Zum Clean, Aromatherapy Laundry Soap, Frankincense & Myrrh, 32 fl oz (.94 l)

By Indigo Wild

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Indigo Wild, Zum Clean, Aromatherapy Laundry Soap, Frankincense & Myrrh, 32 fl oz (.94 l)
Price: $14.43 ($0.45/fl oz)
as at April 29, 2020 5:16 pm
  • Cleans 32 Loads!
  • h·e
  • Highly Concentrated

Maid by Nature.

  • Highly concentrated
  • Great for high-efficiency machines
  • Handmade with essential oils
  • Free of sulfates and phosphates

Zum Clean is not a detergent.

It's a deterrent - to pollutants, to overconsumption, to byproducts, to irritants. After all, your clothes are your second skin. Would you rather wash your skin with detergent or soap? Good. Because this is not a detergent.

Zum Clean is laundry soap - mixed, poured and bottled by happy human hands. Yep, no machines were harmed, nor sulfates or phosphates used, in the making of this product.

And since our happy hands aren't as stingily efficient as machines, we pour liberal loads of pure essential oils for laundry loads that literally clear the air while they clean your clothes.

But, please, don't call this a detergent.

Pronounceable ingredients, pronounced effects.

  • Essential oils naturally freshen clothes and "aromatherapize" your home while you wash.
  • Coconut oil soap treats your second skin gently and doesn't dry it out.
  • Baking soda removes dirt and odors.
  • Vegetable class="table table-bordered" glycerin clings to dirt and stains.
Suggested Use

Zum Clean 101

  • Zum Clean is highly concentrated and low sudsing. Pour 4 capfuls (1 fl oz or 2 tbsp) in high-efficiency washing machines (total of 32 loads). For top-loading machines, double it (total of 16 loads). Adjust amount used based on size of load.
  • Zum Clean is a natural fabric softener, so you can hang dryer sheets out to dry.
  • Safe on whites, brights, darks and delicates. You can even hand wash your unmentionables and baby your baby's clothes.
  • No detergents, no phosphates, no chlorine, no petrochemicals, no dyes, so it's biodegradable and safer for fishies.
  • Safer for septic tanks and everywhere else for that matter.
  • We test on our own clothes, not on animals.


Potassium cocoate (saponified 100% coconut oil), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), essential oils, fragrance and glycerin (vegetable).

Package Quantity:
32 fl oz (.94 l)

Expiration Date:
01 January 2025

Shipping Weight:
2.74 lbs

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Zum clean

Quality is good but price a bit high. Odor is special

Posted by on April 22 2020
Zum laundry soap

I LOVE the Frankincense & myrrh scent. This soap leaves clothes clean and soft without unnecessary/harmful ingredients.

Posted by on April 21 2020

Smell good

Posted by on April 20 2020
Good product


Posted by on April 13 2020
Zum laundry soap

I love the smell of this. A little goes a long way.

Posted by on April 13 2020
Safe With Great Smell

The product is enough for almost a year as we only use for our baby girl cloths - safe for her skin and the smell is so good.

Posted by on April 12 2020

ingredients and after wash! The product smells really great!

Posted by on April 09 2020
Loving It

The scent is fantastic and it also condition the clothes too. Loving it!

Posted by on April 05 2020
smells very good

zum is my favorate.

Posted by on April 05 2020
Love it

Smells great and clothes are so soft.

Posted by on April 04 2020
Great smell

It washes the clothes with lovely smell. Love it

Posted by on April 03 2020
My Regular Purchase

I have been using this for my laundry for years. It is on the expensive end but the results are so worth it. Laundry is good indoors and outdoors.

Posted by on March 22 2020
Must Try

Freshen up washing machine and laundry drying area and unexpectedly clean load of laundry.

Posted by on March 16 2020
Highly recommend

Love this laundry detergent very much. It’s my second purchase and will continually use it ! It has the most lovely scent and do the clean job very well.

Posted by on March 14 2020

i love the aroma so so much, the clothes are so soft and clean, yet a bit pricey compared with the size

Posted by on March 13 2020
The first time to use iherb.

I like the soap very much. Very fresh.

Posted by on March 09 2020
Good smell

Good smell and makes me calm. And this is not harmful to our skin and also to the earth, but washings are cleaned enough. Love it.

Posted by on March 07 2020
Smell good

Smell good

Posted by on March 06 2020
Zum Frankensence And Myrrh

Greetings....this product does have a unique fragrance and I do like it. But, one draw is that, when I sweat during the night (due to meds) it leaves dye on my white nighties. And, it stains. I will try the lavender next.

Posted by on March 02 2020

It’s a lovely product just a little pricey, because it’s from the USA we are in Au

Posted by on February 19 2020
Comfort smell

First time buying this brand, I was worried abt the smell at first but turn out I like it a lot. Now I have used up half bottle already (sad the soap is consuming so fast ). Now I try to use it by mixing with my unscented laundry powder together in order not to pour out too much each time.

Posted by on February 01 2020
Zum clean frankincense and myrth soap

Theloap is fantastic love the fragrance and no need for fragment softner sheets

Posted by on January 31 2020

smells amazing!!

Posted by on January 25 2020
Smell great

Hope they can improve the bottle, every time I follow the instruction use the top of bottle as a measurement then fill to the washing machine, it becomes messy and dirty

Posted by on January 25 2020
Scent not for everyone but...

Scent is very special but it looks better than grocery detergents. Sad things: too pricey, small amount.

Posted by on January 18 2020
This is my favorite scent of frankincense & myrrh

Love letting my bedding soak in this for a day with the washer open and smell the whole basement up!

Posted by on January 16 2020
My all time favourite.

Scent can kill any bad smell from your clothes. Quality is good and different from other commercial products. I bought more than 10 bottles so far. Only good for HE washing machine.

Posted by on January 09 2020
I love it!!

I love this product! After road even house smells so good!

