Vegan, Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement, Tiny Tablets, 90 Tablets

By Deva

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Deva, Vegan, Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement, Tiny Tablets, 90 Tablets
Price: $6.13 ($0.07/Count)
as at April 30, 2020 3:10 am
  • Vegan Certified
  • Tiny Tablets
  • Easy to Swallow
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • This Product is Certified Vegan by the Vegan Society

Deva Vegan Tiny Tablets Multivitamin & Mineral supplement provides a range of essential vitamins and minerals in a small, easy to swallow table class="table table-bordered"t that is ideal for those who have difficulty swallowing large pills. Formulated without animal ingredients or derivatives for vegans and vegetarians, the product provides 100% of the recommended daily amount of the antioxidant vitamins C and E, as well as vitamin D and most of the B-complex vitamins. It also provides a significant amount of vitamin A and, some of the essential minerals.

Suggested Use

Adults take one (1) tablet daily, preferably with a meal, or as directed by a health care professional.


Accidental overdose of iron containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under 6. Keep this product out of reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or Poison Control Center immediately.

Store in a cool, dry place. Tamper Evident: Do not use if imprinted seal under cap is broken.


Cellulose, vegetable stearic acid, croscarmellose sodium, vegetable magnesium stearate, silica. (All from non-animal sources)

This product does not contain animal products, derivatives or byproducts.

Food Sensitivity: Free of yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, sugar, salt, shellfish, animal products or derivatives.

Package Quantity:
90 Tablets

Expiration Date:
29 August 2021

Shipping Weight:
0.15 lbs

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These are fabulous if you cannot swallow big tablets. Haven’t had a cold in the 2 years I’ve been taking them!

Posted by on April 16 2020
Loving these new smaller pills

Once again, a great product and a small vitamin for those who have issues swallowing the very large ones. Plus I love there are no animal-based ingredients in this. I have been pleased with all of their products for years, but these new smaller pills make it easier to get the whole family supplementing as instructed.

Posted by on April 11 2020
I feel great

Glad to have found a vegan multivitamin that meets my needs. Easy to swallow and no bad after taste.

Posted by on April 10 2020

Like them a lot

Posted by on March 23 2020
Good for vegetarians

Like the size most, small, easy to take.

Posted by on March 23 2020
Good to swallow

Reasonable price and good quality. Thank you!

Posted by on March 19 2020
Love it

Feeling energetic

Posted by on March 17 2020
Like It

I didn't gain me any weight like other vitamins

Posted by on February 29 2020

Easy to swallow . Don't eat enough vitamins and minerals regular that's why i take'em. Result after 2-3 weeks of taking don't feel that much tired like before.

Posted by on February 15 2020
As described

Package looks just as pictured and there are the right amount of tablets, it seems.

Posted by on February 13 2020
Great product

The tiny size is great for kids and these cover all the basics at a good price.

Posted by on January 23 2020
Fast General Pain Remover

Whenever I have pain due to weakness, tiredness, a fell or injury I & my family just take this pill, it removes the pain immediately. Thank you.

Posted by on January 12 2020
Very good basic multi

I like that dosage is conservative. I am not a big fan of megadoses. This one contains just the right amounts. No side effects whatsoever. The pill is not easy to swallow despite the tiny size, I think due to its shape.

Posted by on January 10 2020
Dietician recommended

Dietician recommended and super easy swallow for people who struggle. No nausea from iron!

Posted by on December 12 2019
So far, so good.

So far, so good.

Posted by on December 01 2019
Great affordable vegan multi.

I've been taking these for about a year now and I like them. Easy to swallow and very cheap. I wish they were higher in iron, calcium and magnesium though.

Posted by on November 20 2019
Just The Right Amount of Vitamins

Best choice for multivitamins, without the unnecessary vitamins. Easy to swallow because of the size. Being vegan is a plus.

Posted by on November 06 2019
Mighty and tiny.

There are 2 reasons i like these multis, The size of the tablet and the fact that i don't get the usual stomach upset i usually get with other multivitamins. Thumbs up.

Posted by on October 29 2019

Good Supplements

Posted by on September 07 2019
Good quality at a good price

My son and I use this product regularly and see a positive difference. The price is good and a bottle lasts a long time even though we each consume a tablet daily without fail.

Posted by on September 03 2019
Great value for money

Excellent product. Contains most of essential vitamins at 100% RDA. Reasonable price and tablets easy to swallow.

Posted by on August 24 2019
Always Buy This

Such good value for money and vegan too ♥️

Posted by on August 17 2019
Easy to take

Easy to take and feels like it works just fine.

