Royal Chanca Piedra, Liver-Gall Bladder Support, 400 mg, 120 Vegetarian Capsules

By Whole World Botanicals

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Whole World Botanicals, Royal Chanca Piedra, Liver-Gall Bladder Support, 400 mg, 120 Vegetarian Capsules
Whole World Botanicals, Royal Chanca Piedra, Liver-Gall Bladder Support, 400 mg, 120 Vegetarian Capsules - photo 1
Whole World Botanicals, Royal Chanca Piedra, Liver-Gall Bladder Support, 400 mg, 120 Vegetarian Capsules - photo 2
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  • Supports a Healthy LDL Cholesterol Level
  • Wildcrafted Phyllanthus Spp.
  • Phyllanthus Niruri (Chanca Piedra)
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Chanca Piedra Extract Capsules
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
They English translation of Chanca piedra is "Break Stone".

Scientific studies support the use of this herb for liver, gall bladder and kidney health.

Sustainably wildcrafted product: Water-based extract in a ratio of 2:1 potency, with powdered leaf and stem. No pesticides or chemicals used.
Suggested Use

To Support Healthy Digestion: Take with meals.

Liver or gall bladder flush: Take on empty stomach.

Immediate/Urgent Use: 1 capsule 3-4 times daily.

Long-term/Maintenance Use: Take 1-3 capsules daily.


Consult your physician if pregnant or nursing.


(Capsules): Cellulose, purified water. 

Package Quantity:
120 Vegetarian Capsules

Expiration Date:
01 June 2023

Shipping Weight:
0.24 lbs

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings per Container: 120
 Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
Chanca Piedra extract plus powdered leaf
Strength 2:1
400 mg*
*Daily value not established.
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great product received quickly

great product , received it very quickly

Posted by on April 01 2020
Game changer!

This product really helped to my kidneys! I will definitely order again!

Posted by on February 20 2020
Great product

Thanks for express services

Posted by on January 11 2020
No impact

I bought this product but I haven’t seen recovery for the stone sitting in my kidney

Posted by on January 06 2020
It works well in aiding in digesting my meals

I have 8 gallstones and my doctor has advised me to have my gallbladder removed. I decided NOT to have my gallbladder removed and decided instead to change my eating lifestyle. I have cut out all bad fats and only eat food which has been cooked in a little extra virgin olive oil. I do not eat ANYTHING from bakeries or fast food places any longer. If I eat a large meal of steak/fish and vegetables from a restaurant or cooked by somebody else, then I take one of these capsules to help with my digestion. If I go outside of my healthy eating and have a piece of cheese, then I would take one of these capsules to help with my digestion. I haven't had any gallbladder attacks since using these capsules. I want to start taking them on a regular occasion to see if they will help to get rid of the stones completely. For now though, it has been assisting with my digestion, but I still have to be wise enough to eat the right foods and keep away from fatty meals. From next year I will start to take it on a regular basis to work at breaking the stones up. If I am successful with it, then I will do another review on these capsules.

Posted by on December 13 2019
Good Chanca Piedra Product

Very good product, the tablets are of decent size and weight, and they also work well. Would recommend this product for chanca piedra.

Posted by on December 12 2019
Good product

Capsules easy to swallow, good packaging, and fast delivery.

Posted by on July 02 2019
Gall bladder support

bought this for gall stones feels better, no pains or tenderness.

Posted by on July 10 2018
imo, INDISPENSIBLE for anyone who's eaten a lot of saturated fats & other fatty toxins

This is probably THE most powerful healing herb I've ever taken for restoring the gall-bladder, pancreas & liver back to healthy functioning. And I've taken MANY. It seems to act by bringing up to the surface of our awareness the old uncompleted emotions like deep grief, guilt and feelings of not being good enough, allowing us to finally deal with them, so that once those dense energies are out of our system, the life force energy that's supposed to move freely through those organs in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem (homeostasis), is finally unblocked. Energies are supposed to flow unimpededly for health to exist. Just like people, if water doesn't move, it stagnates. A swap develops there, and all kinds of unwanted things settle in it. It starts smelling bad, tasting horrible, and nobody wants to go nowhere near it. As with people. Life IS movement. Non-movement = cloudy inner waters = cloudy emotions = cloudy mind. E-motions = energy in motion. Health IS motion. Harmonious activity - non-excessive, in proportion to the speed of the flows around it. In balance with the speed of life. Cardio physical activity (like jogging, for at least 10 min) that moves the toxins out of the lymph and forces tons of healing oxygen (through deep breathing) to alkalize the system seems to be extremely helpful to reduce the daily emotional discomfort when taking this (or any other) potent herbs. See "Day 21: Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse" of David Rainoshek's Juice Feasting 92-Day Nutrition Course for precise scientific information & research references.

Posted by on March 16 2018

I ordered Jan 29, and it arrived Feb 2, Product tracking is available and it notifies the status of delivery, delivery packaging is poor, the bottle is placed in a relatively medium box, without cushion, anyways the bottle is made of plastic, bottle cap is sealed, and nothing to worry about. A nyways get lower P rice if you will be able to decipher cou pon! G rab it on the left side! 1 time buyers 9 lives of a cat 5 per cent off - Manila, PH

Posted by on February 02 2018
excellent product

I just received the product it says 2:1 instead of 3:1; it seems they added whole leaf powder instead of only extract;I've sent an e-mail to the company, and they assured the potency and quality is the same it's just a different approach and offered a refund; they look like a company with a code and moral obligations so I hope nothing changed; I've been using the liquied/tincutre form and it worked but capsules more convient for me and now I'm really pleased with product, highly recommended.