Posted by on January 08 2020
A great detergent with great scent

It is my first time using this kind of detergent. It is unexpectedly good. The load seems clean enough and the fragrance is nice and stay on the washed clothes. I love it and would like to try some other aromas from Zum Clean.

Posted by on January 08 2020
Amazing smelling

I love the smell and it actually works good in washing machine

Posted by on January 07 2020

Excellent. I'll order again.

Posted by on January 05 2020
Good price and the quality is out of my expectation. Love it.

Good price and the quality is out of my expectation. Love it.

Posted by on December 31 2019
Nice Smell

Really really good for my baby aczema . I like the smell too will buy it again.

Posted by on December 31 2019
Smells sooo nice

Love this stuff!

Posted by on December 20 2019
Can give a try

Smell awesome & very gentle on skin.- Does not take off dirt much..

Posted by on December 13 2019
Good smell

so far so good

Posted by on December 13 2019
Repeat customer!

I am a repeat customer on this- love it so much! It cleans well and smells wonderful. There is a very faint scent left in your clean laundry that is divine!

Posted by on November 30 2019
Love it

, Love the scent , softness, and no need for dryer sheet.

Posted by on November 22 2019
nice smell

i use it mainly for delicates and together with other detergents for my machine load to add fragrance. love the smell but a little pricey for such a small bottle

Posted by on November 19 2019
Lovely scent

My clothes smell wonderful

Posted by on November 18 2019
Love love love the smell

No laundry detergent smells better than this one. I love it how it makes my whole house smells good.

Posted by on November 18 2019
My favorite detergent

I use it for my babies clothes.. the smell is just amazing

Posted by on November 16 2019
Great aroma

Cleans well and effective in small amount

Posted by on November 16 2019
lovely smell

smells nice, cleans well

Posted by on November 11 2019
Zum Clean, Aromatherapy Laundry Soap, Frankincense & Myrrh, 32 fl oz

I buy this soap many times as the smell is good

Posted by on November 07 2019
Smells good

Good for summer time

Posted by on November 06 2019
Zum clean

Great product! Great smell! I have been using this as it’s good for sensitive skin with eczema

Posted by on November 03 2019
Super love!

Beautiful scent! A little goes a long way! But, I’m using it sparingly cause it’s too costly.

Posted by on October 31 2019
Zum clean, aromatherapy laundry soap

The soap is very effective and with very nice scent. Love it

Posted by on October 24 2019

very good and fragrant

Posted by on October 22 2019
Great product

Has been repurchased many times,a very useful product

Posted by on October 19 2019

This laundry soap is Amazing. My entire house smells amazing while doing the laundry and the clothes are clean and soooo scentsational to wear!! You must try it! You’ll love it!

Posted by on October 17 2019
Good product

Smell is good and long lasting

Posted by on September 18 2019
Smells Divine

This product is a great wash and fabric softener. I highly recommend it as some alternatives leave your clothes with no odour removal or stain removal. This one is a delight to smell straight out of the dryer. Wish it came in bulk size option.

Posted by on September 11 2019
Smells good

Every time I use this, I feel so good because it smells so good.

Posted by on September 10 2019
Fresh and clean

Smell great and have your clothes very clean

Posted by on August 30 2019
Wonderful additive to laundry.

I have been using this for years. I use a regular no scent, no dyes detergent in a reduced amount and add a small amount of this. The two soaps boost each other in cleaning and leave a scent that's not heavy.

Posted by on August 29 2019
great products

Love this products makes my towels and sheets smell amazing.

Posted by on August 27 2019

smell good and refresh

Posted by on August 25 2019
zum Clean

very good!

Posted by on August 21 2019
Great smell

Strong smell but I really like it. Love the fact i use so little on each wash and that it is fairly eco friendly

Posted by on August 19 2019
Bad Packing

The product is great and I have ordered it a few times, but immediate improvement should be done to the packing. I’m quite disappointed seeing it leaking as the cap was not closed tightly. I had to clean everything which was covered with detergent and chia seeds (the packing broke too!) the the box!!!

Posted by on August 18 2019
Love it

Love the scent. It needs just a small quantity for a great result

Posted by on August 05 2019
Smell is excellent

The smell is fresh and natural. Reorder it many times.

Posted by on August 02 2019
Love It

Smells soooooooooo good

Posted by on July 30 2019
For baby

I read some article about baby laundry soap and he mentioned zum lean is one of the best laundry soap for a baby.

Posted by on July 16 2019
Love this!

My ultimate favourite. Been fine with skin sensitivities in our family.

Posted by on July 16 2019
My favorite

I have had more complements on this laundry soap than ever expected. Even people who hate musk type scents say how good it smells. My neighbor loves to sit outside and smell my laundry drying because it smells so good.

Posted by on July 12 2019
Smell So Good

I’ve been using this for a year,love the smell that makes me feel so refresh everyday!

Posted by on July 07 2019
Best scent in the range

It works great and smells wonderful. The best scent in the range. Tip: select the Soak function, if your washing machine has it. And let the clothes soak in the scent of the frankincense and myrrh. When you take them out, your clothes will smell lovely.

Posted by on July 04 2019
Surely re-purchase this product

I will surely repurchase this product because of the nice smell and a great function. I just need to use a small amount, like around 15g for each. I usually use it for cleaning the bed sheet.

Posted by on July 03 2019
Laundry soap

Smell good

Posted by on July 02 2019
Best laundry soap ever!!

Best laundry soap ever!! Smells great and easy to use!!

Posted by on June 28 2019

I’m a big proponent of line dried clothes. This stuff on a line smells like heaven. My kids play sports and their coaches constantly know who’s showing up for practice because their uniforms smell so good!

Posted by on June 26 2019
Smells Divine

Loveeeee the smell! Seems to do a good job in cleaning as well

Posted by on June 13 2019
Smell Amazing

Love this! Smells divine and leaves clothes so soft!!!!