Posted by on August 17 2019
Cruelty free , great value!

I have not looked back since taking these !

Posted by on July 26 2019

These tablets are great! They are tiny! I eat a pretty healthy diet but wanted something to make sure I'm getting all my vitamins and minerals.

Posted by on July 10 2019

Excellent product and, NOT too high dosed

Posted by on June 30 2019
best multivitamins I can find

I use these with Deva cal-mag, since these ones does not contain enough calcium and magnesium (as they take up a lot of space in the pill). Since I use them, I feel better and I was not sick even when almost all people around were sneezing and coughing at me :D I don't know how long it took for them to start work, because it's almost 3 years I'm using them, but I guess 1-2 months. I recommend these over the orange bottled ones, for me this amount of vitamins is enough. I found the orange bottled ones too strong and not really necessary.

Posted by on June 20 2019
Vegan, Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement, Tiny Tablets, 90 Tablets

Didn't notice any difference, will not purchase again

Posted by on June 10 2019
Good product

Small tablets, easy to take, fairly cost effective

Posted by on June 03 2019
does the job

Smells awful but it's tiny and much better than the alternatives.

Posted by on May 24 2019
Awesome Supplement That Is Easy to Swallow

Awesome all-around supplement and in an easy-to-swallow tiny tablet too! I discovered this supplement several years ago. As always, iherb pricing and fast delivery is the best. What's not to love about this product and iherb's service!!

Posted by on April 28 2019
Important Vitamin and Minerals, Easy to Swallow, Smells Alright,

Certified by Vegan Society so I have little to nothing to worry about animal-derivatives and/or cruelty. Contains all the important vitamins and minerals in adequate daily recommendations. Tablets are small and easy to swallow. B vitamins by nature have a slightly unpleasant aroma but Deva Multivitamins & Minerals actually smells alright. Make sure you stay hydrated to excrete excess vitamins in urine and prevent it from leaking out through the skin, which supposedly causes your body to smell. I ordered three bottles to share with my two friends, shipped in minimal plastic packaging.

Posted by on April 20 2019
Good for most, not for some!

I've been using this for the last few months to make up for B12, but this also helps with many other vitamins that you may not get without a perfect balanced diet. This covers many of the vitamins and minerals, and it is probably not needed every single day. This does smell a bit, so if you can't stand strong smells, it may not work for you. It is not a capsule, but a tablet that dissolves.

Posted by on March 11 2019
Bad tasting

These tiny tablets have a very distinct (bad) mouth taste, and it lasts for a while. But they're cheap and vegan, so that's good.

Posted by on January 24 2019
good size

great multivitamin in a smaller size that is easier to take

Posted by on December 30 2018
Perfect for Vegans

Absolutely love this supplement. I had been looking for something for the whole family and this is it. Easy on the stomach. Good with people with food allergies. And, as a vegan, I feel completely covered nutrient wise.

Posted by on December 28 2018

It did not upset my stomach as some other brands do. I want to believe that it's potent and working.

Posted by on October 17 2018
Good multi-Vitamin and easy to swallow

Been re-purchasing this since the first time I tried. Is very easy to swallow and do not have a weird aftertaste.

Posted by on October 09 2018
Thank you for everything. Everything arrived as desired and the right time

Thank you for everything. Everything arrived as desired and the right time

Posted by on August 12 2018
Very good, working

Very good, working

Posted by on June 24 2018
The perfect size tablet

I was looking for a tablet that was smaller than the normal multivitamins, i read all the reviews and thought i would give it a try, so glad that i did, the size is literally like a flat pea so my daughter and i are so happy, will definitely be repurchasing. If anyone is looking for a small tablet trust me these are small.

Posted by on June 08 2018

Feeling better after one week using it. Now I totally finished all tablets and will order some new again ! :)

Posted by on May 30 2018
Pretty good

*shrugs* Pretty good. Good size.

Posted by on May 19 2018
good vegan product

small tablets, i guess they are great

Posted by on May 10 2018
I prefer the regular size, but this is good

When I take the same brand but in regular size (not tiny tablets), my pee gets a bright yellow, which proves that i'm getting all the vitamin B I need and disposing of the excess. With the tiny tablets, I need to take two to get the same effect, even though the pills are supposed to be equivalent. Anyway, I like this brand, it's great value, and the pills are indeed tiny.

