Black Small/Medium Ladies Compression Socks, One Pair Moderate/Medium Compression 15-20 mmHg. Therapeutic, Occupational, Travel & Flight Knee-High Socks. Women's Shoe Sizes 5-10, Men's Sizes 5-9

GRADUATED COMPRESSION 15-20 mmHg All-Day Compression socks help your body pump blood back to your heart as it moves through your circulatory system. They enhance circulation, revitalize tired and achy legs, relieve swollen ankles, and provide plantar and arch support. There is enough compression to adhere to the shape of the leg without binding or creating a tourniquet effect on circulation. HELPS JUST ABOUT EVERYONE'S LEGS FEEL BETTER Compression socks are great for occupational or evening edema-leg discomfort due to long hours sitting or standing, perfect for flight and travel, before and after pregnancy, and recovering from injury DYNAMIC FIT WITHOUT BINDING OR RESTRICTION Enjoy stay-up performance with the non-restrictive top band. Cross-stretch in the leg helps to avoid bunching at the ankle and length-stretches without pulling back on the toe. Anatomically correct (knit-to-shape) heels and toes properly fit foot contours, and heel-to-leg shape helps avoid bunching at the in-step. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash in cold or warm water; either by hand or in machine. No bleach or fabric softener. Can dry in a low to medium heat dryer. Line dry recommended.
Dimensions: 120 x 400 x 800
Size: Small/Medium
Color: Black
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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