NBERA Barefoot Flexible Water Skin Shoes Aqua Socks for Beach Swim Surf Yoga Exercise (5.L (US W:6.5~7.5 M:6~6.5), Pink Yellow)

*Size Chart* XXS : US Youth 10 EUR 26 XS : US Youth 11 EUR 27 S : US Women: 4.5 M : US Women: 5~6 L : US Women: 6.5~7.5 Men: 6~6.5 XL : US Women: 8~9 Men: 7~8 2XL : US Women: 9.5~10 Men: 8.5~9 Feel the freedom of barefoot!! Convenience of ultra-light weight (33-43g). Utra-light materials make you feel extremely light and comfortable in wearing. Water Skin Shoes Aqua socks for Men, Women, Kids. No.1 Necessities of wading water park, beach and valley. No.2 Necessities of Surf, Exercise , Yoga. No.3 Fast water repellency effect- it dries fast and fuzzy when it gets wet. No.4 Comfortable actions made just like in barefoot. No.5 No harmful to users - Not used Chemical glues. No.6 Best choice for foot health. Skin shoes by barefoot feeling. Excellent comfortable feeling- it is proud of comfortable fit on the foot.
Dimensions: 70 x 110 x 1000
Size: 5.L (US W:6.5~7.5 M:6~6.5)
Color: Pink Yellow
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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