Posted by on May 07 2018
So far okay

Had been trying this for few weeks. SO far so good, easy to swallow with the small pills. Not much differences but also no problems with this. It is good that it is 100%, daily needs, for the vitamins rather than those 1000%+ lol

Posted by on May 01 2018
Small but powerful tablet!

I like how tiny this vitamin is, easy to swallow but full of essentials. Will continue to purchase.

Posted by on April 28 2018
Easy to swallow

Taste not pleasant but tolerable seems to be ok

Posted by on April 27 2018
Great supplement!

I love the fact that this supplement is Vegan Certified and super affordable. The pill size is really nice compared to other products. Have been using it for years and I'm really happy with it.

Posted by on March 29 2018
Took my first one today

So far, so good. I love the small easier to swallow size.

Posted by on March 18 2018

Works well!

Posted by on March 12 2018
Love This

Just exactly what I need for being vegan.

Posted by on February 09 2018
Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement

Its good Deva having vegan Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement with affordable price. but, not sure whether its working or not. did not feel any changes after one month.

Posted by on January 29 2018
Good Quality

A More Natural ALL Vegan NO Animal Sourced Ingredients and Affordable, DAILY.

Posted by on January 07 2018
Great for Vegans

Have used this product for a couple of years and find it to be the best Vegan multi (been vegan for nearly 20 years). The tiny size is sooo much easier to swallow and makes it more likely that I'll be more consistent in my use.

Posted by on December 14 2017
Our daily suppliments!

My husband and I take one of this suppliments everyday. They are great because they get you 100% covered of B-12 and also has a bit (in lower percentage) of other vitamins just in case we failed to take all the amount of vitamins we need in the day. They are also easy to swallow and great for travelling too. Already bought them several times and will keep on buying them!!

Posted by on December 11 2017
Dangerous level of vitamin b12

I stopped taking these after I realised the level of b12 was scarily low, even though it says you’re getting 100% of your daily value of b12 it’s based on a study from like the 1970s and is basically the minimum amount of b12 you need so that you don’t die! I think you get like 6mg a day of b12 in this when you need something like 250mg to be healthy and thriving. I’ve switched to a b12 spray which I now take once a week. Look up dr Gregor of nutrition facts dot org and/or read his book ‘How not to die’ and look up the b12 part.

Posted by on December 02 2017
A good multivitamin

This is a good multi if you already have a quite balanced vegan or plant based diet. I only take some more B12 besides this one.

Posted by on November 24 2017
Great for me

I hate big tablets so these are great! They dont have huge amounts of vitamins compaired to other brands... but i avoid taking those because the pills are too big. So Im happy to compromise because at least I take these!

Posted by on November 12 2017
Good, but gave me acne

Good quality for a very reasonable price! One side effect - gave me pimples. I decided to take one in two days, it is better that way.

Posted by on November 05 2017

Great quality at a fair price. I'm a vegan and I recommend this vitamin supplement. Br. Rogério Coimbra

Posted by on October 24 2017

Easy to swallow and affordable.

Posted by on September 25 2017

Fantastic product, small enough to take with no stomach turning odour. While containing all the supplements one needs for health.

Posted by on September 18 2017

Onze zoon van 14 jaar heeft moeite met grote tabletten en het opboeren van vitamines maar hiermee verleden tijd.

Posted by on September 14 2017
Very small tablets and not over loaded with 1000% of certain vitamins.

Many others have very high values of particular vitamins, looking at you B's. These are well balanced and nothing above 100% so you are not working the kidneys as your body tries to get rid of any excess. Easy to take and no Gelatin capsules !!

Posted by on August 04 2017

The smallest multi I have been able to find that is only one a day! These are great! Good price too.

Posted by on May 27 2017

Surprisingly small tablets make this daily multivitamin and mineral easy to take and compact for travel. Great mix in multi.

Posted by on May 04 2017
Easy to swallow and no nasties!

Great product and fast service, the best! happy to be a customer Cherri Perth, Australia

Posted by on May 01 2017
Good price

Good price for a good product and amount. Smells like fish food. Easy to swallow

Posted by on April 19 2017

As a vegan I love this - -bought several types before and DEVA is what I always opt for. I buy this when the "big" ones are out, just have to take two instead of one (not just one like the other type I normally buy from DEVA). Also buy the other one, bigger and 100% of what one needs during the day from iHerb. Multivitamins "bigger" comes in both with and without iron. I've had both, but going for the one WITH iron now that my levels are a tad bit low.

Posted by on March 06 2017
Small pills!

I love these and will only buy these. It's a decent deal and the pills are small enough that I don't gag!

