Tanali Contour Highlighter Powder Palette -4 Color Matte Glitter Foundation Face Makeup Compact Set (#2)

Features: Direction for use: 1. Modify the forehead. The forehead is a relatively wide part of the need to use high light to increase the three-dimensional, to avoid too flat 2. Draw eye shadow. Not just high light, but also delicate eye shadow 3. Modified nose. In the middle of the nose painted high light, about one-third of the width of the nose,the nose becomes three-dimensional upright 4. Modified lips. M-shaped upper lips and lower lip of the middle painted high-light, lips immediately tilt up 5. Modified chin. In the middle of the lower part of the painted high light, the face will be thin,and immediately show oval face, small V face 6. Thin cheek. In the cheek Department painted high light, can solve the problem of face too wide 7. Modified clavicle. In the clavicle Department painted high light, clavicle will be more obvious, more sexy 8. Modified leg. In the shank side of the painted high-light, so that the legs appear more slender 9. Make your breasts look more plump Package:1X concealer highlighter powder palette
Dimensions: 98 x 441 x 559
Color: #2
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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