Ultimate Essential MouthCare, Daily Rinse & Oral Wound Cleanser, Sparkling Clean Mint, 8 fl oz (237 ml)

By Eco-Dent

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Eco-Dent, Ultimate Essential MouthCare, Daily Rinse & Oral Wound Cleanser, Sparkling Clean Mint, 8 fl oz (237 ml)
Eco-Dent, Ultimate Essential MouthCare, Daily Rinse & Oral Wound Cleanser, Sparkling Clean Mint, 8 fl oz (237 ml) - photo 1
Price: $8.41 ($1.05/fl oz)
as at April 30, 2020 12:28 am
  • Premium Oral Care Products
  • Daily Rinse and Oral Wound Cleanser/Oral Debriding Agent
  • A Blend of 12 Essential Oils with CoQ-10, Echinacea, Goldenseal, & Baking Soda for Sparkling Fresh Breath
  • Natural Daily Rinse and Oral Wound Cleanser/Oral Debriding Agent
  • Used and Recommended by Dentists, Oral Surgeons and Periodontists
  • Alcohol Free

Uses For temporary use in cleansing minor wounds or minor gum inflammation resulting from

  • minor dental procedures
  • dentures
  • orthodontic appliances
  • accidental injury
  • or other irritations of the mouth and gums
Suggested Use

Daily Rinse Use: To improve daily oral hygiene, rinse mouth for 30 seconds with 1 capful after eating or brushing. Do not swallow.

  • Adults and children 2 years of age and older: Swish 2-3 capfuls around in mouth over affected area for at least 1 minute and then spit it out. Use up to 4 times daily or as directed by a dentist or doctor
  • Children under 12 should be supervised in the use of the product
  • Children under 2 years of age: Consult a dentist or doctor


Do not use if printed safety seal under cap is tampered with or is missing.

Do not use this product as an oral wound cleanser for more than 7 days unless directed by a dentist or doctor.

Stop use and ask a doctor or dentist if

  • sore mouth symptoms do not improve in 7 days
  • irritation, pain, or redness persists or worsens
  • swelling, rash, or fever develops

Keep out of reach of children

If more than used for oral wound cleansing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

Store at 59°-86°F (15°-30°C)


Drug Facts
Active Ingredients Purpose
Sodium Bicarbonate 2.5% Oral Wound Cleanser/Oral Debriding Agent
Inactive Ingredients: Purified water, glycerin (vegetable), witch hazel distillate, stevia rebaudiana (stevia) extract, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice (decolorized), citrus paradisi (grapefruit) seed extract, polysorbate-20, ubiquinone (CoQ10), echinacea purpurea (echinacea) extract, hydrastis canadensis (goldenseal) leaf extract, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil, anethole, pelargonium graveolens (geranium) oil, mentha piperita (peppermint) oil, menthol, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) oil, citrus medica limonum (lemon) peel oil, illicium verum (anise) oil, citrus bergamia (bergamot) oil, ocimum basilicum (basil) oil, foeniculum vulgare (fennel) oil, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) oil, rose water concentrate, sulfated castor oil, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil.

Package Quantity:
8 fl oz (237 ml)

Expiration Date:
01 January 2021

Shipping Weight:
0.71 lbs

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excellent for pain relief

It is amazing for pain relief and really does help with wound repair (in the mouth). I have used this product for over 10 years.

Posted by on April 21 2020


Posted by on March 24 2020
Recommended by my dentist

Fresh mint taste, good for gum health

Posted by on February 15 2020
great product

I have been using this rinse for a year and it is great. The retailer that I was buying from only sells it sporadically so its great to know that I can always purchase it from iHerb

Posted by on January 22 2020
Heals gum issues and mouth ulcers

This product has helped clear up my gum sensitivity and mouth ukcers

Posted by on December 28 2019
Healing mouthwash

I have a citric avid allergy. When I eat it it causes my gums to form water blisters. When they pop my mouth is full of sores. This amazing mouth wash heals the sores quickly. I try to avoid the citric acid but when you eat out I sometimes miss it.

Posted by on December 12 2019
Gréât product.

I have been using it for years. I just like it a lot!

Posted by on December 09 2019
Best One

Great flavor-but way more important, it really helps heal mouth problems.

Posted by on July 05 2019
Fresh and effective

The taste takes a bit of getting used to, but works very well and kills bacteria and bad breath. Feels fresh

Posted by on September 09 2018
Great Product

Very good rinse with good ingredients

Posted by on May 18 2018
Brilliant to finish off a teeth clean

Brings an even cleaner refreshing feel to your teeth after brushing and flossing

Posted by on May 05 2018
Excellent mouthwash

Great minty and strong mouthwash - I can feel it at work!

Posted by on April 22 2018
Very comfy

I use it when my mouth with little infection or little injured. Because the ingredients are all natural essence, I feel safer.

Posted by on April 21 2018

Of all the mouthwashes I have tried...I find this the best...love the sparkly feel and freshness after using.

Posted by on February 02 2018

Use this for periodental gum disease as well as for braces and guards. Excellent. Non-burning with a gentle taste

Posted by on January 10 2018
Best Mouthwash

This is the best mouthwash I have ever used, leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean, without the toxic ingredients. The only downside is that it is pretty pricey, but just a little goes a long way. Just mix a little in the cap with water and gargle - your mouth will feel fresh as day!

