ZMA, 180 Capsules

By Optimum Nutrition

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Optimum Nutrition, ZMA, 180 Capsules
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as at April 30, 2020 1:55 am
  • Vitamin and Mineral Support
  • Dietary Supplement

The True Strength of ZMA

ZMA is a potent combination of Zinc, magnesium, and Vitamin B6.

Suggested Use

Men: Take 3 capsules before bed.

Women: Take 2 capsules before bed.


Consult your physician before using this product if you are taking any medications or are under a physician's care for a medical condition. Not for use by those under the age of 18 or women that are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or nursing.

Store in a cool, dry place.


Gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide.

Package Quantity:
180 Capsules

Expiration Date:
01 August 2021

Shipping Weight:
0.65 lbs

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Posted by on April 20 2020
Try this great sleep aid

Great magnesium. Great value for money. I sleep extremely well with this magnesium supplement. I think it is better, overall, than any other sleeping pill for feeling generally relaxed and sleepy all night, even if i awaken through the night. I wont open them up again as they have an unpleasant taste.

Posted by on April 18 2020
Never came

My ZMA never arrived and I sent an email enquiring to it’s where abouts about 3 weeks ago. Still waiting on a reply.

Posted by on April 16 2020
Good product

Really good. I feel bette every morning with good amount of energy.

Posted by on April 12 2020

Amazing results

Posted by on April 08 2020
This is useful!

Working well for my family

Posted by on April 01 2020
Good, helps sleep

Helps sleep, deeper sleep and more vivid dreams.

Posted by on March 31 2020
i will buy again

good quality, helpful for sleeping and relaxing

Posted by on March 24 2020
I don’t go to bed without taking this!

I can’t tell you how much I love this combination. I have never slept so solid in years. Even when I have had a late night, the sleep is solid so you you feel rested. And I haven’t dream so well! Try it

Posted by on March 20 2020
Recovery & Sleep

Has helped with muscle recovery & helped improve sleep.

Posted by on March 01 2020
Highly recommended.

Great capsules. Really help with sleeping and recovery. The delivery was very quick as well (got them delivered to Ireland). Will definitely be ordering more of these.

Posted by on February 21 2020


Posted by on February 17 2020
Very good

This optimum zma has a very good quality. Liked so much

Posted by on February 14 2020

Good and simple.

Posted by on February 13 2020
Good product

Very good.

Posted by on February 12 2020
Nice product

I have to say this product somehow makes me sleep well. Sleeping has always been my problem and instead of waking up 5-6 times a night, I now wake up 2-3 times a night.

Posted by on February 07 2020
great results

Deep sleep and waking up with full energy.

Posted by on January 26 2020
Amazing !

It's great.

Posted by on January 23 2020

The main one

Posted by on January 15 2020
It's good stuff

It's good stuff

Posted by on January 14 2020

served my needs

Posted by on January 12 2020


Posted by on December 25 2019
Great product

Is good product

Posted by on December 06 2019

Helping me to sleep at night

Posted by on November 29 2019
Great product

Great product, easy on stomach, fast shipping.

Posted by on November 01 2019
not sure if its work, but just take it

not sure if its work, but just take it

Posted by on November 01 2019


Posted by on October 24 2019

Increased strength, mental focus and sleep quality. Highly recommended

Posted by on October 16 2019
Good Product.

For health supplement only.

Posted by on October 16 2019

Great product! I sleep a lot better

Posted by on September 04 2019
Good for sex only

Not working for me i have been use it before sleep to keep me more in deep sleep but its not and when i wook up at morning i feel lazy and not fresh. But its good for sex you can feel you are always ready

Posted by on September 01 2019
Love this product

Both my daughter and I are loving this product. Our hair and nails are the best they’ve ever been, we are sleeping better and feeling more energised.

Posted by on August 27 2019
good product

good product

Posted by on August 22 2019
Good combo of B6, Zinc and Magnesium

One dosage (3 capsules) contains more than enough magnesium for anyone moderately-heavily working out and used to muscle cramps and spasms. The added Zinc and B6 is always a good thing. Also, I have noticed that when taking it before sleep (as is recommended), after a few days the sleep does seem to get deeper/I wake up more rested.

Posted by on August 16 2019
Excellent product

Excellent product.

Posted by on August 16 2019


Posted by on August 03 2019
Better sleep

Half an hour after I take this product, I fall asleep like a baby

Posted by on July 30 2019


Posted by on July 22 2019


Posted by on June 27 2019


Posted by on June 26 2019
Love It

I have been using this product since 2 months now, and I love it.

