Vitamin C & E Serum, 1 fl oz (30 ml)

By Yeouth

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Yeouth, Vitamin C & E Serum, 1 fl oz (30 ml)
Price: $15.95 ($15.95/fl oz)
as at April 29, 2020 5:27 pm
  • Find Your Y™
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Fragrance, Sulphate, Paraben, Cruelty, GMO Free
Antioxidant serum targets these signs of aging:
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dark spots and uneven skin tone
  • Dry, dull skin
Yeouth Multiplier Effect

All Yeouth products contain stable class="table table-bordered", high-quality, clinically tested ingredients engineered to work in cooperation with one another. While every product is developed to improve the appearance of skin, each does so via different methods. Using Yeouth products together multiplies effectiveness and can enhance skin appearance by delivering dramatically visible results.

How Yeouth Vitamin C & E Serum works

Skin-brightening Vitamin C

Packed with antioxidants, Vitamin C helps support skin cells to minimize signs of aging and helps prevent free radical damage for a brighter complexion.

Skin cell-nourishing  Vitamin E

Supports skin's ability to defend itself against damaging free radicals. Vitamin E improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, crepey skin and brightens skin complexion.

Moisture-attracting Hyaluronic Acid

A naturally-occurring compound that locks moisture into the skin to help complexions appear more supple and hydrated.

From the Founder

As a cosmetic chemist developing advanced skin care products for companies large and small for decades, I was asked time and again to create formulas that contained only a fraction of the key ingredients necessary to produce visible results. These companies were interested in profit above quality and customer satisfaction. Because people deserve better, I decided to create and manufacture my own line of superior skincare products. The result is Yeouth.

At Yeouth, our passion is in helping people put their best self forward. We do this by providing truly superior products at reasonable prices. This is the answer to our "why" (we spell it "Y"). All of use at Yeouth thank you and happily encourage you to Find Your Y™.

Kevin Mallory, founder and chief chemist
Suggested Use

Use this product during the day. Wash face with Yeouth Facial Cleanser and pat dry. Spritz face with Yeouth Balancing Facial Toner.  While face is still damp, dab a dime-sized amount of Yeouth Vitamin C & E Serum onto skin and allow to absorb. Follow with Yeouth Moisturizer.

Yeouth Vitamin C & E Serum works well on the neck, chest and back on hands, as well.

Try Yeouth Anti-Aging Super Serum for nightly use.


Hyaluronic acid, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, butylene glycol, polysorbate 20, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, phenoxyethanol, tocopheryl acetate.

Package Quantity:
1 fl oz (30 ml)

Expiration Date:
01 January 2021

Shipping Weight:
0.25 lbs

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Vitamin C & E Serum, 1 fl oz (30 ml)

Clears my face and soothes my wrinkles

Posted by on April 23 2020
Very good!

it reduces redness and moisturise skin

Posted by on April 18 2020
Better than expected

Leaves even tone and smooth skin. Just one secret - it has to be applied on a wet face.

Posted by on April 18 2020
Vitamin C Serum

Love this product! Has my skin staying hydrated and glowy, would recommend the addition to everyone’s daily skincare routine.

Posted by on April 18 2020
Very good

Very good product, difference is seen in short time after use

Posted by on April 17 2020
Love it!

Amazing serum! I use it before applying makeup and it works really great! I use it in the morning and evening before my moisturizer. Very satisfied!

Posted by on April 16 2020

Nothing happened to my skin except dryness maybe it came with package or it’s not good enough for my skin

Posted by on April 13 2020
good value

nice product

Posted by on April 13 2020
Very Good

One of the best serums i tried.

Posted by on April 12 2020

I absolutely love this serum. It has transformed my face cleansing routine to a max! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

Posted by on April 11 2020
This is exactly what my skin needed.

My skin did not respond to winter this season. This little change in my routine help hydrate, brighten and even my skin tone. My skin looks and feels healthier and will remain in my routine going forward. Love it!

Posted by on April 10 2020
Absolutely LOVED IT !

Just PERFECT. It doesn't irritate my skin, doesn't stick or stay on the surface, instructions are written well, and I love the fact that it has Vit C&e&HA all together,it's also amazing that it's fine to reach the undereye area.

Posted by on April 10 2020
My travel essential

This has been a huge help for me on all my business travel. I’m constantly in different environments and weather and it takes a toll on my skin but since I’ve incorporated this vitamin c serum it has helped tremendously in keeping my skin hydrated and bright. It’s a staple in my tsa travel pack

Posted by on April 09 2020
I like it very much

it makes the skin very soft, luminous and uniform I like it very much, I use it in the morning after cleaning the skin and before my day cream. I think it's really cool! My skin appreciates it very much. It is not the first time that I try the brand and I can tell you that their products are of excellent quality. I like it and recommend it.

Posted by on April 08 2020
Brighter skin

This serum works to enhance the appearance of skin tone and texture while quenching the skin with hydration. Vitamin C is the best and most effective ingredient to brighten skin and this serum contains medical grade vitamin C to visibly brighten skin and diminish any dark spots. Vitamin E helps to protect and prevent the skin from future damage. Hyaluronic Acid goes deep into the skin to hydrate and leave skin supple. I apply every morning and night and saw results in that my skin looked brighter, the texture had improved and smooth, more hydrated and lessen the look of sun spots. This is a high quality serum that delivers amazing results so look no father if you want brighter skin!

Posted by on April 07 2020

Mmm iguss normal

Posted by on April 02 2020
Not sure yet

But love the pump

Posted by on April 01 2020
Not sure if it actually works but it feels good

This is nice part of the morning ritual. It may be doing me good. Don’t forget to purchase a toner as it works in conjunction with this.

Posted by on April 01 2020
Great serum!

I’ve only tried one other serum before that I really liked and I can now add this one to the list! My skin started to look healthier and fresh after a few times of using it and now I use it every day along with their day/night cream

Posted by on March 31 2020
I do not recommend to buy anything from this website !!!

Very bad customer care,they do not want to refund my money back to my new bank account, insisting to send it to not-existing anymore, closed account ! This the 2/2 case I see buying in this website. I do not recommend buying anything from here ! You will not get your order and you will not get your refund as well !

Posted by on March 30 2020
Skincare Routine

I've been loving how hydrated and glowy my skin has been lately! I added the Vitamin C serum to my routine and it has my skin clear and looking fresh!! I add the Day & Night cream and during the night I use their retinol serum!

Posted by on March 29 2020
Game change

Couldn't wear foundation before during winter because of how dry my skin was no matter what product I used, and then I met this product and now I am wearing foundation perfectly fine during winter. So thankful I met this!!

Posted by on March 28 2020
Love it

Love this product!

Posted by on March 27 2020
Like It!

I feel that my very dry skin feels better with this priduct

Posted by on March 24 2020
I use it every morning!

This serum has been a great addition to my skincare routine! I use it every morning after washing my face. It makes me look more awake and gives my skin a tight, smooth look!

Posted by on March 24 2020
perfect vitamin C serum found!

This is an absolute best skincare product. I won't be describing the benefits of Vitamin C and E, you can read about all the benefits in the internet or you can simply ask your cosmetologist. This particular serum is good for bright-skin girls (I'm the one), it's really brightening your skin a bit and the under eye circles. Also it helps damaged skin to recover faster (sun burns on a face, I had a few and It recovered fast, I wan't even expected that it will ever disappear). Huge plus is that this serum has hyaluronic acid as well, which helps hydrate your skin. It might not be that even when you apply the serum (you need to apply a cream or a good moisturizer so your skin is hydrated before applying the serum as it absorbs too fast) but during the day it shows very good results. I was looking for a perfect vitamin c serum and I finally found it.

Posted by on March 24 2020
Waste Of Money

I haven’t seen any effect, and feels like mask on the face, it’s unpleasant

Posted by on March 23 2020

i love this serum. it actually works excellently. It dries up fast but improves tone and glow of skin

Posted by on March 21 2020
Love love love!

This is amazing like every other product they put out! I am so happy with this and recommend!!

Posted by on March 21 2020
Very good serum

I like this serum because my skin tone is really change in one month! I use it every morning and at night I use Hyaluronic plus serum by Yeouth. I will buy it again when it finish. I love it.

Posted by on March 19 2020
New staple for me!

I really like this product! Makes my skin feel taut and tight. Love the extra vitamins my skin is absorbing as well. This has become a new staple in my daily skin routine!