Posted by on June 01 2019


Posted by on June 01 2019
Great product!

My child had a mysterious case of hives that lasted for weeks and that prompted me to change all our detergent and soap based products at home. This did not trigger off any attack and the lovely scent is a major plus point! I am into my 3rd order now :)

Posted by on May 23 2019
Fantastic Product

First time. Smells heavenly, and clothes are noticeably soft! It is such a gem!

Posted by on March 20 2019
Love The Aroma

Good product. Great Aroma

Posted by on February 15 2019
worth it

this is the second product I bought (2 different types): environmentally friendly; nice smell; last long; very satisfied!

Posted by on February 08 2019
Lovely Smell, Does Not Clean Clothes Well

I love the smell of the clothes from this soap, however it does not clean clothes well. Disappointed.

Posted by on January 30 2019
Good Stuff

Rebuy countless times

Posted by on January 19 2019
laundry love

my favourite laundry soap :)

Posted by on January 13 2019
Healing and great-smelling

I love the musky scent this oil-based soap gives my clothes and apartment. Both Frankincense and Myrrh are reputed to have healing properties.

Posted by on December 30 2018
Leaves laundry smelling amazing

This is the only natural laundry cleaner I have found that leaves your clothes smelling amazing. Just brought my second bottle, dont need much I each wash.

Posted by on December 19 2018
Lasting smell

Love the smell of my washing

Posted by on November 17 2018
Great value, great scent, great company

Lasts forever and so does the scent. Fantastic value and iherb always gets it to me promptly. Fantaastic!

Posted by on November 05 2018
One of my favorite....

It's ok....like the other one better. It does a good job on cleaning the clothes. I like the newer version of this soap.

Posted by on October 25 2018

Great Laundry Soap, effective cleansing power, the smell is really nice. But for me the smell is a bit strong. **side talk: when I received the product, the bottle was broken at the bottom, it was not obvious, but after the first use, almost 50% of the product was gone & leaked from the crack of the bottle and stain my cabinet, so disappointed. I hope herb can give me special discount when I reorder another bottle :'(

Posted by on October 11 2018
Quality Becomes Bad!

I have bought this product for many times, but this time I found that the quality is poor, its like added water into the laundry soup, the liquid becomes thin. Very disappointed about that and consider whether I will continue to buy this product or not.

Posted by on September 30 2018
Bad smell

I like the way the packaging small and compact! But for me, this smell is not good. Don't like this one at all.

Posted by on September 16 2018
Fantastic product

Every time I have done a washing, I get happy from the georgious fragrance!

Posted by on September 14 2018
Great Smell And Eco Friendly

Loves this, the smell and liquid concentration

Posted by on September 13 2018
Amazing scent!

I use it to wash my towels and sheets and they wash really well. They make my towels and sheets smell so good!! I wish they had this product in a bigger size.

Posted by on September 11 2018
Smell really BAD!

I don't like the smell. It smells really bad that made me headache. I have to wash my clothes again in order to remove that fragrance in my flat. Think again before you buy!!

Posted by on August 25 2018
Zum Clean AMAZING Scent!

The scent of Frankincense is AMAZING! This product is also great because it works as a fabric softener too!

Posted by on August 15 2018
sᴜᴘᴇʀ ʟɪᴋᴇ!

Very nice smell and long lasting smell , but not too strong, super nice, even my mom, she accepts the smell and fall in love with this products . No need to use fabric softener anymore, the cloths and towels very soft after use Zum, hope it helps.

Posted by on August 12 2018
When the washing machine is going the house smells gorgeous

I love the smell of my clothes and it does the cleaning job

Posted by on August 09 2018
Organic makes a difference!

Absolutely love it! Never going back to the generic laundry detergent brands again. Clothes feel so much more comfortable and smell fresh all day long.

Posted by on August 06 2018
Zum Clean - Aromatherapy Laundry soap - Frankincese & Myrrh

smell sweet, love it

Posted by on August 01 2018


Posted by on July 18 2018
Repeated purchase

I love the odor

Posted by on July 17 2018
Very Fragrant

Oh boy! I like great smelling laundry soap. However, this is very very fragrant! If you are sensitive to fragrance, I would stay away from this one. I am down to putting 1 capful in my laundry and it still leaves my clothes smelling great. So this will last along time!

Posted by on July 16 2018
Smells nice but a bit strong

It cleans well and smells nice. Just a little strong maybe the housekeeper put too much in the laundry,

Posted by on June 26 2018
Intense, Natural Scent

Add only a couple of cups to get used to it. The scent will not leave you indiferent and it might be a bit intense for some. In my house is the one we use.

Posted by on June 25 2018
Smells Good !

Smells really good , however didn’t expect to be really small ( my fault for not checking the ml before purchasing tho ) . Used it on my dog’s laundry !

Posted by on June 22 2018
This laundry wash is heaven!

I hestitated when i saw the price.. felt a pinch... but i gave it a try and i fell in love with it! The scent is so good that when i hung my laundry to dry in the air... the scent fills my house, an instant aromatherapy mist! I used 7 capful for my full 15kg load and it cleans very well too! However it does not remove tough stains. So you need to scrub it out before putting to wash. If this helps with ezcema prone skin, i wil continue to buy more.. lets see..

Posted by on June 18 2018
Expensive here

I've used this detergent for years. It looked like a good deal but I didn't pay attention to the size. Didn't even know they packaged it in a smaller size.I get it much cheaper at our local Natural Grocers.

Posted by on June 14 2018
A must try product

The smell is awesome. I wish I had discovered this product earlier. My only grouse is that the cap is too tiny when pouring the liquid. Either a bigger cap or a better designed nozzle will be better. Still, the product itself is great.

Posted by on June 09 2018
Love the smell

Loving the smell of my clothes

Posted by on June 04 2018
Love It!

My first purchase of this kind of product and I'm happy. Leaves clothes clean with nice scent.