Posted by on May 31 2019
Great product for functional body support at a reasonable price.. 8 out of 10... :)

These are great for assisting with muscle recover during sleep. I find they help settle my body and assist with providing a relaxed and nourinshing sleep. The cost of the little pack allows me to include these capsules as part of my daily support... but a larger stock option would be better if available. Although having said that, proportionally, I wouldn’t want to pay more for the item... as while having it formulated for me saves me from having to source the separate compounds and ingredients, it is possible to get the same effect combining separate individual compounds and nutritinal sources...

Posted by on December 20 2018


Posted by on December 03 2018
I can't refunds because bottle reform.

Sorry, there was a problem submitting your request. Please try again or if the problem persists contact Customer Service. Order Number: 306949072 | Order Date: August 31 2018

Posted by on September 26 2018
Great Product

Really good product. I have tried other brands but ON works for me well.

Posted by on September 11 2018
Great product!

I notice a big difference in my sleep quality, it made it a lot deeper . also I found that taking ZMA increase the volume of your love juice which is nice “side effect” :) I highly recommend this product especially for athletes

Posted by on August 15 2018
One of the best ZMA products

Excelente product, really working

Posted by on August 13 2018

قوي وفعال

Posted by on July 25 2018
sleeping deeper

having higher quality sleep after taking this product

Posted by on July 16 2018


Posted by on July 12 2018
My Husband Loves It.

I think every athletes need it. Even I take it when I want to have deep sleep. Makes you recover fast. Good stuff to use when you don't have time to rest.

Posted by on June 06 2018
Post workout recovery

Works great and easy to take

Posted by on May 29 2018
Good product

Good quality

Posted by on May 26 2018


Posted by on March 01 2018
help sleeping

Good for sleeping and testosterone booster

Posted by on January 28 2018
Great value ZMA

This is a great ZMA - does what it's meant to do unlike other ZMA's on the market.

Posted by on December 30 2017
Not So Good

High mg levels may cause diarrhea Its just minerals replacement

Posted by on December 21 2017
for sleep and man

i feel the change

Posted by on November 11 2017
I dont know

I honestly cannot tell if it is helping. But what I can confirm is that it does help me sleep better.

Posted by on November 06 2017
fair price, premium quality

Reasonable price for a top-quality product. Fast delivery.

Posted by on October 17 2017
Effective Supplement.

I must say it really worked for me. During my first bottle, I could easily get into sleep and had really quality sound sleep. After I finished i didn't order and stopped taking. I could feel the difference. Went back to previous times when I had bad quality sleeps where I'll wake up few times in the middle of the night. And had difficulty falling asleep also. Really regretted. Now I start reordering again.

Posted by on October 03 2017

Nice gooooooood product

Posted by on September 18 2017
nothing to say

good zma, good value

Posted by on September 10 2017
Didnt Help Me :(

Unfortunately didnt help me sleep at all... disapointed.....

Posted by on August 23 2017
Excellent product

The effect cant be seen instantly but in long run you can see the effect of this product. It increases the tests level. makes you to feel energetic. It also helps you to sleep well at night. I would recommend this for everyone who want to gain strength and muscle.

Posted by on August 14 2017
it's working


Posted by on July 02 2017
very good

very powerful product and gives a lot of energy

Posted by on June 13 2017
Ótimo Muito bom

Muito bom

Posted by on June 12 2017

Excellent in recovery, sleeping and bed work ;)

Posted by on June 08 2017
great zma

Been using this for 2yrs now good sms. Gives great boost

Posted by on May 21 2017


Posted by on May 19 2017

Muito bom produto

Posted by on May 12 2017
just fine

no big deal

Posted by on May 10 2017
Health on improve

I've just ordered my 2nd bottle. This product works & is affordable. My zinc & magnesium levels were lower than they should have been 3 -4 months ago & taking these once a day has helped my levels increase & I feel better.

Posted by on May 09 2017


Posted by on March 29 2017

This did help get me to sleep but I would always wake up with headaches, I had to stop taking it.

Posted by on March 28 2017

I dont sleep well and have been taking ZMA for over 10 years. IT puts me into a deep sleep fast. Even if I only sleep 3 hours I feel refreshed. This brand seems to give me a little morning brain fog.

Posted by on March 21 2017
weird dreams

after taking this product, i will have weird dreams and it makes me even more tired in the morning.

Posted by on March 16 2017
Seems to help

It is tough to quantify good sleep but it seems like I sleep more deeply when I take these before I go to sleep, which helps me recover better.

