SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia, Sweet Drops Sweetener, Peppermint, 2 fl oz (60 ml)

By Wisdom Natural

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Wisdom Natural, SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia, Sweet Drops Sweetener, Peppermint, 2 fl oz (60 ml)
Wisdom Natural, SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia, Sweet Drops Sweetener, Peppermint, 2 fl oz (60 ml) - photo 1
Wisdom Natural, SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia, Sweet Drops Sweetener, Peppermint, 2 fl oz (60 ml) - photo 2
Price: $11.86 ($5.93/fl oz)
as at April 29, 2020 11:03 pm
  • 288 Servings
  • All Natural
  • Zero Calories

With just a few drops, SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia can turn a boring bottle of water or virtually any other food or beverage into a flavorful, healthier experience.

SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia is a natural, convenient and healthy sweetener. It contains no calories or carbohydrates and may be used in tea, coffee, smoothies, protein shakes or any recipe.

SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia is delicious, has no aftertaste, and is diabetic friendly.

From drinks to desserts, appetizers to entrees and so much more, the options are endless.


Refrigerate after opening.


Purified water, organic stevia leaf extract, natural flavors, peppermint oil.

Package Quantity:
2 fl oz (60 ml)

Expiration Date:
01 August 2021

Shipping Weight:
0.5 lbs

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very bad

The product is very bad and frustrating and disappointing and light and tasteless and frankly I will not repeat this experience with that company again

Posted by on December 01 2019
The Only Flavour I Actually Liked

Wanted to try these out as I’m dieting and needed a little sweetness in my life. I bought the chocolate, hazelnut and peppermint and was a little disappointed. The chocolate and hazelnut taste like nothing other than basic stevia drops. The peppermint one is ok so I have been putting it in my water. Wasn’t blown away by this product.

Posted by on July 27 2018
Very Good

Great taste

Posted by on July 13 2018
Sweet Drops Sweetener, Pppermint

add with water and ice for those who dun drink plain water

Posted by on November 05 2017
Verry good

Fast delivry.

Posted by on October 31 2017
Not yet try

Not yet try

Posted by on June 22 2017
Mild flavor, no funny aftertaste

I use it to make 1/2-1 gallon batches, about 20-25 drops. I don't need a strong, in your face flavor. I just look for a mild, fairly recognizable flavor without a cloying, syrupy aftertaste.

Posted by on April 28 2017
I wasn't sure if i'd like it but I actually do

It's interesting and fun to change up a smoothie by adding some peppermint drops.

Posted by on December 01 2014
Wonderful and refreshing

A very sweet peppermint taste..sometimes I add peppermint essential oil to my drinks for an extra kick with this one

Posted by on October 15 2014

I LOVE to flavor my coffee with this peppermint stevia. Nice to flavor other drinks as well.

Posted by on October 09 2014
Peppermint Stevia

My favorite to add to my green tea! Yummy!

Posted by on July 13 2014
A bit of aftertaste - not too much flavour

I'm a bit bummed with this as I expected lots of flavour and little to non aftertaste and it doesn't match any of my expectations! When you smell it in the bottle it brings the illusion of being super flavourful, but when mixed in with the beverages it doesn't transfer. It can also give a bit of aftertaste if you want to sweeten your drink.

Posted by on May 15 2014
Good taste

Nice taste, havent tried is very much yet though.

Posted by on October 09 2013
Stevia Liquid Peppermint

This is a great product I have been using for over a decade now. This shipment arrived promptly and was packaged very well. iHerb has the best price on this product with great incentives!

Posted by on October 07 2013
Love SweetLeaf!

I am an Omnitrition distributor and when I am on my drop diet, sweetleaf are the only kind of sweetener I can have. I use it to flavor baked fruit, and tea! :-) I love Peppermint in my black tea. omnitrition.com/JessicaandJeremy

Posted by on July 04 2013

I love using this in baking, in hot cocoa, as a sweetener in my homemade toothpaste, etc. The taste is wonderful. You will not be disappointed.

Posted by on June 04 2013

As with the other flavorings, we use it in smoothies, frostings, etc. Wouldn't be without it.

Posted by on August 14 2012
Stevia Peppermint

I really like this stevia, great for chocolates!

Posted by on July 30 2012

Mixed with the chocolate- it makes my coffee taste like a thin mint

Posted by on April 17 2012

LOVE this product to make chocolate mint smoothies!

Posted by on March 05 2012

Very tasty addition to making your own hot cocoa!

Posted by on February 13 2012
good taste


Posted by on January 09 2012

love this..

Posted by on December 14 2011

any thing with this is good.

Posted by on December 09 2011

I love peppermint and when I saw stevia with thsi taste, I just had to order. It smell peppermint, but not sure it tasted peppermint. But ok in yoghurt and as a sweetener.

Posted by on November 30 2011

awesome taste! makes a great pepermint mocha if you add the chocolate stevia too.

Posted by on November 23 2011

have bought the plain Stevia and thought the peppermint would be nice for holiday season but I can barely taste the peppermint -needs more peppermint flavoring.