Posted by on February 28 2017
Great multivitamin at a great price

I'm vegan and eat a healthy diet, but wanted to take a multivitamin in case there are any nutritional gaps. I was really pleased to find this because this formula doesn't do megadoses, is easy to swallow, and is very affordable! I also like that it has iron in it. I hope this product will be available for years to come.

Posted by on February 21 2017

Okay, so, admittedly my diet isn't the best and I know I'm not always getting the proper amount of nutrients from food. So supplementation is a must for me. I used to take a women's daily vitamin and although it had a lot of great ingredients and gave me more energy, I couldn't take it anymore because the pill was so huge and hard to swallow and the taste was awful. I'm really thankful to have stumbled upon this tiny multivitamin/mineral supplement. They really are tiny and easy to swallow! Since it's a been a while since I've taken a multivitamin I could tell a difference pretty much right away in my energy levels. It's not packed with a bunch of extras because it is tiny, but it has just enough of what I need. I've been taking this for about a month now and I haven't noticed any constipation like another reviewer had. But, then, everyone's body is different and reacts to ingredients in different ways. I also take probiotics, so maybe that helps? Anyway, I would definitely recommend this vitamin to people who have trouble swallowing pills.

Posted by on February 02 2017
Teeny Tiny

These pills really are tiny for anyone who has trouble swallowing vitamins.

Posted by on December 04 2016

Small and easy to take - does the trick :) (without the unvegan nastiess)

Posted by on December 01 2016
Amazing multivitamin

The tablets are tiny and really easy to swallow. They are great and now I know I'm getting all of my vitamins every day. I would recommend them to everyone.

Posted by on August 02 2016

Easy, exactly what I needed. Have tried the iron free but they were out of stock - pleasantly surprised I haven't had any difficult digestion with these.

Posted by on June 27 2016
New updated version can be constipating

I love the old version of this Deva tiny tablet, the orange label. The iron Ferrous Fumarate was 1.8mg and is now 9mg. This major change in iron caused me to constipate, and I usually don't. Deva, why? At least use the chelated version type of iron. I take Deva chelated iron separately for more than a year and have no problem at all. Although Deva also made an iron free version of this tiny tablet but iherb don't carry them. Iherb, please have these in stock.

Posted by on April 19 2016

it's not that tiny especially i got swalling problem i only take one if u took two u might got stomachache.i like it bcz it's for vegetarian and works well for me.

Posted by on April 05 2016
Excellent, small, vegan, 100% RDA multivitamin/mineral supplement

I never "megadose" on vitamin or mineral supplements, and these meet my needs well. They're easy to swallow, 100% RDA of the standard vitamins and the right amount of mineral supplements, without any unrecognizable additives in the "inactive" ingredients. A goody vitamin & mineral supplement at a good price, and I I take one every morning.

Posted by on February 27 2016

i wanted to like it, but it gave me sleeping issues, which i tend to have from just whatever. even thou i really really wanted to like it, because i like the formula. gave it away to my parents.

Posted by on January 12 2016
Great product!

it is a great product, really liked it, doesn't have bad taste and 1 pill is all it takes for the day. I will definitely continue to buy it!

Posted by on June 25 2015
Very Tiny Supplement

My husband and I are vegan and although we don't believe we have to take a multivitamin we just feel better knowing we are taking one. My only issue with taking supplements usually is that I can not swallow pills. I have issues taking advil or other headache medicine because the pills are too large to swallow. These are wonderful since the size is smaller than a pencil eraser and other traditional headache medicines mentioned above... This is the only medicine we have in our house and so far we are healthier than ever. So if you are seeking a peace of mind, I would highly suggest these.

Posted by on January 29 2015
Great size

I was so happy to switch from DEVA's larger multis to these little minis. So far, so good.

Posted by on July 06 2014
Deva, Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement, 90 Tablets

So so, not so potent and wonderful. Tried once and found other ones, intended for sports people, with really sensible effects.

Posted by on June 28 2014
One daily

Good vegan vitamins with affordable price; tablets are small and easy to swallow. The only thing is that I didn't notice any effect from that supplement.

Posted by on June 06 2014
גודל קטן וקל לבליעה

מוצר מצויין!

Posted by on April 16 2020
Никакого эффекта

Непонятный БАД, не оказывающий никакого эффекта

Posted by on April 15 2020

مكملات جيدة

Posted by on April 15 2020

小さくて飲みやすいです! 蓋を開けたら独特の匂いがしますが、そこまで気になりません。 なくなりそうになったらまたリピートする予定です。

Posted by on April 10 2020
Muito Bom

Muito bom custo benefício. Só não dei 5 estrelas porque os minerais não são quelato.