Posted by on March 13 2017

180 capsules ZMA

Posted by on March 12 2017
Good stuff

I'm not 100% sure about if these do increase natural test levels or not, but it does seem to work as part of a package, with protein and decent diet and training.. so, a good addition to any natural bodybuilding diet.

Posted by on March 08 2017
helps me experience deeper sleep and helps me relax through the night...

I was referred this product by a family member who had found it helpful with fatigue and physical recovery. Since taking it daily, well, nightly actually, before I go to bed I have found my sleep is more nourishing and my fatigue levels have reduced. It is not a 'heal all panacea', but as a complementary supplement it seems to be able to assist with physical ease and muscle recovery. it also seems to support a period of an experience of deeper than normal sleep, possibly remaining in delta sleep for longer periods than normally experienced. Highly recommended product, worth a look...

Posted by on February 26 2017
Good value

The brand are well known and appears to be good value for money against other similar products on the market.

Posted by on February 13 2017


Posted by on February 09 2017

hey my shipment nor erav to me whay?

Posted by on December 27 2016
Works superb

ZMA has been the wonder medicine for me for years now. I use it to speed up recovery after a hard workout, and also to help me get tired in the evening and to help me sleep without waking up several times at night. Use this in combination with Gold Standard 100% Casein from Optimum Nutrition, to get full advantage.

Posted by on December 01 2016

So far is ok but... when you wake up for the morning toilet.. seems to create loose stool.. good part you will not have constipation

Posted by on November 30 2016
Super Sleep - a must after a hard workout

Recommended by my trainer, works like a charm. ZMA is great for anyone working out hard who needs help to switch off at night naturally and have a deep restful sleep to rebuild torn muscles and heal tired achy joints.

Posted by on November 25 2016

I live in England and I was extremely disappointed this morning when I received a txt message from DHL informing me that need to pay an extra £19.00 importation charge on the purchase I made from iherb . I immediately checked on your website to see if I had missed a warning of some sort about this Extra payment. I had not. There is nothing on the website that's informs the customer that they will be charged an extra payment upon delivery, I find this extremely frustrating and wish to make everyone aware so they do not make the same mistake as I have. Had I been aware that I would be held responsible for an extra payment of £19:00 I would NOT have purchased the items in the first place. I feel as though I have been conned by I herb and fully intend on investigating this to see if this is indeed the case. A very disappointed customer who will NOT be purchasing from iherb again CM Lockett

Posted by on November 19 2016
Beaware of hidden charges

Giving it a single star as i am forced to...I am based in India and ordered supplement worth Rs 2200 and on receiving the product I was asked by DHL to pay for customs which was Rs 2400 extra (overall Rs 4600) which was more than the product value. It was never mentioned on the website regarding the price to be charged as custom duties. I felt like being cheated. I never had such bitter experience with Bodybuilding .com but had to switch to this because of unavailability of the desired product. My advice to everyone from India is not to order any product from iHerb and end up paying more...Jai Hind

Posted by on November 05 2016

Decent product from scientific point of view I think it is not really that great of a supplement.

Posted by on October 21 2016

Better sleep

Posted by on October 17 2016
This product is Good for sleeping

I had sleep problem, after taking this before bed time I am getting good sleep, which is very much important for rising the level of testosterone and muscle building.

Posted by on October 15 2016
its good

its very good let you sleep good in the night

Posted by on October 03 2016


Posted by on September 25 2016

Great product! Makes you sleep so much better :)

Posted by on September 23 2016
Sleep like a baby

Helps me get quality sleep, calm down, and stay asleep without feeling groggy in the mornings. LOVE.

Posted by on September 13 2016
very good product

No expensive at all

Posted by on September 11 2016
Caused Diarrhea

Sever diarrhea when I take it

Posted by on August 19 2016

Excellent choice

Posted by on August 14 2016
Very good

U will sleep directly

Posted by on August 02 2016

Make me feel slepy all day

Posted by on June 24 2016


Posted by on June 02 2016
Exellent ZMA

Good nutrition for muscles recovery

Posted by on May 23 2016
Great product!

Helps me sleep deeper and recover better! Also have funky dreams!

Posted by on May 03 2016
Optimum Nutrition, ZMA

ZMA standard formula, nothing special, from great company, working product

Posted by on February 19 2016
It's okay

Good zma!

Posted by on February 02 2016


Posted by on October 30 2015
A must have!

Great product

Posted by on April 29 2015
rest easy with Optimum ZMA

Although i couldn't see any discernible difference between this formulation and the one provided by GNC. Optimum wins on providing better value in terms of cost per serving. I get a real good night's rest without waking up mid sleep the way I used to. On the recommended dose, I wake up fully rested.