Posted by on March 19 2020
Great serum

So this product is very very good! I love the consistency of it. Not to heavy on my face. I apply it at night after a cleanser and toner because my face can be a little dry. But this is a go to for me. Let’s start taking better care of our skin folks!!!

Posted by on March 19 2020
Love this product!

I’ve been using this product for about a month and I have seen quite a difference in my over all skin tone! I really like the consistency of it, kind of tacky and leaves really good moisture throughout the day.

Posted by on March 18 2020
Perfect Texture!

I’ve been using this in the AM and PM for a bit now and am really enjoying it. The texture is great. It’s not too sticky or too watery! It’s wears really nicely under makeup, as well!

Posted by on March 18 2020
Really great product!

This serum really helped even my skin tone. It lightened some of my acne scarring as well!

Posted by on March 16 2020
In love

I was using this vitamin C&E serum for 2 month and I can say I absolutely love it , it makes my skin so smooth and hydrated. I could see the difference already after a month. Highly recommend!

Posted by on March 15 2020
Great product for my skin

I love using it. I put the serum after I clean my face with cleanser, then micellar water. The serum is making the skin very smooth. It nourishes it with vitamins. Highly recommend!

Posted by on March 14 2020
Thumbs up

Good product, use it daily.

Posted by on March 14 2020
Amazing product

My skin feels better than ever. I usually apply in the morning and night and it makes my face very moisturized. My skin has never felt better! This is my favorite skin care product I have right now!

Posted by on March 10 2020

It’s good when it’s used correctly, the skin needs to be moist before application so I usually use it after taking a shower and thoroughly cleansing my face oh and I found that 1 drop is enough for both the neck and face

Posted by on March 09 2020
Great product

Love this serum, it's moisturising and lightweight. It spreads very well, especially if you apply it on damp skin. I wish the vitamin C concentration was higher, but I use this serum in winter and a stronger serum in summer. I use retinol regularly in colder months and you are safe to use this serum the next day, it won't irritate you.

Posted by on March 07 2020
It’s ok

I can’t say that I see a big difference in my skin compared to other products I’ve used before. Also the fact that your skin needs to be wet before applying and then you have to wait for it to dry is not so convenient. This is personal of course

Posted by on March 06 2020
Good but no difference

Not bad

Posted by on March 05 2020

Good serum

Posted by on March 02 2020
Viscous water

I need to return and get all my money back.

Posted by on February 20 2020


Posted by on February 20 2020
Texture Is Too Thick!

The texture is thick, seems not easy to absorb! I don't notice any benefit on my skin after apply this serum!

Posted by on February 18 2020
Hey Now, I like this (:

Moisturized Glowing Evens tone I really like this product! It's a daily baby that you need.

Posted by on February 15 2020

Nice product

Posted by on February 12 2020
Great Serum With Healing Benefits

This serum has been super beneficial to my skincare routine. When applied to a wet face and allowed to dry I can feel a nice cooling sensation, it feels as if the moisture is getting pulled in. After a literally a few days any redness and irritation left from pimples or blackheads begin to heal. If I accidentally irritate a pimple I use this right away and the swelling goes down tremendously. It has also helped with the prevention of blemishes because the irritation goes down so fast my skin is left unharmed. I can’t recommend this enough. I also use this with their pure hyaluronic acid serum for extra healing power.

Posted by on February 12 2020
Vit C & E Serum Review

This serum is truly amazing and I saw a difference in my skin after a weeks use. Thank you Yeouth SkinCare!

Posted by on February 11 2020
Love how this feels!

I LOVE how this feels on my face and have been using this product in my daily routine! It has made my face feel so moisturized! Defiantly a must!!

Posted by on February 11 2020
Best Serum By Far

I have been using this serum for over 6 months now. This has been the best I have used. My skin has blossomed. I will not use another vitamin ever again. Thank you IHerb for such an amazing product❤

Posted by on February 11 2020
Highly Effective Serum

As a woman of a mature age, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C is a must in my daily #skincareroutine. I absolutely love YEOUTH Skincare because their products are not only affordable but they truly work. This serum keeps my skin hydrated, smooth and brightens all while protecting from all the “yucks” outside. ☀️

Posted by on February 10 2020
Very good product!

A very good serum! Needs to be accompanied with a cream. Recommended!

Posted by on February 10 2020
Vitamin C serum

I really liked this product, after I started using this product my face looks more healthy and brighter.

Posted by on February 09 2020
No Effect

There’s no noticeable effect form it but it’s hydrating little. Won’t buy again.

Posted by on February 07 2020
Great serum ! Highly recommended

If you are looking for a good quality serum that won't break the bank this is it! I've been using it for about a month now and no complaints. This serum is great for extra moisture to the skin and is very hydrating. I also tend to have uneven skin and this serum helps to even it out and make it more smooth looking. Overall I highly recommend!

Posted by on February 06 2020
LOVE this serum!

Using this serum daily has made my skin feel amazing. I love how light it is and how it absorbs into my skin and leaves it feeling so refreshed.

Posted by on February 06 2020
Very good

Very good.

Posted by on February 06 2020
Very good

Specially effect to dry skin, my skin look more smooth after 2 weeks using, I will buy it again

Posted by on February 04 2020
Soft and clean

It softens the skin and clean it at the same time.. helps avoiding under skin pimples

Posted by on February 03 2020
excellent good, thank you

excellent good product, thanks

Posted by on February 01 2020
Great product

I use it after I wash my face, massage for about a minute on all face and neck and let it dry on my own. It is very important to apply the liquid to moist skin. The skin looks instantly better, not shiny and tense. Highly recommended

Posted by on January 31 2020

Gives a bit a brightening affect under your normal face cream ❤️ Great serum

Posted by on January 31 2020
Get it!

I've been using this for about a month and can definitely see a change in my skin elasticity and a reduction in redness (which I wasn't anticipating). It's been a great addition to my routine and I love that it has no smells or any greasy after feeling. It's clean and simple. I use it under my moisturizer and foundation. Love it You do definitely want to follow the instructions to put on while skin is still wet. It soaks in better.

Posted by on January 30 2020
Really good!

My skin had a reaction from over exfoliating, and this product helped soothe my skin! It’s also really good as a daily serum! I definitely recommend!

Posted by on January 27 2020

I bought it because other sites say it is vegan-friendly. I have bought this twice now, and use it every morning before moisturiser and foundation. hard to know if it has an effect, but I like to believe it does :)

Posted by on January 27 2020
Has made obvious difference

For the first time in my life, I’m getting compliments on my complexion and I know this serum is a huge reason why! I use this every morning for months now and it has made my skin brighter and smoother. I highly recommend this product!

Posted by on January 26 2020

Serum is good for my face.

Posted by on January 23 2020

quickly absorbed, but then a dry film appears on the skin!

Posted by on January 20 2020

Saw results within a week and I love it !! Definitely recommended !

Posted by on January 17 2020
Give it a try

Purchased this serum while I was pregnant and noticed it wasn’t doing anything for me. I took a break from using it and just let my pregnancy hormones do their thing. I gave it another try and started using it again a few days after having the baby and noticed it was hydrating and helped with oil control without being drying.

Posted by on January 15 2020
Love This One

Truly changed my skin...

Posted by on January 14 2020
Best ever!

I have tried so many serum’s in the past and this one really does it for me! It’s definitely an ultra hydrating formula and feels so nice on the skin. I highly recommend this product for those who really need that extra boost of moisture. My skin has been clear and hydrated ever since!

Posted by on January 12 2020
Great Serum

Wonderful serum. My skin loves it. I have really noticed a difference, evens out my skin tone.

Posted by on January 11 2020
Great Product

I really love the result I will buy it again for Sure.

Posted by on January 10 2020
The perfect combo!

It’s rare to find a product that can both hydrate skin and firm skin - without making it feel oily. This has become a part of my daily routine!

Posted by on January 09 2020
Definitely a No!

I did not like this serum at all. whenever i apply my moisturizer & sunscreen afterwards, it peels off and give a terrible appearance to the face and skin. Would not recommend it.

Posted by on January 07 2020
Love this!

When I started using the product, my skin was looking very dull and uneven. I started applying this daily before my sunscreen and within a matter of two weeks, I started to notice a huge difference! My skin was looking so much brighter and even! I have already recommended this to several friends and family members and will definitely be repurchasing!

Posted by on January 05 2020
Very Effective

I loooved how my face looked after applying it

Posted by on January 04 2020
My go-to serum!

I would say this is one of the best serum I ever use. Weightless texture!