Posted by on May 23 2018
2nd buy but 1st try on this essential oil...

It really smell nice with this detergent which is natural to my hand wash clothes N in washing machine....

Posted by on May 21 2018
Smells Great

My laundry comes out clean and fresh. I used 3 capful and added white vinegar. Do not use too much if u do not want a strong scent.

Posted by on May 19 2018
Smell good

Smell good. Need to notice that if you use use top loading washing machine, you need to double the size the liquld to be used. Overall, I already stock one more!

Posted by on May 14 2018

Smell lovely, good product.

Posted by on May 12 2018
I Love It!!

Perfect laundry, I love the smell and the quality it is super rich. I do add extra soda powder to the liquid to get extra clean, I really love it.

Posted by on May 05 2018
Zum Clean, Aromatherapy Laundry Soap, Frankincense & Myrrh

nice scent, but a bit pricy

Posted by on May 02 2018
Indigo Wild

Excellent product, a little goes a long way, leaves laundry clean and fragrant.

Posted by on May 01 2018
Nice scent and works great

Beautiful scent, but a little expensive for what you get. The soap is concentrated, however, so a little goes a long way. Does the job.

Posted by on April 15 2018
Amazing stuff

Make home like heaven everytime I use it. So great!

Posted by on April 14 2018
Quality product that worth buying

Best laundry soap. Too bad it does not have 64 fl oz.

Posted by on April 03 2018
My Fav

Clean n amazing scent!!!!

Posted by on March 27 2018

Makes my whole wash smell divine

Posted by on March 23 2018
Smells great

Just as concentrated as promised. I use no more than one tbsp per load. Clean. Slightly old fashioned, calming smell that stays in there but is never overwhelming. (Unless you use more than the recommended dosage, which is really not necessary. )

Posted by on March 22 2018
Good Deterdent.

We have been using this product in the past few months and so far so good.

Posted by on March 07 2018
Smell so GOOD~*

I really LOVE the scent, and it can last for a day at least. I will try other scent from this brand in the next purchase for sure~*

Posted by on February 26 2018
Horrible smell

I couldn't believe the smell s like temple and Indian cloth stores which I believe too strong for babies, if I could return it I rather sent back

Posted by on February 20 2018
excellent fragrance

I like the idea of using such a small amount to the laundry and the clothes smell wonderful even after drying.

Posted by on February 16 2018
Love the Smell. Clothes are soft after cleaning

Highly recommend. Cleans well with nice smell and leave clothes very soft.

Posted by on February 12 2018
Love The Smell!

We have been using this since our baby was born. It smells really good. We hand wash all baby’s clothes, this detergent is very gentle on my hands too.

Posted by on February 10 2018
Nice smell

Washes clean

Posted by on February 08 2018
Good product

Good product

Posted by on January 31 2018
Great Wash!

Great smell! I add a little to my normal laundry load on TOP of my soda powder. Finds that it gives the clothes a great smell!

Posted by on January 30 2018
We adore this product

The scent is so mmmmm . I add just a splash to my regular no scent healthy product I get from the health food store . So glad you carry it at iHerb.

Posted by on January 25 2018
smell good and clothes soft after washing

the smell is good and the clothes soft after washing

Posted by on January 21 2018
Smelly and Good

I love this smell and the clothes are very soft.

Posted by on January 16 2018
love the smell of this Laundry Soap

i am so fond of the smell Frankincense & Myrrh after first time purchase! so i buy a few more product of this scent, but they are not the same on different media, Laundry Soap taste the best.

Posted by on January 15 2018
Good For Allergic

Nice small and work very good with sensitive skin

Posted by on January 14 2018
Clean, wonderful small

First time try, wonderful smell. It keeps my washing machine clean and smells good. Just use little amount and get good result. My bath towel become softer then before. All clothes are clean and fresh for family and pets. Definitely will buy again.

Posted by on January 12 2018

Smell good ,but too less

Posted by on January 08 2018
Highly Recommend Products

After used will remain freshly smell on washed clothes. Good experience

Posted by on December 31 2017
Great Smell!

it is great product and environment friendly!

Posted by on December 25 2017

Use this on my clothes and the lingering smell is so good. The smell doesnt goes off even when my clothes are dried....:)

Posted by on December 12 2017
So so....

Not that smelly as per comment here and it's difficult to put into the lip.... overpriced.

Posted by on December 11 2017

Smelly and fresh. Must buy again although it is quite expensive.

Posted by on December 10 2017
Refreshing smell

When I hang the clothes, my flat is full of nice and refreshing smell.

Posted by on December 06 2017

A pleasant smell. I like it vy much!

Posted by on November 24 2017
VERY SAD and disappointed they use palm oil!

NO COMPANY that cares about sustainability should use palm oil! The forests and monkeys that are damages in the process is horrifying. I will NEVER buy from this company or recommend them.

Posted by on November 22 2017
Love the smell!

Cleans great, takes body odor out, and never feels "sticky" like big box soaps.

Posted by on November 17 2017
love this scent

I love to wash my clothes now

Posted by on November 09 2017
It smells amazing! :)

I really love this scent. It leaves the laundry soft & fresh, and the room where I hang it to dry also smells great thanks to it. The only downside is the price... so I might not buy it every time, but definately once in a while.

Posted by on November 08 2017
Smells Great

It makes my clothes so clean and smells fresh

Posted by on November 04 2017
Fantastic smell, No Fabric Softener Needed

Smells wonderful, very natural not synthetic. Very surprised no fabric softener needed which save me some bucks!

Posted by on November 01 2017
Excellent product for the 1st buy

Excellent smell when I first trial this product. But very disappointed on the second purchase, the liquid become watery, and the smell is much much more lighter. I do really hope the quality would keep stable in a high standard

Posted by on November 01 2017

Awesome...., love the smell and works great

Posted by on October 29 2017
Smells wonderful, cleans well

Smells wonderful and cleans really well

Posted by on October 19 2017
Couldn’t Stand The Smell

After one machine I gave it away to a friend. Smell is extremely strong and I didn’t find it pleasant at all

Posted by on October 16 2017
Love it!