Posted by on November 21 2017
This is a great product.

Very refreshing and soothing mouthwash. Have been using it for few years now and have not changed to any other brands as it works so well. My only concern is the over packaging by iherb when they send the product. The product deserves 5 starts but iherb packaging deserves 1 to 2 stars. The amount of plastic packaging I get is just mind boggling. Each item is sent in zip lock bag which I don't understand why when the bottle itself has a seal and does not leak. For a semi-natural store I would thing they would be more environmentally friendly. Even emailed them privately but they didn't seem to care.

Posted by on November 09 2017
Combine Eco-dent alcohol free mouth wash with a dedicated routine & you will be amazed how well your gums/teeth/body responds

My wholistic dental hygienist put me onto this product and i'm so glad he did. K showed me how to correctly, brush, floss and then use piksters dipped in the Eco -Dent mouth wash then finish the routine with my electric toothbrush dipped into this wash, followed by a quick swish around my mouth. This may sound like a lot of effort to some but the way i see it is this is my time to be with myself and take care to a greater level. The beauty of this product is it contains NO ALCOHOL instead has ingredients that helps support and restore the health of the gums around the teeth when combined with this routine. My gums used to bleed but no longer do this, are nice and healthy now. I like the fresh mint taste and have stocked up on this product so that i have it on hand to be used in my daily routine. Thoroughly recommend this product.

Posted by on September 18 2017
Best mouthwash I've ever used

For some reason this isn't readily available where I live in Australia. Thankfully I can buy it from iHerb and stockpile it in my bathroom. Really nice taste, fresh, I recently had a mouth ulcer and this seemed to fix it more quickly than it would normally take to heal

Posted by on August 20 2017

great product for mouth problems.

Posted by on July 21 2017
Excellent for whole family

This is excellent for the whole family. It really is effective, and super helpful with the kids and their braces. They do dilute it with a bit of water as the taste is strong. Highly recommend for adults and kids.

Posted by on June 11 2017
Great product

Fresh taste clean feel what more can you ask for

Posted by on March 25 2017
Love this product, always a staple in our house!

Love this product, the calendula heals any mouth ulcers, cuts from potato chips, braces, etc. Also is good for sore throats; best mouthwash for overall health.

Posted by on February 15 2017
Better than regular toothpaste.

Love this stuff - the little bottle lasts me almost 6 months. I use this with peroxide swish every day, and my teeth feel really clean.

Posted by on October 12 2016
Love this product

I've used this mouthwash for years. Unbelievable price!

Posted by on September 28 2016
Love this stuff!

I found this when it was a clearance item at a grocery store and had to find where to buy it again. So far I have not found it anywhere but online and thats fine. I have always had issues with my gums after I had my kids...nothing helped ...but this is the answer...I actually use it before I brush....and don't rinse it out. I use tea tree oil for any cuts or sores and I was using it for mouthwash ...this is so much better! I buy enough to get free shipping but more importantly so I don't run out. Highly recommend it.....

Posted by on November 06 2015
Great for canker sores!

I have struggled with canker sores my entire life. I have tried many cures. Nothing seemed to hasten the healing. This mouthwash is great. It gives immediate relief. If used as directed it will cause the canker sores to heal quicker. Now I keep 4 bottles around all the time. Great price from I herb on 4.

Posted by on September 10 2015
Amazing product

Love the minty kick and how well it works!

Posted by on May 05 2015
Love this stuff!

It doesn't have the sting (fake clean feeling) of alcohol, but you can certainly feel the essential oil action when you gargle. I love that taste and the refreshing feeling. I am stingy with this and try not to use too much because it's not cheap. I have found the mouthwash I'm sticking with though.

Posted by on March 26 2015
tooth cleaner

mouth feels great after use

Posted by on August 15 2014
Effective Healing Mouthwash

I've been using this mouthwash for several years and find it's the most effective one I've ever tried. I use about 5ml diluted with the same amount of water in the morning, sometimes twice a day. It has been effective for healing all minor mouth disorders and is really helpful and soothing after dental work. It does NOT contain alcohol. I highly recommend this product.

Posted by on July 02 2014
Clean and fresh teeth

My teeth feels a lot cleaner and fresher.

Posted by on July 10 2013
Great ingredients-Supports the health of the whole body.

I have been using this product for many years. It is very helpful for all kind of teeth problems. It keeps infections in the mouth and in root-canals under control. It also helps to fight colds especially when traveling. It is a pity that the bottle tends to leak when traveling with it. It is best to put it into a different bottle for this purpose. But it is really worth it because this product creates a healthy mouth-environment and therefore it supports the health of the whole body. 10 stars from me. **********

Posted by on November 01 2011
All natural alternative to all the neon colored mouthwashes out there

All natural and highly economical. It comes in a smaller bottle for a reason; just a few drops is all it takes to swish and rinse effectively. This mouthwash will last for months at a time.

Posted by on September 29 2010
oral cleanser

just started using this a few months ago. Really like this product.

Posted by on October 07 2009
Soothing and refreshing

We struggle with periodontal issues in our family. This product contain CoQ10 which can help heal gums. It has really helped.

Posted by on November 14 2008
New user

Like product

Posted by on January 05 2008

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