Posted by on January 01 2020
Love this stuff

I started including this into my skincare routine a little over a month ago and WOW. Has truly brightened up my skin. It glows and looks moisturized. I’m so much more comfortable without makeup now

Posted by on December 29 2019
Power packed serum

HLA is amazing for hydrating your skin but combining it with vitamin C and E is brilliant! Saves me time and money having everything in one product rather than having to apply multiples! Love love love!!

Posted by on December 29 2019
Very nice serum

I read the reviews after making an order for this product and had an "Oh, no!" moment. However, since the order was already shipped, I thought to myself - "Oh, well..." Well, let me tell you - I'm so happy that I didn't read the reviews before buying! This serum is great and works very well on my skin. I haven't experienced any of the issues that the reviews mentioned - the serum absorbs into my skin pretty quickly, doesn't leave any unpleasant residue on the skin and doesn't peel off - both if I use it on wet or dry skin. What I do is I spread 2 pumps of the product between my palms and tap it in all over my face, neck and decolletage. I will say that for me, it feels a little drying to use on dry skin, my skin feels a little bit tight after using it this way. I solve this issue either by using a hyaluronic acid essence on top of it, after I give this serum 10-15 minutes to work, or by using the serum on wet skin.

Posted by on December 26 2019

I really noticed difference in my skin it really worth it now I’m buying the second bottle

Posted by on December 25 2019
Too strong and drying

It was too much for my skin ,my face felt tight after applying it and within a week i started seeing little bumps on my forhead

Posted by on December 23 2019
Great Serum

This serum works really well for oily skin! Doesn’t leave any greasy feeling as it’s oil-free. Have already re-purchased my third bottle.

Posted by on December 22 2019
Great Serum To Add To Your Skin Care Routine

Amazing serum left my skin so radiant! Highly recommend

Posted by on December 22 2019
Great product

I love it, will order it again

Posted by on December 20 2019
Does what it says

Does what it says

Posted by on December 19 2019
Great daily product.

I really like this product. It's a light-weight serum that glides nicely over my face. I put it on after using a toner in the morning and before bed. Afterwards, I'll put moisturizer on. I feel like this product has helped my skin retain moisture and a soft, smooth texture. I will definitely continue to use! I've even gotten my husband to use it regularly!

Posted by on December 19 2019
Very Hydrating.

This is the most hydrating thing I've put on my face in a while. You don't pat your face dry after you wash it and then you apply this and it feels like it really locks in that moisture. It looks like it will feel greasy at first, but it dries and leaves a nice soft feel. I love it!

Posted by on December 18 2019
My miracle potion

I love this stuff! I apply this to damp skin, then apply my moisturizer. I’ve noticed my skin is far less dry than normal. Some scarring , along with a stubborn dark spot has lightened up (I’m stoked about this!!) definitely highly suggest this product.

Posted by on December 18 2019
Соединенные Штаты


Posted by on December 15 2019
Very good

My skin feels Hyderabad and soft

Posted by on December 13 2019
Add this to your skincare routine

The vitamin C serum is a great alternative to the now popular invasive anti-aging procedures. Not everyone wants to get Botox, fillers or plastic surgery. For those is us who want to stay “young looking” without sticking needles in our face this is a great product to add to our skincare routine.

Posted by on December 13 2019

I like it!!!

Posted by on December 01 2019
“Glowing” review

I feel as though this product has helped Bring back the glow I’ve been missing -especially during these cold months. I am so happy to have found this product! Great addition to my skin care routine :)

Posted by on November 28 2019
Good Serum

This is my first serum with vitamin C, very nice that is has also hyaluronis acid. After several days of using, saw a difference, my skin became brighter and hydrated.

Posted by on November 27 2019

Good serum. I got it for my mother and she likes it a lot. It feels good on the skin.

Posted by on November 13 2019
Feels refreshing

I have almost finished my first bottle and have really like using this product. It was ESPECIALLY satisfying this summer when healing from a sunburn. It’s smooth and rejuvenating

Posted by on November 12 2019
Not bad

Not bad

Posted by on November 08 2019
Good Product

I think my skin face is better!

Posted by on November 07 2019
Love It!

Vitamin C and E goes a long way !

Posted by on November 07 2019
I use this every day now!

When I first received the product I was excited and curious to try a serum! The first time I used it my fave felt plump and moisturized immediately without feeling heavy. I have replaced my old moisturizer with this serum and literally use it before my makeup every time! Recently I started using it to plump and moisturize my lips as well! I LOVE it!

Posted by on November 01 2019
I love love this

Easily absorbs in the skin,just follow one instruction apply on wet face and you are good to go.

Posted by on October 23 2019

I am loving how clear my skin is thanks to this serum. My skin is so much softer, clearer, brighter, and smoother. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a serum that will clear up their complexion.

Posted by on October 23 2019
Amazing product!

I love this product. It has brightened my skin and it feels so much softer and smoother. I would definitely recommend purchasing! It also gives my skin a youthful look that i love!

Posted by on October 23 2019
My Favorite Every Day Serum

Being mom of two is not always easy to keep my skin fresh and radiant.In this mode, there is no time for everyday makeup, so the best thing I can do is nourish my skin. This serum helps me look better and slows down the first signs of aging. It’s no sticky and has no fragrance! Love it and use every day!

Posted by on October 22 2019
Great serum!

I love how gentle this serum is and how light it is on the face! Vitamin C and E is so wonderful so it’s nice to have them in one application. I took away one star only because I found the hard to wear under makeup, it didn’t quite sink in all the way. But I love it for no makeup days!

Posted by on October 22 2019
Love it!

I am in love with the Vitamine C+E Serum! It goes on super smooth.. your face must still be a little damp before applying so I combine this with a face toner and it’s amazing!!!!! Definitely recommend.

Posted by on October 19 2019


Posted by on October 17 2019

I love the product. I use it after every face wash during the day. It has reduces the uneven skin tone and patchy skin is reducing too. Love

Posted by on October 17 2019
Beautiful Serum

I use a lot of skin care from this brand and I keep coming back to them for a reason. The quality is there, the products always work like they say and I always see benefits. Since using this serum I have seen an improvement in spots on my face from aging and and over all glow! I love it. Plus it has lasted forever, I got this over a month ago and I'm only halfway through the bottle (I use it during my morning routine as per the directions.) Awesome Vit c serum!

Posted by on October 15 2019
One of my new favorite products!

I have never tried a serum like this during the day, but I was pleasantly surprised! I use it in tandem with the Yeouth Hyaluronic serum (at night) and use this during the day. This has been a game changer for my skin. It leaves my skin soooooo smooth and moisturizer without clogging pores or leaving a residue. Perfect for combination skin gals like me!

Posted by on October 12 2019
love it!!

I used to have super oily skin, but with using this product, my skin’s retained hydration so much better! I have used it every morning for about a month and a half now. I put it on after I wash my face and I’ve noticed my skin tone is much more evened out and and firm! They give you a lot of product for a good price. Definitely recommend!

Posted by on October 10 2019
Great addition

Great addition to my night time retinol serum. It’s a little sticky and not much of a scent but I noticed the extra help with my breakouts

Posted by on October 10 2019
Keeps My Skin Healthy And Glowing

I use this serum everyday with my favorite toner and moisturizer and my skin is left healthy looking and glowy.

Posted by on October 10 2019
Great serum!

My face feels awesome. I use this serum in the morning after I wash my face, then apply the Day/Night cream. At night I use the Retinol serum followed by the Day/night cream and it’s been a game changer! This has helped to keep my skin hydrated and so smooth! My pores are less visible and the dryness around my nose is gone. Goes on easily, it’s not greasy or sticky and it dries quickly! Also wears well under makeup! Highly recommend!

Posted by on October 09 2019
A girls must have in night time routine!

Love this vitamin C & E serum, no weird smell at all. I applied this at nighttime, went on super smoothly. When I wake up in the morning my skin is so dewy and plump! I absolute love the results. Big fan of the pump bottle it comes in, makes application super easy.

Posted by on October 09 2019
Amazing / soothing

This serum is amazing! It has helped my acne so much and had a really nice soothing/ cooling effect. It also helps with my redness and uneven skin tone. I will definitely be buying more!

Posted by on October 06 2019
Love this!!!

This serum is amazing! My skin is glowing after every use!

Posted by on October 06 2019
Not just for your face.

I used it not just on my face but also body during winter and definitely saw better skin. It feels more moisturized and pampered

Posted by on October 05 2019
Great product!

This product really helped get rid of my hyperpigmentation that I’ve been struggling with for a while now. A little goes a long way, really a great product!