This leaves my clothes soft and smelling amazing. The lavender scent fills the entire room! With this product, you get a detergent, fabric softener, and air freshener in one!!

Posted by on October 10 2017
Good product quality

love the smell! also, i didnt gave to use any softeners like other products ive tried.

Posted by on October 09 2017
very good

I love the smell, I love that the smell stay on the close long after its dried. its easy to use

Posted by on October 07 2017
Poor Quality laundry soap

It is unbelievable that a small spot of blood stain also cannot be washed. However the smell of the soap is good.

Posted by on October 02 2017
A little goes a long way.

If you like the smell of frankincense and myrrh you will probably love this product. It actually is NOT a soap but a rinse product and will leave your cloths soft and smelling great.

Posted by on September 29 2017
Laundry soap

Like the scent, washes good. Using it for more than one year, very satisfied with this product

Posted by on September 28 2017

I bought it to hand wash my underwear .. smells a bit too strong to me but u can wash ur clothes with a really small amount. So quite nice. Even with machine, it performs acceptable too.

Posted by on September 24 2017
Zum Clean Laundry Detergent

This product is excellent. I was extremely impressed how little I truly needed for each load. It's amazing really! I am going to try to continue purchasing this product because I absolutely love it!! Highly recommended!!!

Posted by on September 08 2017

I tried a lot of soap for laundry but I found this time! It's really good for clothes and skin. I love this one and I'll keep buying.

Posted by on September 08 2017

I have never ever used something similar to this, except from synthetic from the store. But this is NOT synthetic, and the scent is just so nice, that I want to wash my cloths every day. Last night I took my cloths out of the washing machine, and I thought I would hang them out to see if they smell the same after one night out. Oh, yes! They really did. I will certainly buy more of this. I highly recommend it. And hey, it´s soap and natural ;-)

Posted by on September 04 2017
Fragrance, soft

using little weight, you can wash the clothes of the washing machine

Posted by on September 03 2017
Love It

I love the scent. Will definitely buy again.

Posted by on August 30 2017
Great smell

I got so many compliments on how amazing my laundry smelled. It makes me feel good that it's natural too, and a little really goes a long way because this lasted me 9 months!

Posted by on August 25 2017
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Very good!

Posted by on August 16 2017
Excellent Product

Have bought it for years. Love it...

Posted by on August 15 2017
It's the smell

I just like the F&M aroma.

Posted by on August 10 2017

It smells good, and lasting to tomorrow.

Posted by on August 10 2017
I thought it's nature stuff...

The fragrance was so strong that I did not feel well staying in the room where I hung the wet clothes. I only used it once and won't use it again. Very disappointed.

Posted by on August 08 2017
so refreshing

the fragrance from the detergent stays so long, not only on the clothes itself but the entire apartment! it makes the whole environment so refreshing! the most that i love it is there's no chemicals in it!

Posted by on July 31 2017
the Smell is so strong

Well, it's smell is so strong ,my husband doesn't like this

Posted by on July 24 2017
Smells good and cleans well

Smells good and cleans well even it smells too strong at the beginning.

Posted by on July 19 2017
very excellent

this is awesome!

Posted by on July 12 2017
is second time to bough

the smells is good

Posted by on July 10 2017
What a great smell!Fits my lifestyle...

Full of good ingredients. Smells great. I am not super dirty, so it has cleaned well for my needs. very small bottle, but you only use 2 tbsp./load.

Posted by on June 23 2017
Great Smell~

I really really really love the smell. It makes my home smell great too when I hang the washed clothes inside the house.

Posted by on June 21 2017
Amazing smell

This stuff smells great! I use a little less than the product recommends as the smell was a little too strong in the first few loads of laundry I do. I add a scoop of powder brightener to my loads to help with cleaning, but otherwise I'm very happy with this product.

Posted by on June 19 2017
Indigo wild Zum clean aromatherapy laundry soap

smell nice and feels soft on clothes after dry

Posted by on June 12 2017
Aroma dream

What a perfect mix! Warm, full and just enough sweet to stay natural. I would love that the scent remained on the clothes, but at least, it really smells so good during washing. An oriental dream...

Posted by on June 08 2017


Posted by on June 02 2017
Olor muy agradable

Limpia bien y tiene un olor muy agradable

Posted by on May 29 2017
Cleans Well And Smells Lovely

But not recommended use with dryer....

Posted by on May 15 2017

清潔力可應付一般日常衣物,未有機會挑戰頑固污漬。香氣撲鼻醉人,第二天穿上尚有餘香,可不落柔順劑,衣物尚算柔軟。容量少、不便宜,但香氣令人無法抗拒,會回購。 愛上這品牌所有乳香沒藥產品

Posted by on May 15 2017
OK with good smell

It was recommended by one of my friends. I'd say it is OK and smell is good.

Posted by on May 04 2017
Lovely fragrance

A very powerful cleansing tool with nice smell.

Posted by on May 03 2017
Awesome washing liquid

Brings the laundry an incredibly relaxing smell. However i am trying other products as the shipping etc is too costly.

Posted by on April 29 2017
it's Ok

You can't use it as a substitute of detergent. You can add to your laundry to get a nice scent.

Posted by on April 21 2017


Posted by on April 17 2017
Good smell

衣物洗完好香, 又CLEAN

Posted by on April 11 2017


Posted by on April 11 2017
Great Product

Smells great, cleans well and great on the environment.What more can I say but thanks

Posted by on April 10 2017
artificial sickening smell

really artificial kind of sickening smell. there must be synthetic fragrance oils in this prodcut which is dissapointing because i bought it thinking the smell would be heavenly. Also because its liquid laundry soap, the postage was expensive. Regret buying this product.

