Anni Coco Women's 1950s Hepburn Vintage Swing Dresses White XX-Large

Notes: All authentic Anni Coco products sold through are sold only by the seller Anni Coco. Products that are sold by other sellers are imitation products similar in design. Please take note, these unauthentic products does not have same quality such as color, fabric, construction and over all design and feel as our products. Anni Coco does not support the quality assurance of these products, Hence, Please check the name of seller before purchasing these products. Anni Coco takes authenticity of products very seriously and will take legal action against all imitation products and will further take possible action with Retro romantic Hepburn style, simple and 3D cut, high-quality imported elastic fabric, high-grade material made exclusively for professional ladies, Comes to knees and falls perfectly without petticoat´╝î definitely worth with collections.Fashionable cut showed your good body figure and revealed your sweetness. Here's the Customer Reviews selected from our reviewers: The dress is absolutely beautiful. You feel vintage wonderful in it. Great value for the price///The material does have a bit of stretch to it and was just enough to fit my ribcage and chest, which is usually where I have the most problems when it comes to clothes. The dress is made of a pretty decent on the heavier side material. ///this came sooner then expected, and fits well, and GET YOUR MEASUREMENTS before ordering, you'll be glad that you did. The cut, style and pattern are flattering and just as described.
Dimensions: 110 x 1000 x 1080
Size: XX-Large
Color: Creamy-white
Condition: New

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