Posted by on October 05 2019
i recommend this to clients

i can really feel the difference when using this product. i use it and recommend it to clients!! i love it!

Posted by on October 05 2019
Vitamin c &E serum

this serum is my favorite keeps my skin soft and radiant does not cause me any allergies

Posted by on October 04 2019
Loveee thus Serum

I love LOVE this product! My skin is so bright and clear! Like baby smooth and vibrant!!

Posted by on October 03 2019

My everyday serum, so great!

Posted by on October 01 2019
Excellent product and results!!!

I am seeing a huge difference in the texture of my skin! Can’t say enough great things about this brand. It’s not sticky at all! Absorbs right away.

Posted by on October 01 2019
Out Of This World!!

This stuff has made such a difference in the texture and clarity of my skin. I have rosacea, so I’m always afraid of putting vitamin C on there, but wow. It’s super gentle and incredibly effective. Try it and you’ll love it!

Posted by on September 30 2019
Amazing product

My skin soaks up this product love it I apply after my morning shower an before my moisturizer my skin feels fresh all day .

Posted by on September 24 2019
Perfect Product!

Since using this, and the hyaluronic acid serums I've noticed a WORLD of a difference in my skin! It's so much more smooth, supple, and hydrated! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for ultimate hydration, just don't forget to seal it with a cream moisturizer after applying! :D

Posted by on September 22 2019
Perfect addition to daily skin routine!

I’ve been using Vitamin C serums for a few years now and was already a fan of Yeouths line. The number thing I look for in skin care is the product does not cause my sensitive skin to break out. Luckily, this serum does not! It has helped brighten scarring and adds the much needed moisture to my skin has the weather begins to cool and get drier.

Posted by on September 20 2019
Good product

This is a great product if you want to tighten your skin and increase the elasticity! The only thing I would like better is if it had a more moisturizing effect!

Posted by on September 19 2019
Great product!

An amazing product! Always find myself becoming satisfied with Yeouth's skin care products

Posted by on September 18 2019
I love this product

This serum brightens my skin and has really helped with my acne. It’s a go-to to start my day off right !!!

Posted by on September 18 2019
Great for Outdoor Enthusiasts!

I spend a lot of time outside in the sun. Even though I wear sunscreen I still have some damage. This serum has the skin-smoothing benefits of hyaloronic acid plus vitamins C and E to help my sun-loving face. I apply it every morning on a wet face after spraying the Yeouth Balancing Toner.

Posted by on September 17 2019
Great product

Loving this product so far. I don't use a lot of skincare products but I wanted to start using preventative care and this has been great!

Posted by on September 16 2019
I love it !

I was a little nervous to use this b/c my skin can be pretty sensitive to vitamin c, but surprisingly my skin reacted so positive with this serum! I use less of my moisturizer in the AM and I can feel my skin being more hydrated for longer periods of time! My discoloration is starting to fade, I’m excited to see what my skin looks like when the bottle is done!

Posted by on September 16 2019
Great addition to my skincare routine!

Ever since I started using this serum, I really feel like my skin has been improving. I seem to break out less, and my acne scars fade more quickly. So happy I added this to my routine!

Posted by on September 15 2019
Good Stuff

I use every morning after toning then follow with a quality moisturizer.

Posted by on September 11 2019
Ocean Lovers Dream

This serum has worked so well for my dry skin. I’m in the ocean and under the sun daily so to have something that actually moisturizes my face and neck is a game changer! It’s also helped even out my skin tone and help reduce redness. It’s great!

Posted by on September 11 2019
Turn back the hands of time!

I have tested over 70 serums and this is by far one of the best. It's lightweight, non- sticky or tacky; ypu can easily wear with or without makeup. I love that it's sweat proof, so it's great for thr hot summer days. I can't wait to use it as a barrier for the winter months... it's that good!

Posted by on September 10 2019
A great Vitamin C & E Serum!

Been looking for a great Vitamin C & E serum and this is it! Very light weight and non greasy or tacky. Would highly recommend!

Posted by on September 10 2019
Great results and affordable!

I love seeing how my skin has a glow to it after I use this. I always make sure I wet my face before applying this serum. Definitely worth the investment....yet so affordable and fits within my budget.

Posted by on September 09 2019
Love this Product!

I can see and feel the results of this product. Lots of skincare products promise results but rarely deliver . This one does! I bought this for under eye dark circles after reading articles on brightning effects of hyaluronic acid and looking at the studies on antioxidant effects of Vitamin E and C for skin. I have seen an overall improvement in my entire skin with regards to texture, brightness, fine lines and my skin looks and feels more toned. I noticed the difference after just two weeks of morning use on damp skin and it's cruelty Free!

Posted by on September 07 2019
Morning favorite

I love using this in the morning. My face has such a youthful glow to it. My skin is so much more softer and wrinkles are fading. I totally love this product!

Posted by on September 07 2019

i love it make my skin tight and glow

Posted by on September 07 2019
Glowing Radiant skin

I love this serum! I have been using it for about three weeks now, during the day and my skin is moisturized and radiant! It’s easy to use and fragrance free.

Posted by on September 06 2019
Great serum for daytime

I love this serum, it’s got a lovely texture and feels very moisturizing. It’s made for daytime usage which I like and works well with my other daytime products. It does a good job of moisturizing and evening out skin tone. Would definitely recommend.

Posted by on September 05 2019

I love how refreshed my skin feels after applying it! It does not leave a residue nor does my face feel slimy to the touch. It’s a quick and easy addition to my skincare routine!

Posted by on September 05 2019


Posted by on September 03 2019
Must apply on damp face!

Wish I knew this before buying so am hoping my post will help others. It’s quite slimy after applying this thick goo onto my damp face and then wait around or fan my face until it dries. Quite inconvenient and time consuming.

Posted by on September 03 2019
Pretty good

I don’t know what I was expecting but I like this serum! It has added moisture and glow to my skin that I wasn’t expecting. It is definitely weird to put it on damp skin but I understand why and can feel it working once it is absorbed. If anything is wrong with it, I would say it’s the length of time it takes to absorb into the skin.

Posted by on September 03 2019
Lack of advertised ingredients?

I just received the order... Am I the only one that can not find vitamin C & E nor Hyaluronic Acid in ingredients list?

Posted by on August 29 2019
So happy with this product

Can’t recommend enough! This product made my thirsty skin so hydrated,and plump.

Posted by on August 29 2019
perfection in a bottle!!

this serum has completely changed my skin for the better. my skin is more vibrant & feeling more youthful than ever. great price

Posted by on August 29 2019
Feeds Your Skin!

I am pretty low maintenance as far as my skin is concerned, my busy schedule doesn’t allow me time for complicated skin regiments with too many steps. That is why this product rocks. It is simple to use, feels light on your skin while nourishing, smoothing and tightening, Your skin and you feels refreshed with each use. I have tried a number of similar products but this one is by far the most effective and inexpensive, you can’t go wrong, I have recommended it to all my friends.

Posted by on August 27 2019
Vitamin C&E Serum

As I was already using the hyaluronic acid plus I decided to use this vitamin C&E Serum and it works just as well. It makes my skin feel healthy and hydrated during the day. Would for sure recommend it.

Posted by on August 27 2019

Helped me with some dry skin although didn't solve it completly. Bought my second one.

Posted by on August 27 2019
Great Addition to Skincare Regimen

I have sensitive skin and am recovering from a severe breakout. I know my skin needed more moisture retention, and I also wanted to be more intentional about my facial care. After some trial and error with frequency and dosage I can definitely say that this is now a weekly addition to my routine. I would be careful about introducing such a product without professional consultation. Sunscreen is also a must using this! I saw a noticeable difference in about 3 weeks.

Posted by on August 26 2019

This product has been nothing short of AMAZING! My skins has never felt so smooth or looked so radiant. Such a reasonable cost for something that has changed how my skin looks and feels!

Posted by on August 26 2019

I love products with aloe in then and this one nailed it. Great product for oily skin. Fantastic.

Posted by on August 24 2019
Amazing Serum

The serum is amazing leaving an skin soft and smooth. I would highly recommend using this serum. I used it at night and the day time. I used the serum with my makeup and had no skin irritation. I only used 1 pump of the serum and it was enough to use all over my face.

Posted by on August 24 2019
Amazing product!

My skin feels hydrated, smooth and radiant with each usage of this serum. Plus, the hyaluronic acid helps a lot reducing the fine lines.