Posted by on April 08 2017
Wonderful fragrance!

I love the smell this leaves in my laundry room and home after washing clothes! If you use too much, say on hand wash, it can leave clothes feeling a bit oily and smelling a bit musty after a week. I like to use a bit of this (for the smell) along with Nellie's Laundry soda.

Posted by on April 02 2017
good smell

My hubby likes this very much

Posted by on March 28 2017
Fresh smell

Fresh smell around the home after laundry is done, feels natural but the bottle doesn't last as long as I expected... perhaps I'm using too much of it each time?

Posted by on March 23 2017
Indigo Wild, Zum Clean Aromatherapy Laundry Soap

It's expensive but we love the scent and the fact that it's paraben free and environmentally friendly.

Posted by on March 18 2017
Love how this is not tested on animals

Seems to wash clothes just fine

Posted by on March 17 2017

Always happy with e products

Posted by on March 15 2017
Health and cleanness

Beautiful product

Posted by on March 10 2017
this is my fav laundry liquid

love the smell, it is all natural and suitable for adult and kids clothes. little bit goes a long way. I think this product is a great buy!

Posted by on March 07 2017
special scent

the review on this laundry soap on iherb was very good, normally ppl said the scent and smell are great yet, I think the scent is very special that it's not floral or not sweet... but kind of indian spice scent but overall the fabric is soft after using. worth a try

Posted by on March 02 2017
Wonderful scent

Love the wonderful scent. Even though I only use half of the recommended dosage for each load, but the scent still lasts a long time. clothes are soft after wash even after tumble-dry or hang dry (no fabric softener or dryer paper used)

Posted by on February 28 2017
Good but too small size

Size is small with high price

Posted by on February 24 2017
Frankincense and Myrrh

This product is wonderful. The smell is so nice and last for absolutely ages and even fills the whole house with it's beautiful aroma. My husband said he could smell it when I had the sheets on the line from the driveway.

Posted by on February 24 2017
Love it!

Very good scent ^^

Posted by on February 22 2017
My Favourite Laundry Soap

Cleans well and the best part of it is the scent from these oils.

Posted by on February 18 2017
very good scent

I love it very much, will buy again definitely

Posted by on February 17 2017
Great laundry soap with good smell

refreshing smell in clothes after washing, clothes are soft when dried. Only one thing to complain: The lid is weak, easily broken.

Posted by on February 16 2017
smells nice

This detergent smells really nice, I love it and will repurchase it.

Posted by on February 15 2017
❤️ Love the scent! works great!

Great product, cleans good and smells amazing!

Posted by on February 15 2017
Highly recommend, calming fragrance

There is no need to use fabric conditional after wash. The product itself is kind of like 2 in 1. After wash, the clothes comes with gentle and calming fragrance. Wish the product comes in bigger bottle and slightly more suds to indicate the washing actually taking place. Highly recommend.

Posted by on February 11 2017
Love the smell

I'm addicted to the smell! I only use it to hand wash my underwear.

Posted by on February 10 2017
Absolutely loved it!

It really does what it claims to be. Feeling so good knowing that this product is so safe to use. Makes my bedsheet smells fresh and jeans are softer to wear too! Highly recommend.

Posted by on February 10 2017
Definitely will purchase it again!

Good smell and the laundries are clean.

Posted by on February 08 2017

My whole smells amazing when I do laundry. My clothes are clean and when I get out of the shower and grab my towel, I feel like I'm in a downy commercial! :) I only wish it came in a bigger bottle.

Posted by on February 07 2017
Smell good

I will be buying more wish bottle bigger

Posted by on January 31 2017
Very nice

Nice and fresh smell, and very clean. I put washed clothes in my wardrobe, nice smelling in whole wardrobe.

Posted by on January 31 2017
smell great

smell great

Posted by on January 25 2017

Usage not much and smell good. My family love it

Posted by on January 19 2017

Smell Good!

Posted by on January 17 2017
A must buy

I just love it

Posted by on December 30 2016
Love it!

Smell great during washing process which makes me happy. Cleans well and I don't need to use fabric softener. iHerb should stock up the large size which is better value for money. This smells stronger than the Lavender for babies version. Well, it makes sense and suitable for people love milder sense. I prefer Frankincense & Myrrh version.

Posted by on December 30 2016
Love it

Just a few drops enable the smelly clothes refresh again. The aroma would keep me staying in the laundry room.

Posted by on December 30 2016
Nice smell

Nice smell

Posted by on December 27 2016
love it.

I love this laundry soap! Makes my clothes smell lovely and soft!

Posted by on December 26 2016
Spiritual cleansing feel and scent

I really love this detergent. I was really confused as to how a small bottle could really get that many loads clean, but like magic it did the job and the smell is amazingly cleansing. I'm in love with this subtle aroma, it's like my laundry had a spiritual cleansing. I wish this came in a larger bottle!

Posted by on December 11 2016
Heavenly Scented

I love the way this makes my laundry smell. It is great for exceptionally smelly stuff like dog blankets and bedding also.

Posted by on December 09 2016
Smells lovely and works well

I have no complaints. This laundry soap smells great and cleans well. Will definitely buy again.

Posted by on December 03 2016
Perfect! I will definitely purchase again

The scent is wonderful -subtle and not too strong.

Posted by on November 19 2016
Nice Product

My first time to try this laundry soap, smell good and also anti mosquito and bug beats! (only Frankincense favourite) and also use this to clean and mop my floor surprisingly spiders do not like this smell (because Australia get tons of spiders everywhere!!!), even not for laundry , to clean and mop the floor is very good product!!

Posted by on November 15 2016
Great Laundry Soap

This made my laundry smell divine, the clothes came up clean and fresh. Great for washing bed linen, the smell of fresh sheets with Zum Clean is a perfect nights sleep. Recommend highly

Posted by on November 09 2016
Smells like the perfume

I like the smell of their perfumes. Natural oils and skin friendly soap. Now my clothing and linens smell this way too and I'm not itching.