Posted by on March 27 2020
Entrega rápida

Entrega rápida, produto de excelente qualidade!

Posted by on March 24 2020
Multivitaminico Vegan

É a minha primeira compra com vocês e já estou adorando, chegou dentro do prazo e com o maior cuidado, obrigada!

Posted by on March 20 2020


Posted by on March 20 2020


Posted by on March 16 2020
من مفضلاتي

احلى شي حبه وحده باليوم ومتكامل

Posted by on February 18 2020
Довольна на все

Беру Не Первый раз , Очень Довольна данным витаминным комплексом , советую всем

Posted by on February 16 2020
Почему я выбираю этот комплекс?

Бюджетный комплекс витаминов и минералов, в котором всё сбалансировано, сразу привлек мое внимание. Его при надобности легко можно дополнить нужными веществами, но и сам комплекс по себе тоже эффективен. Маленькие таблеточки удобны для приема, удобно принимать по 1 таблетке в сутки, не напрягает.

Posted by on February 14 2020

مفيده جدا أنصح بها

Posted by on February 13 2020


Posted by on January 18 2020
크기가 작아서 좋아요

목 넘길 때 부담없어서 좋아요 효과는 꾸준히 먹지 않아서 아직 잘 모르겠어요 락토비프랑 크기 비교한 사진입니다

Posted by on January 09 2020
O valor da vitamina é bem mais barato do que se encontra no mercado no Rio de Janeiro,comprei 2 produtos, que duram seis meses, fiz economia!

Um valor barato para muitos benefícios! Adorei!

Posted by on January 04 2020

Отличный продукт!

Posted by on January 04 2020


Posted by on December 15 2019
Ótimo produto

Complexo vitamínico muito bom e efetivo.

Posted by on December 12 2019


Posted by on November 30 2019
سعر رائع

لم ابدأ بتناوله

Posted by on November 12 2019
مفيد لصحة الجسم

يعوض للي ما يحبون الخضروات

Posted by on November 10 2019
Мой первый пробный заказ с iherb. Натуральные витаминки.

Кто из нас не задумывался хотя бы иногда, что нужно как - то поддержать свой организм в холодное время года? Вот и я решила свой путь к здоровью начать именно с витаминов. Мне понравилось соотношение цены и качества. Скажу сразу, эти витамины не относятся к волшебным пилюлям, выпил и весь день как электровеник, нет такого не будет. Я начала чувствовать первый результат примерно через 2 недели, стала меньше уставать на работе, появилось больше энергии. Если вы интенсивно занимаетесь спортом, то скорее всего этих витаминов будет не достаточно, но если вы работаете в офисе, то вариант очень неплохой.

Posted by on October 27 2019

por ser um multivitamínico não tem como dar uma nota específica mas aparentemente cumpre o que promete

Posted by on October 11 2019


Posted by on September 18 2019
витамины нормальные, быстрая доставка

витамины нормальные, быстрая доставка

Posted by on September 06 2019

Muito bom, fortaleceu meu sistema imunólogico, unhas e cabelos.

Posted by on August 14 2019

しばらく飲み続けてます。特に体調の変化は感じませんがベジタリアンも飲めるので助かります。ヴィーガン 用のサプリ日本にはほぼ無いのでよかったです。

Posted by on May 14 2019


Posted by on May 08 2019


Posted by on May 03 2019

においが少し気になるけどそれ以外はいいと思う。 1日1錠でいいのも助かる。

Posted by on April 21 2019
Муж не болел зимой

Первый раз за несколько лет мой супруг не болел всю зиму, принимая эти витамины. Не знаю от них ли такой эффект, но факт

Posted by on March 30 2019

저렴하게 팔길래 믿고 먹고있네요~~ 몇개 쟁이고 싶었는데 이것저것 다른 영양제 사는라 갯수 제한있어서 우선 한통만샀어요

Posted by on March 29 2019
Состав отличный, но

Размер капсул и состав отличные, за это 2 звезды. Принимали 2 взрослых, никакого эффекта не увидела. Больше не куплю.

Posted by on February 12 2019

Витамины хорошие и подходят веганам, так как не содержат пжп. Ногти и волосы стали лучше

Posted by on January 20 2019


Posted by on January 15 2019
d( ̄  ̄)

届いてすぐ早速飲んでみました。 飲みやすく続けられそうです。

Posted by on November 27 2018

Совершенно не помогли, на фоне приема комплекса усилилось выпадение волос и появились высыпания на коже лица. То ли не подошли нашей семье,То ли продукт не качественный

Posted by on November 15 2018
Нормальные витамины

Вроде неплохие витамины, пью уже месяц примерно, всё в порядке.

