Summer Soles Softness of Suede Stay-Dry Women's Full Length Insoles, 3 Pair, Tan, Sizes 5-11

ABOUT SUMMER SOLES: Finally! A stylish and comfortable open shoe insole for sweaty feet.Until now, shoe liners have only been available for orthotic purposes, cushioning, and as inserts for either the heel or ball of a foot to improve the overall fit of a shoe. This Summer Soles absorbent open-shoe liner has been created to answer the needs of those looking for summer footwear solutions for damp or sweaty feet. For hyperhidrosis sufferers, these liners help stop sweaty feet from severely limiting your summer footwear options. How they work:Instant comfort. No matter how hot or muggy it is outside! Summer Soles and Fragrant Footings make dressier shoes and sandals - even topsiders, mules, & flats - instantly comfy and feet feel fabulous! Our full-size insoles have a peel-and-stick backing that stays firmly in place, yet leaves no residue on your shoes!Multi-Style Design: We have the perfect open shoe insole to fit your needs.  - Ultra Absorbent: Immediate freshness. No more annoying smack or sticky squish! - Softness of Suede: Super luxurious softness. Instantly transforms any ordinary shoe. Now offered in innovative thong style.  - Fragrant Footings: Mini Cushions & Trim-to-Fit Absorbent styles add some kick to your footwear and finely fragrance your feet! - Ultra Absorbent for Men: Go barefoot in topsiders and feel like you never took your socks off!One size fits most: Usually minor trimming is necessary to fit to your shoe. Summer Soles fit women's shoe sizes 5-11 and men's sizes 7-12. For a variety of shoe styles: Sandals, pumps, mules, flats - but just the dressy kind, with leather or shiny synthetic soles. Not for spongy flip flops or fabric- bottomed styles like Birkenstocks. The light sticky back just can't grip fabric. Though we hear they're fabulous for going barefoot in Canvas Keds.
Dimensions: 40 x 300 x 990
Size: Women's 5-11
Color: TAN
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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