Posted by on October 31 2016
Clean and Fresh.

When i was order this cleaner i was sure that it's bigger package. but it's not about it - I'm in love with this smell. I really like fragrances and when i using them for my clothe smell is left after a wile. Whith Zum my clothes are always fresh and clean, no matter how long it was in the closet, it will always smell.

Posted by on October 26 2016
Dreamy laundry cleaner

We love the scent, all natural ingredients and the fact that it lasts so long. My mother was out visiting and is hooked on it now too.

Posted by on October 21 2016
Softer clothes. Gentle on skin

I like the "chemical" free scent and clothes feels more gentle on the skin. The scent is faint and not over powering. Quite excited to get the entire range with different scents! No softener needed when i use this!

Posted by on October 13 2016
Smells divine!

This is an awesome product - smells great, doesn't sud too much but does clean clothes. My kids are mostly indoors - so I'm quite happy with the cleaning ability. The smell is totally fabulous...

Posted by on October 06 2016
not a great smell.

Pretty chemically smell which i wasn't expecting.. same as the other laundry soap that I bought from this company

Posted by on October 04 2016
Laundry Deterrent Not a Detergent

This product is excellent. The cost for each load ranges between 44 cents to 61 cents. The clothes smell great and I am reordering another flavor on my next order. I use this with the Grab Green Wet Dryer Sheets and I am reordering the sheets also!

Posted by on October 02 2016

Love the smell, size, handle, and how many loads it can do :)

Posted by on October 02 2016
향이 좋고 순한 세제

향이 좋고 순해서 좋은데, 세정력이 약해서 세제를 많이 쓰게 돼요. 덕분에 빨래 말리고 난 다음에도 향이 남아서 기분 좋아요. 규격이 작아지고 난 다음에 참 비싸게 느껴지지만.. 수건과 속옷 빨래용으로 계속 구입하고 있습니다.

Posted by on September 25 2016
Cleans & smells amazing

I and my hubby absolutely love this laundry soap. Our clothes and the entire house smells fresh and lovely. Highly recommended!

Posted by on August 22 2016
Smells good...

I bought the product thinking it was made of whatever was necessary to clean clothes and essential oil. But there was fragrance oil in it too, which I didn't appreciate since I am sensitive to lots of frangrance. But it wasn't that bad. The smell wasn't that strong that it was overpowering. But perhaps that is because I only put half of the recommended amount since I use Nellie's washing powder as well. Mainly got it for the scent.

Posted by on August 18 2016
I will definitively re-purchase this product as well as will recommend it for friends!

Beside the lovely, freshly sophisticated aroma in the bathroom and the balcony where I dry my clothes, this soap does a good job. My clothes are clean and smell great. The best thing is you use SO little and get fantastic results. I used half a capful to a medium load. The price seems high but in reality it's cheaper for me because I don't use the same as with other brands to get the same results. I will definitively re-purchase this product as well as will recommend it for friends! If you find my review helpful, please click "YES"

Posted by on August 09 2016
I buy for the fragrance.

NOt the cheapest brand, but very good quality, a little goes a long way, and the fragrance lingers very pleasantly.

Posted by on August 07 2016
Wonderful smell(Aroma)

I found the product to be very useful with a very pleasing aroma.

Posted by on August 02 2016
Beautiful smelling clothes....

...and as a bonus does a great job with cleaning as well!

Posted by on August 02 2016
Best smelling laundry detergent ever

Love this stuff. Especially the wonderful scent. Delicately perfumes my clothes and thoroughly cleans them, too. Too expensive to buy all the time. It is concentrated, but you still don't get many washes out of it. I switched to grab-green pods- far more cost effective. If I had the cash, I'd only use this stuff, though. Minus 1 star for being prohibitively expensive (after all it's just coconut-oil based detergent with a bit of essential oil!)

Posted by on July 22 2016
won't buy it again

low quality, didn't removed some tiny blood spots from my baby's clothes. not to mention about the poop ones... -_- smells good, but the smell lasts maybe one day... and that's all. high price for a softener- 'cuz this is just a fabric softener for clothes, in my opinion. won't buy it again!

Posted by on July 21 2016
Best laundry product!

Oh that divine smell and softness after washing! love, love , love coming back for third bottle. Highly recommended, a little bit pricy but this product works like a detergent and conditioner in one. And very economical due to its highly concentrated formula.

Posted by on June 25 2016

Best laundry liquid I have ever used and I tried quite a few. You can use very small amount and the smell is divine.

Posted by on June 22 2016
Laundry detergent

Love the scent, cleans well.

Posted by on June 18 2016
What a lovely smell

our clothes not only smell good, they are clean and soft. We won't use anything else!

Posted by on June 17 2016
Smells like heaven

And made of simple ingredients. what more could you ask for ♡

Posted by on June 16 2016
Not for me

Should have thought about it earlier - the smell is so reminiscent of aroma massage oil, that the smell of our clothes and towel after washing makes it feel like they haven't been washed! Just the smell-association for us... not a fault of the product per se.

Posted by on June 14 2016
Laundry soap

This product makes your entire house smell good and it does not mess with the septic system. It also keeps your clothes for more than 2 weeks. Excellent buy.

Posted by on May 30 2016

This detergent is amazing and I cannot be without it! Highly recommend.

Posted by on May 20 2016
Love it!

My nth buy...i love this!

Posted by on May 15 2016
Sooo precious!!

this laundry soap makes my clothes & bed linens smell heavenly i don't actually want to use other detergents again! Smells fresh/ works well for tropical asia, so can imagine how crispy fresh smelling your laundry/ linens will beif used in dry winter climate!

Posted by on May 10 2016
A little overpriced.

The bottle is smaller than I thought it would be. The scent was not as pleasant as I imagined it would be. A little bit overpowering. I felt that this item is a little overpriced.

Posted by on May 03 2016
Love the smell!