Posted by on November 06 2018

粒が小さいので妻も子供も飲みやすいと気に入っています。 成分も幅広くバランスよく入っていて、食事の補助として最適ですね。 「フタが開かない」という理由で星1つの人がいますが、そもそもフタを押さえながら回すという常識的な開け方を知らずに低いレビューをつけるのはいかがなものかと思います。 商品が良いだけに残念です。

Posted by on October 11 2018


Posted by on October 10 2018
не могу пить

Не знаю как эффект, но я не смогла их пить. Неприятный привкус у них и послевкусие, ну вот мне не пошли никак.

Posted by on October 04 2018


Posted by on September 28 2018
Good Cost Performance !!

1日1錠で良く、90日分で、コスパがいいです。 錠剤も小粒なので飲みやすい!

Posted by on September 22 2018
Super Multivitamine

Super complément alimentaire, idéal l'hiver pour garder la forme, qui apporte à la fois des vitamines et de minéraux. Les comprimés sont petits et faciles à avaler. Ils ne font pas mal à l'estomac. Entièrement satisfaite, je recommande.

Posted by on September 05 2018


Posted by on August 16 2018

効果が出るほど飲んでいないが 偏った食生活が改善できればとおもいます

Posted by on June 02 2018

他の購入したサプリは2センチくらいの大きさで中々飲みづらいのですが、これは 5ミリくらいで、飲みやすいと思いました。 錠剤の色も変な着色がされていない、ナチュラルに感じます。 又、今後も購入し、家族で、摂取して行こうと思います。

Posted by on April 28 2018
таблеточки очень маленькие, легко глотаются.

Веганские. Взяла мужу, пьет уже несколько дней, все хорошо. Плюс этих витаминов, что таблеточки очень маленькие, легко глотаются.

Posted by on March 22 2018

알약이 작아서 먹기는편한데 부족한것들 더챙겨묵어야 할듯하네요ㅜ

Posted by on March 19 2018


Posted by on March 15 2018

Маленькая таблетка, удобно проглатывать.На мой взгляд состав оптимальный.

Posted by on March 13 2018
Богатый состав

Отличные витамины! Буду заказывать еще!

Posted by on March 01 2018
Saudi Arabia

اكملت علبة وكانت النتيجة رائعة ،نباتي وخفيف وما يترك طعم بالفم ،كنباتية كان اهتمامي هو بي12 وحسيت انه افادني باشياء ثانية كمان بس نسبة الحديد فيه 50% فلا تاخذو اكثر من حبة في اليوم..

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отличные витамины

Выбрала эти витамины потому, что в основном суточная доза составляет многих компонентов 100%. На практике помогли мне очень. Когда все вокруг болеют, то я обычно тоже. Помимо ещё присоединяется герпес 2 типа. Во время приёма этих витаминов я не заболела и герпеса тоже не было. Рекомендую.

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Хорошие витамины!

Купила по баночке для всей семьи! Все довольны! Нравиться, что одна таблетка в день, и суточная доза макра и микроэлементов пополнена! Рекомендую! Дешево и сердита, как говориться! Так же можно пить веганам! У меня подруга вегетарианка, посоветую ей! Если этот отзыв оказался полезным - пожалуйста, нажимайте кнопочку Yes.

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Не Подошли

После приёма обострился цистит, скорее всего из-за витамина C в составе, мне не подошли

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Отличные Витамины

Вытамины хорошие. Лучше пить наночь, тогда сон крепче, и пробуждение легкое. Если пить днем, может вызвать сонливость. Обладает слабительным еффектом. Но мне очень понравилось, тело чувствует легкость,. Буду брать еще.

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Честно даже и не знаю)!

Однозначна хуже не стало)) Да вот и не понятно лучше ли стало)) однако все же приятный состав в данных витаминах) Брал и себе и маме дошли за 16 дней первый раз, во второй за 21 день) В любом случае лишними не будут)) Берите смело)

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Больше вреда чем пользы

Бесполезный препарат, никак не улучшил самочувствие, наоборот, на 2 день вызывает расстройство пищеварения, хотя от других витаминов такого не было никогда. Пробовался несколько раз и угодил в мусор.В нем чувствуется дешевизна составляющих. Буду обходить эту марку стороной. Я не знаю, кто про него пишет хорошие отзывы, у меня вообще подозрение, что люди пишут отзывы, не пробуя продукты, для выгоды.