Posted by on November 11 2017
Can't tell much difference

It's ok.

Posted by on July 08 2017
A total lifesaver

I love this stuff! It really works!

Posted by on January 16 2017
It works

It works. I got better with my bladder problem

Posted by on December 01 2016
Good for occasional liver/gallbladder cleanse

I found this product ok..suitable for light to medium case of distention/bloating. The Liquid Herbal Extract version is far more potent...that's why it's always out of stock.

Posted by on June 28 2016
5 Stars

I am exited to use it and see how it goes i feel good about it.

Posted by on April 22 2016
Every body needs this!

I take four on an empty stomach to help my liver detox. I can feel a huge difference in how I feel when I take this. I hadn't taken it in a long time, just started back. I love it and will be ordering again soon. Cleans the liver and the kidneys! Why wait until you have gall stones or kidney stones?

Posted by on December 11 2014

works well but cause diarrhea

Posted by on March 15 2014
Great Product

I had been suffering from severe stomach distension on a regular basis, but more pronounced in the afternoon usually where many times I would feel 8 months pregnant! After only 3 days on this product my bloating/distension has subsided. I am only on day 4 and I have been taking approximately 5-6 tabs spaced out through my day. I have had a difficulty losing weight and because of this bloating I feel I take 2 steps forward and 1 step back! Now I feel like I am headed in the right direction with digesting my foods properly with freeing up the gall bladder to send the bile and enzymes to allow the body to work! Thank you Chanca Piedra:) I will continue to stay on a support for gallbladder and liver! This is a great product with almost immediate results!

Posted by on August 29 2013


Posted by on October 26 2011
royal break-stone

It works, I grow kidney stones on a regular basis, and this product keeps me out of the hopsital. Thank you for this product.

Posted by on April 05 2011
Great product

Ordered it to clean my gallbladder from stones. After only one week I know it's too early to get desired results, but I feel this product is working... I take 2 caps 3 times daily 30 min before meal and it's obviously my digestion is significantly improved. I'll update my review after 4-5 weeks, right after ultrasound check of my gallbladder

Posted by on March 15 2011


Posted by on July 25 2010
Uric Acid reducer

I used 5 caps the first dose and b.i.d. as directed since then as an adjunct to the tincture. In a week my uric acid is below 6. It works and it's safe and it's inexpensive too. Highly recommended. (Drink lots of water!)

Posted by on July 01 2009
لا يوجد

لا يوجد اي تاثير على حصوات الكلى

Posted by on January 12 2020
Достойный препарат

Рекомендую. Пропила две банки. Заказывать еще БУДУ!!!

Posted by on July 11 2019


Posted by on April 21 2019


Posted by on July 30 2018
Неплохой продукт, миссию выполнил

Брала не с целью раздробить камень окончательно, на это надежды не было, а с целью поддержать организм до операции без приступов и движений камушка. С задачей справлялся в дозировке 1капс/день. Камень достали рыхлый, при длительном приеме окажет на холестириновые камни положительное действие, уверена наверняка. +растворит холестириновые камни с приемом не менее полугода и диетой +удобные капсулы +облегчит состояние +нет побочки(по моим ощущениям) из минусов: -если были приступы, не превышайте дозы - может вызвать движение камня и закупорку протока. -не растворит камни с кальцием и т.п.

Posted by on March 07 2018


Posted by on January 29 2018


Posted by on January 24 2018
уже заказываю 3 раз

Снимает воспаление желчного, поджелудочной

Posted by on January 03 2018
Лучшая из своей серии

Беру для свекрови. Это уже третья фирма которую опробовали. Ранее брали более дешёвые варианты. Свекрови грозит операция. В нашем городе хотят удалить почку, либо надо долго ждать квоту чтобы пролечиться в Москве без удаления. Решили поискать альтернативу, а вдруг... Две предыд. фирмы дали небольшой эффект, камни начали сыпаться как песочек. Но с этой баночки эффект намного лучше!!! С одной почки камень вообще вышел сам, хоть и болезненно. Во второй очень большой, но начал разрушаться и стал мягким, что уже улучшает условия удаления. Ура! Пока ждали этот заказ у меня сильно заболело в области желочного пузыря, тоже риск образования камней. Я взяла и пропила 10 капсул по 1 шт в день и вообще всё прошло! В общем будем брать только эту фирму!

Posted by on December 17 2017

Эффект не то,что нулевой,а обратный. Камень в желчном увеличился в 2 раза. Принимала камнеломку 2 месяца. Пустая трата времени и денег

Posted by on November 29 2017
Пока не тестировал

До этого покупал жидкий, о результатах пока ничего не могу сказать.

Posted by on July 30 2017


Posted by on February 08 2017

キダチミカンソウは日本では入手困難(アイハーブでも長期品切れだけど) 去年、二つ買って飲みました。 肝臓系のハーブは、飲むと少し負担のあるものもありますが、 これは飲んで違和感とかないです。 効果を増強するためにNACとかタウリンなどと合わせています。 ハーブティーなどと組み合わせても良いです。

Posted by on January 09 2017


Posted by on May 04 2016
Не почувствовала эффекта

Принимала этот препарат около двух недель с целью улучшить работу желчного пузыря, не почувствовала никакого эффекта. Три звезды, потому что, возможно, надо было принимать его дольше.

Posted by on January 06 2016
без изменений

Покупала для выведения камня диаметр 14 мм из желчного пузыря, принимала 4 месяца, изменений нет. В целом самочувствие улучшилось за это три звезды.

Posted by on September 17 2014


Posted by on June 13 2014