Posted by on November 20 2014

Cheap and a really good brand.

Posted by on July 07 2014


Posted by on May 29 2014

Good quality ZMA.

Posted by on March 12 2014

good supplement

Posted by on December 20 2013
Very good

Very good... I´m drink before bed.

Posted by on November 13 2013

Good product help me a alot

Posted by on October 29 2013
A must buy!

Recently started working out again and I literally spent days looking everywhere online for information on the most bioavailable forms of Zinc and Magnesium. Finally, I decided that the cost per serve to bioavailability of ON's ZMA product was too good to pass up. In the space of 2 or 3 nights I noticed a clear improvement in how I was sleeping. I normally run off 5-6 hours sleep night and struggle to get up. I am now waking up feeling like I've had a solid night's sleep every day, with DOMS improving with every session. I must admit I have been pleasantly surprised with results. I do notice much better results when taken on an empty stomach (as suggested). I live in Australia but the price to order and deliver through iHerb worked out cheaper and faster for 3 bottles express posted, than to order 2 here, even with standard freight. Great product, great site. Will definitely be back for more! Thanks

Posted by on October 02 2013
ZMA very good

I recommend this product for anyone who care own healthy.

Posted by on October 01 2013
Zero effect for m except for tons of vivid dreams

Zero effect for m except for tons of vivid dreams

Posted by on September 25 2013

Ótimo produto!

Posted by on September 05 2013
need time to feel the effect..

I don't get any effect, yet.

Posted by on August 13 2013

It helps with sleep and recovery.As for iHerb-Big Thank you, as I'm ordering from Ireland and for 3 day delivery with DHL for 10-12$ you cant beat that!

Posted by on June 25 2013

A very good supplements which helps to recover after weight training. :-)Thanks!

Posted by on August 29 2012
Great stuff!

Works really well, I have been sleeping soundly ever since I started taking it.

Posted by on February 12 2012


Posted by on January 23 2012
It's OK!!!

The product arrived in my home on Jan 3!! I am delighted! Thank's for all.

Posted by on January 03 2012


Posted by on December 01 2011
I'm from Latvia

long enjoyed the product of this company is very pleased with good price

Posted by on March 31 2011


Posted by on April 18 2020
Muito bom

bom produto ,recomento site bom tambem

Posted by on April 17 2020
Não tem efeito

Não senti diferença

Posted by on April 14 2020


Posted by on April 13 2020
неплохое снотворное

Хороший витамин, если употреблять на ночь, то обеспечивает глубокий крепкий сон

Posted by on April 08 2020
Preços promocionais

Amei o produto e recomendo a todos. Peço Preços promocionais, pois quero comprar novamente.

Posted by on April 07 2020
ممتاز حق اللي يعاني من النوم الطويل والخمول بعد النوم

من اسرع الفيتامينات اللي تشوف تأثريها عليك بمجرد استخدامك لها

Posted by on April 07 2020
Não recebi o produto

Não recebi o produto e ninguém avisou nada do q pode ter acontecido , falta de respeito

Posted by on April 06 2020
Marca top

Otimos resultados...

Posted by on April 02 2020


Posted by on March 23 2020


Posted by on March 20 2020

Posted by on March 15 2020
отличный продукт

Хорошо растворяется, отменный вкус. Рабочий протеин

Posted by on March 14 2020
مفيد جدا

مفيد جدا zma قبل النوم 3 حبات وخاصة للاعبين كمال الاجسام

Posted by on March 13 2020


Posted by on March 11 2020


Posted by on February 15 2020

جربته اكثر من مره ممتاز جدا ٣حبات قبل النوم تزيد من جودة النوم

Posted by on February 11 2020
ótimo produto.

ótimo produto.

Posted by on February 07 2020
لزيادة هرمون الذكورة

لزيادة هرمون التستسيرون مفيد جدا يجب استخدامه مدة طويلة لملاحظة التغيير في الجسم

Posted by on February 04 2020
Обязательно для всех, кто тренируется с железом

Пью после тренировок и буду пить дальше! Отлично восстанавливает за ночь.

Posted by on January 30 2020

فعالية الدواء جيدة جدا

Posted by on January 09 2020


Posted by on January 08 2020

Produto original, entrega rápida, ótima loja!