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Está bien

Para tomar una al día está muy bien la cantidad con el precio, pero no repetiría.

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小さい粒でビタミン全部摂れるのがいい! 臭いが少し独特かな?まぁ全く飲めないことはないので問題ないです

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Un Classique

Pour faire le plein de vitamines et avoir la pêche !

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粒のサイズがビオ○ェルミン位の大きさです。 大きいサイズのサプリが苦手な人にオススメです。 1日1粒で程よくビタミンやミネラルをとれるのがいいですね。 蓋は、上から押さえながら右に回すと開きますよ!

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Состав хороший, таблетки маленькие - глотать легко. Доя веганов подойдёт

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Самые недорогие этичные витамины!

Хорошие дозировки, хорошо переносятся. ВСЕ товары этой компании этичные и подходят веганам (и вегетарианцам, соответственно). Больше отзывов по ЭТИЧНЫМ товарам, а также БЕЛЫЙ СПИСОК этичных компаний на iHerb в моей группе - ссылка в профиле!

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Таблетки не очень

Принимала неделю. Такие побочные эффекты от них, как сонливость, слабость, никакой энергии. На волосы и ногти никак не повлияли. Из плюсов только кожа лучше стала. Дальше прекратила прием из-за постоянной сонливости. Не рекомендую.

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Любимые витаминки

Люблю витамины этой марки и покупаю не в первый раз. В этот раз выбрала эти по составу и по отсутствуию завышенных доз витаминов, т.к. сейчас нет цели себя "вытягивать" из авитоминоза, есть задача просто поддерживать стабильный уровень состояния здоровья. Витамины небольшие по размеру, пьются удобно, привкуса особо нет. Я пью в несколько заходов - по месяцу в начале весны и в конце осени. Могут окрашивать мочу в ядреный цвет!

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Для себя, к сожалению , не заметила результата. Буду пробовать другой комплекс из этой марки. Ставлю плюс за удобный прием. Всего 1 таблетка в день.

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Отличные витамины

Достоинства: хорошие витамины, эффект виден очень быстро - появилась бодрость, волосы стали немного крепче. Также радует маленький размер таблетки - глотать легко и приятно. Также радует и цена - до них за наш Витрум было отдано гораздо больше денег за такое же количество витамин в банке, а эффекта ноль. Недостатки: единственный недостаток в дозировке. Персонально для меня она слабая, поэтому пью две таблетки в день. Эта проблема легко решается приобретением витамин этой же фирмы, но с более высокой дозировкой.

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Отличные витаминки

Витаминки для тех,кому трудно глотать большие капсулы и таблетки.Очень маленькие ,приятные таблеточки.Легко разгрызать.Эффект норм.Бодра и весела!!!

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Чтобы понять помогают витамины или нет, нужно пить их регулярно и сдавать анализы. Что точно могу сказать, так это то, что от средств фирмы DEVA меня почти сразу начинает клонить в сон. Сонливость ужасная, не помогает даже кофе, поэтому если пью, то только незадолго до сна.

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Улучшили состояние :)

Впервые попробовала какие-либо витамины. Не знаю, связано моё хорошее состояние с витаминами или потеплением, но чувствую себя, действительно, лучше ))))))) Цена для такого количества просто копейки, витаминок хватает на 3 месяца! Удобны для употребления, во-первых, потому что один раз в день (не нужно быть привязанным и постоянно думать о графике приёма), во-вторых, глотаются легко, хотя запах специфический, это единственный минус, но 3 секунды пережить можно) Радуют, что веганские)

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慢性的にビタミン不足なので 毎朝飲んで〼。 体感できてませんが きっと良い結果になるでしょう☝︎

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недорогие витамины с хорошим составом. эффекта от витаминов (любых) не замечаю, но верю в пользу. Думаю, что лучше их пить, чем компливит

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효과는 아직?

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منتج متكامل ولا يثقل على المعدة

المنتج جيد جدا وسعره ممتاز حجم الحبة صغير وسهل البلع متكامل ولا يثقل على المعد أنصح به بشدة

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Крошечные таблеточки

Мне очень понравилась эта форма, удобно проглатывать, можно даже без запивания водой. Все нужные витамины и минералы там есть.

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Мужу нравятся

Купила для мужа, говорит, что бодрость теперь в течении всего дня ощущает. Таблетки маленькие. Упаковка простая, без лишних надписей и блеска.

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Недорогие витамины для вегетарианцев и не только.

