника, подходит для людей на БГБК диете

Posted by on December 15 2017


Posted by on December 06 2017
От изжоги помогает.

Хорошая добавка. Помогает от изжоги, если я сильно не нарушаю диету. Принимаю 1 капсулу в день с едой, на завтрак. Если съела в обед что-то острое , кислое и т.п., принимаю ещё 1 капсулу. Мне нравится эффект. Рекомендую.

Posted by on December 05 2017


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Самое эффективное средство для помощи в реабилитации ЖКТ.

Нарушение пищеварения -это наказание за еду и образ жизни. Избавиться от проблем пищеварения без коррекции питания я бы сказала нельзя. Поэтому всегда начинайте реабилитацию ЖКТ с пересмотра своего питания. Выпевайте не менее 1 литра воды. Увеличьте долю сырых овощей, фруктов, ограничьте количество свободных углеводов (сахар лучше заменить на Stevia). А далее используйте комплексную программу реабилитации ЖКТ (см. на стр.iherb). Zinc Carnosine Complex with Pepzin Gl является самым эффективным средством для помощи пациентам с заболеванием ЖКТ и делает его незаменимым для облегчения симптомов заболевания, поддержки здоровья клеток желудка и слизистой оболочки. Цинк-способствует заживлению ран кожи и язв слизистых. Соединение цинка с L-карнoзином, PepZin GL –это патентованный комплекс, обладает более мощной способностью восстанавливать пораженную слизистую желудка и кишечника. Клинические исследования показали способность PepZin комплекса излечивать не только пептические язвы, но и противодействовать росту Helicobacter Pylori. Терапевтическая дозировка препарата 75 мг 2 раза в день, c едой или после, в течение 2-х месяцев. Для профилактики рецидивов не забывайте пропивать в осенне-зимний период. Препарат может также использоваться как “скорая помощь” для купирования симптомов заболевания, а также при нарушении диетического питания, принимайте 1 -2 кап. для предупреждения дискомфорта от принятой пищи. Альтернатива данному препарату-ульцетрол от Now Foods.

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Рабочее средство

Как-то я ухитрилась подорвать свой железобетонный желудок - антибиотиками, сульфамидами и много чем еще. Нужно было восстанавливаться, пока дело не дошло до гастрита. Так был найден, закуплен и с успехом опробован на себе цинк-карнозин от Source Naturals. Поставив же капризную часть организма на место и сделав ей внушение (то есть, пропив положенный двухмесячный курс), я задумалась о том, как бы мне сохранить это приятное состояние с минимальными затратами. Для профилактики рецидивов я остановилась на варианте попроще и существенно подешевле - комплексе с цинк-карнозином от Doctor's Best. Здесь и дозировки поменьше и принимать нужно не четыре капсулы в день, а всего две, что делает добавку весьма экономичной. А если учесть, что принимаю я как правило и вовсе по одной (для поддержания нормального состояния желудка мне этого абсолютно хватает), а капсул в банке - 120, да и хапнула я сразу две... В общем, думаю, на ближайшие месяцы я этот вопрос для себя закрыла! Тем же, для кого проблема актуальна, рекомендую присмотреться, не забывая, разумеется, что это - БАД, а не лекарство.

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В осенне-весенний период всегда воспаляется мой гастрит,а с этими пилюлями обошлось осень прошла незамеченной для моего желудка.

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Заказ не пришел !!!

Заказ не пришел !!!

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Даю ребёнку, дозировка как на банке. Кажется слабоват, но работает. Появилась капелька энергии, немножечко ребенок стал активнее, чуток лучше с рефлюксом - его стало меньше. Ставлю 4 звёзды, ТК цена слишком высокая для такой мизерной дозировки ((

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Эффективное средство

Помогает при гастритах с повышенной кислотнотью.

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Очень удачный препарат!

Этото препарат помог мне избавиться отряда проблем ,связанных с СРК. Принимаю его уже несколько месяцев, но действие ощутила очень быстро. Очень рекомендую!

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Витамины для желудка.

Хорошие витамины. Не стоит ждать мгновенного чуда. Нужен накопительный эффект.