Posted by on January 03 2020


Posted by on January 02 2020


Posted by on December 28 2019

مش بطال

Posted by on December 22 2019

취침전에 3알씩 먹고잡니다. 한꺼번에 먹는건 조금 부담스럽네요

Posted by on December 16 2019
Magnésio e complementos de suplementos. Auxilia no sono.

Funciona legal

Posted by on December 10 2019


Posted by on December 10 2019
Отличный Препарат!

Беру этот препарат часто, помимо того, что улучшает состояние кожи, ещё и борется с ночными судорогами, то это хоть раз испытывал, меня поймут. В общем рекомендую!

Posted by on December 09 2019
Важно знать!

Очень важно не принимать ZMA во время еды, особенно при потреблении продуктов, богатых кальцием, таких как молоко. И цинк и магний плохо усваиваются с пищей. Иногда это палка о двух концах. Кальций, например, препятствует поглощению цинка, в то время как цинк препятствует абсорбции аминокислот. Важно правильно, выбратьвремяприема,добавки. Специалисты рекомендуют употреблять зачас досна, при этом послеедыдолжно пройти 1–2 часа. Это будет способствовать максимальному усвоению добавки и улучшит качество сна.

Posted by on December 08 2019

Recebi o produto como combinado.

Posted by on December 05 2019


Posted by on December 03 2019


Posted by on November 26 2019


Posted by on November 17 2019
Muito bom

Produto de uso contínuo, creio que vou ver os efeitos do produto daqui a alguns meses.

Posted by on November 14 2019


Posted by on November 11 2019


Posted by on November 11 2019

ZMAは低価格帯だと、どの会社でもあまり代わり映えしないので、今回はONにしました。 老舗なので特に不安はありません。

Posted by on November 11 2019
Produto top

Chegou com 15 dias no Brasil

Posted by on November 08 2019


Posted by on October 23 2019

جيد جدا

Posted by on October 16 2019
Не понятно

проблем со сном не было, начал принимать, так вообще стал сонной мухой. Отказался от приема. Правильно говорят, прежде чем пихать в себя что попало, необходимо сдать анализы.

Posted by on October 08 2019

Posted by on October 04 2019

جيد لنوم العميق

Posted by on September 23 2019


Posted by on September 12 2019


Posted by on September 07 2019

الاستشفاء العضلي وزيادة ساعات النوم . وقوة الجسد .

Posted by on August 27 2019
النوم الهنيئ

يخليك تنام مرتاح وبعمق

Posted by on August 27 2019


Posted by on August 27 2019


Posted by on August 17 2019

Важно для здоровья

Posted by on August 13 2019

отлично работает. Рекомендую

Posted by on August 12 2019


Posted by on August 11 2019
육 체회복 피로

가성비 갑 운동이나 일때매 피곤할때 꾸준히 매일 먹으니 효과 대박

Posted by on August 07 2019
Быстрое Восстановление Мышц После Силовых Нагрузок

ZMA - это сочетание цинка, магния и витамина B6. Она необходима для максимального восстановления после тяжелых тренировок. Отличный рабочий препарат. Принимаю на ночь по 3 штуки. - Крепкий сон - Полное восстановление - Выносливость и силовые значительно повысились! Переходи ко мне на страницу и ты найдешь отзывы о самых популярных добавках на iHerb!

Posted by on July 19 2019

Отлично помогает расслабить сосуды и Снять напряжение после рабочего дня. Снимает головную боль. Спишь более короткое время , но при этом высыпаешь реально. Муж отметил, что улучшает потенцию. А я вот не сразу прочитала о действии цинка на женский организм. И теперь пью с осторожностью, не каждый день.

Posted by on July 12 2019


Posted by on June 30 2019


Posted by on June 28 2019
Excelente o prazo de entrega, e sem ser taxado. Recomendo.

Excelente o prazo de entrega, e sem ser taxado. Recomendo.

Posted by on June 27 2019

去T掉H中W文9124 购买有优惠 感觉增肌更快了

Posted by on June 19 2019

他社製品とは比べて、しっかりと効果が出ます。 体感でわかるぐらいです。 ZMAならオプティで間違いないと思います。

Posted by on June 09 2019

買って最初は平気でしたけどマルチビタミンと 一緒に飲んだらお腹が下り一旦やめてて再度 久々に飲んだらメッチャお腹痛くなり下痢に なりました(~_~;)自分には合わないです ちなみに他のメーカー国産のは平気でした。

Posted by on May 31 2019


Posted by on May 19 2019

说不出来的一股怪味…三粒会拉肚子 搞得我以为是蛋白粉乳糖不耐受,结果这么久了才发现是这个搞鬼....