Недорогие витамины для вегетарианцев и не только. Витамины небольшого размера приобретал для сына (13 лет). Т.к. большие витамины отказывается глотать. Эффект неплохой. Никаких побочный действий у него на эти витамины не было, чему я очень рад. Главное результат, а он есть.

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Genial relación calidad precio

En casa lo tenemos por si nos vamos de viaje (somos veganos y a veces comer fuera no es tan sencillo) o para épocas de estrés y nos va genial

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Esperaba unas tabletas de gran tamaño, difíciles de pasar, pero son bien pequeñas y de forma redonda, se pasan fácilmente, y no sientes pesado el estomago después de tomarlas, aunque el sabor no es muy agradable desaparece rápido. El efecto en cuanto a la vitalidad es inmediato.

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Хорошая поддержка организма, аллергии не было, глотаются достаточно комфортно, но все равно надо запивать водой, но хотя бы не такие гигантские капсулы, как обычно.

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알약도 아주 작고, 제겐 정말 잘 맞습니다.

처음엔 이 제품말고 데바의 다른 멀티비타민 제품을 먹었습니다. 그 제품이 품절되어서 이걸 주문했는데요, 이 제품도 제겐 상당히 괜찮네요. 우선 함량이 높지 않지만, 그래도 골고루 다 잘 들어있고요, 제가 체격이 작고 마른 편이라 너무 고함량보다는 이런 낮은 함량의 제품이 더 맞는 것 같습니다. 크기도 아주 작아서 2개를 같이 먹어도 괜찮고요. 제가 지금껏 먹어본 멀티비타민 제품중에서 가장 작은 크기가 아닐까 해요. 제가 전에 먹던 데바의 멀티비타민제품에는 그린푸드와 야채, 허브가 블렌드된 것이 함유되어 있지만 이 제품은 그게 없는 게 좀 아쉽긴 해요. 그래도 가격도 부담없고, 철분이 9mg라 철분 걱정되시는 분들은 이 제품 드시면 조절하기 편하실 거예요. 제품에도 자산에게 맞는 브랜드가 있는 것 같은데, 제 경우엔 데바의 멀티비타민 제품들이 다 맞는 것 같습니다.

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Витаминки понравились. Маленького размера, легко глотаются. Принимать - одной в день. Веганские, и оболочка не из желатина или чего-то там ещё, а это самое главное. Полностью растительные компоненты. Слабенькие, поэтому советую заказывать с большей дозировкой, у этой фирмы есть такие, но эти тоже ничего, мне хватило. В12 лучше принимать отдельно и в хорошем количестве, тут его совсем мало. Зимой-осенью пить - самое то! Волосы стали лучше. В общем и целом довольна. Для такой цены очень хорошие витаминки!)

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Увы, не подошёл, хотя состав отменный

Мужу подошли отлично, а мне нет - сразу покрылась сыпью и прекратила использование...Состав при этом очень богатый.

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Multivitamínico en pequeño tamaño

Un suplemento de multivitaminas muy completo, en un tamaño reducido (fácil de tragar), apto para vegetarianos y veganos. Los beneficios se notan cuando llevas unos pocos días tomándolas. No caen mal al estómago como otros preparados de vitaminas.

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Брала для кормящей подруги.

Подружка попросила меня найти для неё недорогой комплекс витаминов и минералов. Я ей предложила несколько вариантов пренатальных витаминов, специальные для кормящих матерей и в том числе обычные, разных фирм. Она выбрала эти. Допивает курс, вполне довольна. Ни у неё, ни у ребенка отрицательных реакций нет. Хороший состав, отличное соотношение цена-качество.

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Отличные витамины

Сбалансированный витаминный комплекс, который отлично подошел мне. После нескольких неудачных витаминно-минеральных добавок получила в посылке эти витамины, но могу сказать сразу, что они работают, при этом не вызывают побочек, как предыдущие. Уже заказала вторую упаковку.

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他のレビューにもありますが、毎日錠剤で何もかも補う、というのは好きではないので、 比較的低成分のこちらを選びました。 食事での栄養素を補助する程度の利用です。 植物起源のビタミンD2、という点を除いては安価ですし気に入っています。

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Хорошие витаминки

Хорошие витаминки для всех.

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Хорошие витаминки

Хитаминки отличные брал и раздавал их в тяжёлом походе по камчатке. Эффект очень нормальный.

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Дешево и сердито

Комплекс мультивитаминов на 3 месяца, который подходит веганам, за очень невысокую цену. Еще нравится, что таблеточки маленькие.

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