I love the smell of this laundry soap. It cleanses well and smells great!

Posted by on May 02 2016
totally hooked on this!

I used to use fabric softener (another brand from iherb) and laundry powder. Now I just need one! Best of all, the scent stays for a long time -- my closet smells of it now!

Posted by on April 12 2016
Smells great but.....

I love the smell but I don't think it cleans as well as some. I get confused about how much to put in (ok so maybe I'm not great at domestic tasks?) the instructions are indeterminate...they must have been having a 'vague day' when doing the labeling? 7/10

Posted by on March 19 2016
Love It!

I love the scent of this laundry soap! To be surrounded by some of my favorite essential oil fragrances throughout the day is heaven. My clothes are clean, towels smell fresh. I will continue using this soap for many reasons.

Posted by on March 16 2016
Zum Clean

Our linens have never been as fresh smelling!! And they stay that way while on the shelf. Also, it's nice to dress in the morning in clothes that have a great clean fragrance instead of a fake perfumed dryer sheet. I just didn't realize what we were missing. Once you see and smell the difference you know how great "natural cleaning" really is.

Posted by on February 20 2016
super love the smell

Love the smell of the clothes after laundry. Smell stays too.

Posted by on January 30 2016
For my baby

Its my many times return and buying for my baby. Nice smell and durable

Posted by on January 23 2016
Indigo Laundry soap

My clothes get clean and smell WONDERFULL whit no harming stuff. I like this smell in my bedroom.for my wearings I will use the lavender type. A litt update: my daughters friends, wondering what she had in her appartment that smell so wonderfull. The clothes too. she told them Zum whit frankinsence. The one bottle I gave here, was spread to her friends for a try. And its so genious that no harming stuff maks our clothes that clean, soft and a delightful smell.

Posted by on January 15 2016
Glorious smell

This is the most beautiful smelling laundry liquid I have ever used. It cleans as well as my previous supermarket laundry liquid. Highly recommended

Posted by on December 20 2015
very good

smells very good ! i gonna buy again.

Posted by on November 19 2015
Laundry soap

Your laundry does keep it aroma for more than an hour.

Posted by on September 02 2015
hands down the best smelling laundry soap you'll ever find

Insofar as its cleaning ability it seems just fine, but really, if you want your bed linens, towels or clothes to smell incredible, this is your stuff. I sometime combine it with a neutral soap just so I can get the smell, YUM!

Posted by on August 21 2015
Nice scent

It has a nice scent and leaves the clothes soft and fragrant.

Posted by on August 14 2015

Wish it came in a larger size.

Posted by on July 28 2015

Smells wonderful , cleans clothes completely and gently.

Posted by on June 09 2015
The best laundry soap

I always want to buy this from regular company but it cost too much, My web searching found iherb with almost half the price,same stuff and fast shipping! Thank you

Posted by on May 01 2015
Smells and Cleans Great!

This laundry soap has a nice uplifting scent. I like how the brand uses all natural essential oils and coconut oil. It cleans my clothes great and my laundry room smells wonderful! I have a top load washer so I go through a lot more soap than the recommended amount.

Posted by on March 05 2015
Love the scent

We love the scent and this laundry soap gets the clothes so clean and uses only 4 small cap fulls.

Posted by on February 21 2015
Smells wonderful and a very long time.

There are products you do not want to be without anymore, this one is such a product, my laundry smells wonderful as does the washing machine, the ingredients are great for the environment and for your body and you do not need a lot. Our clothes are clean (we are two adults with pets, can not talk about kids but for us it works great!)Will order again and again!

Posted by on February 11 2015

Great product! Nice fregrant and honest ingredient

Posted by on December 04 2014
Wonderful aroma

And the clothes get really clean and soft.

Posted by on November 23 2014
Amazing product

I absolutely love this product! I was a little hesitant to buy this particular scent at first, but a lot of people seemed to love it, so I gave it a shot and I love it! The fragrance lingers in the freshly washed clothes for a while, but it's very subtle. My bath towels feel a little softer too.

Posted by on November 12 2014

I love this product ! It smells so good. I only use 1/8 cup per load. It keeps my washing machine clean and everything smells lovely. Will continue to purchase this product :)

Posted by on October 01 2014

My new fav clothes cleaner :) such a lovely scent and even better clean. Love that there are no nasties in it.

Posted by on September 06 2014
Great smelling!

This laundry soap smells great, although you do have to use a little more if you have an old fashion, top loading washer like me. That was the only downside, I went through the bottle a bit faster than I would have liked. Otherwise no complaints!

Posted by on September 02 2014
frankincense & myrrh laundry soap

leaves a nice smell on clothing

Posted by on June 26 2014
Smells lovely

Had been using the Mrs Meyers Clean Day and decided to give this a go. Much better value for money, smells lovely.

Posted by on June 20 2014
Indigo Wild

Very good and nice smell, with litle zum clean liquid. I can rekomend. Live in Sweden and by this good laundry soap.

Posted by on April 22 2014

Indigo Wild's Zum Clean Frankincense & Myrrh scent is my all-time favorite essential oil blend in all their products, and this laundry soap is no exception. Rich and lasting scent, even after the drying cycle. Clothes come out clean, fragrant, and soft. I'm never without it.

Posted by on March 21 2014

衣服洗完很清新 禮卷BCI7548

Posted by on April 24 2020

いい香りで気持ちのいい洗濯ができました。もう一度購入したい気持ちはあるのですが 溶け残りがあり、ぬるま湯と混ぜてから使わないといけない手間が生じるため 再購入にはいたっていません。。

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Posted by on April 21 2020

タオル類も手触り良く、衣類なども 形崩れや毛羽立ち無くふんわり洗い上がり とても気に入って3種類の香りを購入しました この品は香りが少し強く、同じ製品のユーカリ&シトラスとで混ぜて使うと良い感じになりました

Posted by on April 20 2020