Posted by on April 21 2019

منتج جدا ممتاز ولابد من استخدامه اليومي للرياضين وملاحضة نتايجة جدا متنوعه من ناحية الاظافر والشعر

Posted by on March 28 2019
Нормальный комплекс, но микроэлементы не самых луших формах.

Хороший комплекс, есть ощущение, что реально работает. Улучшает сон и помогает качественнее тренироваться. Можно использовать в комплексе с другими добавками, повышающими тестостерон. Но! Его главным минусом является не самая биологически активная форма микроэлементов, в том числе цинка! А это крайне важно не только для качества усвоения, но и в целом для здоровья, так как его не хелатные формы могут быть токсичными! Конечно, в небольших дозировках это не страшно, но всё же значение имеет. Так что лучше заменять на другие формы и можно принимать отдельно цинк, магний и витамины группы "B".

Posted by on March 11 2019
一级棒 瓶子很大

想来一个暴击减 额外 减去总价的百分之十二 就叠加ags叁壹壹肆 把汉字变成数字 谁用谁知道%

Posted by on February 28 2019
لم استخدمه

هل يحتوي على دهن الخنزير او اي نزع من منتجات الخنازير ؟؟

Posted by on January 01 2019
То Что Нужно Людям Которых Все Раздражает

Месяц уже принимаю и результат замечательный, за все это время не убил ни кого..)

Posted by on December 22 2018

优*惠AEI(去掉中文和符号)83*87 吃着对睡眠有很大帮助,睡得很香,没有不良反应,加快身体恢复

Posted by on November 06 2018

اشربه قبل النوم ونم كطفل

Posted by on October 28 2018


Posted by on October 20 2018

جبار وراح تحس فيه من اول يوم استخدام بذات في النوم راح تصحى مرتاح

Posted by on September 21 2018
من الاساسيات

مهم جدا

Posted by on September 20 2018


Posted by on September 17 2018
ممتاز جدا وانصح به

اكثر من رائع ولاكن استخدامي 3 كبسولات قبل النوم وشعرت بفارق كبير ........ انصح به

Posted by on September 03 2018
Excelente apesar da demora.

Excelente. A única chatice foi a demora, pedi no dia 21 de abril e chegou três meses depois. De resto, produto muito bom mesmo. Após um mês, senti os efeitos no corpo, parece potencializar os efeitos do treino. Melhor opção, junto com whey, bcaa e creatina, pra quem não quer usar hormônio/anabolizante.

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منتج عادي

ماحسيت انه مهم جداً فـ حبوب الزنك لوحدها افضل بكثير ، حبه قبل النوم من حبوب الزنك تساعد على تحفيز التسترون بالجسم

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Gostaria de poder avaliar o produto, mas infelizmente ainda não o recebi, já passou do prazo de entrega e nada ainda. Já estou perdendo as esperanças, são quase 6 meses de espera, não sei mais o que fazer...

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아주 만족스런 제품입니다.

워낙 유명한 제품이라 말이 필요 없는듯.. 한동안 안먹다 다시 먹었는데 확실히 깊은 수면할수 있어 좋은것 같네요...

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此款产品主要是锌、镁和维生素 B6 的效力结合。主要作用是补充锌镁矿物质,睡前配合蒺藜一起使用,改善睡眠,促进生长激素分泌,坚持使用才能看到效果。

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운동목적으로 먹고있습니다 ㅎㅎㅎ

3알이 정량인데 하루 한알씩만 먹고있습니다! 플라시보 인지는 모르겠는데 좋아요 ㅎㅎㅎ

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يحفز بشكل بسيط جدا هرمون التستيرون ، لكن المميز فيه يخليك تنام بعمق ويحسّن جودة النوم

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단 첨에 먹으면 설사를 하는듯.ㅋ

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منتج يستحق التجربة

منتج مكمل ممتاز يساعد في زياده هرمون الاستسترون و يساعد في الاستشفاء العرضي و من اثاره النوم العميق وهذا اكثر شي عاجبني فيه

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长期服用 睡眠改善还是又效果

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товар отвечает высокому стандарту и качеству

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Мне показался бесполезным, не оправдал ожидание.

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قد يكون مفيد

جربته فتره قصيره بس توقفت عنه لسبب انه مايجيني نوم لما استخدمه

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Gut und günstig

Zink, Magnesium, Vitamin B6. Zink ist zu hoch dosiert. Ich nehme jeden zweiten Tag die empfohlene Dosis von drei Kapseln. Zink kann man überdosieren und dann schadet es mehr, als es nützt. Preis Leistung stimmt.