Posted by on August 23 2019
Loved Yeouth Vitamin C Serum

This is a good product as a vitamin C Serum. I used it daily in the morning by applying 2-4 pumps to my face right after I got out of the shower. What I loved about this is my face didn’t sting when I applied it — which happens to me with a lot of skincare products! It’s clear and fragrance-free. It also doesn’t have a lot of ingredients, which is important to me. I’m trying to use more all-natural products without a lot of ingredients whenever possible. The bottle lasted 4 months which is great for the price! I think it’s helped nourish my skin and helped it stay more elastic. I just ran out and can see a difference without it. Where I’ve had a recent breakout, the skin looks much drier without this Serum.

Posted by on August 23 2019


Posted by on August 21 2019

I have been loving this Serum!

Posted by on August 21 2019
Love it

I’ve been searching for a serum to include in my skincare routine and I’m so happy to come across this! I love that it has vitamin C & E and Hyaluronic Acid! I’ve used this for 3 weeks now and I’m excited to see how much more amazing my skin will look once I use up the whole bottle. I’d definitely recommend this!

Posted by on August 20 2019
Awesome serum

This is a perfect serum for someone that is trying to get into the Vitamin c game but doesn’t know where to start. It is super gentle, effective and has no scent! Which , if you’ve dealt with Vitamin C serums before, know that’s a definite bonus. Interesting to know that it’s actually best used on wet skin!

Posted by on August 20 2019
Vitamin C & E Serum

I have really been enjoying the benefits of this product! My skin is very hydrated and my fine lines have disappeared! I'm a big sun lover and this serum has helped with evening out my skin tone. I'm very excited to keep using this threw the winter and cant wait to see what my skin looks like during the dry, sunless months!

Posted by on August 19 2019
love love love loooove it

The serum has done wonders for me!! My skin hasn't glowed like this in forever!!! I definitely recommend this product to EVERYONE.

Posted by on August 19 2019

I used this serum for three weeks so far (barely even using 1/5 of the bottle in the time) and my skin has not only plumped out in a few places on my forehead wrinkles, but my complexion has never been so even naturally! I have a naturally oily face and this helps to trap in my natural oils to keep it from over producing and staying less “oily” throughout the day. Hands down would buy again once it out! I also used it on a face sunburn and it helped to heal it super quick! I love this serum and encourage you to try it for yourself!

Posted by on August 18 2019

This product is everything I needed!! It provided me with the vitamins I needed in my skin care routine. My skin is glowing!

Posted by on August 18 2019
Skin Pumping

It was perfect timing that I got this serum, as I recently learned about applying vitamin c under sunscreen helping it protect your skin better. I haven't gotten even a single sunburn this summer, AND my skin feels more plump/moisturized. I can tell the difference is from this serum. Great thing too is I checked the ingredients and none of them are irritating or pore clogging. My face actually cleared up a little bit from a slight hormonal breakout, which could be contributed to the vitamin c as I've also read about people's acne improving when adding vitamin c into their skincare routine!

Posted by on August 17 2019
Great Product

Definitely, recommend this product!!! It works great for my skin.

Posted by on August 17 2019
Great feeling

Nice serum skin brightness clear after several weeks and after remove make up very good

Posted by on August 16 2019
My Morning Must-have!

Before using this product I made sure I read the other reviews since I am a little scared to try skin care products. I have an acne-prone skin and having adult acne is just horrible. But I have to say, after using this product, I notice my pore-appearance is lesser than before. I don't use foundation on top of concealer finished with foundation powder and so on. All I need is a simple powder make up, a little blush and I am set. Life-changing!

Posted by on August 15 2019
Skin brightener and tone corrector

Use in damp skin and works wonders Helps with skin toning I have melasma and it has helped alot to reduce the dark spots leaves skin glowing and soft helps with morning dullness and brightens up skin immediately. I apply it immediately after showering in damp skin

Posted by on August 13 2019
Broke me out

It leaves a sticky feeling on skin and overall it broke me out. Did not like, neither will purchase again.

Posted by on August 12 2019
Super Hydrating!

I love this serum because it’s really hydrating while also drying into the skin without it being too oily or “wet” feeling, making it easy to apply makeup right after application. Anything with hyaluronic acid is a yes in my book!

Posted by on August 12 2019

Still do not notice effect, but use more

Posted by on August 10 2019
My go to serum

I honestly love the serum ! My face feels soft , glows and it smells so good ! I seriously recommend it!

Posted by on August 10 2019
Amazing Hydrating Serum!

Amazing! If you need extra hydration without the greasy or heavy feel of a moisturizer, this serum is for you. Love how it moisturizer, and hydrates my skin. It's a gel like consistency similar to their retinol serum, that is perfect to use in the morning. My skin looks good, and because of the vitamin c it brightens skin. Love Yeouth vitamin c and e serum.

Posted by on August 09 2019
Vitamin C & E Serum

I love the texture of this product after a face wash. It leaves my skin very soothing and I always have a glow after!!

Posted by on August 07 2019
Such a Hydrating Vitamin C!

I’ve tried a few different Vitamin C products and I must say, this is one of my favs! I apply it in the morning after cleansing and it gives me such a glow! I can tell it has hyaluronic acid for sure. My skin is noticeably brighter since I’ve been using it!

Posted by on August 07 2019
I like it!

I really like the vitamin c serum! The only reason I give it 4 out of 5 is because this one suds up a little bit when I rub it in and the other products don’t. But it goes on smoothly, is easy to run in, and feels good on my skin. If I have any broken skin around my nose it does tingle a little bit but that’s to be expected with a vitamin c serum. Overall, great product!

Posted by on August 05 2019
AMAZING little bottle!

This stuff seriously helps with acne scarring and skin healing! I have loved using it as part of my nighttime routine and have noticed a dramatic change in the evenness of my skin tone, as well as, the fewer scars that are still visible from my years of battling acne! Highly recommend this stuff:)

Posted by on August 05 2019
Great product

Leaves my skin nice and Soft , definitely recommend

Posted by on August 04 2019

Inexpensive and effective. Must use consistently to see results.

Posted by on August 04 2019
not too bad

cant see any difference

Posted by on August 03 2019

The skins absorb it very fast Bt I still feel it’s nt hydrates much

Posted by on August 03 2019
Smoothing & Hydrating

I love this combination of Vitamin C & Hylaronic Acid. I use it every morning after cleansing to help with fine lines & age spots. It leaves my skin feeling smooth & moisturized.

Posted by on August 01 2019
Skin felt smooth and even

Love it! I finished one and ordered a second. It helped me smooth out my skin and even out the skin tone. Dries in fast so make sure you apply it while you're still moist.

Posted by on July 31 2019

Absolutely in love with this product! I put it on first thing in the morning and my skin instantly feels fresh and clean. Would definitely recommend this to anyone, no matter your skin type!

Posted by on July 30 2019
Very nice serum!

Works best on a damp face and I have noticed my skin tone is noticeably more even-not as red and uneven anymore! Just one pump a day in the morning and apply a moisturizer and a sunscreen and you’re set!

Posted by on July 30 2019
The Best Serum Ever!

OMG! Ladies, this is the best serum ever, trust me. I had bags under my eyes every single morning, but right now I know what should I do, if you’ll put just a little bit of the serum - the bags will gone in 5 minutes, probably cause it has Sodium Hyaluronate!! I use it everyday and I’m in love with it! 100% will order one more soon, by the way for me, 30 ml works for really long time:) So, highly recommended!

Posted by on July 28 2019
Great product!

I highly recommend this Serum! It’s so easy to apply, leaves my skin feeling smooth and brightens it up! I love the results. It boosts collagen and I can see the difference.

Posted by on July 27 2019
Wasn’t helpful

I was looking for a serum that will help me to Get rid from my dark spots(Pigmentation) on my face.. didn’t really change nothing..

Posted by on July 26 2019

Love this stuff!!

Posted by on July 26 2019
Good product

I have been using this for quite sometime and I use them in the morning before the make up. It brightens up my skin, I have friends who noticed my skin brighten and they bought this serum as well and they love the great feel too.

Posted by on July 24 2019

My husband had flaking skin on the side of his nose, and was recommended to use a vitamin C serum. He tried a different brand vit C serum and it worked almost immediately. Then we bought this one based on the good reviews here, and it clearly doesn’t work. I wonder how much vit C does it contain. I also don’t like its slimy consistency which is unlike any vitamin serums I used.

Posted by on July 17 2019

i feel vitamin C & E is very good with my skin,it make it very clear and soft thank you iHERB

Posted by on July 17 2019
Love this!