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Бесполезный продукт - выкинул банку

Сначала принимал, думал, что помогает. Оказалось просто снижал кислотность из-за наличия кальция карбоната в составе. Вызывает резкие скачки подъема арт. давления. Можем какая-то несовместимость с какими-то продуктами, точную зависимость не выявил, возможно, с зеленым чаем. Сам по себе зеленый чай никогда давление не повышал и сейчас не повышает. Причем давление подымалось после приема таблеток на некоторое время - становилось нехорошо, но через время все приходило в норму. После двух таких случаев - решил больше не пить и выбросил банку, так как во второй раз пришлось вызвать скорую, сделали ЭКГ - все в норме, принимать их таблетки не стал - пока они ехали давление стало приходить в норму.

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Отличное средство для желудка

У меня язва 12перстной и гастрит поэтому постоянно в осенне-весенний период мучаюсь с желудком, случайно увидела здесь этот комплекс и решила опробовать, вот уже пью 2 недели - желудок перестал беспокоить. Пью его вечером, когда вначале пила утром у меня было легкое головокружение, где-то я читала что от цинка возможен такой эффект, поэтому лучше его пить перед сном. Да и диеты как таковой я не придерживаюсь. Кислотность у меня повышенная, а после этого комплекса чувство кислоты во рту тоже перестало беспокоить.

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亜鉛は初めてオーダーしました。朝晩1カプセル服用しています。 なんとなくいい気がします。 亜鉛の入ってるマルチビタミンに変えるか検討中です。

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Не заметила какого-либо воздействия

У меня гастрит и другие проблемы с ЖКХ, выпила банку, не почувствовала никаких улучшений.

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Заметно улучшилось состояние желудка

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у мамы проблемы с поджелудочной,снял воспалительный процесс! надо принимать курсами,буду брать еще,эффект есть!

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Doctor's Best, Цинк-L-карнозин, комплекс с PepZin Gl

действительно помогает.

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Замечательный продукт, эффект быстрый!

Очень понравился данный продукт и даёт хороший эффект даже если принимать 1 капсулу в сутки. Справляется с разными видами дискомфорта с ЖКТ и неплохо помогает при ГЭРБ с повышенной кислотностью.

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При гастрите

Тем у кого проблемы с желудком это средство снимет воспаление слизистой, будет способствовать её восстановлению и оздоровлению. Лучшая замена химии! Советую.

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Взяла повторно

Отличный комплекс. Помог снять обострение. Реально работает. Помог еще и свекрови.

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Единственное что помогло

Когда мне было 9 лет у меня нашли гастрит с повышенной кислотностью. Сейчас мне 41 год- уже была язва (зарубцевалась), ГЭРБ, и так же эрозийный гастрит. Пила лет десять уже омепрозолового ряда препараты ( пришлось даже на эзоомепрозолы перейти).И вдруг эта маленькая капсула- и забыла не только о болях,изжоги, вздутии, но что печально забываю принять иногда капсулу, так комфортно внутри. Но все таки пришла к выводу ,что с моими проблемами необходимо курсом пропить. Здоровья Вам и процветания

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Великолепная вещь!

У моего мужа гастрит с повышенной кислотностью. Столько врачей обошли, вс как один говорили- диета и всякие Денолы, Омезы и тд. Этот цинк - единственное, что ему действительно помогает и я уже давно не слышала его жалобы по поводу желудка. Купим ещё и ещё однозначно!

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위가약해서 먹고있어요

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Все препараты, купленные у нас, выкинула в помойку. Этот комплекс просто вернул мой желудок к жизни. Теперь даже кофе могу пить, а раньше об этом даже не мечтала. Пью вместе в DGL, киприловой кислотой.

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Для желудка самое то!

Цинк для желудка вещь неотъемлемая, так что с приобретением данного препарата у людей с проблемами желудка вопросов возникнуть не должно!

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속쓰림으로 몇년동안 고생하고 있는데, 도움이 되는 것 같아요. 다른 약을 여러개 같이 먹는지라 이것만의 효과인지는 확신할 수 없지만.. 이전보단 확실히 속이 좋아요.

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미란성 위염이라

아직 특별한 효과는 없어요.

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