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منتج رائع

من أفضل المنتجات الي تساعد على دعم هرمون التسترون

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Вроде бы ничего такого не ощутил, ни я ни жена, фирма то самая лучшая но в любой аптеке этот препарат в разы дешевле (цинктерал), и работает он только если есть дефицит цинка в организме. У меня всё.

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Cadê o produto???

Estou decepcionado, ainda não recebi o produto. Cadê o código de rastreabilidade para checar nos correios??? Lourenço

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Para mi el que mejor que me va...

Para mi el que mejor que me va...

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Лучшие ZMA!

Лучшие ZMA из тех, что пробовал! Рабочий препарат! спортсмены, знают толк! :-)

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Não recebimento de produto

Como posso avaliar um produto que não recebi, aliás já que vocês me escreveram poderiam por favor, me informar cadê meu produto????

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جدة الحلوة

افضل مكمل فيتامين لتحفيز التسترون شي خطير انا بصراحة بين معاي بالجسم استوى جسمي بشكل سريع لاكن انصح تاخذونه قبل النوم بس شرط على معدة فاضية 3 حبات بس ياريت احد يتأكد من نوع الجيلاتين نبلع وماندري وش نوعه صراحة وقواكم الله وشكرا للجميع

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não foi entregue

não posso receber pois não recebemos o produto!!!! E o pior é que para alguma ação de vocês que eu não sei qual é ainda me pedem 8 SEMANAS.

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Хороший комплекс витаминов

Хороший комплекс при анемии

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جيد إلى جيدجدا

غني بالمعادن والفيتامينات التي يحتاجها الجسم

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Mejor ZMA del mercado

Una marca de calidad como Optimum Nutrition, especializada en suplementación deportiva, presenta uno de sus productos estrella. Incorpora también la vitamina B6. Ayuda a la recuperación y al descanso. Lástima que no sea más barato.

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这东西简直是太厉害 666

朋友推荐的 因为经常熬夜加班 加班完睡觉前三粒 一整夜睡得很好 早上竟然可以自然醒 也不困 也不累 关键是还有精力晨勃!以前熬夜第二天基本上就恍恍惚惚,别说性生活了,整个人跟幽魂似的。吃了这玩意,连续熬夜三晚,第二天工作照常,连午觉都不用睡,而且整个人头脑清晰,好东西,吃完还得买!

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أكثر منتج مفيد جداً

هذا المنتج ممتاز ومفيد جداً الزنك يساعد على زيادة هرمون التيستوستيرون وهذا المطلوب بالذات بعد الكورسات القوية لكي يحافظ على الكتلة العضلية ويعمل على زيادتها بما فيه من استشفاء للعضلات بعد التمرين وزيادة النشاط البدني ... أنا مجرب والحمدالله احس بنفسية أحسن

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没有按照指导说明来吃,减量了。 我个人如果按照指导说明吃会腹泻,查过资料结论是人体对镁的吸收效率并不高,没有吸收镁离子如果太多会导致渗透性腹泻,如果出现这种情况,需要分餐吃并减量。

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ممتاز بس يسب نعاس ونوم عميق

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不错的宝贝 我喜欢哈哈 实惠而且放心

不错的宝贝 我喜欢哈哈 实惠而且放心

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Quem ainda não conhece ou não utiliza o ZMA não faz idéia do tempo que está perdendo. A fórmula do ZMA simplesmente tem algo que é essencial para nosso organismo. Não perca mais tempo comece agora mesmo a consumir este produto é não precisa ser necessariamente da Optimum. O ZMA pro da Universal é superior a este na minha opinião. Tem o da Now Foods Sports que é muito bom, da ALLMAX e da MRM também são marcas que já utilizei e aprovo.

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확실히 효과는 있습니다만..