Posted by on October 31 2011


Posted by on September 06 2011
great taste

I have to drink a lot of water every day and putting something heathy in my water is one way I get all that water down. I grow mint in my yard and I make a pitcher of water with mint leaves and a dropper or two of the Pepperment. It has a great taste and I don't have trouble finishing my pitcher of water. Tee

Posted by on August 12 2011

It's peppermint, it's good quality. Great in cocoa.

Posted by on July 06 2011

Love it

Posted by on June 22 2011

I would give this flavor 10 stars if I could! Not too many people seem to have this flavor but it is a diamond in the rough! The peppermint is so true to taste with absolutely no aftertaste at all. I go through 1 bottle in about 3 days I just can't get enough of it! I use it in my coffee which is amazing, a few drops as a breath mint, as well as in my chocolate protein shakes blended with unsweetened almond milk-tastes just like chocolate mint ice cream! I imagine this flavor would be delicious in just about anything... just think of what food item or baking item might taste good with a little mint and here is your answer. This flavor is worth the cost hands down!

Posted by on May 31 2011
peppermint stevia

useful way to add a bit of interest and flavour to boring green tea-2 drips a cup seems to work for me

Posted by on May 24 2011
Sweet and minty

I have only tried these drops once. I got a little confused because I would like it to give even more mint taste....but I couldn't`t put more in, because it`s also sweet. Next time I will but only peppermint essence.

Posted by on May 21 2011
Sweet Leaf Stevia

Great product! Really enjoy the flavors. Great service

Posted by on February 15 2011

Wonderful in drinks.

Posted by on February 07 2011

Limited uses for this flavor

Posted by on September 15 2010
Stevia strikes again

Another great stevia product from SweetLeaf! Could be better with more peppermint extract in the bottle.

Posted by on September 05 2010
wisdom liquid peppermint stevia

i use this product as a breath freshener. haven't tried in food yet.

Posted by on June 22 2010
Mint tea

I add to iced tea and also use it in chocolate pudding for a great minty taste

Posted by on June 01 2010
Love it

The peppermint flavor is really good. I use this product in tea.

Posted by on May 09 2010

سيء جدا الطعم يكرهك بآي شي تشربه

Posted by on February 19 2020
Вкуса мяты Нет

Чтобы был мятный привкус нужно добавить ооочень много, только тогда от помимо мяты будет ещё и сильный вкус стевии. Стоит на полке, не знаю куда его применить, жалко потраченных денег

Posted by on January 18 2019


Posted by on November 12 2018
Не понравилась

Люблю чай с мятой и кофе с мятным сиропом, поэтому понадеялась на эту стевию, а зря. Пахнет она лекарством, но не противно, вкусненько. И, видимо, это единственное, что я могу похвалить.. Флакончик небольшой и поэтому я надеялась, что пары капель будет достаточно (в отзывах писали о 5, на них я была готова), но нет - на чашку кофе (свежесваренный) в 300 мл. уходит 10-15 капель и я не могу сказать, что мне нравится вкус, какой-то он химический. За такую цену такой результат меня очень огорчил. Брать больше не буду.

Posted by on May 29 2017
Химический запах

заказала 2 штуки - эту, и с шоколадом-малиной. Какие же они невкусные(( Химический запах. Может быть без отдушки и лучше - насколько я люблю мятный сироп в кофе... но даже эта мятная стевия - брррр.. Если не брать в расчет именно запах, то вкус тоже немного странный, и главное не пересластить, иначе будет горький привкус. Я не знаю, буду ли заказывать еще без ароматизаторов стевию... 3 звездочки за натуральность

Posted by on May 26 2017

민트시럽을사려다가 콘시럽같은거보단 스테비아가 나을거같아서 주문했는데 나름괜찮은거같아요 민트라떼 해먹기딱일거같아요

Posted by on March 14 2017
лучшая стевия

стевию sweetleaf я уже покупала, мятную первый раз. Натуральный аромат, в кофе просто восхитительна!

Posted by on July 04 2016
Честно? Лучший вариант из ароматизированных стевий на сайте.

Чрезвычайно яркий, свежий вкус. Нуль калорий и вроде как стевия безвредна для организма (хотя как все сахзамы - ее механизм работы внушает некоторые сомнения). По качеству на порядок лучше стевий от Now. Домашнее мороженое просто фантастическое получается, кофе как в старбаксе. Нет неприятного послевкусия. Кроме того, это водный раствор, а не спиртовой или глицериновый, и добавка от этого сильно выигрывает. Нет чувства, что враг подмешал в кофе аптечной настойки или водки. Удобный дозатор, а не как обычно - на глаз. Минусов два - цена вдвое выше других вариантов (и вчетверо, спасибодолларузаэто) и быстрый расход. Потому что наесться этого вкуса невозможно, вчера чуть в борщ не налила на автомате. На чашку кофе уходит примерно 5 капель. Так что я смешиваю с порошковой стевией, которую все равно девать некуда. Если отзыв вам понравился, нажмите, пожалуйста Yes, вам несложно, а мне очень приятно.

Posted by on September 30 2015
Сладкая мята))

Сладкая свежесть в чай, отлично))))

Posted by on November 01 2014