Such a great serum to wear every day! I put it on every morning and it provides the perfect layer under my makeup. It's a thicker consistency but doesn't feel heavy on my skin and I love that it doesn't have any smell. I'm using it for skin brightening from sun spots and to even my skin tone and I'm very impressed so far!

Posted by on July 12 2019
Absolutely amazing , saving my skin

I use the serum every time im out at the beach .the serum glides on beautifully and you can feel it being absorbed immediately. I love this worked very well on my skin

Posted by on July 12 2019
Natural highlight for the win!

This product is honestly a MUST HAVE. It gives you that natural glow while at the same time making my skin feel prepped and ready. Gives me the perfect base for makeup applications but also gives me enough confidence to go outside without any makeup.

Posted by on July 10 2019
Not as expected!!

The texture is too thick for the skin to absorb, it also leaves a weird layer on your skin after applying! Didn’t like it..

Posted by on July 09 2019
Great product!

I really liked this serum. You should apply it on your wet skin, it doesn’t have any smell which is a plus for me, really easy to use and makes my skin soft and comfortable. Plus you just need a small drop of it so a bottle is gonna last for a long time!

Posted by on July 09 2019

Best combination with best results I recommend

Posted by on July 09 2019
Not Good

After using this serum, some white residues appear on my skin. It makes me so annoyed after applying it. And for sure that there's no obvious improvement after using two weeks. I won't buy it again.

Posted by on July 08 2019
Vitamin C & E Serum

Really enjoyed this serum, I will say it is quite tacky so I only use one pump for my whole face. That is what works best for me just a light layer, once it dries the tackiness goes away. My skin is looking good, liking this serum!

Posted by on July 07 2019
Not sure

Need more time to use this product. Its a bit hard to apply/absorb

Posted by on July 04 2019
Vitamin C & E Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, 1 fl oz (30 ml)

Good. Can keep my skin hydrated. If you use this follow with cream, need to apply before it's dry, otherwise, gel will be peel off like glue and stick on your face. I apply this even around my eyes. Can feel my skin getting tighten after 1/2 hr. Fragrance free.

Posted by on July 02 2019
Smaller pores

I love this serum, it spreads smoothly and feels silky. Perfect for summer since I don't get an oily face, and I have smaller pores and just clear skin.

Posted by on June 29 2019
Amazing !

I love the vitamin C serum! It really made my skin feel soft & fresh !!

Posted by on June 29 2019
Love It!

It was good for my skin. I use it twice a day with my dermroller.

Posted by on June 27 2019
Not for sensitive skin

Not suitable for sensitive skin, causes redness and dryness of skin.

Posted by on June 24 2019
Favorite product

I use this day and night and am obsessed with the smooth, clear hydrated skin I have been left with after each use!

Posted by on June 23 2019
Yeouth Vitamin C And E Serum

Seeing the positive reviews, I was hopeful in achieving the same great results as others. I was so wrong! I put it at night on damp face and the next day, my face had new tiny pimples. Seemed that the ingredients in the serum clogged the pores on my face. Nevertheless, it could just be my face being intolerant so try at ur your own cost.

Posted by on June 23 2019
Makes a difference but for me also irritates a bit

This really smoothes/radiates the skin a bit but my sensitive skin can take it only intermittently. Also it does work better on damp face, the consistency is quite thick

Posted by on June 20 2019
Excellent serum

This is great serum. I use it morning and night after toner when I'm at home. I learned the hard way not to take it with me when I travel, as the bottle can leak a bit. For those times, I use White Egret Personal Care, Vitamin C Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which is a cream and also very good.

Posted by on June 20 2019
So SO good

I love that this vitamin serum is so lightweight on my skin! My skin is extremely sensitive and breaks out from practically anything. This has given me no issues!! My skin is glowing in the morning! Will definitely be a staple in my skin care routine from now on!

Posted by on June 11 2019
Pretty nice

Make my skin smooth and glowing than ever before.

Posted by on June 05 2019

Love this product, definitely see the change, my fave feels firmer, looks more bright, I see my pores definitely getting smaller, 100 percent recommend this product!!!!!

Posted by on June 02 2019

my second time buying it. my skin is combination but in the harsh term of discolaration, redness, yet blackheads and breakouts- not like mad ackne but like nasty some areas. this product is my day & night serum and i use klair's vitamin c at night and let me tell youuuuuu my pores are tight, i dropped my makeup for only concealer, my skin is glowyyyyy and even when i feel lazy and does cheat/skip days i only need two days to get back in the game. love' love' love it AND I AM TOO UGLY AND UNPOPULAR TO BE PAID TO WRITE THIS. THIS IS SIMPLY FOR ALL THE SCEPTICS KITTIES LIKE ME OUT THERE love you hope you'll like it like i did <3

Posted by on May 30 2019
Excellent product, highly recommend!

This product has incredible changed my skin. It reduced fine lines, tightened my skin and made it glow! I was never really good at having a skincare routine but when I saw the results from this product I've decided to start a consistent routine. I highly recommend it!

Posted by on May 29 2019
The perfect serum

I can’t get enough of this product! I’ve been using it for about a month and I’m obsessed with it. I started by using it with my skin dry and couldn’t figure out why I needed so much product to cover my face. That’s when I actually read the instructions that said to apply this with damp skin. GAME CHANGER! It spreads on easily and can cover my face and neck with one pump of product, and it dries beautifully! No residue leftover, which is so nice for it being a thicker formula, and it keeps my skin feeling hydrated and glowy! I recommend this to EVERYONE! No matter your skin type! You need it!

Posted by on May 29 2019
Must have!

This serum is A M A Z I N G!! I see huge difference now! When I wake up my skin is glowing, it gives moisture to the skin and it has soothing affect for me. I love to use it at the spa

Posted by on May 29 2019

Good product

Posted by on May 28 2019
works miraculously

excellent product. I have never seen any product which is as effective as this. I sometimes have acne and this serum helps diminish the dark spots noticeably. I have used 3 bottles so far and will definitely keep using it. Highly recommend!

Posted by on May 28 2019
Clears up skin

Works well and clears up skin bumps and inconsistencies. Good product. Easy to use for sensitive skin.

Posted by on May 28 2019
Love this product!

I have been using this product for 6 months now, and I’m going to keep using it. It’s basically direct apply of vitamins for your skin. Your skin needs vitamins too as your body does. My skin has been glowing, looks very clear and this product is one of the reason

Posted by on May 27 2019
Gave My Skin a Noticeable Glow!

I've been using this amazing formula for three-weeks and it's been such a lifesaver. During my pregnancy my skin has gone haywire and I had a lot of blemish marks that this serum has helped brighten. In a short time, I've seen a significant reduction in my pores and I can see that it's noticeably filling in my fine lines and retaining my skin's "Mama Glow!" For best results I recommend using it after applying your daily moisturizer for extra hydration. It's a lightweight and non-greasy serum that works fantastic as a primer and underneath your foundation to give your skin natural highlights. I absolutely love it, and use it daily!

Posted by on May 26 2019
Must have!

This Serum is amazing. When I was younger, I had really bad acne and was left with scars, uneven skin tone and huge pores. After using the serums not only is my face glowing and healthy looking, but my pores have drastically decreased!

Posted by on May 24 2019

Amazing ! This truly works if you follow the directions. My skin is more brightened, hydrated, no more dark circles, and overall looks smoother.

Posted by on May 24 2019
this is blah

did absolutely nothing

Posted by on May 23 2019
Great serum!

I have combination/dry skin and this serum helped my skin feel more moisturized! Great ingredients, great serum!

Posted by on May 23 2019

I have been using this serum for a couple of days ago and I'm so in love with how my skin is reacting to this vitamin C&E serum my skin is so soft and smooth.

Posted by on May 23 2019
Great formula

This product has really brightened my skin, making it more hydrated and smooth! I love that the formula is Vegan! That means a lot to me, and its also free of parabens and fragrances which I definitely do not want on my skin.

Posted by on May 22 2019
It’s Awesome

Let me tell y’all about these products right here from yeouthskincare. The vitaminC & E serum with Hyaluronic Acid; Strengthens the skin, helps absorbs moisture, reduces pore size, diminishes dark spots, it’s non- greasy, it’s great for all skin types and most of all it’s very affordable. It’s works best with the yeouthskincare Anti-aging Mosturizer L22. Get yourself yeouthskincare and your skin will thank you.

Posted by on May 21 2019
So simple!!

