Tired Eye Dry Eye Relief, Sterile, 1/2 fl oz (15 ml)

By Visine

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Visine, Tired Eye Dry Eye Relief, Sterile, 1/2 fl oz (15 ml)
Visine, Tired Eye Dry Eye Relief, Sterile, 1/2 fl oz (15 ml) - photo 1
Visine, Tired Eye Dry Eye Relief, Sterile, 1/2 fl oz (15 ml) - photo 2
Visine, Tired Eye Dry Eye Relief, Sterile, 1/2 fl oz (15 ml) - photo 3
Visine, Tired Eye Dry Eye Relief, Sterile, 1/2 fl oz (15 ml) - photo 4
Price: $10.27 ($20.54/fl oz)
as at April 30, 2020 6:18 am
  • Lubricant Eye Drops
  • Gentle Pur Technology
  • Soothes + Revives Overworked Eyes from Screen Time Irritation


  • For the temporary relief of burning, irritation, and discomfort due to dryness of the eye or exposure to wind or sun
  • For protection against further irritation
Suggested Use

  • Put 1 or 2 drops in the affected eye(s) as needed
  • Children under 6 years of age: ask a doctor


For external use only.

When using this product:

  • Remove contact lenses before using
  • Do not use if this solution changes color or become cloudy
  • Do not touch tip of container to any surface to avoid contamination
  • Replace cap after each use

Stop use and ask doctor if:

  • You feel eye pain
  • Changes in vision occur
  • Redness or irritation of the eye lasts
  • Condition worsens or lasts more than 72 hours

If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

Store at 15º to 25ºC (59º to 77ºF).

Do not use if Visine imprinted neckband on bottle is broken or missing.


Active Ingredients Purpose
Glycerin 0.2% Lubricant
Hypromellose 0.36% Lubricant
Polyethylene glycol 400 1% Lubricant
Inactive ingredients: Ascorbic acid, boric acid, dextrose, glycine, magnesium chloride, polyquaternium-42, potassium chloride, purified water, sodium borate, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, sodium lactate, sodium phosphate dibasic.

Package Quantity:
1/2 fl oz (15 ml)

Expiration Date:
01 December 2020

Shipping Weight:
0.07 lbs

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Great product

I feel comfortable while am using devices

Posted by on March 27 2020
The Best for tired eyes

My eyes saver before and after busy day on work .

Posted by on January 18 2020

It's make eyes pure...

Posted by on January 16 2020
Relief for tired eyes

It works. Since I encounter blue light a lot, this eye drop helps to relief the tiredness

Posted by on January 09 2020
top rank.will buy again

very nice refreshing feeling after using this product.excellent !

Posted by on August 15 2019
I Don’t Like It

Make my eyes very dry

Posted by on July 04 2019
Works great for my dry eyes.

Boy do my eyes feel better. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and my eyes would be so dry. Now when I wake up they are not dry anymore. I would definitely recommend these drops.

Posted by on September 16 2018
استخدمه وقت الشغل و التركيز


Posted by on July 21 2018
Very Good

Really helped in eyes redness

Posted by on March 04 2018
It’s Great!

I get dry eyes because I wear contacts every day. These drops are a fair price and they work for me.

Posted by on February 27 2018
I love it

I had used it and it is really good

Posted by on August 21 2016
Отлично увлажняет

Папа жаловался на уставшие, сухие глаза. Ничего не помогало. Заказала эти капли - стало намного лучше

Posted by on March 22 2020

ومفعولها سريع

Posted by on February 07 2020

안약 넣으면 눈이 맑아지는게 아니라 이물감 낀것 처럼 불편해요

Posted by on January 28 2020
المدينه النبويه

قيد التجربه

Posted by on November 16 2019

疲れ目がリフレッシュされます! それで完全に疲れが取れるわけではないですが、気分転換にいいです。全く刺激のないタイプです。

Posted by on November 13 2019

كم تجلس بعد الفتح شهر او اكثر..

Posted by on October 04 2019
قطرات للعين

سيئ جداً

Posted by on September 07 2019
Хорошее Средство, Особенно Для Тех, Кто За Компом!

Смазывает глазки, после компьютера то что нужно!

Posted by on August 04 2019
점도 좀 높은 인공 눈물

점안액의 점도가 좀 높습니다. 그래서 눈에 바로 흡수되는 느낌이 좀 부족하지만, 금새 다시 눈이 건조해지는 현상이 적어 좋은 것 같습니다. 렌즈끼시는 분들은 별로 적합하지 않은 것 같네요.

Posted by on April 08 2019
Отличная Замена Русскому Визину

Скажем так, этот визин дороже. Но есть разница в долговременном использовании. Этот не вызывает привыкания. Плюс хорошая увлажнённость.

Posted by on March 29 2019
넣고나면 흐려집니다

넣고나면 흐려집니다

Posted by on July 26 2018

Капли совершенно обычные, после линз, особо напряжение не снимают, но лучше, чем Визин купленный в мск

Posted by on July 01 2018
ممتاز جدا

ممتاز جدا

Posted by on June 26 2018

별로예요 후기 좋아서 ㄱ대했는데 사용해보니 점안 후 눈깜박이고 나면 뿌옇게 보여요 그래서 전 원래 쓰던 아이미루 다시 점안해요 ..사놓은게 아까워서 쓰는중...

Posted by on June 21 2018
انصحكم به لجفاف العيون من الاجهزه او القراءه..الخ

فعلا تخفف الجفاف لم أتحسس منها، فعلاً أحببتها أجدها مريحه اكثر من الدموع الصناعيه.

Posted by on June 12 2018
Помощник для глаз

Заказывала для дочери. Студентка по 10 часов за компьютером)))) Сказала что с этими каплями сухость глаз намного меньше.

Posted by on May 25 2018
Отличное увлажнение

Тем, кто проводит много времени у компьютера -просто необходимо увлажнять глазки. Данное средство отлично справляется с этой задачей.

Posted by on November 09 2017
للاسف فاشله

ما فادت ابدا في تقليل الجفاف

Posted by on November 01 2017


Posted by on June 30 2017
спасение для людей работающих в офисах!

Супер помогают от сухости глаз. Довольно комфортные, удобно пользоваться. Буду брать еще.!

Posted by on May 26 2017
хорошо увлажняют

страдаю синдромом сухого глаза. Капли хорошие. на несколько часов избавляют от сухости. А больше ничего от них и не требуется. Красноту снимаю другим визином.

Posted by on May 17 2017
여태까지쓴 아이드롭스중 최고

다른것보다 점성이있어요 다른아이드롭들은 수시로넣어도 굉장히 일시적인데 이건 아침에 한방울넣고 종일 촉촉하고 좋으네요 제가 아이허브에서 앞으로 가장많이살것같은 제품

Posted by on April 28 2017
Капли ОК.

Капли нейтральные, мягкие, рези в глазах от них нет. Но и заметного терапевтического эффекта тоже не наблюдаю. В целом, хорошо закапать глаза после напряженной работы за компьютером, но второй раз заказывать не стану, куплю обычные аптечные средства - Систейн, Блефаро-гель и пр.

Posted by on April 21 2017