진짜 운동을 엄청 즐기는분들만 추천해드리고싶네요. 그러면 효과 확실히 100% 보장합니다. 저같이 그렇지 아니한 유형이라면 이거보다는 최고급 멀티비타민에 있는 B6+아연+마그네슘만으로도 충분해요. ZMA라는 제품은 정말이지 아마추어에서 프로패셔널한 운동매니아들을 위한 아이템이라고 생각해요. 저도 엄청 운동 즐겼을때는(지금은 아니지만 ㅠㅠ) 이걸로 효과 엄청 봤었습니다. 제일 큰 효과는 근육통이 아예 사라졌다는거, 숙면이 편했다는것, 숙면이 편하다보니 잘 일어났다는거, 그리고 ㅋ 대변활동이 아주 원활했다는거 !(마그네슘 자체가 원래 변을 잘보게 하는 효능이 있지만 특히 아스파테이트 약간 묽은변을 유발 시킨답니다.), 그리고 이 B6,아연,마그네슘은 성호르몬관리를 담당하는 물질이기도해서 남자는 남성호르몬, 여자는 남성+여성호르몬의 조화를 높여주기도해요. 만약 저같이 고급 이상의 멀티비타민(보통 B6,아연,마그네슘 양이 상당함) 먹는분이라면 이제품은 운동매니아든 아니든 상관없이 구입 할 필요가 없습니다. 하지만 중급이하의 멀티비타민(B6는 적당하나,아연과 마그네슘 양은 적음)을 먹는분들중에 운동을 좀 하거나 즐기는 수준이라면 이거 강력히 추천해드립니다. 도움이 되셨나요? 그럼 여기까지 작성하고 좋은거 먹고 많이 건강하세요 !

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好 很好 很实惠 确实有用 效果不错

好 很好 很实惠 确实有用 效果不错

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ممتاز لرفع هرمون التسترون

يساعد على النوم و الاستشفاء العضلي ويحسن المزاج ويرفع هرمون التسترون اللي بدروة ينمي العضلات ويزيد القوه البدنيه والجنسيه , طريقة الاستخدام ٣ حبات قبل النوم اذا فادك تقييمي الرجاء الضغط على نعم

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飲むと確かに疲れはとれるのですが、おなかが緩くなります。 一週間ほど飲みましたが下痢続きになりますので今はやめています。

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5 X melhor!

Para quem é brasileiro, esse zma é no mínimo 5x mais forte que qualquer um zma nacional!

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다음날 아침이 가벼워져요..

먹고난 후 30분 정도 지나면 잠이 솔솔 오더라구요.. 원래 자다가 잘 깨고 그랬는데 ZMA를 먹고 잔 날은 거의 깊은 잠을 잤던거 같네요... 저녁 식사하고 2~3시간 후에 드시는게 좋구요... 저녁식사에 고기같은 고단백질 식사를 하셨으면 그날은 피하는것도 좋을것 같네요.. 자다가 갑자기 급설사가 나오는 경우가 종종 있더라구요.. ㅋㅋ 와이프는 2알 저는3알씩 먹고 있습니다.... 그럼 이만~~~ ^^

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бывало возвращался из зала уже около полуночи и из за переутомления не мог уснуть. пол ночи ворочился, а сутра был как зомби. благодаря этому комплексу даже после жутчайшего преутомления смог легко расслабиться и полноценно спать

Posted by on July 24 2017
хороший товар

Слышал, что от зма повышается уровень тестостерона, но я скорее пробовал его для хорошего сна. Действительно, ощущал сильную сонливость после приема. Однако, к сожалению, не "отрубался" как некоторые говорят после приема и не спал как убитый до утра. Мог все равно не спать еще час-два и ворочаться. Хотя спать хотелось.

Posted by on July 21 2017

还没吃 不过在这买东西很放心 很满意

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مفيد جدا

يوفر الاحتياج الضروري من المغنيسيوم والزنك

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Очень хороший продукт.

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zma는 옵티멈

가격대비 효능이 좋아서 zma는 전 이것만 먹네요.

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남성다워 지네여

공복 2시간 후에 먹어야 하는 제약때문에 자주 먹지는 못하고 있어요

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Estou testando

Comecei a usar ha 1 semana e tenho dormido melhor e noto mais disposição durante o dia.

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El mejor zma del mercado

No hay color en este zma, es el mejor del mercado con diferencia

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제일 싸고 빠릅니다

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잘 먹고 있어요

하루3알은 많은거같아 1~2알씩 먹고 있어요

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отличный постренировочный комплекс

Всем спортсменам в периоды тяжелых тренировок рекомендуется принимать на ночь, чтобы помочь организму в восстановлении. Отличный постренировочный восстановительный комплекс! Все довольны и данной банки хватает надолго. Девочкам по 2 таблетки на ночь, мальчикам - по 3. Лично меня прям пару раз после соревнований на длительные дистанции спас.

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Posted by on April 13 2017

吃了一个星期,暂时没感觉到什么效果。 睡眠质量感觉跟以前一样,至于晨勃更是没有。 吃完一瓶再看看吧。

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Descanso profundo y recuperación

Noto un mejor descanso nocturno y recuperación física al levantarme tras dormir.

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잠 잘자고 개운하고 아침에 응가도 잘나와요

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nice product

Posted by on March 24 2017