I am not one for lengthy, complicated skincare regimens, so this serum is perfect for me. I use it after my shower every night and saw a significant improvement in my skin tone in just a couple days. Shipping was super fast too. Highly recommend, especially for the lazy skincare girls out there like myself.

Posted by on May 21 2019
Loving this serum

This serum has been great in hydrating my skin for those sunny days and still helping in reducing redness all while keeping my skin looking nice and smooth.

Posted by on May 19 2019
Daily dose of Vitamin C

I have recently added an addition to my skincare routine. This yeouth vitamin c serum I use before my moisturizer and foundation. I’ve been using their retinol eye cream and I absolutely swear by these products. Grab both too add to your routine. Enjoy!

Posted by on May 14 2019
Hydrated and Soft Skin!

Great product, been using it for about two weeks now. Leaves skin hydrated and feeling soft!

Posted by on May 08 2019
Good for the Price

This was my second venture into the Hyuralonic Acid serum series. I used this product nightly as directed for about a month and did notice a slight decrease in the bumpiness under my eyes. Unfortunately it didn't do anything for my dark circles. Overall would recommend, because the price is excellent! L

Posted by on May 05 2019
Glowing skin

I have an addition to my @yeouthskincare family and it's none other than this Vitamin C & E Serum with Hyaluronic Acid. It gives my skin that glowing look without making my face look oily & sticky. This serum is also fragrance free, paraben, and cruelty free. It has the perfect ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid to keep my skin hydrated all day especially during these cold days of Chicago. I love the fact that this serum is very affordable. It gives you more for less. Highly recommend it!

Posted by on April 30 2019
Glow girl

I been use it it for 3 weeks and I completely love it you can see my skin natural glow it doesn’t feel greasy at all ❤️

Posted by on April 29 2019
Texture issue

I can’t really see the effect yet as I only have only used this for few weeks. But the texture is a bit annoying as I cannot out anything after this serum. If I put cream, oil or makeup on top of this, there will be residues created on my face, something feel like the eraser. Now I only use it at night and I use only this, not any night cream.

Posted by on April 28 2019
I am in love..!

I'm in my 40's and I've been testing some skin care products, from high to low priced ones. I found this Yeouth brand and even though there are no much of reviews related over youtube, I decided to try the brand, since they describe their products as sensitive and dermatologist tested. My skin is dry, although lately, I have noticed has changed to combination (kind of oily T zone). Anyway, my issue at first were my fine lines and wrinkles but my problem now are my pores. Really hate the way they look! As you grow old, they tend to look more visible, especially when you wear make up. So, I've tried this Yeouth Vit C daily in the mornings and love it but at nights, I'm using another products which not help to diminish my pores. I just purchased another Yeouth serum for the nights, also the day/night cream to try. Hope it works..! Highly recommend the brand, at least referring to the Yeouth Vit C. Excellent..!

Posted by on April 16 2019
It's okey. to me it smells like NOTHING? did I get a bad one?

it's okei:) Definitely better than nothing! And I like how practical it is to just slap on if feeling lazy/in a hurry. It also works with all other products which is nice, and it is super travel friendly... will reach for it more come summer I think. But would I repurchase? probably not. Most due to the price. It is relatively affordable but should cost even less I think. Nothing bad to say, I just think there is better alternatives out there.

Posted by on April 14 2019
Great Product!

I have been using this product few months now. It doesn’t erase line lines or something like that, but it does make your skin smooth and tight. Makeup goes on smoothly as well! Make sure your damp your skin first and then apply. Works great for hands too!

Posted by on April 11 2019
Great product

I've been using this product for over a month now and my skin has been loving it. My skin looks more even and pores have diminished. Love it!

Posted by on April 10 2019
My skin Glowing

I received this product yesterday and tried after shower. Absolutely loved it. I know it is short time to judge it, but I love how it makes my skin feel like (Hydrated And glowing) . Will keep using and will update this review.

Posted by on April 05 2019

When applied to the skin, the product seizes into small beads and does not get absorbed by the skin.Not happy with it.

Posted by on March 28 2019

I read all reviews and felt very curious about trying this serum. After different hyaluronic serums i've tried i realized i was applying them in the wrong way. So it tried inmediately and i felt the need to run for moisturizing lotion afterwards. Now this is what i do and it works wonders! Wash your face as usual but do not let it fully dry, apply the serum when the skin is still humid, you may only need one pump and done! pad it into the skin, push push push :) not rubbing please. It feels a bit sticky but so soft and hydrated. Just afterwards i spray thermal water to my face so it traps all the moisture as suggested. ( you could also use a soft water spray that feels just like a mist) and softly push or simply let it dry. Done! you will see and feel your skin is hydrated. Sometimes we are lazy to read instructions but it does make a difference. My skin feels soft and has a nice glow. i am loving it! will update on results after a little while.

Posted by on March 25 2019
Good So Far

I was using this for a week or so. Ofc too early to see results. But only three drops of it cover my entire face. It feels promising. No breaking out even though I have very sensitive skin

Posted by on March 24 2019
love it!

Excellent serum! I've been using it for 2 months now, I love this serum, no perfume, absorbed easily, dry a little bit the skin ( but that is ok for me since I have combined type of skin) My skin looks much better, it has reduced the small wrinkles around the eyes and mouth too.

Posted by on March 20 2019
No Results

I have been using this for over a month. No results. I dries a little sticky on the face and it’s not moisturizing at all. Won’t be re-ordering.

Posted by on March 19 2019

I have sensitive reactive skin, a bit dehydrated, small pores and prone to breakouts. I'm 40+. This serum suits my skin so well and only after some days of use I saw improvement in my skin. It leaves my skin more even. Better than all other vit. c serums I've tried. Will continue use for sure!

Posted by on March 18 2019
Maybe not for dry skin

This is the first vitamin C I decided to try. I bought this product because I heard that vitamin C is the best when it is combined with vitamin E. So far I tried it a couple of times and as someone with dry skin I expected to get something that feels moisturising for my skin, however this product feels like taking all the moisture from my skin, so I have to apply a moisturiser directly after because it feels so dry.

Posted by on March 16 2019
Great serum!

Great addition to everyday routine! Love this serum. Makes me feel healthy and good for sensitive skin.

Posted by on March 08 2019

Love it. I apply it every night with active oxygen before cream. My skin got healthy shine and color.

Posted by on March 08 2019
Worth every penny

I’ve been using this serum every morning and evenings, after I wash my face or shower, it’s oncreidble. My skin has never felt smoother, softer and/or hydrated than before using it. I use two small pumps and it works magic. I’ve turned my husband and various friends onto this serum and everyone says the same thing. This bottle will last me between 3-4 months and I plan on throwing out any other hydration serums because this one does every I ask of it. I have sensitive skin and frequently get acne during menstral times and this serum doesn’t cause more issues, it relieves the issues.

Posted by on March 07 2019
Loving this product

This product has been my holy grail latley. Not greasy at all which I look for since my skin is super oily. It does feel tacky but I don’t mind since, in my opinion, I feel like this makes any products I apply after stick/absorb better into the skin.

Posted by on March 01 2019
S.E.R.U.M always

I really like this product because it helps prevent my skin from breakouts and I don't know how lol. It is also nice to massage the serum in for better absorption with the facial massage roller. It would be perfect if this serum could also be used for the night as well, But no worries!

Posted by on February 26 2019

I started using this product about a month ago and my skin’s texture has improved so much! I used to get a lot of little bumps under the skin and my texture appeared very rough. After using this product for a few weeks, day and night, my skin is looking so smooth and soft! Would definitely recommend this product to all skin types! It’s perfect to add into your existing skincare routine! The price is also really good! I am used to paying $80 or more for my serums!

Posted by on February 26 2019
Amazing Skin Results

..i love this product, this has became apart of my daily skin care routine. The hyaluronic acid keeps my skin sooooo hyrdrated during these harsh winter months..i would definitely recommend

Posted by on February 24 2019
Hello Healthy Skin!

This product had everything I was looking for. My skin definitely needs some rejuvenation, along with my need to reduce my wrinkles as well. Since I started using this Yeouth serum, I've noticed visible difference in my skin. It appears smoother, brighter and just overall healthy! Definitely will be a repeat buyer.

Posted by on February 22 2019
Loving this serum

I am serum person, tried so many of the serums from different brands. I really like YEOUTH Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Serum. It’s so light weight. Love the way it absorbs in skin and make my skin-tone even. It has made my mild acne better as well. I will totally recommend it.

Posted by on February 20 2019
Love this

My skin has Improved so much since I started using this! It feels Hydrated, smooth it looks glowly and healthy.

Posted by on February 20 2019

Love it

Posted by on February 19 2019

Since using this serum, my skin has never looked better! My skin has improved so much over the course of using this. My skin looks clearer, more hydrated and a lot smoother. I don’t see myself using any other serum!

Posted by on February 17 2019
My skin is getting better and better with this product!

I LOVE THIS PRODUCTS! You can use it as a moisturizer, it changes my skin a lot, now is very glowy, soft and is helping me with my dark spots. This product has a lot of benefits, including anti-aging. My skin is getting perfect with time, I want to try more products of this brand. Amo demasiado estos productos, me han ayudado con mis marcas del acne, me hidrata muchisimo la piel, y mi piel se esta volviendo super suave y brillante! De verdad prueben este Serum, no se van a arrepentir!

Posted by on February 17 2019
Great C serum

Only C serum I have tried that doesn’t make me break out! I can put it on in the morning and it soaks right in! No oily feel. I love it! My skin is clear and some fine lines are gone :)

Posted by on February 14 2019
Great product for skincare and mixed with makeup

I love that I can use as both a skincare and mix in with my foundation for a radiant , healthy skin glow. my skin feels light, and not cakey. I have gotten a lot of compliments for it.

Posted by on February 13 2019
Love love love

Love this stuff! Love the way it gently tones my face. Easy to use no crazy steps to follow! Highly recommend this stuff!

Posted by on February 13 2019
Love it!

I began using this product about 3 weeks ago and I have to say the results began showing immediately. My skin has not only become smoother, but brighter as well. Evenly toned and less discoloration. It applies light and isn’t heavily greasy while still keeping my face moisturized during this brutal winter weather. A little goes a long way and I will definitely be getting more when I run out.

Posted by on February 11 2019
I'm really impressed with this serum!

I got this serum 2 months ago to replace the very expensive Vitamin C Serum I got elsewhere, that was spilled by my friend so I couldn't cry in front of her but she did me a HUGE favor because after just a couple weeks of using Yeouth Vitamin C + E Serum w/Hyaluranic acid my 52 year old deep wrinkles in my forehead started to literally dissappear! I even got compliments on that and those wrinkles are still way down. However, I'm so self conscious of the way I'm aging around my mouth, and there was no change with the ex-smoker wrinkles and shallow look around my mouth. I believe I've found help thru Yeouth Day/Night Cream. Can't wait to order it along with the Eye Cream.

Posted by on February 11 2019
Excellent product

I am really happy with this product. It gently tones my skin for a natural, yet noticeable difference. I make sure to follow the instructions and I have had zero problems with this product. It's gentle and effective. Being a mom of 3 I can look pretty tired some days but using this the night before helps give my morning face a nice boost. I honestly haven't even worn make up in the past 3 weeks which totally frees up my mornings from a makeup routine! I recommend it for anyone and everyone!

Posted by on February 09 2019

I love how this has truly evened out my skin and promoted new life- less dull skin! I use it every other day and always under my makeup. It goes on perfect, feels great and no negative reactions to my very sensitive skin. Will definitely recommend to friends!

Posted by on February 08 2019
Absolutely Amazing!

My pores are usually always pretty large, and I have dry skin. After using this for about a month, I have noticed that my pores are barely noticeable, which I thought couldn’t happen, and my skin is smooth, bright, and plump. I have sentive skin and haven’t noticed any irritation. I love this product so so much and will repurchase when I run out!

Posted by on February 07 2019
My Yeouth Serum

I’m absolutely in love with this product. I use it everyday and night in my skincare regimine and it really helps to keep my skin moisturized, clear, and firm. Couldn’t have asked for a better product! I highly recommend!

Posted by on February 06 2019
WOW! New Favorite Serum

This serum is great. Seriously has helped so much with hydrating my skin. After applying my skin instantly feels and looks smoother, I highly recommend applying to prep skin before foundation. It gives the skin a flawless finish! Over the course of a month I've noticed fewer breakouts and brighter complexion. Definitely would buy again.

Posted by on February 01 2019
I really like this Serum!

I like the Vitamin C & E Serum. I've been using this serum for a month, and I like it! My skin looks noticeably brighter, feels super hydrated and smooth. Definitely, would purchase. Disclaimer: I was gifted this product from Yeouth, but I genuinely like it. I would purchase it and recommend it to anyone who is looking to maintain healthy looking skin.

Posted by on February 01 2019
Love it!

Hyaluronic acid is my favorite ingredient to prep skin with before a Makeup application! This serum works great on a clean face underneath a daily moisturizer.

Posted by on January 29 2019
A great serum!

A great serum with a noticeable result! The only thing to get used to is that it has to be applied on a damp face. Absorbs very quickly, not sticky or oily. Will repurchase.

Posted by on January 29 2019
A Great Hydrating Serum

This serum has the perfect ingredients to fight the signs of aging and it is definitely helping my skin stay hydrated during these cold, drying winter months. It also helps my skin achieve that youthful look.

Posted by on January 28 2019
Great for winter dryness!

If you are like me, your skin needs extra hydration during these dry, winter months. This Vitamin C & E Day Serum with Hyaluronic Acid helps to provide deep penetrating hydration while reducing fine lines and enhancing your skins's tone and texture. This day serum is recommended for use in the morning to start your skin off right!

Posted by on January 24 2019
Winter dry skin goodbye!

This is great after a hot shower when the hot water drys out your face! I love hot showers but I know it's not great on your skin especially in the winter when your face tends to be a bit more dry anyway. Putting this on instantly locks in the moisture so your face says nourished all day long!

Posted by on January 23 2019
Love it!

Super hydrating! I was very impressed with how much I liked this the very first time I used it. Well worth the purchase.

Posted by on January 19 2019
You need this in your life!!

I have been using the this Vitamin C&E Serum and let me tell you... It’s AMAZING! I use mine the way it tells you too which is during the day, and the best part of it is that it doesn’t interrupt my makeup application. I have super oily skin and this won’t make it worse. I think I’m my opinion that it makes my makeup look even better and healthier. It reduces fine lines, enhances skin tone and texture, and nourishes your skin with deep penetrating hydration. So with all this being said, you won’t regret it if you buy it!

Posted by on January 19 2019
My new favorite serum!

I've been using this for around a month now and I love it since day one. Texture is light. It smells so great and that makes me wanna reach out for it everyday. I usually wear Vitamin C serum since forever. To be honest this one is comparable to counter brand. Great alternative for anyone looking for a swap. Highly recommend!

Posted by on January 17 2019

This serum is amazing. Love how hydrating it feels while still staying lightweight. Gives me that deway touchable glow I’m always striving toward. Highly recommend.

Posted by on January 17 2019
Vitamin C & E Serum Absolutely a must have product!!

I’ve been using Yeouth skincare products for about a year now and I can’t begin to tell you the amazing results I see every morning wake up. Minimizes pore size, age spots, uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles and firms & nourishes. This Vitamin C & E Serum I can't live without evening and morning it makes my skin feel so amazing! If you want to see a transformation in the way your skin looks and feels with a lightweight, all natural, and cruelty free product this is the one.

Posted by on January 17 2019
My Skin Loves It

Live up to it claims! Skin feels. Soft and hydrated....

Posted by on January 17 2019
My favorite serum ever!

Amazing product! I had a dry skin until I started to use this serum. It makes my skin hydrated, and super smooth! Love it! Also it is alcohol-oil-paraben -fragrance free! Cruelty-free! My favorite serum ever!

Posted by on January 16 2019
Skin boost

Starting to get fine lines?? I was, after using Yeouth, Vitamin C & E Serum with Hyaluronic Acid i started noticing my fine lines disappear. I had to use this twice a day (morning and night), difference noticed offer daily use, twice a day for 3 weeks. I’ve used other hypotonic product is before and nothing has works like yeouth does, hands down i think i found the fountain of yeouth ;)

Posted by on January 15 2019
Great serum for super dry skin!

This serum has been so great for my dry skin. I recently moved to an even drier climate and my skin has barely noticed a difference because of the addition of the Vitamin C + E serum. I will definitely be wanting more when I run out!

Posted by on January 15 2019
This serum rocks!

I've tried about 27402710 face serums, and this one is by far my fave. I noticed my skin felt immediately hydrated and super soft just on the first use! It absorbs entirely without a sticky or oily residue. Well done, Yeouth, I'll be coming back for more!

Posted by on January 14 2019